The Razor-Thin Convertible Laptop

HP EliteBook x360 Business Convertible Laptop, more info:

UK: https://goo.gl/#analytics/goo.gl/IZJ5dr
US: https://goo.gl/IEQfRI
FR: https://goo.gl/npBJPm
DE: https://goo.gl/H2TFWR

Features Intel Core i7 Processor

More features...

- 4K Display
- B&O Speakers
- Fingerprint sensor
- Fast charging
- Wacom pen input

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Автор MediumGAMING “MediumGAMING” ( назад)
What are the specs though? Cuz I bet what your giving up for that size is
storage and ram

Автор Abdul-Rahman majid ( назад)
am I dreaming?
didn't you know the existence of convertible laptops before this video?

Автор Bobtherhino ( назад)
haha 3:24 its not running legitimate copy of windows 10

Автор IHopeImOriginal ( назад)
it looks like a Macbook

Автор Harys Koneswaran ( назад)
This looks just looks like the macbook!

Автор jcreswick ( назад)
is it amoled \ oled type screen?

Автор The Captain ( назад)
Profiles as a plus point for this laptop? Not exactly a new feature.

Автор Tony 2015 ( назад)
Why does It feel like he is reading a script??

Автор maher laasmi ( назад)
activate the windows

Автор Foxy Gaming ( назад)
It looks ugly

Автор DerWalross ( назад)
Way to expensive

Автор Isaac Silva ( назад)
Is it just me or is he speaking differently than he used to? Sounds like
Lew is trying to sound gangster

Автор Patrick Plays Trombone ( назад)
MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ME SOME BEZELSSSS!!! Tasty bezels....... But
seriously, those are some big bezels.

Автор Rohan's Sims ( назад)
Looks so old and ugly

Автор jinfeng gong ( назад)

Автор Sunny Khan ( назад)
It's kinda impressive for me :-D Although nice idea for converting laptop
into tablet :-D I think that this thing might break it ???

Автор Jimmy Nguyễn ( назад)

Автор TAEgames ( назад)
It's basically a business laptop tho

Автор iii 3xki ( назад)
1:47 unnecessary to mention these features, this is available all the time
on windows 10,

Автор GweiTheLeafChild ( назад)
That's not a wacom digitizer, wacom pens do not use batteries in the pen.

Автор RJS98 ( назад)
We need HTC to get on the laptop market.. :D Can't wait for a premium metal
laptop with chamfered edges

Автор Twisted Runner5929 ( назад)
did they copy apple's magsafe

Автор Colin K ( назад)
You are a dope..

Автор kiddooffini ( назад)
I'm a very big fan

Автор tony harris ( назад)
What's the MSRP on that? Like 1400? Lol nope

Автор Maytee Garpot ( назад)
Is it "wack-em" or "wah-com"?

Автор RugRat Gamer ( назад)
are you related to yetimachete

Автор Zach woodlieaf ( назад)
lol I have had the Lenovo yoga for 2 years this isn't new technology

Автор JORGE100 ( назад)
Thats a macbook pro rip off design wise...from the bezels to the damn light
up keyboard

Автор Edgeful Liberator ( назад)
Bends current laptop *breaks in two* damn maybe next time...

Автор Daniel Holroyd ( назад)
you should see the tags lol

Автор Daniel Holroyd ( назад)
it doesnt come with windows activated hellno i aint buying that

Автор EqualsThreeable ( назад)
No, I dislike this video, other sponsors did a better job.

Автор Braedon Rogers ( назад)
Not to be rude (is there any nice way to say this?), but that was shit.

Автор El Diablo ( назад)
I don't give a fuck what HP or any company that says its drop proof where I
can take that laptop and drop from my waist and still break it

Автор Sayden ( назад)
Im actually watching on a convertable lmaoo

Автор Ginanjar Utomo ( назад)
Activate the Windows, dude.

Автор AntonioKowatsch ( назад)
My stomach turned when he flipped the screen over. I was like "what are you
doing!".... but then I realized that everything was fine and relaxation sat
in in an awesome wave.

Автор blinkingred ( назад)
look I do think the laptop is great functional and value. But damnit this
feels so awkward and forced. Its easy to see this is sponsored bullshit.
Look man this hurts the overall genuine feeling of your channel and will
hurt viewer confidence in you. For the health of your channel manage this
shit better. Modern Viewers smell this shit from a mile away

Автор dstarwar ( назад)
If you guys knew how low HP and Mr Weisler really are you'd think twice
before buying a HP product. Look up BDS and how HP ain't givin a shit about
global demands to withdraw their technology from the Israeli war machine.
Yes that's right HP is supplying Israel the tech to continue child
murder..... btw I prefer the Mac.

Автор OBaid Alam ( назад)
You are more interesting in your own studio.

Автор Marlon Strauch ( назад)
I'd still prefer the 2016 MacBook Pro. Also it looks too much like the
MacBook. It just seems like an apple rip off.

Автор Mohammed Boss ( назад)
How muck does this stuff cost??!!!

Автор Mr. Shepe the sheep ( назад)
What are the specs

Автор Liam Case ( назад)
3:30 Thanks to science!

