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Автор Fabluewho (1 год)
Danny clearly fell in love with her voice - not just her face
(to those out there who thought there was a 'thing' going on) 

Автор HW2800 (1 год)
Huh! Only two judges turned! For this performance LOL!

Автор Victoria Jensen (11 месяцев)
The soup joke was the best

Автор CrazyPsychoBunni (1 год)
Wait…why was she being judged?!
she is amazing!!!

Автор zelda5553 (11 месяцев)
Jessie: "it's my turn to talkkkk oh yeahhh"
Holy shit I love her!!!

Автор Jo Cogswell (1 год)
I just love this because of her voice of course, but also because her and
Danny develop a relationship ^__^

Автор Lebo Lekhuleni (1 год)
Jessie J is mad. "You don't need to have power to show emotion."- Danny <3 

Автор Dian Tanto (1 год)
reminds me on cranbarries, beautifullll...

Автор reham elkhalifa (1 год)
listen to the track with Gareth Emery ft. Bo Bruce - U ..... Its Just
Amazing <3

Автор NarutoRoxs676 (1 год)
She didnt want meso soup? Haha XD

Автор sundus Nur (1 год)
Racist ....

Автор อรปภา เกิดผล (10 месяцев)

Автор Jee (11 месяцев)
omg, what's more defeating than a sung 'shut it' , I'm cry AHAHAHAH

Автор bell nakato (1 год)
dannys face lol xxx grate voice though xxx

Автор Anusha Nagavarapu (1 год)
Will sure knows how to make an entrance.

Автор Wouter Nouwens (1 год)
the most beautiful performance on the net! what a voice!!!! totaly in <3

Автор Pink Bunny (11 месяцев)
I wish she had gone with Will. 

Автор peach squirt (1 год)
she had a sick performance I LOVE YOU BO GURL YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор 신희돌 (1 год)
Amazing voice.... Such as angel's voice

Автор Maria Iglesias (1 год)

Автор iowa organic (1 год)
if youre wondering where she is... she sang on a huge vocal trance hit
called "still here" by mike shiver

Автор Maria Gresseth (1 год)

Автор CoTne Eristavi (1 год)
SuPeR <3333

Автор harpreet singh (1 год)
very nice

Автор katy farrimond (1 год)
well good

Автор Anne Kim (1 год)
I ve seen this like countless times but still love it to bits !! U re
stunning bo ! :D

Автор Kellie Cadle (1 год)
did they kiss on the lips

Автор Anne Garduque (1 год)
I love the way she sing hve feelings

Автор Lulu Power (1 год)
[Full Audition] Bo Bruce - Without You - The Voice UK - Blind Audition 3

Love Bo <3

Автор Nika Ledesma (1 год)
she sings on the right tone compared to pitchy leanne mitchelle
lacks power though but special voice

Автор Sharon Spruit (1 год)
i don't like it.. its to much!

Автор Jomel Maroma (1 год)
My favorite cover of Without You is Glee's. My second favorite one is this

Автор maria lepuri (1 год)
Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy beauty this voice i loveeeeeeeeee

Автор ronielan merciales (1 год)
got goosebumps men....!

Автор Scarlet Dias (1 год)
Canta demais , parabéns 

Автор Dany Bayona (1 год)
Beautifull Voice Much Compete. And Too beauty She<3

Автор Nguyễn mOOn (1 год)
Amazing girl with a special voice

Автор annienica66 (1 год)
I literally CAN'T get over her voice, can I have it?!?!?!

Автор Bethany Collyer (1 год)
Did she know who danny was

Автор Racquelle Edouard (1 год)
Nice voice

Автор TheRealSpoony (1 год)

Автор Dodong Degumbes (1 год)
What's wrong with the lesbian? Dont jugde her ok...

Автор buyble (1 год)
can you sing "zombie" ???

Автор Alison M (1 год)
why don't they make another season btw? 

Автор Danny Rocafuerte (1 год)
Beautiful voice!

Автор jessica jones (1 год)
BO Bruce is lesbian
pussy eat pussy

Автор Rinke Karman (1 год)
she riminds me of tinkerbell but in a good way

Автор jayczpe (1 год)
Love her voice sooooooooo much, just amazing!!!

Автор 27kdon (1 год)
5:14 - 5:18

Автор Wajiha A (1 год)

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