Lil Wayne - How To Love Lyrics

Lil Wayne - How To Love Lyrics

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Автор Hailie Nicolaa ( назад)
2017 squad where ya at??

Автор Cynthiax Torresx ( назад)
Just heard this for the first time since middle school. Crazy! Here laying
super sad and disappointed hearing this and now I truly understand it.

Автор Dat_Girl_Rachael ( назад)
Best song ever 😍💖

Автор Princess Simauri A'Janae ( назад)
Who's listening to this in 2017😁😁

Автор Lili Lopez ( назад)

Автор Malak Abdulah ( назад)
this song ❤

Автор Izaiah Sua ( назад)
herd this song in 8th grade it made me cry

Автор Gabrielle Peah ( назад)
I love this song so bad
I dont care when it came out i am still listening to it

Автор Meyah Donley ( назад)
Its so sad that we all heard this as kids, then we all know what its about

Автор Kameron Green ( назад)
this was the song back when I was in the 9th grade (2011)...this bring back
memories...I think he did a song also called how to hate I
think...lol..kinda contradictory..

Автор Alexis Mitlo ( назад)
im not big on rappers singing but his voice is pretty

Автор meh ( назад)
this song is so good

Автор Jhits ( назад)
lil ways teaching how to Love

Автор lexb cupcakes ( назад)
I remember a guy had sang this on the corner downtown on his guitar... this
song caught my attention and it brought me back to someone who loved me
very much. I couldn't let him go.

Автор Jashonna Richardson ( назад)
It brings me back to

Автор Jashonna Richardson ( назад)
that a nice song I love😘😘😘😍😍😍

Автор country fortune ( назад)
I listen to this song when I am upset and hurt. I am tired of getting
played. and being called names. I think about killing myself but ik I can
because if I do everybody who cares about me will be hurt. Now I have a
boyfriend who loves me slot and I am glad I do. he brings me sunshine when
I only see rain. he brings me laughter when I only feel pain. he makes me
live when I wanna die and I am never saying good by.

been together since 09/30/16

Автор Destiny Tarin ( назад)

Автор princesslexi 134 ( назад)
who's listening in 2017 👌

Автор Elena Recinos ( назад)
This is my Favorite song

Автор alexis marie ( назад)
i listen to this every time im in my feelings which is 24/7

Автор Kaylee jones ( назад)
I listen To this When I think Of me and my bf Breaking up😞😪😥😒💔

Автор Anthony Akudinobi ( назад)
love this song

Автор ORALE “Your Dad.” HOMIE ( назад)
2017 anyone?

Автор Elena Pearce ( назад)
damn I feel old

Автор Elena Pearce ( назад)
I love this song 😍😍

Автор Kiki herman ( назад)

Автор Kiki herman ( назад)
wouldn't this make a good

Автор SaveyourSouls ( назад)
2017 anyone?

Автор LilG ( назад)
Damn!!!! i loveee this song soo muchh T_T

Автор Alex Audri ( назад)

Автор Slayer Gang ( назад)
I knew th song since I was a toddler and I sing it to this day and cry each

Автор Jaime Cruz ( назад)
song always make me cry especially now.. I'm losing my girl my whole body

Автор Agustin Delgado ( назад)
2010 and 2011 had really great music coming out !! 15 16 17 don't even come

Автор Julienne Termoso ( назад)
2017 and still frequently visiting this

Автор alissa noringhang ( назад)
<3 this is everything 

Автор Lee Familara ( назад)
Every time I listened to this song, I shed tears.. :( :(

Автор Tamira Ewing ( назад)
every time I hear this song I catch myself crying

Автор Phoenix Mullen ( назад)
this song is sorta sad

Автор leaderofnow ( назад)
2017 came from the Katie interview

Автор jenn Barrera-Balderas ( назад)

Автор Mya Peah ( назад)
This is my song i don't care when it came out

Автор bunnykins jay jay ( назад)
omg best love song ever makes me think of my boo. 😘😘😘😘💗💗💗💖💖💖💖

Автор Jordan Hernly ( назад)

Автор kimaya williams ( назад)
damn im 11 how old is this

Автор Trinity Bell ( назад)
This song makes me cry 😥

Автор Sarah Sutherland ( назад)
Omg this is my song because I'm always single😂💕💕

Автор Adilene Felix ( назад)
I love this song !!! who listens to it in 2017 damnn this is a tb

Автор kolburt Green ( назад)
top 3 lil Wayne songs

Автор Kawaiiwolf jamaa ( назад)
I love this song!!!

