Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri reveals the secret name of Messiah

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Автор Ronnie Bishop ( назад)
This makes common sense. When after the rapture happens the church or bride
will come back to Israel with the Messiah and set up the 1000 years of
peace. And in the Temple. On the Temple Mount. Oh yes. The Messiah will set
on his throne in the Temple on the Temple mount and his bride spiritually
speaking will be there too.

Автор Michael Garcia ( назад)
if you keep telling that lie of a white Jesus. the white mans trickery. at
that time all were black and different shades of brown. God said I am not
favorable. but he did ask he made Adam which in Arabic means black. so,
this white GQ looking Jesus. the Jew must convert. to the religion you hate
the most. you know that lying jew. Synagogue of Satan
their is no star of David. it's an upside down pentagram. synagogue of

you've been Dupree
circumcision never meant circumcise the penis.

circumcision meant in your ❤ heart you except Jesus and God. because you go
through is son except is son then you except him.

Автор Henok Zeray ( назад)
jesus my saviour and salvation and saving us in the cross he coming and
and every one believe in him have enternal life and does not perish and oh
lord GOD give the light face to these people does not believe to see u

Автор Glenn Stevens ( назад)
God revealed in the person of His Son came to be Saviour of all men !!

Автор mrhappyhead mrhappyhead ( назад)
The Holy spirit will confirm who Jesus (Yeshua)is. not man. I dont care if
a thousand rabbi,s tell me its him. only God will show me through his Holy
Spirit, not even angels can convince me. the Holy Spirit will leap for Joy
when he sees Jesus, just like he did with John the baptists mother. do not
be deceived People of God. Many will come in his name remember????? Matthew
24:5-8King James Version (KJV)
5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive

Автор Sunita Chouhan ( назад)
Jesus is messiah only He has the power to save mankind whether anyone
believes or not Jesus is the only God

Автор silvester weber ( назад)
H3444 our Salvation

Автор lynnej22 ( назад)
i get it now apparently the bible which most claimis for jews is actually
aginst jews and their destruction,,i want jews to know christians dont hate
ALL JEWS, the ones that are hated are the ones that are over the
top,thinking gentiles are here to serve them,, and they are a master
race,,if you belive that ,your full of it,,because we are all here for a
reason TO LEARN..

Автор AbdulQader Mustafa ( назад)
Jews were jealous that the last Prophet of Allah/Aloah/Alah/Eloh/Elohim
came to the Arabs and not to their nation. This jealousy transformed into
hatred. Modern day Jews and Christians are completely oblivious to their
roots and origins.
Most of the religious laws are the same and the only thing they had to do
is believe in the last Prophet whose core message was to believe and submit
to the One True Creator.

Автор Adam Huntsman ( назад)
Moshiach is here now go see more by searching on Youtube arrival of messiah
in Jerusalem. His name is RayEl

Автор Art Lover ( назад)
Wow, this man was born in 1898 & died 2006. So many things changed during
those years, & this man was able to witness all of it. Pretty amazing.

Автор Avi Avikzer ( назад)
To all the stupid people who belives in FAKE JESUS Benedictos XVI: In
section II, A, 7, The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the
Christian Bible states: “…to read the Bible as Judaism does necessarily
involves an implicit acceptance of all its presuppositions, that is, the
full acceptance of what Judaism is, in particular, the authority of its
writings and rabbinic traditions, which exclude faith in Jesus as Messiah
and Son of God… Christians can and ought to admit that the Jewish reading
of the Bible is a possible one…”

Автор 5126715e ( назад)
That I know the cristians call Jesus yashua , not Yehoshua is total
different. Jesus is Muerto Ningun Muerto vuelve a vivir.

