SBP Expansion Chamber Exhaust On Motorized Bike

I got this expansion chamber from Sickbikeparts.com for my 66cc motorized bicycle and it arrived in about 4 days. My bike use to top out at about 23 mph but after I put the expansion chamber on it now tops out at about 26-29 mph.

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Автор Jacob Stealman ( назад)
needs filter choked needs taller gear i.e. smaller (stock pipe cut inner
baffle pipe ) no filter 32 tooth im getting between 40-45 mph with light

Автор Gilmar Doistempos ( назад)
Thanks Skater for this up. But yet have some noise ;)

Автор Mercury1600 ( назад)
that sounds tons louder then stock 

Автор Laziirz ( назад)
@lacklandrums 3-6 mph faster

Автор Lachlan C-K ( назад)
how much facter did it make it go ? 

Автор Kerim ( назад)
It is louder than the stock pipe but it definitely is not too loud. It
still has a muffler on it so that helps keep the sound down.

Автор will martens ( назад)
Is the expansion chamber a lot louder than the stock? Is it to loud?

Автор Kerim ( назад)
Yeah I'd definitely get the 66cc because you'll get more power out of it.
49cc's are more for if you want to just cruise around at slow speeds but
with a 66cc you can modify it and get up to some pretty impressive speeds.

Автор Kerim (1352 года назад)
Thanks! And I got mine from kingsmotorbikesDOTcom (their prices went up but
it's still a good deal). Mine is a Skyhawk which is one of the best in my
opinion. I've had mine for a little more than 3 years now and it's still
running just fine. I don't really know much about Stingers but they should
be really good too. Good luck on your motorbike!

Автор Kerim ( назад)
@BSCHOPPER8787 Calm down man, your rude comment is very unnecessary.
Judging by your comment you're very immature. Grow up and learn some
respect or just get oof of youtube, nobody likes people like you... 

Автор Kerim ( назад)
@headshot8000 It idles perfectly fine dipshit.

Автор Wu-Tang Killa-Beez ( назад)
Adjust you're carb... Idle's like shit.

Автор Kerim ( назад)
@MusicWithDABASS Thanks! Good luck on ur new motor, their really fun!

Автор hondatrx700xxr ( назад)
ding dong..the expansion pipe goes closer to the cylinder..my bike does 37
mph on gps..are you sure its a 66cc....

Автор Kerim ( назад)
@BiknutProductions It is a little louder than the stock pipe but not very
much. It is not a piercing sound but more the sound of a quiet dirt bike.

Автор BiknutProductions ( назад)
I've got the same pipe but never installed. How loud is it compared to the
stock pipe?

Автор Kerim ( назад)
@jacktheripped Actually I have it totally different now. I took it to a
buddy of mine and he cut it way shorter and welded parts together to make
it the best it can be. But now I don't even have it on because the baffle
blew off while I was riding so now it's extremely loud.

Автор jacktheripped ( назад)
your pipe is too long for the best power production. I used a flexable
copper tube made for hooking hot water heaters up. I managed to tuck the
pipe up almost against the crank houseing. In all actuality MY pipe might
be too short ;)

Автор dowblab ( назад)
It really is the best performence part to put on these bikes. Real nice
setup btw. Check out my bike. 

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