A Favorite Tool - Planner Pad

Here's a short video demonstrating how to use a Planner Pad to be more effective in your weekly planning.

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Автор Gina Pera (11 дней)
Thank you, Natalie, for the clear explanation. I just purchased a Planner
Pad, and I even listened to the CD that came with it. Your explanation is

I would like to know how you use the goals section in the back; I'm unclear
on why the columns are marked with days. Yes, I understand that's just a
suggestion, but a suggestion of what? :-)

Автор Natalie Conrad (10 дней)
Gina Pera- I don't use the goals section in the Planner Pad, so I don't
have an answer for you.

Автор Lalaboobaby (2 года)
I like this format of weekly planning pages. I have a Filofax. I wish I
could fit these planner pages into my current Filofax binder.

Автор On Aloe Ground (2 года)
Are you still using your Planner Pad? I've been using Filofax--but thinking
of going back to PP for 2013. Great video :)

Автор Alice Ryan (2 года)
I like it! Thanks, Natalie!

Автор Natalie Conrad (2 года)
I have gone digital but now am back to the Planner Pad for 2013!

Автор Rane dae (2 года)
I've now viewed at least 100 planning and organizational videos. Yours is,
by far, much more clear and helpful. You elocution and diction are perfect
and you describe concisely what we need to know. This is 3:57 well spent!

Автор ana Paula Bueno (1 год)
Great i hope i can find something like this digitally

Автор anneej1 (2 года)
I love technology & all that it allows us to store digitally. However, it
is easier for me to see & work with a calender. I chose the Franklin
Planner (easy version) which is the Compass Planning System two pages per
week, similar to your Planner Pad. I prefer the "classic" mid-size version
and much slimmer than most Franklin Planner Binders. I have come full
circle but will still use technology. Anne

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