GINGERBREAD HOUSE RECIPE How To Cook That for Christmas

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Автор Wasing Twins ( назад)
so I would like to win a thing so please show me California 2552 Tower

Автор Wasing Twins ( назад)
I am from California and I learn to bake cake gingerbread houses and

Автор iEaTyOuReYyes mk ( назад)
HAhahahA watching videos of delicious and craving sweets that I can't eat
because I'm sick heh heh.... ;(

Автор Cerhoughton //Panda ( назад)
I'm in Nz and probably to late. But I would like it for my mum

Автор Ahmet Guldur ( назад)
Can you make happe birthdae harry cake please ?

Автор Super Happy Fun Times ( назад)
looks beautiful : )

Автор Angela Camacho ( назад)
I am from the United States and l want to win because l love to cook with
my mom and l want one of the stand mixers

Автор Louise Fletcher ( назад)
awesome and amazing

Автор Kelsey Miller ( назад)
i live in the united states of America id like to win one because i love to
cook cakes and pies

Автор Ruby Elliott ( назад)
I'm from England and I would like to win it because when I was little I
wanted to be a baker and my mum would love it too to back things so please
pick me 😂😂😂😂

Автор Lavinia Tafolo ( назад)
hello I am from new Zealand ever since I was small my nana taught me how to
bake it would be a dream come true you are a true cooking roll model ☺☺

Автор andi ila ( назад)
waw enak sekali kuenya aku mau coba buat

Автор Alli Deng ( назад)
love it

Автор Adriana Alba ( назад)
I am from us and I want to win it because I like to bake and I alway use a
hand mixer and it wastes time I can be doing more things and I will have to
be mixing then like 2:00 min later bake something else

Автор Sophia-Emma Tran ( назад)
I'm from Minnesota Plymouth I want both because I'm a baker and I love
baking it's like my whole life can I please have it

Автор tammy101 ( назад)
im from astrilia and i want whan so i can

Автор Thabawi Sangling ( назад)
are you british

Автор Kaylee Bryant ( назад)
United States of America and the reason I want to win one is so me and my
family can bake stuff together like we use to

Автор Christina Peek ( назад)
USA my wants one

Автор Chloe Cogghe ( назад)
I love you 💕 Ann

Автор Kylee Fette ( назад)
how to cook that can u do a give away in the USA with the mixer again I
live in Cincinnati Ohio u in spier me to bake and cook also can I get a
shout out in your next video please as cadence Rae

Автор Kylie Ward ( назад)
I'm from the U.S.

Автор Katelyn Marsh ( назад)
plz make a lps cake

Автор Amber Gardner ( назад)
I will kill you

Автор Ryan Mueller ( назад)
it is funny how people are still trying to win this after it has been two

Автор Elise Budge ( назад)
USA and I want a mixer! I love to bake!

Автор sailamae ontong ( назад)
merryChristmas..to you.

Автор emma imhoff ( назад)
South Carolina became I want to become a pro Baker

Автор WolfyKitty ( назад)
I'm from the US And I would love to win because i just love baking! Baking
is something that I have done since i was 3 and now I'm 11! I want to keep
baking and hopefully own a store soneday

Автор Martin Benjamin ( назад)
I'm from the US and I would love to win this because I have proven to my
self that I can actually bake and cook 👨‍🍳

Автор Gabriela Popovic ( назад)
I am from Serbia. This "gadget" would improve my backing and made it much
easier and so funny for my kids. Thank you and I wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year.

Автор Bailee Smith ( назад)
how do we know when the gingerbread is done?

Автор Jose Vega ( назад)
I live in Tennessee and I would like to win it because I love to cook with
my mom we do a lot of cooking cookies for Christmas and I would just really
like it

Автор Maria Contreras ( назад)
I live in North America i want to win that because when im big i want to
cook with and teach my kids (if i have kids) how to cook with that so can i
have that please🙂

Автор Becky Fuller ( назад)
I live in tuba city, Arizona in the USA

Автор Becky Fuller ( назад)
My name is Eve and l want to win this because I like to cook and want to be
a chef when l grow up

Автор Haley Jones ( назад)
i am from the u.s and i would want to win this mixer because i love baking
and i bake all the time

Автор Ines Solomun ( назад)

Автор Asiya Ijaz ( назад)
from Pakistan and of course it helps a lot in baking which is my passion
what's the point if I receive it in gift buttt

Автор Amanda and Doris Wu family sisters ( назад)
I had a funny thing I really want to cook is in my dream is ........ an
iPad cake! Haha!

