The Razor-Thin Convertible Laptop

HP EliteBook x360 Business Convertible Laptop, more info:

UK: https://goo.gl/IZJ5dr
US: https://goo.gl/IEQfRI
FR: https://goo.gl/npBJPm
DE: https://goo.gl/H2TFWR

Features Intel Core i7 Processor

More features...

- 4K Display
- B&O Speakers
- Fingerprint sensor
- Fast charging
- Wacom pen input

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Автор 章本新 ( назад)
why elitebook x360 with FHDt i7 16RAM 512SSD cost almost twice as much as spectre x360 FHDt i7 16RAM 512SSD? could someone answer me.

Автор iqbal mueez ( назад)
im gay- idubbbzz

Автор penapple axk ( назад)
Yea i saw this one

Автор Rajendra Kumar ( назад)
cool lapi i want one
oh god but i don't have much money

Автор Brandon Brisley ( назад)
I can hear the cars honking

Автор CampbellRocksAgain ( назад)
hey lou. there was an advert for hp before you gave us a video about an hp laptop. you are clearly an apple kind of guy right?

Автор JazzRockIt ( назад)
Where are your glasses???????????????????????????????

You look weird without them.

Автор 준에이치 ( назад)
dude this shit is ad

Автор qing ohyeah ( назад)
am I the only one care about the backlight bleeding at 1:38??

Автор Kowalskithegreat ( назад)
i'll still take a surface pro anyday over this anything 3+

Автор John John ( назад)
There's arabic subtitle thanks for it :)

Автор Brandon G ( назад)
Who else didn't know fingerprint scanners on laptops were a thing?

Автор alexa HITS ( назад)
model details name

Автор Team 5 ( назад)
How much does it cost?

Автор Steven Ventimiglia ( назад)
Yeah, but can you open it to add RAM or replace the harddrive? If not, it's a glued in piece of shit like the Macbook Pro post-2013.

Автор Dragon He ( назад)
Anyone else thought the title meant a new Razer laptop?

Автор thomy setiaku ( назад)
best with you

Автор thomy setiaku ( назад)
wooooooooww for me,I really like the hp...!!!

Автор iii 3xki ( назад)
I confirm that it has been released now, guys!!

Автор Nelson Herrmann ( назад)
If i wasn't so broke i would so get one XD

Автор frOzen mirrOr ( назад)
Unactivated windows detected :D

Автор Device 360 ( назад)

Автор anbox thereby _ بالعربي ( назад)
how much is it ?

Автор matthew benoit ( назад)
How can I win one 😂

Автор Behind TheWall ( назад)
dedicated skype buttons? so they're useless if you dont use skype. why not make them macro buttons so you can configure them to do whatever you want?

Автор Azoth ( назад)
lenovo yoga meet hp. hp meet yoga. you guys will be living toghether for 2 months. have fun

Автор Jason Weber ( назад)
I originally thought from the thumbnail that it was a macbook but Apple will never make a convertible laptop...

Автор TheDabBoii ( назад)
whey is it razer?

Автор Farm the Corn ( назад)

Автор Mr. Matt Playz ( назад)
did that one building say penis on it?

Автор Colin Akerman ( назад)
Do the fogey cube

Автор Navi Kumar ( назад)
Is the pen included with the laptop

Автор Hayden Blake ( назад)
why did hp put nongenuine windows on it

Автор cj07722 ( назад)
Just saw the price. $1700? Hahaha No

Автор cj07722 ( назад)
I want to get a new but reasonably priced laptop. Is this a good one? And if not pls recommend a better one👍

Автор Lavie Gariv ( назад)
am I the only one thinks the way he is so calm in this video strange ?

Автор cat of truth ( назад)
oh god i want this. but why didnt you try the wacom tablet on a drawing app please?

Автор Abimanyoe Daniel ( назад)
please review samsung notebook 9 2017...

Автор -Jasim - ( назад)
lol watching this on that laptop

Автор ZelenoJabko ( назад)
I am not buying HP. Paying douchebags like you expensive holidays, making their stuff more expensive.

Автор Dillan Jenkins ( назад)
lol I got one

Автор faizan arshad ( назад)

Автор allan fulton ( назад)
I'd love to be able to afford this laptop .

Автор Phoenix ( назад)
i have a convertible laptop that's thin and 4K, Nothin' New

Автор LtLiam ( назад)
im gunna put hackintosh yosemite on it and see how it looks

Автор Julius Windum ( назад)
1:08 am i the only one who heard that

Автор Raphael mahulo ( назад)
can you deaattach the monitor from the keybord?

Автор PandaLikesTofu ( назад)
Good lord is the HP logo redesign gorgeous.

Автор KucuK Kuduruk ( назад)
coppy mac pro :D

Автор Prince U ( назад)
can I compare Samsung notebook 9 15inch (2017) vs Xiomi notebook Air 13.3 vs Xiomi notebook Air 4G 13.3 Pls......pls........sir

Автор Devin Jean ( назад)
2:45 does that say penis? Dafuq

Автор parikshit wadhwa ( назад)
when did wacom pens require batteries to work?