Автор Kawaiiwolf jamaa ( назад)
music these days suck music with a meaning like dead and gone

Автор Queen_ K_ ( назад)
Who's listening in 2017🙋🙋🙋

Автор Grace Cochran ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Francesca Giuliani ( назад)
my favorite

Автор Jose Flores ( назад)

Автор Sanders ( назад)
why do people dislike Wanye?

Автор Arely Castruita ( назад)
im in love with this song too

Автор Karl Tuheke ( назад)
fucking love this song

Автор Jake Marks ( назад)
its 5:04 am rn and im laying down thinking about alot of shit just one of
those songs thomat does this to me :/

Автор Tamera McLaughlin ( назад)
man this song will bring tears to your eyes😢😢😢😢😢

Автор Jdog #1 ( назад)
who still listens in 2017✨❤😍😂

Автор Nicole Bowling ( назад)
lost who I thought was the love of my life today💔this song helps so much

Автор Viper ( назад)
We get it guys, what happens in this song happened to u. Big whoop

Автор kittikat772 ( назад)
I was 7 when this came out yikes

Автор Haven Romero ( назад)
2017 💚

Автор Shadow King ( назад)
listening to this in 2017, who else?

Автор Janyce Lawrence ( назад)
Absolutely true what comes from the heart touches the heart... this song
has so much depth... All the bumps and bruises we get, all the pain we
endure just trying to figure out how to love and give love and be loved
amidst a bunch of crooks just tryna steal yo heart to leave it and your
life in shambles tryna figure out what da hell just happened
And you still try it again wading threw a slew of crooks trying to find
this most precious thing people look for all their lives many never ever
really finding it .. because the crooks don't know what it is.. They only
pretend... How can something so simple as sincerely caring for another
human being confuse and elude so many
And a child shall lead them
Children they get it!!! Which we all were but I guess the way of the world
makes our hearts grow cold ... What a shame we forget how to love as free
and innocently as little children without FEAR Far too many crooks smh
Children aren't even safe anymore

Автор Rushelle ante ( назад)
Love this song so dam much

Автор Zackery ( назад)
2017.. and it's still playing 😏

Автор Tay Warren ( назад)

Автор Jasmine Russell ( назад)
My Glo Up Day Was Today Guys 🙌🙌

Автор Sideboy Saidi ( назад)
Who's listening this song in2017

Автор Rashelle Dominguez ( назад)
i love this type of music it makes me relaxed and sometimes cry

Автор Momo Jojo ( назад)
when music used to be good.. R.I.P

Автор Regginia Richmond ( назад)
This is the only really song from lil Wayne and it really touched my heart

Автор Claudia Trejo ( назад)
my favorite song

Автор RareTommy ( назад)
i never knew what was love back then... till i had my first love.

Автор Sabrina Cenamena ( назад)
it just a song.and fuck all the haters.

Автор Sabrina Cenamena ( назад)
I like the song and the way it sound.

Автор CHEYENNE ALEMAN ( назад)
cool_no swearing_thanks !!!

Автор Kamiyah Stewart ( назад)
love this song so much

Автор alexander miguel Salazar ( назад)
feel old now

Автор Michelle'Mikkai Morales ( назад)
Lil Wayne was emo for this lol my feels... smh haha.

Автор destiny jones ( назад)

Автор Tra'Mecia McAdams ( назад)
Heard this when i was like 4 now im 11 in 6th grade

Автор Shay morales ( назад)
this is the song

Автор sharpfangblack vlogs ( назад)
who else feels old? cause I do.

Автор Destiny Ross ( назад)
i love this song so much

Автор Dave Bix ( назад)
tis songs want to make me cry

Автор Betty Snyder ( назад)
love this song

Автор Isley Frazier ( назад)
this song is so good it like my jam

Автор Isley Frazier ( назад)
this song is so good it like my jam

Автор Kayla Jones ( назад)
this was my dad favor song before he got locked uo

Автор Rey Mendoza ( назад)
This song literlly makes me think of all the good times me and my sister
had togather before she went to jail , makes me cry everytime i here i just
miss her so damn much. 💔😭😔

Автор GroceryStore ( назад)
i likie a lot

Автор Sierra Perry ( назад)
I know how that is my ex husband cheated on me and now he is trying to find
me but I told him I was done I wasn't playing any more of his games for
fuck sake I'm pregnant with his child

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