Автор Joseph Olugbemi ( назад)
Chrome books do that too

Автор Kontrasts ( назад)
Still wasn't as bad as that Samsung ad that time, this felt not so forced.

Автор Austin Bordelon ( назад)
Can someone link that soundcloud?

Автор Leafy Garden ( назад)
How'd you get down

Автор Bailey May ( назад)
ugh! those bezels! im gonna puke...

Автор Slimetimebuddy ( назад)
I was watching on a hp lol

Автор Ali Jacobsson ( назад)
no offence but the design looks like a cheap Chinese version of a macbook
despite that x360 thing 😂

Автор Lim Huiseob ( назад)
Promotion? Or Review?

Автор Christiaan bleekemolen ( назад)
U cant afort it

Автор philip hausvater ( назад)
This laptop also has a smart card reader in it thats what that slot next to
the sim card space is

Автор Mike jones ( назад)
anyone know the price range on this

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Once I saw the fountain I was like Las Vegas I went there and it looked

Автор TheJackyking ( назад)
"Really useful".

Автор EMOji snap live funny videos ( назад)
what is it out right now?😜

Автор Danny h ( назад)
watching a 4k video about a laptop with 4k screen on a laptop with 4k

Автор Parker kim ( назад)
thats just a lenovo yoga and a mac hybrid

Автор Mili M ( назад)
Link to the pen? Anyone? Please answer if you have info on the exact pen!

Автор Josh Baxter ( назад)
HP gave me a fancy room... boy, glad this is not biased!

Автор CloudZayne ( назад)
i have a dell inspiron 11 3000 series... it's practically that, but older,
and 1080p screen

Автор Ali Yaghi ( назад)
Looks like a MacBook

Автор Ali Yaghi ( назад)
Why don't you have your glasses on???

Автор Luide Mulumba ( назад)
Before even going to other manufacturers, the HP Spectre has been doing
this for so long...what's new here. Someone's at gunpoint.

Автор Anik The Gr8 ( назад)
send me a gift plz

Автор murmur ( назад)
I lowkey thought he was breaking the laptop at 2:00

Автор ToBe Fair ( назад)
Meh. Thinness + feature cannot beat 7th gen Asus Transformer Pro or Asus
Zenbooks, Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga/ 920/ X1 Tablet/ Miix. All Razer laptops
will shrug at HP Spectre's anemic GPU.

Автор Germán Cabello ( назад)
I have a razer, got excited! I watched an AD :(

Автор Reinier van der Leer ( назад)
3:28 "Activate Windows"

Автор manuel vega ( назад)
You tube

Автор DA LOGICAL ( назад)
If only i had about $2,000... oh lordy

Автор RubLox ( назад)
but can it run gta 5 60fps 4k?

Автор Pine Tree ( назад)
Looks too much like my Macbook air 13"

Автор Daniel Aboumrad ( назад)
approximate price?

Автор Shan Tv ( назад)
Rip Hp

Автор JayMonstaR6 ( назад)
Put your glasses back on

Автор Anton Markov ( назад)
Wow a MacBook that folds backwars

Автор Joshodude ( назад)
Can I edit videos with this

Автор No Skills Pmaldy ( назад)
so lets pretend, when he doesn't have his glasses on he's lying...

Автор BUrbbable ( назад)
Laptop costing 2K + can't buy a legitimate Windows key 03:22

Автор Russell Miller ( назад)
Kinda looks weird when he doesn't have his glasses on lol. It's like his
snapback and glasses are one with his body lmao

Автор Not Active ( назад)
You review products that even obama wouldn't want to buy because it breaks
the bank..

Автор Winston Sebastian ( назад)
dude you forgot the lenovo yoga 910, the lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga carbon,
the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon, and the thinkpad x1 yoga tab (you might see
the powerful skill from them)

Автор Harry Ranpara ( назад)
No Configuration Details...!!!!

Автор LordServer ( назад)
Fuck this channel. has gone downhill.
tailored reviews, and fake "mass" giveaways.

Автор Sandeep V ( назад)
lenovo yoga??

Автор veter rodrigues ( назад)
Judas paíd reviw ..and wer is jack

Автор Houssem Hizi ( назад)
thats crap you can buy gamer laptop with this price if you look for
resolution or 4k etc ...if you look business laptop you can buy one for 200
$ or less what you gonna use note or word excel and some other softwear any
laptop could do it ...hp think people stupid ...

Автор shaishav shrestha ( назад)
Unbox Nokia 6 now :)

Автор Kit Kris ( назад)
How can I get that beast

Автор Suicidal Dog ( назад)
buy this or just yolo and buy a Samsung notebook 7 spin for half the
price... I own one

Автор Jack Le ( назад)
They can't even activate the windows for the review sample???

Автор citystars1117 ( назад)
Who makes the inbox therpy music? Like does lu chop it up himself?

Автор Rodney Wright ( назад)
supply classroom with use black magic tell excited

Автор Terry Cole ( назад)
The logo change makes more sense... it reads the same when the laptop is
flipped into tablet mode

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