Автор Mangeles Moreno ( назад)

Автор Redhawk OKie ( назад)

Автор Redhawk OKie ( назад)

Автор Eliezer Eiess ( назад)
lies lies lies. Rabbi Kadura never wrote that letter. His Yeshiva has proof
that it was not in his hand writing. For all that know Hebrew the name
Yeshua was spelled wrong. Something such a great man never would do. Also
seems that no one in his Yeshiva even heard of that letter and his son (the
one that supposedly open the letter) said he never heard of that letter.
And last but not least Rabbi Kadura was known to give blessings for success
to many anti missionaries. This letter is nothing but a lie to try and
win Jewish converts. Sad as it is.

Автор 111gagafan ( назад)
Deluded rabbi came to such conclusion after studying jewish MYTHOLOGY ( ? )
- what kind of BS is that ??
Jews love "secrets" , don't they .

Автор chauxone ( назад)
The MESSIAH is known. Those you deny him will face him.

Автор 5winder ( назад)
Call no man rabbi... for Jesus is our only intercessor. And can the
God-awful music.

Автор RabinoBoricuaVirtual ( назад)
--- My Conversion Testimony (Christianity to Judaism) ---

I spent 22 years living as a committed evangelical Christian. At the end of
it, I got such a bad depression, that it almost killed me. Then God showed
me that, the reason for my emotional wreck, was that by blindly embracing
the doctrine of "Salvation only by faith, and without the Works of the
Law", I had placed myself under the curse of the Law (under God’s wrath).
The Lord Yah showed me that, from the very beginning, He wanted his people
to fix all their mental and spiritual attention on His Laws and
commandments, as they are the road He has designed to give them a blessed
and fruitful life. As it is written: “Always be strong and courageous, and
always live by all of the Law I gave to my servant Moses, never turning
from it—even ever so slightly—so that you may succeed wherever you go. Let
the words from the book of the Law be always on your lips. Meditate on them
day and night so that you may be careful to live by all that is written in
it. If you do, as you make your way through this world, you will prosper
and always find success”- Joshua 1:7-8.

God showed me that he who refuses to make God’s (Ten) commandments the
foundation of his life, is an arrogant and accursed man. As it is written:
“You rebuke those who are proud, and those who stray from Your commands are
cursed”- Psalm 119:21.

Finally, God led me to realize that His word has always promised that those
who obey His (Ten) commandments will be blessed: “But if you won’t listen
to the voice of the Eternal your God, if you don’t carefully obey the
commands and regulations I’m giving you today, then you’ll experience all
of the following curses—in fact, they’ll come after you!”- Deut. 28:15.
On the other hand, those who refuse to obey the commandments, will be
cursed. As it is written: “I wish they would always think this way—that
they would fear Me and keep all My commands. Then everything would go well
for them and their children forever”- Deut. 5:29.
And also on another place: “If you listen closely to the voice of the
Eternal your God and carefully obey all the commands I’m giving you today,
He’ll lift you up high above every other nation on earth. All of the
following blessings will be yours—in fact, they’ll chase after you—if
you’ll listen to what He tells you... But if you won’t listen to the voice
of the Eternal your God, if you don’t carefully obey the commands and
regulations I’m giving you today, then you’ll experience all of the
following curses—in fact, they’ll come after you!..You’ll experience all of
these curses—they’ll chase after you and overtake you and destroy
you—because you did not listen to the voice of the Eternal and obey the
commands and regulations He gave you. These curses will test you and leave
you in awe of His signs and wonders against you and your descendants
forever”- Deut. 28:1,2,15,45,46.

Therefore, I decided to believe what the God of the Jews personally say
about the lifestyle that bring blessings and peace upon the believers. I
started to meditate in the Torah (the Ten commandments, as well as the
rites and regulations that explain their inner meaning), and, little by
little, the constant dwelving in the Torah changed my mindset, so that I
became free from depression, and gained an inner spiritual strength I never
dreamed possible. Now, I would prefer death, rather than straying away from
the Torah foundation.

