Copybotting from Vendors

Copybot content from vendors

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Автор Noacrafterflash npc ( назад)
this is in a Opensim World and not in Second Life

Автор Draconis Nox ( назад)
Im also fairly sure with any item taht has transfer permissions you can
ALWAYS take a copy of that item form a FREE VENDOR

Автор Emcee Boulette ( назад)
Total bullshit.I know this sim and its on OS GRID !! Everything is for free
on osgrid , so no need any copybot ahahahaha >< Just do a quick look for
Lani Global work and her Dune sim replica , its awesome btw ;) .Kingoon is
a wanker who wants your money. No pool will never close with this guy rofl

Автор Jeanne Smith ( назад)
Can't get a key for any cb from KingGoon....instead they banned
me...LOL...banned from a hack site....LMFAO

Автор Highuwe ( назад)
Bullshit !!
You must get a CPhw Code.. but I think NOBODY got One
A Fake who only wants Your Money...

Автор Obeyance Dekat ( назад)
I support copybot use, i use a copybot myself from this company... But i
use it for legit reasons, like taking textures out of objects i own or
copying a no mod object so that i can have full perm to mod it to my
taste... Never to resell or profit from in any way. Respect the artist and
support them inworld, you do have Fair Use after you purchase/receive an
item, just respect your boundaries. 

Автор Obeyance Dekat ( назад)
Well, it makes sense that he wouldnt be doing something illegal with it.
Hes just showing you what it can do... There -ARE- legit reasons for copy
bot programs, the features can overreach and do illegal things too
though... And not just "Oh well i got banned from a game" type illegal...
The kind where you own lawyers and companies money to keep you out of jail
type illegal. Under DMCA you have Fair Use, but Fair Use does not mean
stealing from people.

Автор NomMyMuffin ( назад)
whats the viewer

Автор Lemon Heaven ( назад)
its gangkedlife viewer :D 

Автор Soulja Flim ( назад)
Witch 1 is this 1? 

Автор godricrandom ( назад)
looks like singularity viewer

Автор Inkspots Voom ( назад)
Copybotting from your own vendors lol

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