George Michael - Faith (US Version)

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Well I guess it would be nice

If I could touch your body

I know not everybody

Has got a body like you

But I've got to think twice

Before I give my heart away

And I know all the games you play

Because I play them too

'Cause I gotta have faith....


I know you're asking me to stay

Say please,please,please,don't go away

You say I'm giving you the blues


You mean every word you say

Can't help but think of yesterday

And another who tied me down to loverboy rules

Music video by George Michael performing Faith. (c) 1987 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited

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Длительность: 3:43
Комментарии: 9610

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Автор Roshini Stalin ( назад)
RIP George Michael

Автор 4merXtian ( назад)
Man crush

Автор Ali AlShammari ( назад)
which movie did i hear this song it sounds very familliar

Автор Hansu ( назад)
I can't believe he's gone. Not a day without a cry. I don't think I have
genuinely loved anyone so much than I love him. Most of you might think one
can't love someone who they didn't know personally but I think that's not
how it goes. Love is universal and love is God. He brought me so much
happiness and there was a song for every emotion. Happiest day of my life
was when I was at a front row at his concert in 2007. When I heard George
Michael died it broke my heart. I've cried more than ever. He has been in
my life "always", I've loved his music since I was a kid. Now I'm almost 35
years old. I don't know what to do. I'm so sad and heartbroken it's beyond

Автор Ghost Notes ( назад)
Amazing artist....He was such an inspiration to so many. It makes me sad to
know that such a beautiful soul is gone.

Автор Emily ( назад)

Автор E. M. Torres ( назад)
You did Very good for the time, love the tight lee jeans, nothing like
it,love them , the same way I like your music, and love boy George. music
love all of them

Автор Starlite1ful ( назад)
Had to show my 10 yr old daughter this video, song came out on the
Goldbergs, Adam was singing and dress like,George Michael.

Автор nita0312 ( назад)
Nobody was fuckin with that hair in the 80s. I was only 8 when this came
out and I remember wanting to run my fingers all up in it.

Автор TheCartoonCatastrophe ( назад)
Love the butt shot

Автор ᄌᄒᄌ ( назад)
George Michael didn't employ any stylist at the time. He was wearing his
old jeans which he had brought from home. He was a young and stylish man.

Автор crjaded ( назад)
Church would be so much more interesting if our organist played that
Freedom riff in the beginning

RIP George Michael

Автор Sharon Copeland ( назад)
So good looking!!

Автор XxJammersxX AJ ( назад)
why lord

Автор Jill clark ( назад)
in these next 2,3,4 years....expect new beauty...scientific
discoveries...artistic expressions...a response to the American oppression!

Автор Sarah Bradley ( назад)
God rest a beautiful soul 💔

Автор Jordan Solorzano ( назад)
Disculpen hay alguien que sepa el modelo de guitarra

Автор Jackie Smith ( назад)
loved him

Автор Chelsea Canales ( назад)
George was a gorgeous human being, the world will miss him, along with
Prince, and David Bowie. Man, heaven must be wonderful with those musicians

Автор Imagine waffles13 ( назад)

Автор Camery Broers ( назад)
My favorite singer

Автор Gabriele Marras ( назад)

Автор Megan Re ( назад)
Oh how much do i miss you. You were my hero and my teen sweethaert. I loved
Wham. RIP George Michael

Автор Stormkila100 ( назад)
Who else is here from Clarence from Keanu??

Автор chuck chuckles ( назад)

Автор iMichelle I. ( назад)
i. 💘 ed. his. 🎵 may. he. R. I. P. my friend.

Автор Dom D ( назад)
George fan for 37 years... loved all he done. RIP George - you are still
amazing in my eyes.... you & your music are forever loved

Автор Moomal Awan ( назад)
he was great.rest in peace George Michael

Автор Tammy Norris ( назад)
a man bro

Автор Josh Chase ( назад)
Ik all the games u play. Cause I play them too!!!!👌

Автор michael white ( назад)
Dana Carvy "look at my Butt"

Автор Tina Cooper ( назад)
Rip 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

Автор Antonio Kaufman ( назад)
we will all miss him 😪😪

Автор Winkinblinkin Aqndnod ( назад)
he was just a man who lived by his own rules RIP gm

Автор Deejay DaVinci ( назад)
Michael jackson and George Michaels were the best looking men of the 1980s
period no homo I'm straight but those men had style and class act R.I.P

Автор Ali khan ( назад)
rip man

Автор Doris Terlouw ( назад)
he was so sexy

Автор Lynne Cari ( назад)

Автор Eccentric Saint ( назад)
He didn't have enough faith to make it to heaven. There are no Queers in

Автор ChineeBhai727 ( назад)

Автор Bade Yılmaz ( назад)
George who i ate his ass R.I.P.

Автор Leah White ( назад)
why did the camera faced to his butt?

Автор Hetal Bhakta ( назад)
Love you George 😚😙😙 forever

Автор Carl Maese ( назад)
Never said anything. Bad about u RIP

Автор Seth Young ( назад)
you gotta have faith he's still with us

Автор Jesse Bowen ( назад)
This is my favorite fucking song

Автор rattyeely ( назад)
gotta love that one random naked girl that was just put in to make this
look more straight. RIP George Michael

Автор Nathan Mester ( назад)
What song was In the beginning?! Record

Автор Deangelo Brown ( назад)
Keanu is why I'm here 😂😂💀💀💀💀💀

Автор Anthony de Fex ( назад)
thanks for all the hits dude!

Автор Calimero Sghayr ( назад)
sir lah n3al zamal booooooooooook

Автор dududux123 ( назад)
the maximo look

Автор stochelo rosenberg ( назад)
George Michael was a dirty faggot !