«A young man once asked a wise Hebrew sage: why are they called the “Ten”
commandments? And why were they written upon “Two” stone tablets? The wise
man replied: “The reason for writing them in “Two” stone tablets, is
because a [normal] man has “Two” hands. And the reason for calling them
“Ten” comandments, is because a [normal] man has “Ten” fingers. And, just
as a man’s survival depends upon the good use he gives to the “Ten” fingers
of those “Two” hands, likewise the survival of a man’s soul depends on the
good use he gives to the “Ten” commandments of those “Two” stones. The
young man replied: “But isn’t it true that our “Two” feet also have “Ten”
fingers? The sage replied: “That’s true, and it means that he who sets his
“Two” feet (stands) upon the “Ten” commandments, is like one who builds his
house upon a rock; a solid foundation»

Автор Mary Charity ( назад)
The True Yhshua HaMaschiach will revere Yhwh and never annihilate hebrews
from whose race He came, when He went down to earth.And true
Christ-believers will not hate hebrews (whether fake or true hebrew) and
will support Yhwh rather than any political religion on earth.

Автор Mary Charity ( назад)
The hebrews celebrate passover with the instruction "not a bone shall be
broken on the passover lamb's body" (Exodus to Deuteronomy ,and Joshua;
Psalms"; many years later, Yshua /Yhushua offered Himself UP and not a
single bone in His body was broken." (Matthew-John) Incredible connection.

Автор DavidMoreno ( назад)
There's nothing wrong with following Jesus, its great actually. His message
is love and peace. Just know that He never went by that name, He was
called YAHUshua in His day. Jesus and Christ are Greek translations that
came after, yet so many follow THAT name. Just remember He asked that you
say His name, not the one made up for Him. That is the secret: Yahushua
shares Joshua's true name, Yahushua. The Son of the Right Hand, Gift of
YAHU is before us all. Benjamin NetanYahu IS the warrior savior of Israel.
We are blessed to live in the same days as HE. BEHOLD, i see a King
before me without His crown!

Автор kelly stone ( назад)
great revelation!!!! WHAT GAVE THE NAME AWAY?!!!! HOW DO YOU KNOW FOR
SURE?????? ........dont let leaders of a stray faith poison your
brainwashed minds....GOD IS NOT ABOUT WAR, DEATH, DESTRUCTION!!!
politicians are only tales away leading us to war.

Автор Chris Nobles ( назад)
Actually, the initial letters of Christianity or Christian spell out his

Автор Nigell Butlerrr (1688 лет назад)
Well Jesus Christ created all the jews who rejected Him.
But no problem, many others love Jesus Christ
, because He loved us.
Christians can obtain everything they need without becoming a jew, so
good, eternal life, adopted sonship of God, Holy Spirit, understanding of
scripture, righteousness, forgiveness of sin,
all without having anything to do with the modern jews..

Автор Sharon Newman ( назад)

Автор People of Masciach ( назад)
Jesus Christ is the real Messiah and he is coming to Defend Israel !

Автор Rav Kaduri ( назад)
"I, JESUS, have sent my angel to give you this testimony. I am the Root and
the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning ✡Star." The ✡Star of David
(יש) "Blessed are you G-d, ✡Shield of David." The Jewish ✡Star of David
contains all 24 letters of the Aramaic and Hebrew Alphabet. There is no
such thing in any other language.
""The ✡Star of
David יש""
The number '4' as JESUS which is the geometrical triangular figure that
forms the ✡Star of David, when the 4 or triangular figure is superimposed
in itself in an angle to form the ✡Star of David יש, it then embodies the
four (4) cardinal points: North – South – East – West. The four (4) winds.
The four (4) phases of the Moon. The four (4) seasons: Spring -.Summer -
Fall - Winter. The four (4) elements: Earth – Air – Fire – Water. The four
(4) aspects of the sign of the cross: Father – Son – Holy Spirit – Amen.
The four (4) Canonical Gospels: Matthew - Mark - Luke - John. The four (4)
aspects of Jesus on us: Birth - Life - Death - Resurrection of Christ. The
Pythagoreans knew the number four (4) the Tetrad, is a perfect number. In
Pythagorean philosophy is well understood that there are four (4) parts to
the Soul: Mind – Opinion – Science – Sense. Each of the four symbolizes
something special: Hope – Faith – Fortune and Love. The Pythagoreans knew
and taught that the Tetrad symbolized God.
My Lord and my G-d
Son of HaShem
✡Star of David
Rabbi of rabbis
Kabbalist of kabbalists
Master of masters
Priest of priests
King of Israel and Judah
King of the Jews
King of kings
King of the world
King of the Universe
Redeemer of the world
Savior of the world
Founder of the Apostolic Christian Roman Catholic Church
Divine Messiah
Enter our hearts
Enlighten our Souls
At the speed of the 'Shamash Light'
Now ✡ <--JESUS replied, "Hear, O ✡Israel: The Lord our G-d, the Lord is
One. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and
with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: 'Love
your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these."

