George Michael - Faith (US Version)

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Well I guess it would be nice

If I could touch your body

I know not everybody

Has got a body like you

But I've got to think twice

Before I give my heart away

And I know all the games you play

Because I play them too

'Cause I gotta have faith....


I know you're asking me to stay

Say please,please,please,don't go away

You say I'm giving you the blues


You mean every word you say

Can't help but think of yesterday

And another who tied me down to loverboy rules

Music video by George Michael performing Faith. (c) 1987 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited

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Длительность: 3:43
Комментарии: 10048

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Автор Lionel Messi ( назад)
may you rest in peace George

Автор Franklin Gutter ( назад)
Mariah Carey's next

Автор Britteny Evans ( назад)
I miss him, Great music will live on forever

Автор Stephanie Padilla ( назад)
I missed him so much😭

Автор Blackmoon ( назад)

Автор Diana Coyle ( назад)
Yes let's do this

Автор GY28music ( назад)
Check out the faith cover on my channel, I added an Indian twist to the song! Thanks

Автор Rai Hanson ( назад)
My mom gave me my middle name from this song!

Автор Tisha Pemberton ( назад)
I miss him so much!! Loved watching these videos on MTV years ago.

Автор Montana Mitchell ( назад)
Think about all the gay men that sing songs because could not come out so they are fag I am sorry FAGOT!!!!and still can not come out but I I KILL 5,000,000 CHRIST KILLERS---WOMEN---CHILDREN---MEN AKA PEOPLE then I may make it to Heaven!!!!!DOES THAT NOT SCARE YOU???

Автор Dog lover camera ( назад)
I'm laughing lmao

Автор Robert Waters ( назад)
great talent

Автор Robert Waters ( назад)
not bad

Автор Exotic butters Fnaf ( назад)

Автор fossilsue ( назад)
dances like Elvis.

Автор Warren Webber ( назад)
"Look at my butt!"

Автор Kraftwerk pop-muzik ( назад)
Brb, I'm off to buy a pair of steel toe caped shoes :)

Автор Larry Moore ( назад)
this dude is a Legend i grow up listening to him

Автор Marco Camnasio ( назад)

Автор God of Noobs ( назад)
I love how as the church organs play this symbolic holy piece, we get a George Michael butt shot.

Автор Faith French ( назад)
what the fuxk

Автор lily fourcade ( назад)

Автор gears ghoul ( назад)
Keanu Reeves

Автор Danielle Perry ( назад)
R.I,P George Michael  keep the music going up there and rest in piece

Автор DJ Dug star 19 ( назад)
Best song

Автор Martin Vazquez ( назад)
Came here because the movie Keanu, but I knew George Michael

Автор Nick P ( назад)
I remember watching this on mtv as a kid back when mtv had real music on

Автор John Wehrly ( назад)
jose cruz jose vargas2@$5.00

Автор Paweł Tybulczuk ( назад)
omg extra movie

Автор Renée Walden ( назад)
R.I.P.💖 thanx for being there during some of the best times in my life !

Автор Nenuhar Costa ( назад)
te echaremos mucho de menos

Автор Lee G ( назад)
rip your music will live on always. if everyone forgets i never will and always jam on it will live on thru me.

Автор bru beck ( назад)

Автор Abek Morrissey-Hardy ( назад)

Автор Cameron Hagon ( назад)
he sucks

Автор Mary Caracciolo ( назад)
This is still fresh, except for the pumps....

Автор JT Gaming & Vlogs ( назад)
you guys do know he was gay right ????

Автор Laura Haertel ( назад)
R.I.P. George. You will be truly missed.💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Автор Lilmama Lula ( назад)
I can't help if I didn't know him before he die, just know I knew him before I died

Автор Bernice Guercio ( назад)
Your amazing George , your music and each song has meaning to life . Your songs filled with dancing ups my soul . You where always so beautiful . So sad that you passed away . Tears in my eyes to young to die . Rest in Heavenly Peace 🌬🌬💋

Автор Owen Frank ( назад)
RIP George Michael:(

Автор Cindy Ray ( назад)
he was so good live

Автор mathieu Van Dijk ( назад)
I gotta think trice!!!

Автор Pancho Rosales ( назад)
"George Michael is holding it down"

Автор lou king ( назад)
Nice toe tapping song

Автор Kenneth W. Charles. Jr. ( назад)
I had the honors of seeing George at the Tacoma dome years back. that was one of the best times in my life. R.I.P. Geoge. Love you!

Автор William Whitlock ( назад)
One of the greatest voices EVER, listen to One More Try and tell me different!

