Smoking Fetish TV Heather - Capri 120s, Pantyhose and Stilettos

A longer clip than usual... just me lighting up and smoking a Capri 120. Thanks to Ken for sending me the beautiful Capri cigarette case... after a long time, I finally got around to saying thanks (sorry!) If you'd like to see more smoking fetish videos, be sure to check out http://www.tgirlsmokersclub.com

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Автор Rachel Moritz (363 года назад)
you are stunning xxxxx

Автор charles polick ( назад)
i buy in catons 6 per month i want to increase to 12 im happy my lungs feel
so hottttttttt

Автор charles polick ( назад)
great hair doo and the way your tight beautiful lips let smoke out

Автор charles polick ( назад)
smoking feels so good and the longer they are the more i like to smoke them
how about you

Автор charles polick (1625 лет назад)
I love smoking so much I wet my pants with

Автор fabrizio milone ( назад)
sei fascinosissima ti adorooooooooooooooo

Автор gbppitt ( назад)
You know what I like!! Very hot!

Автор mad mack ( назад)
fantabulicious....iremember you frim years back xxxx

Автор Qudos ( назад)
wow, just found you adore you, love the outfit, the heels yummmmmmmmm

Автор fabrizio milone ( назад)
superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sexyyyyyyyyyyy bay pit bull

Автор stewart davies ( назад)
Would love to light your cigarettes for you so you could blow your sexy
smoke into my face! LOL from Manchester, UK

Автор stewart davies ( назад)
Ur so hot I'm surprised my computer hasn't burst into flames!

Автор Fetishlife ( назад)
oh no....what happened to their site????

Автор charles polick ( назад)
please cross your legs rub the knees then puul some smoke in sqeeze those
lips tight exsplell the oso hot smoke I myself cant get enough in my greety
black lungs I like the mirror it confirms me of my commitment

Автор charles polick ( назад)
I want to smoke I want shaft to feel the constsnt hot smoke from your lips

Автор sutalun ( назад)
Heather, you look amazing! You are so elegant and feminine! Thanks for
sharing this video!

Автор Wilma Christina ( назад)
You are such a hot smoking t-girl ------ its so delightful to watch you
smoking !!!

Автор anthony kyle ( назад)
You look good smoking anything,I`d love to slip my hand under your dress

Автор gabhm4bbw ( назад)
Hands down the sexiest babe on all of youtube!

Автор Anthony Fazio (1220 лет назад)
I love you. ;)

Автор Raymond31923 ( назад)
Absolutely overwhelmingly sexy perfection!! I worship you...

Автор timmay80again ( назад)
she makes me cum so hard! love the More White Light carton in the side

Автор jtrace214 ( назад)
I'm in love

Автор Al Smith ( назад)
Do you date?

Автор cdsherrigal ( назад)
Awesome, those hose look soo good, I couldn't keep my hands off them

Автор swenitodd1 ( назад)
i'm crazy 4 u..total turn on do another long one

Автор carole dee ( назад)
T-Girl perfection!!!

Автор swenitodd1 ( назад)
thank-U 4 making a longer vid, will u do more with your hair down....your

Автор Charles McMonagle ( назад)
You look GREAT! How long does it take you to get fixed up like that?

Автор chekker w ( назад)
you are very beatiful and you are very sexy

Автор aftermath213 ( назад)
could you do one with your leather cigarette case?

Автор laura andrea Conti ( назад)
so hot, you are are a turn on,... i used to visit your old free site like 8
years ago, i was great, one of the hottest

Автор Chub subman ( назад)
Fantastic smoking and so sexy

Автор ronny white ( назад)
hotness !!!!!!!

Автор crissy214 ( назад)
Nice to hear your voice sweetie, you sound as sexxy as you look. thx for

Автор German Bear ( назад)
Nobody does it better, Nobody does it half as good as you baby your the
best....Carly S had to have written that about you....Drop dead gorgeous as
always Heather...

Автор ljf96734 ( назад)
Watching you smoke is such a turn on. Your look is basically perfection! I
remember you were the first smoking TG I had ever discovered on the
internet and I thought the first time I saw you that it doesn't get any
better than you. Well here it is several years later and you are still the
very best!

Автор picott66 ( назад)
You are sooooo beautiful such class and grace stunning hugs xxxxxx michael

Автор greenhawk46 ( назад)
so totally hot and sexy xxx Jim

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