Автор Xander Zoolander ( назад)
I'm not buying another laptop/tablet until it comes with multiple TB3 ports all on their own lanes. I want to experiment with combining multiple ports for more pcie expandability, maybe even push 16 lanes on external graphics.

Автор That'snotmyname420 ( назад)
wish you covered the camera

Автор Will La ( назад)
hey Lew, we're HP. don't say you're actual opinions. just talk about it in a neutral or good way. or we won't invite you and we'll find
another youtuber. cool?

Автор WeLzY Gaming ( назад)
this looks awsome

Автор Eli Mirkin ( назад)
3:13 Aaaanddd You get a laptop with "Activate Windows" watermark right out of the box!
Thank you hp

Автор 5 mint crafts ( назад)
which leptop is better for high video & photo editing?

Автор TPumpkin Gaming ( назад)
This isn't as thin as my Lenovo Yoga 710 i7 :p

Автор Fleur Willems ( назад)
Bbq election really love this look violgntly exclude :[

Автор Alexander McLean ( назад)
why that when you can get a cheaper one which is the acer chromebook r11 which is what im writting this on and its touch screen and it flips all the back with a 360 degree hinge

Автор ZeckDoesStuff ( назад)
the pen looks like the surface pen

Автор Paolo Lumontod ( назад)
o god i thought i was the only thinking he was 'acting' his way out on the unboxing. really. it's unnatural.

Автор Johan Nordstrand ( назад)
why did it come an Ad after the Ad?

Автор Ankush Verma ( назад)
plzz gift me one

I am your big fannn

Автор Nick The King ( назад)
wow they didn't even activate windows on the laptop

Автор Kezz ( назад)
2:45 does that baloon thing say penis?

Автор it assistors ( назад)
It's not fair leaving poor jack at home and enjoying vegas alone :/

Автор BigMek456 ( назад)
This entire channel just consists of ads basically. So much that he just uses the videos as ads.

Автор Darius Groves ( назад)
How much do you believe this laptop would cost?

Автор junaid aziz ( назад)
please wacth my first video i did the chubby bunny challange

Автор Ryan Pederson ( назад)
how is this any different than a regular laptop with the exeption that it is very light and thin? other laptops fold back so that isn't anything new. this also isn't the only laptop with a stylis.

Автор MAX PLEYNIG ( назад)

Автор MAX PLEYNIG ( назад)
roo mach mony is tis laptop

Автор Miguel Perez ( назад)
He doesn't know shit and we all know it's unbiased as fuck

Автор Nick Pol ( назад)
Wait WTF am i the only one where on 2:45 read Penis on that ball???????????

Автор MediumMemeMaster ( назад)
What are the specs though? Cuz I bet what your giving up for that size is storage and ram

Автор Abdul-Rahman majid ( назад)
am I dreaming?
didn't you know the existence of convertible laptops before this video?

Автор Bobtherhino ( назад)
haha 3:24 its not running legitimate copy of windows 10

Автор IHopeImOriginal ( назад)
it looks like a Macbook

Автор Harys Koneswaran ( назад)
This looks just looks like the macbook!

Автор jcreswick ( назад)
is it amoled \ oled type screen?

Автор The Captain ( назад)
Profiles as a plus point for this laptop? Not exactly a new feature.

Автор Tony 2015 ( назад)
Why does It feel like he is reading a script??

Автор maher laasmi ( назад)
activate the windows

Автор Foxy Gaming ( назад)
It looks ugly

Автор DerWalross ( назад)
Way to expensive

Автор Isaac Silva ( назад)
Is it just me or is he speaking differently than he used to? Sounds like Lew is trying to sound gangster

Автор Patrick Plays Trombone ( назад)
MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ME SOME BEZELSSSS!!! Tasty bezels....... But seriously, those are some big bezels.

Автор Rohan ( назад)
Looks so old and ugly

Автор jinfeng gong ( назад)

Автор Sunny Khan ( назад)
It's kinda impressive for me :-D Although nice idea for converting laptop into tablet :-D I think that this thing might break it ???

Автор Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano ( назад)

Автор TAEgames ( назад)
It's basically a business laptop tho

Автор iii 3xki ( назад)
1:47 unnecessary to mention these features, this is available all the time on windows 10,

Автор GweiTheLeafChild ( назад)
That's not a wacom digitizer, wacom pens do not use batteries in the pen.

Автор RJS98 ( назад)
We need HTC to get on the laptop market.. :D Can't wait for a premium metal laptop with chamfered edges

Автор Colin K ( назад)
You are a dope..

Автор kiddooffini ( назад)
I'm a very big fan

Автор tony harris ( назад)
What's the MSRP on that? Like 1400? Lol nope

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