Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev - Maa Parvati ka Mahakali Avatar

Watch Devi Parvati take her ferocious Maha Kali avataar. 'Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev' is the mesmerizing story of Lord Shiva and his different avatars. When Sati immolates herself to avenge Mahadev's disrespect, Adi-Shakti returns in the form of Devi Parvati to unite with Shiva. Witness Shiva, the most powerful God within the Hindu culture, as a sansarik or householder in this epic saga - 'Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev' at 8PM Mon-Fri, only on Life OK.

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Автор Debjit Bhattacharjee Jeet ( назад)
kaljayi mahakaki.Tini dustar daman Koran o sristar palon Koran.Sobai tari
sintan.Ami tar chorona pronam kori.

Автор Rish Fish ( назад)
pure rage! the Queen of time, destroyer of illusion, slayer of demons
unleashing her pure feminine energy!

Автор President Trump ( назад)
This was cool and funny.

Автор ritto joseph ( назад)
Its awesmm.. da way kali is introduced is awsm... da roaring n da
rawness... is simply breath takin..

Автор Galih Kirana ( назад)
are she kill shiva are kaali maa is girlfriend of shiva but why she kill
shiva if she is girlfriend shiva??? who is kaali maa

Автор Himam Chakraborty ( назад)
A Real Kali

Автор Francine Poncelay ( назад)

Автор Shankar Reddy ( назад)

Автор TheGuroLOLITA ( назад)
Not bad at all

Автор pradeep Singh ( назад)
Watch Devi Parvati take her ferocious Maha Kali avataar. 'Devon Ke Dev...
Mahadev' is the mesmerizing story of Lord Shiva and his different avatars.
When Sati immolates herself to avenge Mahadev's disrespect, Adi-Shakti
returns in the form of Devi Parvati to unite with Shiva. Witness Shiva, the
most powerful God within the Hindu culture, as a sansarik or householder in
this epic saga - 'Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev' at 8PM Mon-Fri, only on Life OK.

Автор Om Namah Shivaya ( назад)
Jai Mahakali!

Автор Tarun Sharma ( назад)
just checked all comments for bg music, but looks like life OK has hidden
it somewhere

Автор Krishan Kumar ( назад)

Автор blu diamond (1971 год назад)
Can some one PLEASE tell me Is Goddess Ashok Sundari and Goddess Aranyani
and goddess Bala Tripura Sundari same???

Автор Astra-Boyz The Band (1340 лет назад)
cant stop laughing hahaha lol

Автор Ritesh Tanwar ( назад)
Why did they take all d episodes off the youtube???? Where can I see them
Mahakali theme still gives me goosebumps. Our army shd adopt n play this
theme while goin on war. 

Автор Sumit Gautam ( назад)
har har mahadev

Автор Nomsita Haritashya ( назад)
This was just the promo what about the episode.?? From where can we get
it.! ?? Anyone can tell???

Автор Manda Roncon Dlima ( назад)
I can watch this promo 100 times but it still gives me goosebumps! awesome
performance by sonarika!

Автор dhiraj chopra ( назад)
awesome.. jai maa Kali

Автор Durga Devotee ( назад)
This form is Completely different from Parvati

Автор Sanjoy Sarkar ( назад)
joy Maa

Автор Chant Central ( назад)
Can somebody post the mantra which is being chanted in the
background........Jai Kali Mahakali....?

Автор Lisa Manna ( назад)
this seem so real

Автор IMRAN KHAN ( назад)
Hi farance

Автор vikas poddar ( назад)
Jai Maa kali

Автор THUGSTERZZZ ( назад)
+Karun Kaul Maa Kaali was drinking all of th demons blood had there blood
dropped on the earth ten more demon would rise. She is was getting high off
this monstrous blood, too stop her and calm her down Shiv had to lay on the
ground as soon she put her foot on him she stops

Автор Dhandevi Moneeram ( назад)
You know what among the most powerful lords of Hinduism is mother.

Автор Vinesh Aubeeluck ( назад)
From Gunputh Devesh jai ma Kali

Автор Girish Parmar ( назад)
Jai mahakali

Автор sagar sonawane (821 год назад)
Jai ma kali

Автор Art Rose Media ( назад)
What is the music playing in the background?