Автор Tacola8 ( назад)
The Messiah Title is only for son of Mary, and there is a false Messiah
that muslims says Dajjal the one eyed Illuminati king.

Автор Tacola8 ( назад)
[4.171] O followers of the Book! do not exceed the limits in your religion,
and do not speak (lies) against Allah, but (speak) the truth; the Messiah,
Isa son of Marium is only an apostle of Allah and His Word which He
communicated to Marium and a spirit from Him; believe therefore in Allah
and His apostles, and say not, Three. Desist, it is better for you; Allah
is only one God; far be It from His glory that He should have a son,
whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is His, and Allah
is sufficient for a Protector.

Автор tony “biker Tony” Rodrigues ( назад)
ACCORDING TO THIS RABBI> YITZCHAK KADUR, in a visit from the Messiah Jesus,
Jesus will be coming, very, very soon.AMEN

Автор Horace Cowhen ( назад)
We need to stop waiting for that special person god is the messiah man
doesn't appoint that god does.there has been many messiahs from Noah till
now for Jews and for the people my messiah died at the Jewish cemetery
where I used to live on spingfield blvd his spirit passed through me and I
am not all Jewish l am more isrealite Christian let god and his ufo angels
make that decision

i cheer for this video, JBU always. finaly the truth exposed. no more
pharisee and saducee false propaganda, YEHOSHUA is YHWH , GOD OF ABRAHAM

Автор Redhawk OKie ( назад)
Mathew 7:21 Not everyone who says to Me, "Lord, Lord," shall enter the
kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.
22 Many will say to Me in that day, "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in
Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your
23 And then I will declare to them, "I never knew you; depart from Me, you
who practice lawlessness."

Автор SgtDonowitz ( назад)
This video is a complete false.period.

Автор Ragai S S ( назад)
P Franz.....God bless you. Jesus is the son of God 

Автор Isabelle Levy ( назад)

Автор EyatnaHaEzrakhi ( назад)
The letters mean Yehoshua which is literally Joshua, meaning, "will
redeem". So it can be anyone who will redeem mankind from its plights.

Автор Paul Sandberg ( назад)
If you read the Hebrew note that Kaduri left (allegedly), the word
"messiah" does NOT appear in it. The fact that an acronym, "Yeshoshua" can
be constructed from the initial letters of the note's words does not
signify that rabbi Kaduri was referring to Jesus Christ! "Yehoshua" means
"God saves", so it is probably a statement of rabbi Kaduri's faith in God,
i.e. that GOD SAVES. It does not imply that Kaduri was trying to name a
person or messiah! Furthermore, "Yehoshua" is best rendered in English as
"Joshua". There are many Yehoshuas/Joshuas in Israel (most of them Jews).
So, why on earth would Christians presume that the rabbi was referring
cryptically to Jesus! Do believers in Jesus refer to Jesus in cryptograms
or riddles? Don't Christian believers PROCLAIM Jesus as Saviour?! Did Paul
(apostle) preach Jesus as a riddle, or in total clarity?
You see, the Christian claims are just absurd!

