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Well I guess it would be nice

If I could touch your body

I know not everybody

Has got a body like you

But I've got to think twice

Before I give my heart away

And I know all the games you play

Because I play them too

'Cause I gotta have faith....


I know you're asking me to stay

Say please,please,please,don't go away

You say I'm giving you the blues


You mean every word you say

Can't help but think of yesterday

And another who tied me down to loverboy rules

Music video by George Michael performing Faith. (c) 1987 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited

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Длительность: 3:43
Комментарии: 10414

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Автор AshTheMouse mousey ( назад)
*Friend:So, How ya doing?*
*Friend:Um...Whos George Michale..?*
*Me: :O How could you... ~Grabs sword and smacks~*

Автор Dimasyuda Pratama ( назад)
kren kren banget banyak knengan indah bersama geoge michael

Автор Lateya Davis ( назад)
this song is so col l

Автор Shar Mayeda ( назад)
I will always love you George.

Автор OULD-LHADJ Wassim ( назад)
best of

Автор George Michael Team ( назад)
4 months passed since you went away....my love will not fade... it gets stronger everyday!

Автор Lexie Schmidt ( назад)

Автор Lesley Anne Dickerson - Kesterholt ( назад)
Damn - he was gorgeous!

Автор Samuel Lal ( назад)
Rip goerge Michael 😞

Автор Cameron Hagon ( назад)
damn i wish every man was like this. women would have sex way more

Автор sunnylilme ( назад)
women would want sex soo much more if any other men had this smoldering sexuality.

Автор Jessica Prieto ( назад)

Автор louis clark ( назад)
as a straight dude.....he was the man ... salute him.....as a singer"Marlin Cash" ...he was awesome

Автор Emmanuel Ambriz ( назад)
I'm here because of South Park xD

Автор Mike Jones ( назад)
Song starts @ 0:47

Автор Esteban Andres Jaramillo ( назад)
muy buen tema un gran clasico de 1990 bonito tema

Автор Michał Bawor ( назад)
I LOVE = Geoge Michael

Автор Aritra Sinha ( назад)
House M.D. brought me here.

Автор Refugio Aguilar ( назад)
gracias for your music

Автор Fred Ben ( назад)
The good song I like

Автор Teyrral Simpson ( назад)
most likely when he died he met my friends mom,b because their death was 70 seconds apart

Автор Michał Bawor ( назад)
Touch = You = I = You = Even = Gods = Can Envy Me = But = My Thoughts = O = Impressions = Thoughts = Your = Your eyes = Your = My = Your senses = Mam = Blit = Lights = Dissolve me heavens = Michal Bawor = YOU = MY = DREAMS = MY HART = ANDREA CORR

Автор Astrid christina Rex Langkilde ( назад)

Автор Astrid christina Rex Langkilde ( назад)
love you tooo

Автор Astrid christina Rex Langkilde ( назад)
ok yous song l love you;-)

Автор Jack ( назад)
Let's get this to 40 million views cuz of George Michaels death

Автор Cheddar Ü ( назад)
I learned about this song after hearing Taron Egerton sing it. And I'm glad I found the time to listen to its original and cover version. It's catchy, less noisy (like most songs nowadays) but fun!

Автор wolverine ( назад)
rest in peace man rest in peace

Автор Chris Jernigan ( назад)
Remember when Fred Durst and his award winning band Limp Bizkit ruined this song? Good times. Should have been Fred instead. :'( RIP Georgy

Автор Juan Ramirez ( назад)
This guy stole Limp Bizkit's song. Everyone know that.

Автор Tyler Walker ( назад)
sad such a talented guy that was loved by millions couldn't find a way to deal with his demons...RIP George

Автор Karina Jhery ( назад)
Por que te fuiste? no es justo !!! We miss you

Автор ken woods ( назад)
my daughter is name faith

Автор Phantasm Films ( назад)
this song had better be in Deadpool 2

Автор Sarah Melinn ( назад)
My hearts broken..ROCK IN PARADISE

Автор Cheyenne White ( назад)
I love you George i know your not alive but your music and your voice are amazing <3

Автор Nancy jamson ( назад)
I am a Music teacher.When i heard this song,i forgot this world.What a powerful voice yeah!Is he alive now?Piease tell me...God bless him.

Автор Kyle Mcdickins ( назад)

Автор Alejandra Zuniga ( назад)
opa es buena

Автор Alejandra Zuniga ( назад)
opa es buena

Автор Ballet Dancer NJ ( назад)
Ahhh high school days. This is still is a great song and video.

Автор Enrique S.P. ( назад)
we were jammin on the 24th to George Michael and then we heard the news the following day.. truly heartbroken

Автор TwoStupidFriends ( назад)
Who came here from Keanu xD

Автор newyearseve2017in ( назад)
nunca pasara de moda

Автор Shivangi Lal ( назад)
you are great😡😢 rip goerge

Автор Lateya Davis ( назад)
George Michael made me sad coming out with this song when I watched this😭😭😭😪😪

Автор Sweet ( назад)
gotta have faith...that's true.

