~Nanaimo Loughery on 'E pa'ia 'oe Ieova.~Samoan:) gospel.~

love my samoan family!

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Автор Temokalatoni Vaivela ( назад)

Автор Lita Maposua ( назад)
beautiful song I love it can I have the lyrics for the CH....plz

Автор Philly from auckland Boy ( назад)

Автор Philly from auckland Boy ( назад)

Автор oliopama Tuinauvai ( назад)
Hallelujah! E paia lava ia

Автор Michael Niumata ( назад)
Beautiful song and very uplifting. You're a blessing to those who listen
to this song...God bless and keep you in his loving arm.

Автор mel faraimo ( назад)
Nanaimo, thank you for this uplifting spiritual song, "E PAIA OE IEOVA"
It humbles me and bring tears to my eyes how great the God we worship.
You truly a blessing to me and many other people who hears you sing. Thank
you very much. God bless.

Автор Annie Aiono ( назад)
can you post lyrics please

Автор Terri Ah Kiau ( назад)
Beautiful praise and worship song. Love to hear my beautiful Samoan
worhsip. God bless Samoa and its spiritual people.

Автор Lucia Tasi ( назад)
Check out this playlist on YouTube:

Автор Blessing Te'o ( назад)
Beautiful song especially your gifted voice. Gave me chills listening to
this song! Viia Le Atua! God bless u and everything that u do! Ia faamanuia
oe ma Lou aiga! Continue to write songs because I enjoy them and I would
sing them in my church! 

Автор fane tupou ( назад)

Автор Peka Moemoe ( назад)
@ Pisa Moemoe,nothing in this world can compare God's love..love you
son!!God bless..:)

Автор 253MikeSouth ( назад)
good worship song to the LORD. GOD bless you sis.

Автор stephen asiasi ( назад)
Viia le Atua!! Very talented woman of God... your songs pour so much into
the hearts of whoever hears them!! May God continue to bless you in your
journey to minister through music... It was an honor to have worked with
you on this album and its amazing how powerful this song is when I just
used simple piano and strings.. I wouldn't mind making more music with
you!! God bless!!

Автор Maria Fonoti Tautaiolefue ( назад)
you sing beautifully ...glory be to God

Автор yolo204 ( назад)
amazing u sing like a angel praising God..n looking like 1 too..if i fall
in love with u plz dont blame me..

Автор SEKNIFICENT ( назад)
beautiful voice and song

Автор Nenny Chopu ( назад)
Good songs, Gbu

Автор MegaSpearfisherman ( назад)
kiss me please.

Автор EliteBusJr ( назад)
god isn't real, break free from the virus !

Автор PENINA MATAGIA ( назад)
beautiful voice keep it up and may God bless you.

Автор KLAKAWA ( назад)
I wish the lyric of this beatyfull song for sing to ieova

Автор Elijah Williams ( назад)

Автор ONETRYHIL ( назад)
Great song great voice great video God bless

Автор Alapasa Aleki-Pa ( назад)
Wow!! Was just randomly checking out videos...love your song, voice, &
video. Awesome & beautiful.

Автор JOSEPH HAWORTH ( назад)
You did a real good job with this song. You sound beautiful and I listen to
your song whenever I feel down. Keep up the good work. Makes me proud to be
samoan :)

Автор KOLONGA47 ( назад)
hi nanaimo this is tulaki just come across and surprising lsten to your
songs its so beautiful just keep the good works praising HIM FOR ALL HIS

Автор Joy Stanley ( назад)
Hi, where can I purchase cds(Samoan)?

Автор Tai Filimaua ( назад)

Автор Rimoni Tito ( назад)
This lady can sing, very nice voice, keep on sunshine, we love your music,
islandboy Samoan from California .....

Автор Sulu Fidow ( назад)
I really admire your singing.. All the glory belongs to God... pls can i
have the words to this song... Is this the original CD. sori for asking..
How can i buy i CD frm you sis! hope to hear frm you sooner... take care &
God Bless!!!

