Fast speed racking horse

Icelandic horse.True racking horse,Tolt

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Автор Hayden Hall ( назад)
i dont think he has pads on the hooves but i might be wrong idk

Автор TicTacJack ( назад)

Автор Connie Estep ( назад)
Absolutely Beautiful!!! So fast and so smooth!! I truly miss my speed
racking horse!! 

Автор tiktak25 ( назад)
The breed has nothing to do whether the horse can be trained to rack or
not. fool!

Автор MinockerSpanichle ( назад)
They do tolt naturally, but sadly, like the Tennessee Walking Horses, they
can be forced to look even fancier.... this horse in particular is
"winging" out. Not natural, as far as I've seen. Judging by the "grin" on
the horse's face, I wouldn't say he's too pleased about it. I'm all for the
natural version, though--- go tolt!!!

Автор Joybell Morgans ( назад)
Natural or Forced? I would hate to see the Icelandic breed go the same way
the Morgan breed went. 

Автор Korpiklaani4ever ( назад)
yes I already knew that and didn't aks for it ;)

Автор HoboChan90 ( назад)
island had no word for pony in the old days, and since the breed is as old
as the language, so therefore they are called Icelandic horses, but yes the
majority of Icelandic horses are pony height.

Автор bigrigcrow1 ( назад)
Technically 14:1hh and under is considered a pony. 14:2 and up is a horse.

Автор Korpiklaani4ever ( назад)
for me they are PONIES.

Автор Korpiklaani4ever ( назад)
oh come on... every country has a limit in height, in germany it is 1.48
metres. therefore they are called ponies here :) :P

Автор Korpiklaani4ever ( назад)
and why do icelandic horses live up to 30 years and longer? you have NO
idea what you are talking about.

Автор tommygun94S ( назад)
And there are icelandic horses way faster than racking horses, what's the
point of your comment?

Автор tommygun94S ( назад)
All I have to say is - you do not know a damn thing about Icelandic horses.
You are ignorant, and a know-it-all who actually knows nothing about what
you're talking about. :)

Автор fastjapie ( назад)
wheres your video? 

Автор fastjapie ( назад)
a few weeks ago i thought i was going full speed and then it just got even
faster like a catapult! unbelievable !!

Автор simsbims1 ( назад)
Poor horse:/ look at its eyes!! So much pain!!

Автор Racking on ( назад)
Watch rider's knee ! SO SMOOTH 

Автор Holly Mulligan ( назад)
they can get to the speed of a racehorse :) 

Автор theD4RKNSS ( назад)
He really gets cookin there

Автор Kate Robinson ( назад)
Crikey !!! I've heard about these tough little Icelandic horses, & the
"tolt"running walk they do, but had absolutely no idea they could go THAT
fast.....whatever would that be doing in miles per hour ?

Автор facetiousbadger ( назад)
And there's none of the absurd excessive action that you see in the TWH and
Racking Horse world.

Автор callondeas ( назад)
@1989ProblemChild live is live

Автор Brittany Lynch ( назад)
I want to know what that song is called! Anybody know by chance??? Lol.

Автор Oakleaf700 ( назад)
@icelandic29 I called him a ''pony'' because of his height..not strength,
but if they are called ''horses'' that is fine by me! [In England a
''pony'' is 14.2hh and under, it has no distinction as to strength, simply

Автор icelandic29 ( назад)
@Oakleaf700 dont call it pony nuless you tryes i have rided many horses but
the stregth of a icelandic is far superiour then the big horses 

Автор 1233Maya ( назад)
I knew a horse that does that but if you pull her back she canters or trots
or walks. if you get her to rack and you keep pushing her she goes faster
and faster and faster i was never able to find out how fast she can go cuz
the pony we ran with always went out of veiw and we came to the end of the
road before i come open her up : / (it was a longggg freaking road to and
the pony we raced was like 13.2hh and the rackin horse was about 16hh and
all legs so it wasnt very hard to leave him behind. 

Автор Taylor McCrea ( назад)
It's not a racking horse, he's/she's an Icelandic. 

Автор daisymonty ( назад)
that horse is so cute and fast =D 

Автор Talkinhorn ( назад)

Автор Oakleaf700 ( назад)
Incredible looking gait... looks like it has been speeded up, I assume this
must come naturally to Icelandic ponies? i rode a pacing horse once, and it
felt very alien, and ''side to side'' as opposed to a diagonal trot. The
pony looks wonderful with his ''badass mane!''