Автор chained2it ( назад)
Soooo... I guess God needs Youtube to announce the Messiah? Who knew?

Автор GodsWork InProgress ( назад)
here are the words to my last post that Google+ placed lines through:

"...and revealed Himself to him. The Lord met him half way because he
desired to know the truth in the total sincerety of a child. He was
sincerely seeking, so the Lord let Himself be found by him. Jesus could
care less what religious doctrine Kaduri was immersed in .."

Автор GodsWork InProgress ( назад)
I find this inspiring because regardless wether Rabbi Kaduri was a
Kabbalist, or not- he was faithful to the light that he had without being
bullheaded as the Pharisees were (for the most part) during Jesus's
incarnation on this Earth.

He sincerely wanted to know the coming Messiah and who He is- so because
he was sincere, Yashua Hamaschiach (Jesus Christ), gave him further Light -and
revealed Himself to him. The Lord met him half way because he desired to
know the truth in the total sincerety of a child. He was sincerely
seeking, so the Lord let Himself be found by him. Jesus could care less
what religious doctrine Kaduri was immersed in He met the Rabbi at the
Rabbi's level and showed him Higher truth- which I believe Rabbi Kaduri
did not reject.

Don't forget that Jesus also revealed Who He is to the Samaritan woman at
Jacob's well-- even though she wasn't a Jew and the Samaritans were
considered infidels and unclean by the Jewish people of that time period.

Автор HeSaidWatch ( назад)
To all: Just so you know where I'm coming from, I am a Bible-believing,
born-again Christian. That said, let me be clear: This Rabbi Kaduri thing
is getting out of hand because (as usual) people are not doing any research
before making their YouTube videos and whatnot.

So, you think Kaduri actually met Jesus Christ? Well, here are a couple of
points for you to chew on.

First, the rabbi was the world's leading Kabbalist. Kabbalah is Jewish
mysticism, and just because it's Jewish doesn't give it a pass. Like any
kind of mysticism, it is about the pursuit of secret, esoteric knowledge
accesible only to trained adepts. And it is expressly forbidden in
Scripture. Why? Because it opens people up to demonic influence and

Also, Rabbi Kaduri taught his students at his yeshiva about how to
"recognize the Messiah," and left behind some teaching that he claims was
"revealed" to him by whatever entity he met in his visions (trances). I
found online the 18-point summary of what the "messiah" revealed to the
rabbi. Uh, not good.

What isn't pointlessly vague is patently unscriptural. For example:

"The souls of the two Messiahs (Messiah son of Joseph and Messiah son of
David) have merged into one soul."

Oh really? Two Messiahs? Does that sound like something the Jesus of the
Bible would say? Go back and re-read John 3:16. Question: How many Sons did
God send into the world? Answer: Fewer than two.

If that's not enough, how about this:

"The soul of the Messiah has been placed into a man of the Israelite

So according to Kaduri, there is a man walking around in Israel right now
who has had the soul of the Messiah dropped into him, and will soon step
forward and start doing Messiah-like things.

Shorly after Ariel Sharon dies, that is.


I mean, what else do you need to hear?

In all of the rabbi's comments, there is not ONE SINGLE WORD about the fact
that the "messiah" he met is the Son of God and died to redeem sinful men
to a holy God.

In other words, there isn't one word about the Gospel. Not a word. Rabbi
Kaduri's visions in which he allegedly met Jesus apparently didn't have
quite the same effect on him as it had on one Saul of Tarsus (read Acts 9
for a stark comparison).

The bottom line, and it only takes a thimbleful of biblical discernment to
see this, is that Rabbi Kaduri no more met Jesus Christ than the man on the

This is pure demonic deception that, if anything, will prime Israel to
accept a false Messiah.

Don't take my word for it--this information is readily available with a
simple Google search. Do a little homework, and please tell others before
they go crazy with their YouTube videos and such. This Rabbi Kaduri thing
is absolutely not kosher.

