Sand Dune Painting in Watercolor

Discussion and explanation of a sand dune painting in different stages. http://VivianHershfied.com panitngs and giclee prints are available at my website.

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Автор Susan Collins ( назад)
lovley picture thow must admit would like to have seen it painted ...

Автор Bossmanrocks ( назад)
Love your painting. I'm interested in learning watercolor. The only thing
I'm concerned about is how often pencil drawing is used in watercolor.
Isn't that like painting by numbers?

Автор Barnes466 ( назад)
lovely thank you!

Автор N. Nasko Tatic ( назад)
Not bad, very good.

Автор Lucky L ( назад)
Beautiful. I love how you made it look effortless. Hope to see more video
of your paintings. Thanks.

Автор artistdeterminedmsv ( назад)
dont like the camera sound effects but nice painting

Автор Candeekissez ( назад)
I'd much rather see you paint it rather than talk about how you painted it.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words but a demonstration is worth
much more. I hope in the future you will do actual demonstrations when you
make these videos. Thank you.

Автор trentmcguire ( назад)

Автор Diana Mannington ( назад)
I love your watercolor painting! U keep on going and help other to paint. I
am a beginer watercolor painter. But! I find that my paitence begin to rush
the painting. what can i do with this!! anyone reply

Автор Monica r ( назад)
I wanted demonstration not pictures of wat u done!

Автор loki1066 ( назад)
You sound like you could be a saucy little devil down in those dunes.

Автор kinkytwista ( назад)
thank you

Автор Brendan Mc Geown (914 года назад)
Great painting

Автор RKaloustianArt ( назад)
lovely painting.... thanks for sharing your process

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