Автор Nick Nieberg ( назад)
the best thing about the vid
he cant actually play guitar 😂😂

Rest in peace george

Автор roberta romeo ( назад)
❤ti amerò per sempre

Автор Lara Robinson ( назад)
The Superstar <3

Автор Kalai X ( назад)
the 3k so sad ....

Автор C. Michelle ( назад)

Автор roan lindeman ( назад)
Annie No you cant meet him. He looks a little bit like my dad. When he is wearing sunglasses

Автор Lisa T ( назад)
I was 16 years young when this album was released. I bought the cassette tape and always had it in my walkman. I liked a lot of other musicians back then But George Michael was my FAVORITE. He was only 24 years young here and this album recieved so much recognition all over the world.

I loved the organ at the beginning and the "Country" sounding guitar. This album is a classic.

Автор Lisa T ( назад)
Justin Beiber will NEVER be as hot as George Michael. NEVER. I can say that with TOTAL CONFIDENCE.

Автор kristdelgado ( назад)
I wonder why the "I want your (sex)" part was cut at 00:14

Автор Candy Strickland ( назад)
What an Awesome Artist!!! R.I.P George!!!! WE Love and Miss you dearly!!!!

Автор Tamara N'Dre ( назад)
There's nobody like Michael. Thanks for what you have given us!

Автор djaouida gherram ( назад)
pour mon malheur les seuls chanteurs qui me plaisent sont GAY. Quelle gâchis......

Автор djaouida gherram ( назад)
Oh my goodness this man was beautiful. ET PLUS ENCORE

Автор Marianne Greffe ( назад)
r.i.p m'y angel

Автор Alexis Colby ( назад)
Music my dad love, can't stand a lot of the shit my gen listens to.

Автор Mysteria 5 ( назад)
That organ music intro suits perfectly to be played at George's funeral. He brought the faith to us and it's only fitting to bring that faith back to him. George, you should be here with us now. We want you back but the higher power must've needed you far more and that's hard to accept. You will always be one of the greatest human beings to ever live and walk this Earth. Rest in the power of God and may his blessing always be upon you.

Автор Lupe Ramirez ( назад)
omg he was one of the sexiest most beautiful man of this era . especially in this video

Автор Taiga Degurechaff ( назад)
It's sad this man got the fame that he deserved after he passed

Автор Because I'm Batman ( назад)
This man is AMAZING!!!! ME GUSTA!!!!!

Автор Dante Trevisan ( назад)
What a gorgeous man.

Автор BSH71 ( назад)
That Ass! So Hot! Still To This Day, That Ass Remains One Of The Hottest Ever!!!

Автор Isaac Wing ( назад)
I never knew he was the lead singer of wham until he died and my grandma told me

Автор vikki d ( назад)
This song always makes me smile💚

Автор Mila Dezuttere ( назад)
limp bizkit is wayyyy beter!!!!

Автор tysoon363636 ( назад)
I vote this no.1 best country (pop) song of all time!

Автор Arcanine873 ( назад)
Rest in peace George prince and David we'll miss you 2016 was the worst year ever for music 😭

Автор Kenneth Bowen ( назад)
he's cute and gay

Автор 지혁진 ( назад)
세월이 흘러도 너무 좋다..♡♡♡

Автор Alana Jones ( назад)
Justin Timberlake could kill this

Автор Alvin Cormier ( назад)
3K worth people didn't have Faith. SMH.This is an all time classic!

Автор Django90 ( назад)
BSA bicycles??

Автор Bumi ( назад)

Автор TheOfficialCMAN ( назад)
George Michael has one of the coolest sounding voices I've ever heard. Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson are the coolest voices ever and George is up there with them

Автор Kennedyxgames Pokemon ( назад)
At the being you can see people who are filming this in in his glasses

Автор Marsha Lieck ( назад)
you will be miss I love George

Автор David Reyes ( назад)
so handsome. amazing artist. true talent. r.i.p <3

Автор Mason Harmon ( назад)
Limp bizkit did it better

Автор Jacobo Cardenas ( назад)
- Andrew "Boner Champ" Bernard

Автор Ja'Rese Bellows ( назад)
i looked up this song when i saw "keanu"

Автор Quang Sang Tran ( назад)
not bad

Автор really rell ( назад)
this should've been the fuckin george Michael tribute grammy song

Автор Midnightsun9 ( назад)
he is my celeb crush now

Автор SweetGingersnap Vlogs - ( назад)

Автор Martel Waire ( назад)
broccoli rob stole this signature song...dick

Автор Starr MEdia Designs, LLC. ( назад)
Check out the special tribute to George Michael #RIP tonight on the #Grammys

Автор Midnightsun9 ( назад)
heard this on radio noq i cant stop

Автор Eric Marnadi ( назад)
The Office, anyone?

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