Prince of Persia 4-Gameplay Part 1

Prince of Persia 4 played on:
AMD X2 4200+ @2.4ghz
ATI HD 3650 512 MB DDR2
3GB of RAM 800MHz
I am using fraps so it considerably drops frames,i play the game constantly on 30 fps without fraps

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Автор Nurain Ismail (2 года)
i don like POP 4...the old graphic is better..

Автор John Lim (5 лет)
lol.. ^_^

Автор m6m17 (6 лет)
this game sux

Автор sonicblast19 (6 лет)
what are the settings...i have the same card and i play on 1024x758 max
settiings no aa ...

Автор Rácz Balázs (4 года)
it's a great game with very good graphics !!!!!!! I love it :))

Автор Azadaghan (6 лет)
it's a greet game

Автор NoxDeadly (5 лет)
this game is boring as shit, 10 min. of climbing structures that have no
realistic qualities got boring really fast, the combat is cool but comes
once in a blue moon, all u fantasy lovers will disagree with me, but I'm
speaking for hardcore gamers and warrior within lovers and I say this game
is bullshit

Автор annnimeboy (6 лет)
but where is the beginning movie?

Автор snakev10v5 (5 лет)
I like this game and the game play vid however improve the quality and make
the levels longer is my advice

Автор AgileFan0 (6 лет)
That's what I wanted to see and the first part of the game.

Автор freefighter92 (5 лет)
why do u guys hate the game. i thought it was pretty good. who knows maybe
he will do something spectacular in the end and become a prince.

Автор 93dani (6 лет)
me too i finished it in 2 days

Автор belldum (5 лет)
seems like he never dies cuz i dont see any health bar around

Автор aichou17 (5 лет)
yeah thats right its so borning!!

Автор Xeegun (6 лет)
is this guy the princes father from the other prince of persia games?

Автор m6m17 (6 лет)
ok do have a point

Автор Andy Kodikonio (6 лет)
its a boring game that is camuflaged not to look like one....

Автор keshav Rox (5 лет)
@mariutoo a man can have more than two girlfrnd he is gay ur mind make's him

Автор UserDuser1001 (5 лет)
Only 4 levels?

Автор SuperSaiyayinF4 (6 лет)
c'mon this game is cool i like it... JAJAJ HACK!! 50.000/ 257 ????? JAJAJAJA

Автор milllosh (5 лет)
gameplay is like donkey kong.. where the bananas???? XD and what's with the
f.. sidekick??? I don't like it :( I expected more then this...

Автор Парвиз Шарифов (3 года)
great, but how you do it?

Автор S0paTa (6 лет)
I finished the game .. It is awsome :) Play it :P

Автор kingshinigami1989 (6 лет)
is this on PS3 only or for ps2 and PC??

Автор Andy Kodikonio (6 лет)
and who is this guy anyway?

Автор bojangelsX (6 лет)
fuk uuuuu

Автор Gevin N (6 лет)
Got it in christmas!

Автор bojangelsX (6 лет)

Автор 93dani (6 лет)
i used a trainer so i can advance faster than rather collecting all the
light seeds ,it was boring

Автор shadowoflight022 (5 лет)
i love this game lots of flips and jumps but i wish elika couldnt save you
all the time you can jump off a cliff 100X and still live or atleast cant
go back in battle the only reason you need her is to double jump other then
that she just slows you down so if they made it more challengeing to where
your scared to die and want to do your best then this would be 99/100 stars

Автор mariutoo (5 лет)
WTF! 2:32 the prince is gay first whit Fara, now whit Elika

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