Автор george gunter ( назад)
god has given her a beautiful voice god bless

Автор Miracle Blessing ( назад)
share if you are part of God's family once a samoa always a samoa

Автор lstt2012 ( назад)
beautiful voice.. that was lovely n praise God for the gift..keep praising

Автор Avau Watson ( назад)
Beautiful, praise the Lord...Yes...E paia lava Ieova o 'Au...aleluia!!!!

Автор Sharesaiah Sapolu ( назад)
She's absolutely beautiful and her voice is tender and very
welcoming!!..God bless you

Автор Echo oflove ( назад)
praise the lord

Автор Tony Majors ( назад)
Thanks Nanaimo! I had to listen to you today; yes, and for more than once.
It's refreshing to hear you sing, a beautiful lady, with such a beautiful
voice - lifted-spiritually when praising our Ieova in all of His names and
glory. Ms Nanaimo, may our Lord God bless you on Mother's Day, and give you
the wishes of your heart!

Автор Anthony Pele Majors ( назад)
Sing Nanaimo, sing! Young lady, like a beautiful/colorful-young sweet
birdie in the break of dawn, and again in the twilight, the cryings of your
heart thru music is a "haven of rest" for me, and for those that love our
Lord. I have listened to this song for the 20th time in the last 24 hrs,
and each time bring tears to my soul, especially when remembering the pain
and the "passion" of our Christ. The cross gave Him much pain, oh my Lord,
and to us all much hope. Bless you Nanaimo.

Автор Anthony Pele Majors ( назад)
Truly a great Polynesian Vogalist, one dedicated to songs praising
El-Shaddai. What a gift - and one that has been carefully honed for praise
offerings to our Jeh-Maccaddeshem. God bless you, Ms Nanaimo - you truly
are a blessing to me, and to the many that have come to appreciate your
talents. The yearnings of your spirit when uttering His names while
reaching out to Him in love thru songs is genuinely a thing of beauty and a
mission of peace. May Jeh-Gmolah's blessing be upon you and yours.

Автор Anthony Pele Majors ( назад)
Ms Siuea Torres. Hi, I'm Samoan, and a graduate of Samoan High, times past.
Pls, can you tell me if Ms Lottie Haleck is well, and in good health. I
have always thought of her many times - the love of my youth.
Unfortunately, I had decided not to return to Islands after college. Thanks.

Автор Anthony Pele Majors ( назад)
Nanaimo, it's elating and uplifting listening to you, especially in this
song "E pa'ia oe Ieova", as you praise our Lord God, while vocalizing His
many names of Power and Glory in love. Ms Nanaimo, it's a pleasure to come
across your music tonight (Rancho Bernado, San Diego) on this April, Fri
the 13 - well the devil lost again. I would have to say that you may be the
best Female Vocalist from Polynesia that I have ever listened to - love
listening to you calling out to Ieova in love.

Автор Siuea Torres ( назад)
Talofa teine, it has been a while since we last connected. Very beautiful
voice and so happy for you. You used to know me by Tu'i back then when we
were both attending the assembly of God in Faleniu with Rev Max Haleck Jr.
Happy for you keep praising the Lord with your beautiful voice. God Bless

Автор Pisa Moemoe ( назад)
God is so good and he is the same today,tomorrow and forever..He loves us
no matter what..Love this song...

Автор DarlingUsweet ( назад)
very manaia

Автор manuhamoa ( назад)
Just heard this for the first time, what a beautiful song. Malo lava manaia
le fati ma upu o le pese. Malo Lava, thanks for uploading. Soifua

Автор LiLPcKWAZY ( назад)

Автор LaRN6z ( назад)
manaia viiga o le Alii. Thanks for the beautiful sinigng.

Автор Liz Adams ( назад)
What is this lady's name? i love her voice... Vi'ia Le Atua!

Автор Vaelupe Timani Seve ( назад)
Praise the Lord. Beautiful gospel song...God bless

Автор royalkidd86 ( назад)
beautiful....God Bless..

Автор Troy Ali ( назад)
Viia Iesu... Love it..

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