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They say the world must end somehow,
They say the end's not far from now;
I think they're wrong,
Don't worry your life away,
Start living for today,
Don't think about tomorrow.

And if the lights go out on all of us,
In just a year or two.
And if the sky falls down like pouring rain,
Then I'll be here with you.
I'll go down with you.

Well I'm gonna try for all I'm worth,
To stay with you till the end of the earth.
Don't let me down,
Don't let your feelings win.
Don't give out, and don't give in,
Don't think about tomorrow.

Cause if the lights go out on all of us,
In just a year or two.
And if the sky falls down like pouring rain,
Then I'll be here with you.
I'll go down with you.

And if the lights go out on all of us,
In just a year or two.
And if the sky falls down like pouring rain,
Then I'll be here with you.
I'll go down with you.

I'll go down with you

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Автор Martin Ihrck (671 год назад)
beautiful.....got no words

Автор Zia Hyder ( назад)
You're Awesome Katie

Автор taketoo1 ( назад)
Wunderschönes Video klasse

Автор William Walley ( назад)
A great singer and a great female vocalist in league with the likes of
Karen Carpenter and Mylene Farmer.

Автор dick loocks ( назад)
hi katie y are giftit whit the talant to play gitar and vios and also a
beatyfull lady thanks for shear this whit us begood and joyfull whit love
gr from sunrise the netherlands

Автор 51115674 ( назад)
I love her music, she's my favourite singer. This song is great!

Автор Katerina Safonova ( назад)

Автор adriponzio89 ( назад)
Simply awesome

Автор kmebonia MEBONIA ( назад)
simple Genius...

Автор Anna Maria Łagodna kraina muzyki i poezji ( назад)
Cudna piosenka, cudna Katie, cudne słowa:)) "Mówią, że świat musi się jakoś
skończyć, mówią, że koniec jest niedaleko. Ja myślę, że się mylą. Nie martw
się o twoje życie naprzód.":)) Dziękuję:)) Anna

Автор Gemeral dis ( назад)
I hope all earth's lights go out...but no less than all.

Автор NagisaYagamii ( назад)
She is so amazing !! I love her songs!! :)

Автор John Castellenas ( назад)
I love your voice and music. Your music is filled with energy and life.
Thank you. Coyote

Автор orientienalman ( назад)

Автор SamyJ905 ( назад)
i like this song

Автор AgentMultiSuccess ( назад)
fab song! and love her outfit...kindda reminds me of something from pirates
of the caribbean closet ! :)

Автор dario cruz ( назад)
Acho que todos nós conhecemos o talento musical desta excelente
intérprete... Nesta canção afasta-se do estilo da maioria das suas
criações, como que nos enviasse uma lufada de ar mais fresco num estilo
mais solto e mais leve, mas com o mesmo sabôr melódico e doce !!!

Автор ArcticusWolficus ( назад)
Never heard this song till I bought the Sims 3 and then used SoundHound to
look up the song and find it here - course the one on Sims 3 - the language
is different - bet she had a blast making it! LOL Great Music Keep up the
Great Work!

Автор Basia1294 ( назад)
Good song.

Автор santino antonio fernandes borges ( назад)
o, you have done a wonderful and definite comment! Katie Melua is so
beautiful, tender, and sings wonderfully well.

Автор wql1978 ( назад)
When I see her eyes I think that she must see me in that moment. Who of you
think that She singing only for you. For every one separately, and for all

Автор Jorindevil ( назад)
That we stop existing (:

Автор Anna Weisz ( назад)
What does lights go out on all of us mean??It's not clear for me..

Автор Sevtov Oleg ( назад)
me to :)

Автор strgaltdelete ( назад)
I love Katie and her music .. But I really dislike this song :| .. Think it
doesn't fit to her

Автор katiaeka ( назад)
ქეთი გვიყვარხარ! you were just fantastic in Batumi, i was singing and
dancing in the rain. I was so happy to be there too!

Автор CelticVictory ( назад)
There's no way to know that.

Автор Maksym parkour ( назад)

Автор freniehouwers ( назад)
Ik vind dit echt een lekker nummer. Mooie tekst. x

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