Автор boingxvrzoxbietheska boing offfill ( назад)

Автор vidushi kumar ( назад)
sooo khatarnak
please upload full episod

Автор Paresh Jadav ( назад)
Please full episode upload kare

Автор Ayush Shreedevi ( назад)
Powerful kali i like at 0:13 suprb

Автор Varnit Sharma ( назад)
Superb performance of sonarika

Автор Varnit Sharma ( назад)
Superb performance of sonarika

Автор chocoraisa ( назад)
Jai Maa Kali

Автор Shubham Sharma ( назад)
oh!!!! superbb yrr!!! what a PROMO! Jai Kaali MAA,.! 

Автор Daniel Williams ( назад)
Soumen Majumdar: I totally agree with you. This promo is far more
captivating than the actual episode. Powerful nonetheless. :) JAI JAI

Автор tushar mukherjee ( назад)
best kali make up i have ever seen

Автор Rajeev Singh ( назад)
Superb acting sonarika. . . :-)

Автор Rajeev Singh ( назад)
Superb acting sonarika. . . :-)

Автор unais tp ( назад)

Автор aesha mehta ( назад)
i appreciate effects of this video wow

Автор Daniel Williams ( назад)
I appreciate the reply. Thank you very much. God bless.

Автор shina sehgal ( назад)
sonarika you are best maa kali ever 

Автор Anjali Chavan ( назад)
I like this program har har mahadev in life OK

Автор Psunitha Devi ( назад)
Woowwwhoo omg ultimate

Автор Nithyaanandoham NithyaanandeshwaraShiva ( назад)
|| NamoNamahShreeGuruPaadukaabhhyaam || ||
NamoNamahShreeMahaaGuruNithyaanandeshvaraShivaayaNamah || ||
NamoNamahShreeGuruPaadukaabhhyaam ||

Автор Swaroop Hegde ( назад)

Автор saiejii ( назад)
Adrenaline rush everytime, If they would release a CD with all the
soundtracks I would be the first buyer!

Автор Tina D ( назад)
Still give goosebumps watching this promo. Sona was outstanding. 

Автор Vineeth Prabhanandan ( назад)
dude it's a Tv series 

Автор srikrsnaparabrahman ( назад)
You can go to startv.in There you will find the complete episodes (provided
you are in India).

Автор Sandeep Kumar ( назад)
mahakaali ka aisa roop or act aaj tak film mein bhi kabhi nahin dikhaya

Автор sushant sanghvi ( назад)
I think producers of this serial trying to end it.....thats y they changed
parvati....nn playing on ramayana....which is not an important part in
mahadevs story So please try to focus on mahadev n our previous parvati

Автор Daniel Williams ( назад)
I have been searching far and wide for the episode of the arrival of kali
maa, but I can't find it anywhere. I've also clicked on the clip dated 9th
September AND the 10th but, the part where she appears or incarnates into
maha kali seems to be missing. I remember watching it about 5 months ago,
and was very impressed by it, but it seems to have gone missing. Can anyone
please please please help me?????? Jai Maa Kali <3

Автор chandni chauhan ( назад)
I am biggest fan of mahadev.mohit and sonrika jodi is nice on serial plz
come back sonrika so i watch mahadev plz come back

Автор Vallabhai Chaturvedi ( назад)
sonarika amazing...i was very disappointed when mouni left the show....but
u hav been tremendous....i never thought u could do so well roles like
mahakali and durga....its high time people stop bashing sonarika...she has
evolved well ....u r doing a great job sonarika..

Автор James de Wet ( назад)
Jai Kali! Jai Ma! Bhavatarini! Om Sri Smashana Kali Ma! Har Har Mahadevi!
Om Krim Kali! Jai Mata Kali!

Автор Amit Sharma ( назад)
Mata aapki shakti apaar hai

Автор lakshay saini ( назад)
Jai maa kali.....

Автор sree pashnath ( назад)
No wordsssss jai maa Kali ....

Автор Shivam Yadav ( назад)
adi-shakti parabramha hai ye baat sahi hai par devi bhagwat ke anusar
parabramha adi-parashakti bhagwan shiv ki maa hai aur unka ek swaroop
parvati unki patni hai . toh parashakti aur shiv ki shakti alag hokar bhi
ek hai

Автор Tuli Dutta ( назад)
sonarika is also perfect for parvati. i watch the serial everyday for the
jodi- mahadev - parvati . i can't miss any episode of this serial. i am the
biggest fan of this.

Автор Daniel Williams ( назад)
Would anyone be able to tell me please if this series is out on DVD???? 

Автор Daniel Williams ( назад)
Exactly!!!! That's the ultimate truth!!! 

Автор punjab singh ( назад)
Maa jai mata di..