Автор Kilah cotton ( назад)

Автор Justin1738 1738 ( назад)
I from United States 🇺🇸 and I want that because I want to staffs like you

Автор Norma Sortos ( назад)

Автор Waseem Akhtar ( назад)
Australia I want that to make a. Gingerbread house aswell

Автор Jazz and Karissa family ( назад)
USA I love to cook

Автор Farzana Umarji ( назад)
Hi I'm from UK and would like to win the mixer so I can bake with my little
girl who loves baking and watching baking tutorials

Автор Lilacflawer 67 ( назад)
I am from Jordan and I am living in Qatar
I would like to win this because I love baking cookies,cake,brownies and
more deserts

Автор magic tricks ( назад)
hello I liked your videos a lot can you please subscribe to me and maybe
check my content

Автор Thalize Maldonado ( назад)
I'm from the us and I like bakeing and I can't afford big things for
bakeing so I hope I can win this so I can make more cookies and cupcakes
and impress my family and show them a baker is a good profession

Автор اريج البلوشي ( назад)

Автор dan gamer/egtv ( назад)
i live at manchester, mansall, ruislip avenue

Автор dan gamer/egtv ( назад)
i really like your channels i watch all of them i subscribed

Автор Hiiragi S ( назад)

Автор Horselover 24 ( назад)
Are you Australian??????

Автор Zoa ( назад)
You are so talented, I love your video so much !

Автор Georgias Life ( назад)
I'm from New Zealand and my mum loves cooking but can't afford a beater so
I would love to win it for her

Автор Diamond Terraria Puppy ( назад)
I saw a microwave that said How to cook that In JB-Hi-Fi

Автор Omarion Haywood ( назад)
hammond indiana

Автор Vanesaemi Miranda ( назад)
mmmmm I like it so much better today I like your video

Автор Alyssa Hammer ( назад)
what are the spices

Автор iram rashid ( назад)
I live in England and I love baking it my hobby I bake with my dad

Автор My Magical World ( назад)
I could of enters this competition along time ago ( I mean ALONG time ago)
, but she never said england/London :( 😞😞😞😞😞😞

Автор SAVAGE BOSS ( назад)
Galveston for a christmas gift for my mom

Автор Kaitlyn Geisler ( назад)
I live in Australia in Melbourne and I would like to win the mixer because
I am just starting out to be baking and I really want a mixer but my family
can't afford it because our retaining wall fell over and it will cost
$60.000 to repair it.

Автор pastel Banna15 ( назад)
Hi my name is Angel and I am from the U.S. why I want to win a mixer is
because I love to bake but it takes a lot longer to beat eggs soften butter
and so much more I am 12 and love to male people smiel I love to make
people happy

Автор Sky Night ( назад)
i am in the usa and i would like to win this becase i am a baker

Автор Rasha Nammour ( назад)
I am in USA because we have non

Автор Diana Noor ( назад)
can i put the candy cane fondant for the windows by using the REAL candy

Автор محبوبة الجميع في صفاتي ( назад)
wow you're so professional

Автор The Jamminturtle ( назад)
US I enjoy trying making new sweets you have been the most helpful of all
the bakers I have found on YouTube so thank you so much ☺️

Автор ChroNic ( назад)
I want to make this so much but I don't have an oven and don't have most of
the ingredients...looks yummy though! 😘

Автор Jammer5lgjh ( назад)
make a cake of your face

Автор Truong Nguyen ( назад)
+How To Cook That is there a substitute for golden syrup?

Автор Eloise Starkey ( назад)
This will be helpful

Автор Willa Blue ( назад)
Im 12 I'm from the USA and I want to when I'm because I love to bake and I
just broke my knee and had knee surgery and I'm in physical therapy 3 times
a week because I can't move my knee , it's been really hard and it would
mean the world to me if I won

Автор Daniela Mercado Cabrera ( назад)
Sorry I didn't mean to put thumbs down I went o fast hehe

Автор Daniela Mercado Cabrera ( назад)
I'm from the USA and I would like to get the mixer because It will make
thing easier for me and I will go faster and I always wanted one and it way
more fast and it saves time I hope I get I think I need one

Автор Lisa Giroux ( назад)
I love your videos

Автор uzma khan ( назад)
USA name alisha i will like it be cues i love cooking

Автор Hannah Horse Girl ( назад)
hi, will royal icing be okay if i added all the ingredients together, or do
u have to beet the egg whites first?

Автор Elizabeth Medellin ( назад)
I like the video☺☺☺

Автор Sheila Sanchez ( назад)
I live in the US and I will take them when we leave because I love baking

Автор Riley and Rhys ' channel ( назад)

Автор Erica Dempsey ( назад)
my name is Louis konyn I live in West Sussex I want all these things
because I'm a really good cooker and I do cooking 24 hours and I always
watch your plugs and the amazing

Автор Erica Dempsey ( назад)
West Sussex I want to win these things because I'm really good cooker and I
do a lot of cooking at home

Автор Saba Khan ( назад)
London because I don't have a mixer

Автор Geordie142 ( назад)

Автор Sanjay Nanda ( назад)
I am from India I want it because I like to make these things

Автор RAVIPRAKASH M ( назад)
Ohio and because my dad lost his job and we can not afford it

Автор Valerie Renteria ( назад)
I'm from America and my mom really wants a Stan mixture that's why I want
to win the Stan mixture

Автор Ngoc Lam ( назад)
I call smarties m&ms

Автор Ngoc Lam ( назад)
I call 100 and 1000, sprinkle

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