Texans Cheerleaders Close Up

This is what it looks like to see the Texans Cheerleaders from the front row of the Bull Pen endzone seats.

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Автор Marie Milien ( назад)
What do your call this.

Автор Marie Milien ( назад)
Gj girls

Автор SourPlasticMouth ( назад)
No clothes, no cheer, no pompons. Wat da fok is dat?

Автор Andrés Holmes ( назад)
This routine is great! Fun, fast, sharp and big choreo. Cheerleading is not
all about flips and stunts, you know

Автор The Channel ( назад)
Do cheerleaders fart ??

Автор Mario Thomas ( назад)
Nice my sister is in cheerleader.

Автор Bill Davis ( назад)
Go Dolphins, love their cheerleaders too!!

Автор PINKPUPPYS17 ( назад)
This is soooo bad and I would know I'm a cheer leader and they r horrible

Автор deja dames ( назад)
They're not tht good

Автор hollisterkelsea21 ( назад)
And how is this cheerleading ...

Автор mscookiesandcream7 ( назад)
This is not cheerleading.

Автор ally smith ( назад)
Miami dolphins rule!!!!!!

Автор saidrick pugh ( назад)
That's not cheerleading that's stripping without taking your cloths off lol

Автор ranchy888 ( назад)
What's the matter with all you people? They did a great job!

Автор Jessica2432 ( назад)
I use to want to be one..but after watching this... I change my mind... I
think the Cowboy cheerleaders are better...this was sloppy. they need to
work on their sharpness

Автор Gabrielle Laney ( назад)
Are they on drugs?????????

Автор Romy Homie ( назад)
So sexy...and so retarded

Автор DisneysFrogPrincess ( назад)
@daejhan gordonamai You're such a hater! You wish you were that sexy and
had moves like those! Your cheer wouldn't make it pass the first cut and
nobody is Gunna like your nasty comment.

Автор Kianna Ruffin ( назад)
To the comment underneath me, they don't do stunts for a reason, they just
dance. I also highly do doubt your cheer team can do better than this, just

Автор Alyssa valentine ( назад)
This is shit, LikeMyComment if you think they need to do stunts and less
dance moves ;L ! i mean seriously, my cheer can do better then them ! >;L

Автор Lydia Rose ( назад)
Wat the fuck is this

Автор TheAlessaBaby ( назад)
xD what for shit is that!? -_-

Автор itsnefeli ( назад)
Τhey suck....This isn't cheerleading is dancing...

Автор Traci Ann ( назад)
All these people flipping their tits because this isn't real cheerleading
are wasting their time. DUH. It's dancing. The only reason they call it
cheerleading is because they are supporting a football team. I'm a
competitive cheerleader so I know what I'm talking about. So shut up and
let them do their thing because they kick ass at it.

Автор makar736 ( назад)

Автор Bahrun sri widodo ( назад)
after watching this I became the spirit!

Автор Adam Marek ( назад)
KURWA przejmuje filmik!

Автор SUN NOYA ( назад)
i like the uniform!

Автор Prodigyswifiie ( назад)
@justinlover ikr and im in 7th 2

Автор Seliinable ( назад)
Die tanzen ja wie Legasteniker XD

Автор TheBahram203 ( назад)
the dude at 1:31 is like : "damn these girls are fiiinnnee" !!

Автор Julia Smith ( назад)

Автор Skylar Bantz ( назад)
its called a halftime show people.

Автор michael alcazar ( назад)
I am coming over to the next game! lol

Автор LeeT500R ( назад)

Автор canicole20 ( назад)
@LovinHim921 Why are you even watching this video if they suck so bad??Yes
we value your opinion but it sounds like you are jealous..Your probably one
of those chubby girls that sit on your computer all day and eat
cheesepuffs..You search for these videos because you wish you were a NFL
cheerleader..it doesnt matter how good or bad they are...The truth is that
you wish you were one of them..You would give anything to have a place on
the field..You probably watched this video like 30 times.lol

Автор MsBIGA2010 ( назад)
they did good i like the dance cheer

Автор jim jones ( назад)
@NatiUndOli was gonna thumb that up, but its on 69 so i thought better of it

Автор YummyIceCreamer ( назад)
loll Male 45-54 Female 13-17 Male 35-44

Автор PeaceFinder12 ( назад)
They are good. Their dance cheered me up. Cheerleeading is supposed to do
that, right?

Автор Mikkel Lilja ( назад)
@NatiUndOli Taking the name "cheerleaders" in consideration, it means a
group of people leading the cheering of the sportsteam. In that sense, I
think these girls are doing a good job, cheering up the audience. On the
other hand, making a gymnasticsteam with throws and stuff outside of the
sportsmatch to take part in competitions etc., therefore not leading the
cheer of a sportsteam, I wouldn't call THAT cheerleading. But just a part
of the gymnastics.

Автор drugobianconero91 ( назад)

Автор MichelleFabGirl ( назад)
they can dance reli fast

Автор Fubbles4realz ( назад)
NFL Cheerleaders are completely different then any kind of cheerleader.
It's just a style of Cheer so stop hating.

Автор AugustFlower93 ( назад)
@rabbit2110 I guess they leave that to the young highschoolers lol

Автор cyanidemaiden ( назад)
I didn't hear one cheer from them.

Автор Ashley Belleau-Dame ( назад)
wtf is that ?

Автор atrapforfools (1077 лет назад)
Yes, it's not "cheerleading" but they are still good dancers sheesh. Plus
how do we know they didn't perform a traditional cheer routine after or
before this?

Автор Vinicius075 ( назад)
130 Pessoas são mulheres invejosas e gays viados !