Автор Matt Geatches ( назад)
I heard this in 88, doubt u would have loved him wNking in your nearest
public toiler. music ok he is a dead scumbag

Автор Alicia Facundo ( назад)

Автор Kavya Reddy ( назад)
Absolute Greek God!!! ❤️ you Handsome! what a stunning man he was...that
incredible voice...stunningly 😘 beautiful face!
Spell bounding personality he was in every way wow! God took his time to
make this man.. so perfect...unbelievably good looking! super talented with
a sweet nature..he had it all! So very deeply saddened and just cannot
believe he is gone too soon...just not his time! Why GM 😔 .....I sincerely
hope you find eternal peace and the happiness in the heaven above as you
were an Angel on this earth in the true sense! not sure what had caused him
those crazy, unhappy lonely last few years cuz he was such a beautiful
person inside out! 💐RIP 🌹my 🌹darling! 💐there will never be another
George Micheal! Great singer of all times & This here is my teary heartfelt
loving tribute to a great human, a lovely singer, a gentle soul & the most
handsome man that has ever lived! you will be missed dearly! 😞....
🦋The 🦋Legend 🦋lives 🦋on.....🌹🌹🌹

Автор Tech Productions ( назад)
It's heart breaking to thi nk that George Michael is gone now :'(

Автор cristina solano ( назад)
I have been fan of this gorgeous man since i was 9.

Автор Ritchie Contrer ( назад)
You learn something new everyday. was reading an article about this song
that I've heard for 30 years. and didn't know that he's playing the song
freedom on the organ in the intro from wham.

Автор Josh Chase ( назад)
Fell in love with this song, after watching keanu !

Автор Anonymous Poet ( назад)
I will hold you, George Michael.................

Автор lucky master ( назад)
RIP George Micheal he was a legendary singer

Автор Stacee Severino ( назад)
I fell madly in love with George Michael way back when, before he ever made
it public of his sexuality preference. This video was one of my favorites,
the way he moved oh my! But did anyone ever notice how that ear ring kept
changing from left ear to right ear? lol All those times I drooled over
this video I never noticed until now lol Guess I wasn't looking at his ears
back then

Автор Rohitachi ( назад)
Why do people start admiring an idol/icon/star when they are dead? Just
like Michael Jackson.

Автор Jessica Nalley ( назад)

Автор Sequawa Jones ( назад)
I love him

Автор sanjiv bhardwaj ( назад)

Автор Dimitra Dasaki ( назад)
I can't believe his Family still hasn't buried him. They really know how to
MILK the public for more royalties from music sales.He was a Bisexual gone
Gay drug addict that needed constant attention and glory from his fans.I am
soooooo tired about seeing and hearing his death news since Christmas
Day.He really made Holidays 2016 a year to remember along with his current
Muslim sidekick Fahim or Mohammed or whatever his sorry name is.Get a life
finally people, all he wanted was more money from all of us.What an ARSE,
may he rot in his own HELL !!!!Cheers and Bye

Автор Guzin Karaer ( назад)
george Will always live in hearts

Автор Cassiopeia Wilson ( назад)
I remember when I was 3 and 4 trying to do these moves in front the tv...

Автор Linda Lieber ( назад)
Since George Michael's passing, there are so many stories as to what
happened and how he lived his last years. I read that GM chose to live as a
recluse because he did not liked the way he looked. As we age, our bodies
start to fall apart. It's a fact of life. Our health takes a turn, we all
no longer look like we did in our 20's, etc. If this story of GM living in
isolation due to his looks is true, then I wish someone would have told him
that he was beautiful. Apparently, he was upset about his weight gain, and
I feel so bad that he felt we would have judged him on that.

Rest In Peace George Michael....we loved you during your entire journey,
not just the "handsome" times.

Автор Aleks Barclay ( назад)
who's here from Keanu

Автор Aleks Barclay ( назад)
who's here from Keanu

Автор Lisa Franklin ( назад)

Автор Carlos Delgado ( назад)
It is so sad to lose someone like him so early.

Автор Delilah Flanner ( назад)
fuck you 2016. taking this sweet piece of ass from us

Автор Carlos Ishac ( назад)
a true legend of music and entertainment sadly gone ,,,,,,don't trust that

Автор Antler Assassins TV- Bowhunting Television ( назад)
GM was the man!

Автор Hot Girl ( назад)
I love the s song to much. you will be missed George Michael

Автор Marina Stevic ( назад)
r.i.p george

Автор Guitarherogirl ( назад)
reminds me of the best times in my childhood <3 and still makes me feel

Автор Shelby Gibbons ( назад)
i cant stop listening to this song RIP george michael

Автор raxha ( назад)
i still can't believe he's not here anymore. i refuse to believe that.

Автор Rory Mulligan ( назад)
Rip George Michael 1963-2016

Автор jc c ( назад)
I had such a big crush on him. I remember in jr high all the guys wanted
his style.

Автор Seth Curtis ( назад)
SINCE 1985!!!!

Автор lvbjblond ( назад)
whata voice

Автор SpiderNate the gamer ( назад)

Автор The Conman ( назад)
nobody liked him i am glad he is dead his songs are so anoying

Автор Paul Lee ( назад)

Автор Ramon Humphrey ( назад)
I miss him😭😭

Автор jeb stuart ( назад)
I remember, girls were crazy about him at school when this single came to
life. Sweet 80's.

Автор CampSecXXI ( назад)
o mundo vai acabar e nao vai aparecer outro que chegue aos pes do YOG.

Автор Mariapaola Marchitto ( назад)
George, non dovevi lasciarci. Ma perché???

Автор Paola Marrocco ( назад)
I love you

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