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Best of Aaron ''Jaws'' Homoki
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E-Dubble - Be a King
Calliko & Trade Voorhees - Welcome To Vegas

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 4:19
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Автор Joey Billings (8 дней)
i wounder how is this dudes fucking bones? like honestly

Автор Cloud (11 дней)
I could be mistaken, but arent the first two clips Ryan Sheckler? 

Автор david joy (2 месяца)
What song

Автор Ban Fasso (1 месяц)
did i just watch a kid copycat a bunch of tricks done in places other
people did them 20 years ago?

Автор Orlando Lovesey (3 месяца)
this guy literally defies physics. 

Автор lukas dittmore (3 месяца)

Автор Jordan Pone (1 месяц)
Ankles of steel. Damn how do they not break. He is like that dude who
jumped onto a lower roof like 4 stories below.

Автор $miteTV (17 дней)

Автор Jesus Christ (22 дня)
Song sucks dick.

Автор Rider Stevenson (22 дня)

Автор Rory Baker (4 месяца)
His knees are fucked wen he's

Автор douglas proença (3 месяца)
What is the name of the song?

Автор Under Dog (1 месяц)
Idk how his ankles don't just explode.

Автор Graham Andrews (1 месяц)
put a fucking helmet on

Автор Noah (1 месяц)
this guy is awesome :P

Автор lorenzo501 (5 месяцев)
does he have indestructable legs or something? those jumps are god damn
high.. :/

Автор super street stunts (4 месяца)
wow how does his board not break ?

Автор Jacob Sever (1 месяц)
So sick, but damn that song is fucking garbage.

Автор SlasherSeaback (1 месяц)
3:26 o my god

Автор corey fisher (5 месяцев)
This is the gnarliest kid out there.

Автор Zachariah Reissmann (2 месяца)
everybody hates on him because he does hand touches! Who cares! Andrew
Reynolds is the only one I know that doesnt do hand touches.

Автор Jules44 (2 месяца)
lui aussi il est pas mal dans son genre ^^

Автор D B (3 дня)
This dude shits on physics

Автор Dawgtrip7 (8 дней)
Fuck thatsonggggglol

Автор Aleksio little (11 дней)
What song is that

Автор candy27cgc (6 месяцев)
This dude won't have knees when he is 30 lmao but sick stuff.

Автор Hi:) (18 дней)
Helmet dude, but still fucking awesome 

Автор Craig Neale (13 дней)

Автор nick shearman (13 дней)
sickness! super smooth=

Автор alexandre santos (13 дней)
Foooooddddaaaaaa p caaaarrrraaalllhhhhooooooooooooo

Автор ESK8_CAN BODYBOARD (28 дней)
Oh my god

Автор Adam Troutman (27 дней)
This makes me want to quit skateboarding.

Автор Skater Wiko (19 дней)
What song

Автор skate beast (22 дня)
Daora fera mas vc tem x box

Автор Djmsonic (1 месяц)
this man is fucking fearless

Автор Christopher Whitney (27 дней)
However made this edit good job

Автор David Toliver (26 дней)
Skate 3 in real life. This dude makes me just want to give up skating.

Автор R. Stasik (1 месяц)
skating bowls without a helmet??? Reckless shieeett

Автор ArtisticPleb (28 дней)
and that kids, is why you should eat your petit felou

Автор Amber Chapman (1 месяц)
dude kills it

Автор TDHUD GAS (1 месяц)
Dafuq?!? That airs tho!!!!!

Автор Deadly OneShot (1 месяц)

Автор John Kenan (1 месяц)
He gaped el toro fuck yea

Автор Bellathebear (1 месяц)
Wow! Nice !

Автор Axel Larsson (1 месяц)
what's the name of the song i doesen't found it . i have search at e-dubble
and be a king

Автор Robert Prescott (1 месяц)
Just insane

Автор ErgoCogita (1 месяц)
Watching this made my knees hurt.

Автор enrgy nova (1 месяц)
I remember a few months ago there was this contest goin on at my skatepark
and 2 pro skaters showed up he was one of them 

Автор cobyproductions (1 месяц)
this guy has no fear

Автор syNcEXHALE (5 месяцев)
good luck when your 40 and can't stand on your own feet

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