Автор HeavyMetal Chick ( назад)
<3 their outfits:[]

Автор Slim Charles ( назад)
@rabbit2110 You need male cheerleaders to throw girls up in the air.

Автор lilpistolstarta ( назад)
This is indeed cheerleading.The dynamic of cheering changes when you get in
an all adult (Professional) setting.The majority can't appreciate the
stunts and tumbling;it's nevertheless commendable but it doesn't mean you
should discredit these grown women for workin their tails off to entertain
you. Half of the people that can stunt can't survive the Texans tryouts,so
dont hate! GOOD JOB GIRLS!

Автор Gia N ( назад)
This is real cheerleading

Автор littlemekkker ( назад)
@TheToddy30 Well, they call themselves "cheerleaders" because they pump up
the crowd, but what they do is not legit "cheerleading" At least that's how
I see it.

Автор TheToddy30 ( назад)
@littlemekkker Not even the video title?

Автор TheRealLoveMonkey ( назад)
All the women hating on this are clearly fat bitter crack whores from

Автор littlemekkker ( назад)
I agree this is NOT cheerleading, but nobody said that it was.

Автор GenericNameBeta ( назад)
@HotterDenJoo Its just cheerleading no one really cares either way I get to
see hot women

Автор TBird4490 ( назад)
lulz. Cheerleading isn't a sport.

Автор giovanni barcenas ( назад)
i dot now you at that good wal to be not to me

Автор Arcfighterwar ( назад)
Guy the cheerleaders do a half time dance and cheer during the rest of the
game you'd know if you went to a football game

Автор Savanna ( назад)
Not cheerleading at all! This is more like dance team! We have both at my
school...and this looks a lot like what thjey do!

Автор Deja Calhoun ( назад)
i thought cheerleaders are suppose 2 cheer? they dancing

Автор triumphantteal ( назад)
this is why actual cheerleaders get a bad rep

Автор Agat159Ka ( назад)

Автор Kevin Stelle ( назад)
75 People are Gay

Автор Imani Marie ( назад)
alot of the time i think men just go to football games just for the women
and the beer but now i understand

Автор NatiUndOli ( назад)
Cheerleading?? Haha no way! When I make dance moves with pom poms I don't
call that CHEERLEADING! They are not stunting!? They are DANCIN' !

Автор Steven Haney ( назад)
@RayRay141000 lol i beg to differ sir! according to the definition they are
cheerleaders because all one has to do to be a "cheerleader" is to lead out
in the cheering of spectators! there seemed to be a lot of cheering and
yelling going on from what i could see! what you mean in your ignorance is
that they arent gymnasts or acrobats but they never claimed to be! they are
cheerleaders to get the crowd cheering, simple as that!

Автор spamstoper3 ( назад)

Автор Nina Gonzalez ( назад)
Wtf are they doing?! I can do wayy better then that!

Автор TheJenna1 ( назад)
you guys this is sideline cheerleading there meant to get the crowd pumped

Автор Oaklandsucksballs ( назад)

Автор nicolas1472 ( назад)
Someone put up the speed of that video... or they probably drank lots of
energy drinks^^

Автор Becca_xoxoo ( назад)
The chick in the right in the middle sort was my teacher in 6 grade..(;
good job ladies

Автор CaptainCarling ( назад)

Автор miramalik ( назад)
Thats not even close to cheerleading....

Автор szience ( назад)

Автор Kane Cefai ( назад)
thats it.... im moving...

Автор haz697 ( назад)
wtf america lol

Автор marvintheatre ( назад)
Am I the only one who thought that was a little bit manic?

Автор Shell Won ( назад)
haha the black girl steal the show. and im asian girl lol

Автор weirdo666666 ( назад)
Cheer, dance or whatever, that's quite possibly the only good thing thats
ever come out of Texas.

Автор Nulle Hansen ( назад)
They can't cheer, and they can't dance..

Автор rabbit ( назад)
@rockangle654321 What ever happened to the girls being thrown up into the
air, and doing cartwheels and stuff like that!

Автор LilCanadaPop ( назад)

Автор pimped11 ( назад)
who cares if they suck do people look at cheerleaders because of the dances
or how hot they are

Автор karlito5757 ( назад)
@kingbandqueenkk yeh, the blonde gotta go. Someone send her to my house.

Автор Kupcake54 ( назад)
money really can buy happiness!

Автор MHBC16 ( назад)
Professional cheer looks more like dance to me. Great and sharp dancing.
Just doesn't seem as difficult because there aren't stunts or jumps or
anything. Just super fast dancing. But dancing in boots, so good for you

Автор manoman12354 ( назад)
@brunettegirl202 that's not slutty -_- jealous much

Автор Natalie Reinhardt ( назад)
@BimschiStar12 echt mal! sieht aus wie wirres rumgezappel xD

Автор 93mustang ( назад)
@Anafg23 Yes it is cheerleading. Excellent cheerleading.

Автор johanna91497 ( назад)
this has NOTHING to do with cheerleading . !

Автор Pricilla Gutierrez ( назад)
@rockangle654321 Professional cheerleading is very different than your high
school ideas of cheerleading are sweetheart

Автор fanatiquedaria ( назад)
@Anafg23 you are so right! this has nothing to do with cheerleading!

Автор Lindsey Grant ( назад)
thats not cheerleading

Автор lumpilutscher ( назад)
ganz schön durchgeknallt

Автор BimschiStar12 ( назад)
das sind unrythmische zukungen !! Hat nix mit cheerleading zu tun

Автор psulionz87 ( назад)
the two bitches above complaining, who cares. their hot!

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