Peace in Christ

Автор mosesMaimon1 ( назад)
this is utter and complete nonsense. it is also extremely disrespectful
toward the memory of the late, great Rabbi Kaduri to even suggest that he
would ever become a JESUS-loving idol worshiper

Автор aestivalgirl ( назад)
Jesus said the Jews are 'only blind until the gentiles be come in' the
church age is over, this is the time of the end...Jesus also spoke in the
first person through His prophet Zechariah, that the Jews would
finally receive Him 'and they shall look upon Me whom they have pierced,
and mourn as for an only son'...the Jews are coming to see He's their
Messiah as He prophecied in 487BC

Автор marvin m ( назад)
Jesus is the saviour...Amen...who will believes in him will never perish
and have eternal life..Amen

Автор CityofShamballah ( назад)
There is no messiah in Israel. Likely a demon in Israel. Messiah wouldn't
oppose Christianity as Yitzhak says he would.

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri - "With the help of God, the soul of the Mashiach has
attached itself to a person in Israel"(Ariel Sharon)

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri - Mashiach will "save Jerusalem from Islam and
CHRISTIANITY that wish to take Jerusalem from the Jewish Nation - but THEY
WILL NOT SUCCEED, and they will fight each other.

John Symond - reported this happening in his book about Aleister Crowley:
“He had caught a glimpse of the Devil. Aiwass was the messenger of
Hoor-Paar-Kraat, that is to say Set, the destroyer god, the brother and
murderer of Osiris. Set was also called Sheraton, and Sher(at)on is the
prototype of the Christian Satan”.[37]

Автор CRABBYBAG ( назад)

Автор Liliana calderon ( назад)

Автор koikonj ( назад)
Ariel Sharon, former Israeli Prime Minister, dead at 85...

Автор Deciduous Horn ( назад)
"I am the first and I am the last, And there is no God besides Me" --
Isaiah 44:6.

- I am the first: I have no father.
- I am the last: I have no son.
- There is no god besides Me: I have no brother or co-creator.

Автор streetpredator1 ( назад)
This is not the true name. People will put up anything on this youtube

Автор time4grace ( назад)
Rabi Kaduri said 7 years and a year [falls near or from 2007+] after his
death are all together ends at [just add 7 from 2007]; however, we
Catholics know that Jesus will come when least expected and forgotten by
the "Ladies who did not kept burning their Lamps" [meaning unprepared].
For St John told the Rabi's who wanted to be baptized, "Who told you that
you could escaped from the coming wrath!" [meaning that those who does not
believe in Jesus will be blinded by their other beliefs]. Yet in the
Divine Mercy of Jesus and his promised to His Mother Blessed Virgin Mary;
then Jesus will Reconsider, as Blessed Mary repeated the Canticle from the
Holy Spirit of Jesus had said, "He had received Israel his servant being
mindful of His Mercy." Yet, if they do not still believe in Jesus; then,
Justice be done./// I heard the Prime Minister of Israel invited the
Pope: Pope Francis, to visit Israel, the Jewish land. Hopefully they do.
Because if they do not; then it will be over. Justice be done. I wonder
if the Zionists will bend to God, the Messiah, Jesus Christ! Messiah means
God! Pray for them that they too will understand at least the majority of
them or all of them. I wish that Lord Jesus will give us the full year
2014 before Something gog and magog [what will be, will be] will happen.

Автор Alien Grey ( назад)
If only he had told us the last name of the Messiah. A first name is pretty
useless when 1000s of Jews have that same name. It's like one of the most
common names in Judaism. Thanks for nothing, Rabbi.

Автор Jesus Is Lord ( назад)
Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri reveals the secret name of Messiah

Автор 45DidDid ( назад)
What is not often told, is that Rabbi Kouduri was a Cabbalist. One of his
quotes mentioned that he had met the Messiah who was alive today. Now if he
means this to be Jesus Christ, it cannot be correct, because Jesus has not
yet returned. Who this 'Messiah' is, can only be speculated to be the false
Messiah of Daniel who will rebuild the temple. Let's not get carried away
at first reading.