Автор WolfCreekCity ( назад)
@scorpiostinger65 What do you mean by that?

Автор Cloey Edwards ( назад)
0:50 It looks very cool at fast speed!!!!

Автор Laura Kirk ( назад)
that is soooo flippin fastttttt OMG!!!!!! ('0')

Автор Gollimus ( назад)
wow D:

Автор HickxChick ( назад)
@Sootblind I thought the same thing. btw, nice to know you keep your
username the same. :) -SadieMyBaby

Автор Stine Abrahamsen ( назад)
This was what the Iselandic horse was born to do ^^ and it good at it!

Автор sugerandlemon ( назад)
wow, thats a posh pony

Автор Julia Swearingin ( назад)
@gezzurhh Thats what racking horses do o.0

Автор Saartjen ( назад)
The horse enjoys it! As any horse enjoys to speed of course! I have an
older racinghorse gelding. If people are watching it is impossible to get
him to dressage. He loves to give a show than! cheering will only make him
go faster.

Автор Bailey ( назад)
Thats freakin awesome o.o Haha love it.

Автор Heather Harris ( назад)
this is a wonderful example of what a horse can do. it doesn't even look
like his front legs are touching ground they are moving so fast. Beautiful!

Автор Rachel Huntington (1581 год назад)
wow i love the fro on the horse ! hahah ! also what the hell.. how would
you move your legs that fast ! ! 

Автор anna willi ( назад)
... i just wanted to leave a positively surprised comment, that there are
no comments like "the poooor horse"... but then i looked closer... and
found someone again who thinks to know everything better... its annoying
guys! stop telling good riders strange things only because YOU wouldnt be
able to carry this weight. 

Автор dukapierstesehnicht ( назад)
Thank you god, that there´s a rider, who is not as heavy as the horse he is

Автор Elvira ( назад)
@swapmomma You don't sound like someone who knows these fine little horses.
Perhaps you should get to know them ;). They aren't like regular horses,
and its not the size of the rider that matters as much as his experience!
Also, these paces come natural to Icelandic horses, unlike some other
breeds that have unnatural gaits. If I let my horse go with long reins,
she'll go at this speed without any encouragement because she likes it and
wants to. And they'll let you know if they don't, seriously.

Автор Frances Taylor ( назад)
@swapmomma Rubbish! They do stay sound for life. I have 5! Have you ridden
one, have you met one? They are big boned, tough and good weight-carriers.
It is not cruel. It is a natural gait. My horse actually cannot trot -
never has done, never will.

Автор florful96 ( назад)
chuck norris just called. He wants his horse back No, but i LOVE This

Автор Sade Roachford ( назад)

Автор Fargonon ( назад)

Автор MordorLordSauron ( назад)
I can't find any words for it o.O

Автор Sidney ( назад)

Автор Shelly ( назад)
krass so schnell hatte ich mir icht gedacht dass das geht ! 

Автор Rikke Berg ( назад)
Love you Johann, see you next year (:

Автор Jennifer Bannink ( назад)
Must be comfortable

Автор Susanne Schneider ( назад)
Hvinur<3 the father of our mare Hrafnkatla^^

Автор Hekla Finnsdóttir ( назад)
Jóhann and Hvinur are and were the best pair in the whole world! They just
clicked completely together! Beautiful to watch :)

Автор alezmcc ( назад)
Like the way the he rides, his invivisble signals are admirable.

Автор Bec T ( назад)
Awww, look at his little head bobbing around. <3 Looks like he's having

Автор Clare Wiswell (wesingintherain) ( назад)
It must feel so odd sitting on their backs at that speed. I thought it felt
odd sitting on a paso...

Автор Alex of the TBT Tattoo ( назад)
@kikiza123 Horses North has packages where you can almost do just that . .

Автор tanjexlovex ( назад)
and Some people say horses are stupid. But Horses Are the best. (L)

Автор Ewelina sokołowska ( назад)
Wow! that is amazing

Автор AnnaOverThere ( назад)
i wanna go to iceland and just jump on a random horse :D

Автор missblondiam ( назад)
Damn what a speed

Автор scorpiostinger65 ( назад)
Lovely example of the tolt at all speeds, well done. It's a pleasure to
watch a horse that ENJOYS what he's doing.