Автор Snehil Sharma ( назад)
But Story is Fake, even shiv purana doesnot tell this story even skand
purana depicts different story. Maa KAushiki killed Shumbha and Nishumbha.
Chamunda kills Chand Mund, Chandi kills Rakta Vijya, Kalika killed Dhoomra
lochan. Parvati assumned Ambika ( or Kaushiki) and Kalika Swaroop then from
kalika two further divison occurd Chamunda, Ambika Assumed as Chandi. The
one who killed Rakta Vijya is called "Durga"

Автор Snehil Sharma ( назад)
Markandeya Puran written by Markandeya who is bhakta of Lord Shiva and Devi
Bhagwat Purana which is written by Ved Vyasa who is bhakta of Lord Vishnu
tells that Maatri Parashakti naa agma maatri shakti na ahta" Means Maa
Parashakti is pehle na kuj hai aur inke baad na kuj hoga. 

Автор Snehil Sharma ( назад)
yes her powers are so extreme that she it can not be handled by lord shiva
himself. So Maa PArvati who is complete incarnation of adi shakti can do
that. So she goes back to her. Shakti ko ashrit pradaan kia tha shivji ne
but us ko sambhaal na sake tabhi maa ko baar baar janam lena pada tha. Maa
Parvati, Adi shakti ka sampooran avtaar hai. Maa Adi shakti, swayam Para
Brhaman ka sakshat swaroop hai. 

Автор ChanguMangu ( назад)
Theanimation is excellent in this. 

Автор Sudhir Kashkari ( назад)
Its her powers not given to her.She received them back.She is shakti itslef

Автор Manish Sourabh Singh ( назад)
itni badhiya graphics wala serial aaj tk maine pahle kbhi nhi dekha,so hats
off 2 d whole Mahadev team 

Автор Ajay Thakor ( назад)
u nice seriyal

Автор Soumen Majumdar ( назад)
There is heaven n hell difference between the promos and the actual
episode..The DIRECTOR totally MESSED with the Episode

Автор Abhisek Das ( назад)
This director made a mess of the episode. He should be shown door. Didnt
even showed what was shown in the promos. Maa Kaali incarnation, fight with
Rakth beech, devastation done in anger and Shiva stopping her by lying on
her path went so quick I couldnt understand what was going. I hope they
realise it and remake the episode and show it once more. Hope they dont
repeat the mistake again in coming episode and go for details.!! 

Автор monika singh ( назад)
mahadev rudra avatar was better than mali kali 

Автор Shruti Richhariya ( назад)
aaj ka episode achha tha,par jo baat shiv ji k avtaar veer bhadr ki thi,wo
kaali ji k avtaar me kam thi,aur background music bhi utna damdaar nai
tha,but kuch b ho mahadev jesa koi serial nai

Автор Roma Nehete ( назад)
Can anybody tell what mantra or song they r playing in this video?

Автор Ramneek Moudgil ( назад)
coz Maa kaali is in super angerrrrrrrrr...to stop her angerness..Mahadeva
doing this..than Maa realises..what she does..Har Har Mahadeva.

Автор AkashDwivedi1811 ( назад)
nice visuals..one of the best Maa Kali's make-up is amazing..dekh k darr
lag rha tha :P

Автор Parul Wadhwa ( назад)
i get goosebumbs every time i see this promo, very mesmerizing. brilliant
effects and acting!

Автор Chandra Prakash ( назад)

Автор Kedar Bartake ( назад)
Someone please tell me which mantra is this.....pleeeeeeaaaaaase!!!!!!! 

Автор Jayesh Patil ( назад)
This show has the best promos ever! The effects, music, everything ties in
together awesomely!

Автор Rahul mehra ( назад)
@karan koul she walks over shiv ji because she was filled with rage of
powers given to her and she was continously killing every person comingin
her way.. gods try to stop her but she kept on killing.. so finally gods
ask for help from shiv ji cause only he is the one who could handle her
rage.. so he lay down on her path and while kaali maa kept walking without
looking down she steps on him which she realises and her tongue comes out
expressing oops!! which eventually calms her down..

Автор Desmond Hume ( назад)
I'm literally watching this promo again and again every time I visit
youtube!!! Can't wait till September 9!!!!!

Автор Karun Kaul ( назад)
can anybody tell me why does maa kali walks over shiv shankar ... ? 

Автор Vishesh Vaya ( назад)
jai maa kali . sonarika your acting is best

Автор Rohit Verma ( назад)
Jai Maa Kali...................

Автор warriorpenguin09 ( назад)
Who cares 

Автор Karun Kaul ( назад)

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