Inbetweeners rude place name challenge - Part 1 - Red Nose Day 2011

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Comic Relief have challenged the cast of the Inbetweeners to visit the 50 rudest place names in Britain in just 50 hours. Travelling in their trusty Fiat featured in the series they'll be risking life and limb.

Donate to Comic Relief and help change lives at http://www.rednoseday.com/donate
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Our mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment.

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Автор Goughy7 ( назад)
@taxIN7 Like a G6- Far East Movement Ft The Cataracs and Dev

Автор SteveM2781995 ( назад)
In Bradford theres a road called Canal Road but someones scratched off the C

Автор PlushBuddie ( назад)
I love inbetweeners this makes me laugh so hard

Автор Scarlett ( назад)
What about 'Wetwang' ?
(A real name, i know this because i live near Wetwang :3)

Автор Scarlett ( назад)
What about 'Bell End' ? Or 'Wetwang' ?
(All real names, i know this because i live near Wetwang :3)

Автор BrickopStudios ( назад)
No six mile bottom, Suffolk
No shitterton.
No sandy balls- actual place name

Автор Liv Anderson ( назад)
There's a Cockshut Road in Lewes, and a Juggs Lane.

Автор sarah tsang ( назад)
Should have went to Famous Cock in Highbury and islington haha.

Автор taxIN7 ( назад)
anyone know the piece of music at 3:44 ?

Автор Semajnitramreppoh ( назад)
Ha ha, " Good luck to everyone on Seamons Close in 2011"

Автор dlogue99 ( назад)
It doesn't seem right to see them drinking red wine.

Автор genoY2K ( назад)
@iReLoaDzHD It's not Kids by MGMT as twasadream2 said it was. It's actually called "Bang, Bang, Bang" and it's by Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.

Автор Frankthetanktv ( назад)
What's the song at 3:45 anyone?

Автор easystar5446 ( назад)
@andrewmcardle1 genesis - justice

Автор Nostalgia RC Old Channel ( назад)
seatbelt under the arm, why? 1:08

Автор Nostalgia RC Old Channel ( назад)
seatbelt under the arm, why?

Автор connoryoung1993 ( назад)
@andrewmcardle1 title music is genesis by justice

Автор Portgas D. Ace ( назад)
@iReLoaDzHD Mark Ronson ft q tip - Bang Bang Bang

Автор J Reacher ( назад)
Thank God for the internet and youtube. I remember the days when I would have had to sit through all the shit on Red Nose Day and wait for a couple of decent clips like this and Alan Partridge. Now I can just watch the best bits online a few days later:)

Автор ElementzUK ( назад)
Lewis from yogacast was in Joes class at school apparently

Автор Kenneth McNair ( назад)

It's actually MGMT - Kids.

Автор CJayyy ( назад)
What's the intro music?

Автор Phil Green ( назад)
The music half way through is by Chiddy Bang - Opposite of adults

Автор jacob good ( назад)
Not funny

Автор Sas vk ( назад)
they are so like their characters!

Автор TheJay9002 ( назад)

Автор Elliot Green ( назад)
should've gone to fingrinhoe in esssex

Автор uzzzii894 ( назад)
Yay they came to trfalgar square!!!

Автор Rhys Bennison ( назад)
@imnotastarwarsfanboy lol its real I live round the corner to it no joke and hawes lane and the cock in are right next to it :o

Автор tonipmusic ( назад)
Fanny hands lane is not far from Skegness

Автор Crossfire752 (977 лет назад)
Best part of red nose day!

Автор Sarah k (1691 год назад)
Part 2?

Автор EAAAAAAGLE ( назад)
Thumbs up if you watched The Inbetweeners from the very start!

Автор ImNotAStarWarsFanboy ( назад)
Bell End...that has to be a joke. Minge Lane I can deal with, but that...who hires the people that come up with these street names?

Автор GingeOi ( назад)
even this has an awesome soundtrack!

Автор JacksCouch ( назад)
It seems weird them calling each other by their real names :\

Автор Dallon J ( назад)
ive been 2 the cock inn, its in aylesbury

Автор Declan Foster ( назад)
niel"and here we are at whores lane"
jay"dont your mum stay here"

Автор MINT GAMING ( назад)
LOL Bell End

Автор Danimal ( назад)
i live 5 mins from butts road and titty ho lol

Автор Nathan Howard ( назад)
We have a Slag Lane down our way

Автор Scrimz (1585 лет назад)
Bell End lol

Автор Svaitor ( назад)
is the voice over guy the headmaster from inbetweeners?

Автор KurtR4 ( назад)
@LicoriceSmileyface MGNT - Kids

Автор Adam Gatley ( назад)
@LicoriceSmileyface Kids: MGMT

Автор Schmexxy ( назад)
its very strange hearing them refer to eachother as their real names

Автор James Hamilton ( назад)
@LicoriceSmileyface its mgmt kids hope that helps :D

Автор lucy klein ( назад)
I LIVE IN NORTH PIDDLE ! hahaha find it weird they were in my village :p

Автор LicoriceSmileyface ( назад)
Love this video, but have a question: Does anyone know the title and/or artist of the background music that plays from about 2:34-3:03? I've heard the same song played on Russell Howard's show, but I can't figure out what it's called.

Автор Dorian A (1587 лет назад)
There's a road called Hoe Lane in Enfield :L

Автор Hazie995 ( назад)
Ahh Blake you legend!! They're all legends!

Автор Monkey Magic ( назад)
@MrSnorlaxFTW... is it in Staines?

Автор Daniel Ross ( назад)
gotta love the inbetweeners

Автор Louise Elizabeth w ( назад)
Love Them!!

Автор thepurefighter ( назад)

Автор ni99anugget ( назад)
i live near mingay road.. they should of come there..

Автор Cian O'Neill ( назад)
is that the headmaster from the show doin the voiceover?

Автор itsjackchase ( назад)

Автор Jon Shaw ( назад)
Go on lads!

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