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Best of Aaron ''Jaws'' Homoki
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E-Dubble - Be a King
Calliko & Trade Voorhees - Welcome To Vegas

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 4:19
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Hope you enjoy my montage on nyjah huston :D Never give up and be a douche :D I do not own this music


Автор Jesus Christ (5 месяцев)
Song sucks dick.

Автор Blake Robinson (2 месяца)
what the fuck is this kids knees made out of?

Автор logan schoen (2 месяца)
So can this guy even ollie?

Автор Graham Andrews (5 месяцев)
put a fucking helmet on

Автор Galen-SinderMan (1 месяц)
"1080 P" YHEA RIGHT 

Автор Jacob Sever (5 месяцев)
So sick, but damn that song is fucking garbage.

Автор James Cioffi (6 дней)
dudes ankles and knees are made of some fucking futuristic alien material.
seriously how tf is that stuff even possible without your knees just

Автор Joey Billings (4 месяца)
i wounder how is this dudes fucking bones? like honestly

Автор johnsoncm65 (4 месяца)
No safety equipment? That's epic stupidity right there. The bigger you
go, the harder you will shatter when you slam. Safety gear is way

Автор logan schoen (10 дней)
4:07 haters be like
It broke cuz it's a birdhouse.

Автор Renny Stockholm (13 дней)
His poor body.

Автор James McDermott (11 дней)
How to kill Aaron jaws homonki:put a pebble in front of where he's gonna do
a crazy gap.

Автор elwood bigman (1 месяц)
sick but how many times have you broke your legs

Автор I DaTroof I (21 день)
Had to stop the video due to the music. I'm sure he's a decent skater.

Автор ctcole77 (27 дней)
His knees will be toast by age 40. Great airs though.

Автор Kelly Bunyan (1 месяц)
dude is a legend. that kicky front indy was outta hand! my three your old
son now asks me whenever i am near the computer "can i watch the on going
off the roof please?" i say "which one? he always says HOMOKI or Jaws!

Автор AronbTV (2 месяца)
is the first clip from "almost round 3" ?

Автор Marcus R (2 месяца)
the guy looks retarded but skates like pro with iron testies.

Автор MonocleMan (1 месяц)
Ankles of steel

Автор realf1rme (29 дней)
Someone show this to andrew shrock and tell him to lay off the pussy shit
and get some real work done..

Автор Ban Fasso (5 месяцев)
did i just watch a kid copycat a bunch of tricks done in places other
people did them 20 years ago?

Автор TheSamuraiApocalypse (3 месяца)
He needs an award for being so versatile, and an award for those huge-ass

Автор Maria Rocha (1 месяц)
oh my gosh he is sooo good!!! but i bet its scary for him.

Автор Jake Downs (1 месяц)
this dude is a fuckin legend holy fuck

Автор uwais qarani (2 месяца)
3:35 so smooth. 

Автор gerberho1 (2 месяца)
How can this dudes legs handle this? This song is awful btw

Автор Aleksio little (1 месяц)

Автор Brett D (1 месяц)
Damn! That shit was crazy! 

Автор TheStoneof MANDERBACH (1 месяц)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор ALZPLAY (1 месяц)
was he born with metal bones

Автор TheSteveGuyChannel (2 месяца)
So I'm just guessing this guy could probably squat around 700lb no
problem. This is crazy.

Автор Dustin Martin (3 месяца)
How does this man still have legs?@_@

Автор Kerry O'Brien (3 месяца)
*Only the best*
This guy lands it every single time

Автор Jamie Travis (2 месяца)
a the end he snaps is board on one of the smallest jump . LOL!

Автор Coopa Jay (1 месяц)
As you damage your bones they grow back slightly stronger. It is sort of
the same concept as growing muscles (Working out causes microscopic tears
that heal over bigger than they once were) So if you spend along time
slowly ollie-ing off higher and higher ledges then eventually your bones
will be strong enough to take this sort of abuse. There are even monks in
Asia that spend their entire lives developing the strength of their bones.
You may have seen these guys punching through concrete and what not. Some
of them can even run straight through brick walls.

Автор siscus6 (1 месяц)
This is the sickest skating I've seen !

Автор SlyElement (2 месяца)
el torro is pussy for him ;)

Автор planes sonwane (2 месяца)
what mama told me ' jump high and high with skateboard.... !

Автор troy davey (3 месяца)
Who gives a fuck about ya knees when ya 70. Everyone else is fucked up or
dead by 70 anyway.

Автор glassgang thecreator (1 месяц)
Is he crazzie

Автор Cornelius Signal (26 дней)

Автор Dudley Funk (3 месяца)
He needs to lay off the extreme jumps. His knees will thank him later if he
has them still. Plus, he now has kids trying to murder their knees too. 

Автор Dude duo (1 месяц)
BEST skate clip!!!

Автор Garrett M (3 месяца)
that skatepark with the quarter pipe and he went into the street I gp there
a lot look at some of my vids I skate there

Автор Lagunaaaaaaaaa (3 месяца)
This guy has incredible joints, my knees couldn't resist this kind of load.

Автор Eduardo Marques (3 месяца)
Ouw! He is realy craaaaazy!

Автор srspart (3 месяца)
dont care about bones ore carti'G's or any of that talk , thats just
fear... this kid is straight dedication to the sport and "Great~Ness" is
the bi-product of his endeavor! RESPECT !:) never heard of this kid
before, but i wont forget him ever. Just DANG!!!

Автор william Odonovan (2 месяца)
The last is el toro my fave stair set

Автор SK8 AND DESTROY (3 месяца)
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\f0\fs22 \cf2 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0
\outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 \

Автор Connor Pfister (3 месяца)
My favorite jaws video. Dude fucking rips

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