Автор Amit Rathi ( назад)
lol, the way he moves his hips to the song

Автор Lynzee Joleigh ( назад)
this is my dance recital song!! I am very proud to honor such an amazing singer/legend ant our recital!!!

Автор jeffy john ( назад)
wow back in the day...Loved this music.

Автор Starry_Adriana :3 ( назад)
MY BAE 💞💞💞💞💞

Автор Georgia Miles ( назад)
Im only 12 and I love him too much. May he rest in peace

Автор mazingred chuck ( назад)
The greatest singer-songwriter of his generation.

Автор Bridget Russell ( назад)
rock on in the heavens,always n forever!!

Автор A.T. Here ( назад)
Your gorgeous self STILL LIVES, George!

Автор ᄌᄒᄌ ( назад)
Singer-songwriter George Michael + Director Andy Morahan = Best of the best!

Автор Kimberly Clark ( назад)
I wish I was a male...sexy as he'll and. a phenomenal musician!

Автор 김민웅 ( назад)
17년전 내 고등학교 짝지가 나한테 손수 테잎에 녹음을 하여 나에게 선물햇던곡이다 아직도 잊을수 없다

Автор Laisa Motta ( назад)
Faith,faith,faith ! Uuuuuuuuh !

Автор Judy Inman ( назад)
It don't matter if he was gay, straight, a man of many women....he was just plain GOOD with his beautiful voice and awesome songs. And yes, he was very easy on the eyes. What some beautiful music he left us! RIP George

Автор roan lindeman ( назад)
This song has to be more likes than PSY

Автор iam the interstellar the beyonder of free thinking ( назад)
This video was a monster on MTV he came back with a different look and killed .his bread was on fire .

Автор CityMusic Tv ( назад)
What's that song at the beginning

Автор Hunter Brosnan ( назад)
r.i.p george michaels

Автор Small Town Girl Big City Heart ( назад)
"Well, I guess it would nice- if I could touch your body...I know not everybody has got a body like you!"

Автор TACO SUPREME ( назад)
Who the hell is faith???

Автор The God Father ( назад)
Broccoli Rob brought me here.

Автор Lucas Martin Carrizo ( назад)

Автор roan lindeman ( назад)
Everytime when this song starts I ll get thinking about when I am on my bike listening to this song and play the rythm

Автор Juan Carlos Bigjohn ( назад)
I never get tired of listening to this song

Автор 알렉스 ( назад)
one of the best albums ever!!

Автор Magnificent ( назад)
I can see him in hell making Satan happy with his vocals 😊😊👦

Автор Audri Bickford ( назад)
I. have faith

Автор ruben dario ramirez moros ( назад)

Автор Joe Chill ( назад)
I am selling a beautiful framed George Michael photo on eBay. Check it out. Type George Michael photo.

Автор Lars Westerwoudt ( назад)
1:07 origin of the hitmarker

Автор Richard Cranium ( назад)
Why post lyrics without a chorus?

Автор Andre tiburcio de freitas ( назад)

Автор Becky K ( назад)

Автор Ewa Wilkowska ( назад)
wow był zong..jest git szacun..

Автор Ani-babe ( назад)
Gonna be doing this song for my solo in the tbt concert my choir's putting on
Any advice? Love George Michael and this song

Автор Johnnie Perales ( назад)
rest in peace!

Автор Angelo Alarcon ( назад)

Автор Kevin Reinhardt ( назад)
is this limp bizkit?

Автор Mariusz Pokorski ( назад)
maam orginalne pyty twoje kurwo n nalezy mi sie sciagniecie tego darmo

Автор ArtOfTreasury111 ( назад)
I was 7 years old when I first saw this video and I thought this man was sexy.

Автор Winter Sage ( назад)
I love you George Michael!! I'm going to miss you!💗💔😢

Автор martin mullins ( назад)

Автор Adam Farkas ( назад)
Someone needs to die and R.I.P in order to get millions or views really, and I mean really appreciate them for what they have given us.
Michael Jackson, Prince, George Michael and so on.

Автор Brendon ( назад)

Автор Alex Oprel ( назад)

Автор Nic Eichorst ( назад)
One of the sexiest videos and im a dude?

Автор Chiles Russell-Taylor ( назад)
R.I.P George Michael!

Автор Thais Reder ( назад)
Porque eu tenho que ter fé
Tenho que ter fé
Sim, Tenho que ter fé, fé, fé
Tenho que ter fé, fé, fé

Автор jove0220danzdiva ( назад)
Elvis Presley in modern times! A collaboration of my 2 idols!

Автор BluJay PJ ( назад)
I was born In 2003 however, I fucking hate most of the music of today, I wish I didn't have to grow up with this Justin Bieber and Gay Direction crap, the 80's up to the 2000's are the best, the 2010's suck

R.I.P. George 😇 (you were too young too die, infact, 2 years younger than my dad) :(

Автор Amanda G ( назад)
loved George Michael growing up I was blessed to grow up in the 80's when music artists was based on there talent

Автор megaton settler ( назад)
i see J.D. dancing in my head

Автор havizah oktaviani ( назад)
connie brought me here

Автор Malikai Lopez ( назад)

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