Prince of Persia 4-Gameplay Part 1

Prince of Persia 4 played on:
AMD X2 4200+ @2.4ghz
ATI HD 3650 512 MB DDR2
3GB of RAM 800MHz
I am using fraps so it considerably drops frames,i play the game constantly on 30 fps without fraps

Просмотров: 39807
Длительность: 5:40
Комментарии: 23

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Автор Nurain Ismail ( назад)
i don like POP 4...the old graphic is better..

Автор Rácz Balázs ( назад)
it's a great game with very good graphics !!!!!!! I love it :))

Автор keshav Rox ( назад)
@mariutoo a man can have more than two girlfrnd
he is gay ur mind make's him

Автор snakev10v5 ( назад)
I like this game and the game play vid however improve the quality and make the levels longer is my advice

Автор milllosh ( назад)
gameplay is like donkey kong.. where the bananas???? XD
and what's with the f.. sidekick???
I don't like it :( I expected more then this...

Автор NoxDeadly ( назад)
this game is boring as shit, 10 min. of climbing structures that have no realistic qualities got boring really fast, the combat is cool but comes once in a blue moon, all u fantasy lovers will disagree with me, but I'm speaking for hardcore gamers and warrior within lovers and I say this game is bullshit

Автор John Lim ( назад)
lol.. ^_^

Автор freefighter92 ( назад)
why do u guys hate the game. i thought it was pretty good. who knows maybe he will do something spectacular in the end and become a prince.

Автор Andy Kodikonio ( назад)
and who is this guy anyway?

Автор Andy Kodikonio ( назад)
its a boring game that is camuflaged not to look like one....

Автор kingshinigami1989 ( назад)
is this on PS3 only or for ps2 and PC??

Автор Xeegun ( назад)
is this guy the princes father from the other prince of persia games?

Автор Gevin N ( назад)
Got it in christmas!

Автор S0paTa ( назад)
I finished the game .. It is awsome :) Play it :P

Автор bojangelsX ( назад)

Автор m6m17 ( назад)
ok do have a point

Автор bojangelsX ( назад)
fuk uuuuu

Автор AgileFan0 ( назад)
That's what I wanted to see and the first part of the game.

Автор 93dani ( назад)
me too i finished it in 2 days

Автор 93dani ( назад)
i used a trainer so i can advance faster than rather collecting all the light seeds ,it was boring

Автор m6m17 ( назад)
this game sux

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