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Автор Marie Milien (1 год)
What do your call this.

Автор Marie Milien (1 год)
Gj girls

Автор hekanicho (5 лет)
What's up with the boots??

Автор haz697 (4 года)
wtf america lol

Автор Innosatana (5 лет)
their not even that hot :s need some australian girls

Автор Billythachikk (5 лет)
And she's in the front, lol.

Автор Fubbles4realz (3 года)
NFL Cheerleaders are completely different then any kind of cheerleader.
It's just a style of Cheer so stop hating.

Автор weirdo666666 (4 года)
Cheer, dance or whatever, that's quite possibly the only good thing thats
ever come out of Texas.

Автор Gabrielle Laney (2 года)
Are they on drugs?????????

Автор dero derpington (4 года)
this is cheerleading?! looks more like chicks in go-go outfits flailing all
over the place.

Автор Kupcake54 (4 года)
money really can buy happiness!

Автор MissKSE (4 года)
You might as well just have them in bathing suits, seducing the front
row... this doesn't look like cheerleading at all.

Автор Pricilla Gutierrez (4 года)
@rockangle654321 Professional cheerleading is very different than your high
school ideas of cheerleading are sweetheart

Автор sjoakes (4 года)
@Anafg23 well i dont know really.. but i beth they cheared those people
over there !

Автор camerashiz (5 лет)
it doesnt matter if they do ah shit load of training. Cheerleading is;
all, there hoochie mommas. (:

Автор Adam Marek (3 года)
KURWA przejmuje filmik!

Автор Mario Thomas (2 года)
Nice my sister is in cheerleader.

Автор Ashleiqqh (4 года)
@Anafg23 haha your SOOOO righty

Автор dip dop (2 года)
So sexy...and so retarded

Автор Vanna(: (3 года)
Not cheerleading at all! This is more like dance team! We have both at my
school...and this looks a lot like what thjey do!

Автор sara crooks (5 лет)
they arent tha good, all the do is shack there asses and ack all bitchy!

Автор The Channel (2 года)
Do cheerleaders fart ??

Автор 23Hayunga (4 года)

Автор SecondsFromEternity (5 лет)
what, did you think NFL cheerleaders led cheers? LOL

Автор David Chien (5 лет)
notice only one blonde in there

Автор Ashley15344 (5 лет)
Pfftt.. thats just dancing.. no stunting at all

Автор miramalik (4 года)
Thats not even close to cheerleading....

Автор saidrick pugh (2 года)
That's not cheerleading that's stripping without taking your cloths off lol

Автор Kiera Walker (5 лет)
i dont think NBA and NFL dancers should be referred to as cheerleaders
cause they dont cheer.!

Автор Shell Won (4 года)
haha the black girl steal the show. and im asian girl lol

Автор Missbrittbritt21 (5 лет)
@mraznboy11 ummmmm u need to not ever come @ cheerleading/cheeleaders like
that.....ok all ppl see is the finshed project not the blood sweat and
tears that went in to it and cheerleaders do more the cher @ games
cheerleading is a SPORT juss like football bball (ect)

Автор NatiUndOli (4 года)
Cheerleading?? Haha no way! When I make dance moves with pom poms I don't
call that CHEERLEADING! They are not stunting!? They are DANCIN' !

Автор Billythachikk (5 лет)
Well, they are leading the cheer. And people love them. What IS
cheerleading these days, anyway? Everyone seem to spoil all the good

Автор atrapforfools (3 года)
Yes, it's not "cheerleading" but they are still good dancers sheesh. Plus
how do we know they didn't perform a traditional cheer routine after or
before this?

Автор alexander o (5 лет)
i lov them

Автор LeeT500R (3 года)

Автор MORO2072 (5 лет)
mi si e' fermato il cuore.................

Автор mscookiesandcream7 (2 года)
This is not cheerleading.

Автор kapokii (5 лет)
@mrsjonastimes3 its hard work they do 9 hrs a week of training so stfu!!!

Автор itsnefeli (2 года)
Τhey suck....This isn't cheerleading is dancing...

Автор SourPlasticMouth (1 год)
No clothes, no cheer, no pompons. Wat da fok is dat?

Автор Andres Holmes (1 год)
This routine is great! Fun, fast, sharp and big choreo. Cheerleading is not
all about flips and stunts, you know

Автор Lydia Rose (2 года)
Wat the fuck is this

Автор psulionz87 (4 года)
the two bitches above complaining, who cares. their hot!

Автор ighforever (5 лет)
pretty girls. Why not be modest in dress and behaviour. Are they really
"cheer leaders or eye candy so people come to or watch the games on tv? Is
it all business now not a sport?? Do what is right in the eyes of God and
you will never be disappointed in this life, or the next. Something to
think about. Jesus is Lord of all. Amen.

Автор Prodigyswifiie (3 года)
@justinlover ikr and im in 7th 2

Автор hollisterkelsea21 (2 года)
And how is this cheerleading ...

Автор binkyinlove88 (4 года)
it's because thay are actually dancers. just like all the other NFL & NBA

Автор 93mustang (4 года)
@Anafg23 Yes it is cheerleading. Excellent cheerleading.

Автор michael alcazar (3 года)
I am coming over to the next game! lol

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