Автор Laura Mae Nelson ( назад)
one thing i know, The Messiah does not have a greek name...the roman greco
hellenistic handle sure has some "staying power"! let go of the greek
name. embrace Him as the Hebrew One that He is.

Автор J Stahl ( назад)
Moshiach is real, see my videos to learn in detail

Автор Christian Lepelletier ( назад)
Be careful this video is not accepted as true, Esh Yochanam say it´s false
See the link of the Video that refutes scam 'messianic' about the supposed
message that Rav Kaduri ZTZ'L wrote shortly before his death in which,
according to the farce, the eminent rabbi and kabbalist have 'revealed' the
name of the Moshiach (Messiah). In the video, a prominent Israeli lawyer is
interviewed, people, including his son, R. David Kaduri denied that his
father had received such a message about the Messiah.

Автор bill krallis ( назад)

Автор Michele La Monica ( назад)
Thank you very much ... I will do this : )

Автор HIRT Claude ( назад)

Автор ponchorhino ( назад)
YESHUA is indeed the Messiah! ¡¡¡Amén!!!

Автор ponchorhino ( назад)
Watch the Nov.1 episode of daily updates at "Prophecy in the news", "The
mystery of the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet...

Автор Michele La Monica ( назад)
Any web sites that will show me your translation? You must just speak it,
where I am not familiar at all. It shocks me the differences in the
NUMEROUS translations.

Автор HaSefardi17 ( назад)
Read it in Hebrew...

Автор Michele La Monica ( назад)
Of which version did you find that ...??? 3:14 is "I AM THAT I AM" ...

Автор Len Hummel ( назад)
SEVEN TIMES I will tell you and exhort you to call upon THE PERSONAL NAME

Автор Albanianwarrior23 ( назад)
The Rabbis said he meet the messiah,. and his name was Jesus... their will
always be people who put their pride above the truth.... and that leads to
their down fall..

Автор Sophia Obi ( назад)
Hmmm...Knowing that the Jewish rabbis study from the Talmud, which is
ancient Babylonian sorcery and magic, how can one be certain he saw the
true Messiah? The Torah was the book God gave to the true Hebrew Israelites
but that book comes second to the Talmud. Most study mainly from the
Talmud, which they explains it helps them to clearly and in detail
understand the Torah. Really? Leaves much room for Satan to deceive, folks.
I'm sorry but too much idolatry involved.

Автор Robert Abraham ( назад)
Bullshit! what a waste of time watching this video until you finally get to
the name and find out you were duped!!! Jesus is not the messiah!!!!

Автор nonentity2012 ( назад)
That's balonie. Some Jews are just too terrified that this could be true,
and they seek to discredit this info. But Kaduri's students testify in
other videos that he revealed to them the name of Messiah (Yeshua) before
his death.

Автор Ivan M ( назад)
Born in Baghdad mmm what country is that?

Автор Y3RUSHALAIM ( назад)
Besides what for G-d need a son, ??? specially in Earth G-d is all Mighty
and omnipresent so the idea of having a human son is not understandable.
for monotheistic religions.

Автор Y3RUSHALAIM ( назад)
Yeoshua What because they are many Yeoshuas living Today at the world, For
sure is Not Yeoshua of Nazareth the son of Mary and Joseph,

Автор Sabrina Tom ( назад)
Interested in finding the reality of all things known in our universe in
just a few pages? Head on v(T--RUTH (C-ONTESTv-C0M click on top result,then
click on The "Present"

Автор Daniel Kleinmeier ( назад)
What do you expect from an atheistical tribe of people's that were money
usurpers in the Temple, back then , and now, thus the stiff necked race
stays stiff necked...