Автор Vicky C. ( назад)
@frejamussen12 only 5??? your very luycky :D I dont have a horse but i want
one soo bad

Автор Elvira ( назад)
@EquineDreams Also, if this were flying pace he'd have to gallop in the
roundings of the track ;)

Автор EquineDreams ( назад)
@SazDaisyBud I watched very closely - each hoof hits ground one at a time
close together but not at the same time like in a pace- it keeps the 4 beat
just very fast -watch in slow motion its not a pace.

Автор Karen Laneuw ( назад)
amazing horse. I Love Icelandic Horses 

Автор Krissy Valentine (Limitless Horsemanship) ( назад)
Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! I love icelandics and the tolt is amazing! My
mum used to ride them and has been on one who tolts! Lucky cow

Автор missblondiam ( назад)
Waauw Beautiful horse 

Автор WuuhuXD ( назад)
i don´t like riding like this...:(

Автор hagerman199 ( назад)
@gOtHiCxAnGeLxox haha shes not 22 shes 17 and she lies sooo much shes the
type of person that if she said her mom died you would have to go the wake
just to see it

Автор Maren ( назад)
will ich auch ;p

Автор Philip Gajic ( назад)
that's great i never saw a horse riding like this

Автор sockses ( назад)
@sgtkymee the quality of the video makes it hard to see, but they look like
bell boots

Автор sgtkymee ( назад)
@sockses So those are not lifts on his front hooves? 

Автор KrunchMonster1 ( назад)
@SazDaisyBud in competition there is the slow tolt and the fast tolt..
flying pace would be very noticable as both legs on the same side move

Автор marthevinur ( назад)
@SazDaisyBud no, it is not pace, it is tolt all the time;) if it was pace,
it would be a flying moment, but it is not. and yes it is possible to have
tolt in that speed if the horse have capacity for it. I don't think Johann
would have win the World championship four times in this toltclass by
showing pace. (sorry, for my bad english)

Автор Maren ( назад)
woooooow, great tolt the hole time. i want that my horse is walking like
that :D

Автор sockses ( назад)
@MistyPonyIsLove icelandics are not sored, it's a natural gait enhanced
without many of the "devices" used on breeds such as walking horses and
saddlebreds. not all gaited horses are sored.

Автор MistyPonyIsLove ( назад)
this video makes me sick, i bet that horse is being sored ):

Автор SazDaisyBud ( назад)
@konni82 Isn't that just a wee bit fast for a tolt!? I'm pretty sure it's a
flying pace at times in the video.

Автор SazDaisyBud ( назад)
@konni82 Isn't that just a wee bit fast for a tolt!? I'm pretty sure it's a
flying pace at times in the video

Автор Hákon Ævar Svanþórsson ( назад)
@SazDaisyBud Tölt not pace 

Автор the13islucky ( назад)
@Ihateginny I agree. I call mine a horse too!

Автор SazDaisyBud ( назад)
wow nice flying pace !

Автор SazDaisyBud ( назад)
@XxHorseluver29xX I agree the horse obviously goes into flying pace, silly
people lol

Автор mrbignose888 ( назад)
Opus - Live Is Life

Автор iluvmyhorses75 ( назад)
I love this video! Whats the name of the song in the background?

Автор 20olsen ( назад)
he´s just the best...:D

Автор Austin Grall ( назад)
Wow thats the fastest trot I have ever saw in those speeds my horse would
be gone cantering almost to a gallop lol.

Автор moailine ( назад)
Great Tolt !! I look it very often.. it's amazing :o

Автор lemonbery ( назад)
@oneblackhorse a ponny is classifed by its size breed and temperment

Автор lemonbery ( назад)
@korralkorral is it a gaited horse

Автор luger9parabellum ( назад)
what do you think about the peruvian paso horse?

Автор samanthasmith69 ( назад)

Автор Korral Shapira ( назад)
when i was six i learned how to ride a horse and now i am 10. so my horse
trots like thay (not the same speed) and the mytrainer cant make him run
like a real horse lol

Автор Sandy M ( назад)
It is a world champion =D

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