Автор S Nolan ( назад)
It is so sad that people do these things. It discredits the Christian
faith. When you have faith you do not need proof that G-d exists or for me,
as a Christian, that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah. If we needed any
proof it would not be faith. Please remember that these fraudsters do not
represent all Christians and that some of us are normal! This video
reminded me not to believe everything we read or, indeed, watch on
YouTube!!!! :)

Автор TheAnuchild ( назад)
THIS IS a fraud. Tis group called the mission is under investigation and
legal action is being taken against them. It is a cult that has smeared the
great name of Rav Kaduri. Do not believe anything this says. It is a
boldfaced lie,. write directly to his sons and his students at his
synagogue in Jerusalem to know the truth or look up their video on You tube
in which the truth is told. He never said this. It is a lie.

Автор TheAnuchild ( назад)
Rav Kaduri did not reveal this at all. It was a lie concocted by a man who
runs a group called the MIssion, their goal is to convert Jews away from
Judaism/ It just snowballed from there. The true HaRav Kaduri, his sons and
Talmedi have made a video refuting all of these. lies. Do not be lead
astray by these lies.

Автор stargateeer ( назад)
the only Imannuel i know of is the porn version...Imannuel goes to

Автор stargateeer ( назад)
like all religion!

Автор Markus77x7 ( назад)
Zechariah 12:10-14

Автор bluemeaniemean ( назад)
Kaduri did not suggest in any way that he believed in the Christian god.

Автор henry huang ( назад)
Quran and allah is a big liar.

Автор death to nazi scums and muslim terrorists nazis ( назад)
get lost, his name was Joshua ben Iosef and not Jesus Christ Joshua of
Nazareth member of the Notri jewish sect. he was not Christian as decided
200 years later by pagan priests and at 326 by emperor Constantin

Автор Jason Markson ( назад)
what a load of xtian propaganda frog shit and incredibly stupid lies. Lets
hope that you also eat lots of GMO food which causes sterilization and
secondly The messiah's name is BOB

Автор nonentity2012 ( назад)
I love this music. What is it?

Автор Archon33 ( назад)
Yes true, but Jesus' name was Imannuel which was revealed by the Archangel
Gabriel.(Matthew 1:21/Isaiah 7:14) Immanuel means YHWH (God) is with us.
Jesus also had other names such as The East (המזרח Heb) (Zechariah 6:12) .
Search the Scriptures and you will find that the Messiah has already come.
"Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be
with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel" (Isaiah

Автор CrawDad1131 ( назад)
Isaiah 53 :)

Автор CrawDad1131 ( назад)
Yes there were many, it was actually the second most common name for males
of that period according to one documentary I saw, but only one stand out
above them all. Do you know what words Yud Hey Vav Hey (Hebrew for YHWH)
Stand for? Behold the Hand, Behold The Nail. I encourage you to look it up.
Read Isaiah 53, and tell me who that is speaking of, or Psalm 22, verse 16.
I promise you, my friend I am not saying this to argue or speak down to
you, but because you love God, and you are my brother

are you selling your books, that contain the messages of the LORD JESUS

Автор R BOSRE ( назад)
I can tell by your sentence structure and syntax you are an American also.

Автор eyes2seebeyond ( назад)
ohh, for those to see.

Автор eyes2seebeyond ( назад)
ex 3:14 is 7:14 is 8:8 mat 1:23 jn 5:43 jn 8:58 prov 30:4

Автор Ronald Reiman ( назад)
You must have gotten up on the wrong side of your bed to be so bitter.
Chistians are slaves? Lack of capitals denotes lack of respect and the rest
of your sentence after slaves makes no sense whatsoever, perhaps if you
rewrote it maybe it would make sense but I suspect that you are an American
and hence nothing that you can say would make sense anyway.

Автор Ronald Reiman ( назад)
What a dreadful diatribe. Perhaps you should have paid more attention to
your teacher in your english class so that you could write a legible
sentence. Regarding your opinion of Chistianity. It is not wanted, try
writing again when you 108 years old, by then you may have learned
something useful.

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