[Full Audition] Bo Bruce - Without You - The Voice UK - Blind Audition 3

Bo Bruce performs 'Without You' on The Voice UK.

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Длительность: 6:43
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Автор อรปภา เกิดผล ( назад)

Автор Victoria Jensen ( назад)
The soup joke was the best

Автор Jee ( назад)
omg, what's more defeating than a sung 'shut it' , I'm cry AHAHAHAH

Автор zelda5553 ( назад)
Jessie: "it's my turn to talkkkk oh yeahhh"
Holy shit I love her!!!

Автор Pink Bunny ( назад)
I wish she had gone with Will. 

Автор Maria Gresseth ( назад)

Автор Maria Iglesias ( назад)

Автор sundus Nur ( назад)
Racist ....

Автор TheRealSpoony ( назад)

Автор CoTne Eristavi ( назад)
SuPeR <3333

Автор katy farrimond ( назад)
well good

Автор Anusha Nagavarapu ( назад)
Will sure knows how to make an entrance.

Автор reham elkhalifa ( назад)
listen to the track with Gareth Emery ft. Bo Bruce - U ..... Its Just
Amazing <3

Автор harpreet singh ( назад)
very nice

Автор peach squirt ( назад)
she had a sick performance I LOVE YOU BO GURL YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Sharon Spruit ( назад)
i don't like it.. its to much!

Автор Kellie Cadle ( назад)
did they kiss on the lips

Автор annienica66 ( назад)
I literally CAN'T get over her voice, can I have it?!?!?!

Автор Jo Cogswell ( назад)
I just love this because of her voice of course, but also because her and
Danny develop a relationship ^__^

Автор iowa organic ( назад)
if youre wondering where she is... she sang on a huge vocal trance hit
called "still here" by mike shiver

Автор Fabluewho ( назад)
Danny clearly fell in love with her voice - not just her face
(to those out there who thought there was a 'thing' going on) 

Автор HW2800 ( назад)
Huh! Only two judges turned! For this performance LOL!

Автор Nika Ledesma ( назад)
she sings on the right tone compared to pitchy leanne mitchelle
lacks power though but special voice

Автор buyble ( назад)
can you sing "zombie" ???

Автор Lebo Lekhuleni ( назад)
Jessie J is mad. "You don't need to have power to show emotion."- Danny <3 

Автор NarutoRoxs676 ( назад)
She didnt want meso soup? Haha XD

Автор bell nakato ( назад)
dannys face lol xxx grate voice though xxx

Автор Alison M ( назад)
why don't they make another season btw? 

Автор 신희돌 ( назад)
Amazing voice.... Such as angel's voice

Автор Anne Garduque ( назад)
I love the way she sing hve feelings

Автор Dodong Degumbes ( назад)
What's wrong with the lesbian? Dont jugde her ok...

Автор ronielan merciales ( назад)
got goosebumps men....!

Автор Scarlet Dias ( назад)
Canta demais , parabéns 

Автор jessica jones ( назад)
BO Bruce is lesbian
pussy eat pussy

Автор Nguyễn mOOn ( назад)
Amazing girl with a special voice

Автор CrazyPsychoBunni ( назад)
Wait…why was she being judged?!
she is amazing!!!

Автор Danny Rocafuerte ( назад)
Beautiful voice!

Автор Jomel Maroma ( назад)
My favorite cover of Without You is Glee's. My second favorite one is this

Автор Dian Tanto ( назад)
reminds me on cranbarries, beautifullll...

Автор maria lepuri ( назад)
Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy beauty this voice i loveeeeeeeeee

Автор Wouter Nouwens ( назад)
the most beautiful performance on the net! what a voice!!!! totaly in <3

Автор Racquelle Edouard ( назад)
Nice voice

Автор Dany Bayona ( назад)
Beautifull Voice Much Compete. And Too beauty She<3

Автор Anne Kim ( назад)
I ve seen this like countless times but still love it to bits !! U re
stunning bo ! :D

Автор Bethany Collyer ( назад)
Did she know who danny was

Автор FeralFlare ( назад)
Add a L to it and ask your mom. Just joking chap, Dido is doing tours and
focusing on her new album I think, you can Google on her.

Автор yw1971 ( назад)
reminds me of Dido. what's happened to her?

Автор Oussama gacem ( назад)
Hit like if u searched about Princess Diana in google xD ..

Автор Valtinho Roberto ( назад)
interessante a voz da moça

Автор Miloš Kostka ( назад)
my favorite

Автор moonlight ariana ( назад)
2:26 dat smile :)

Автор hungdx79 ( назад)
very very good

Автор atrinoisa ( назад)
"because I have a posh name and went to a posh school"

Автор Jura ( назад)
Oh my gosh her voice<333

Автор Ashley Styles ( назад)
I think she sings great

Автор the ward ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Lulu Power ( назад)
[Full Audition] Bo Bruce - Without You - The Voice UK - Blind Audition 3

Love Bo <3

Автор Louis Bryant ( назад)
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Автор Simple Sam ( назад)
sounds like the Cranberries

Автор ferrari castillo ( назад)
Tom J. can't understand that way of singing 'coz he's old fashion!

Автор bluefaggleseed ( назад)
nope, she looks like a woman who would be named Bo xD

Автор C Loving ( назад)
Danny is such a nice bloke ..And again I say I am sorry that your leaving

Автор AriyandevKD35 ( назад)

Автор Erwan Ekmal ( назад)
Danny right..

Автор TheOnix123 ( назад)
Wow, love her voice.

Автор Huestin Richardson ( назад)
She reminds me of Dido :)

Автор mseyfib ( назад)
what is the playing song when bo choice danny as coach??

Автор Bteii Ralte ( назад)
She's great, love her voice surpised that all judges did not turn i like
her more than jesse

Автор Kitty East ( назад)
I was thinking that all the way through her actual audition on TV. I just
looked at my mum and she read my mind. XD

Автор Sudheesh Nair ( назад)
Is there a studio version of it or can i buy it on itunes?

Автор cosmopudin ( назад)
And Danny fell in love...

Автор Antonella Rebollo ( назад)

Автор Antonella Rebollo ( назад)
she's amazing

Автор corahawkeye ( назад)
yeeesssss !!

Автор daborah outt ( назад)
i love this girl with passion..

Автор magie magiegi ( назад)
thats what im thinking!!

Автор Boris Kalapis ( назад)
i love voivh i love thichers

Автор Allan Arañador ( назад)
lovely voice....

Автор Lesly GEORGE ( назад)
She reminds Dido :D

Автор teresa sequera ( назад)
Bo I love your voice

Автор Soulayman Barkatalah ( назад)
she makes me fall in love.

Автор midnightxbat ( назад)
She is so pretty and has such an amazing voice!!

Автор sarah kitten ( назад)
what happened between them ?

Автор Wajiha A ( назад)

Автор Jmari Asma ( назад)
her voice got the same power that ellie goulding so she just as her will
sound more incredible in acoustic raw songs

Автор Sierra Ricks ( назад)
it aches my heart to watch this because of what happened brtween bo and

Автор sara ayusherly ( назад)
I meant Usher and David Guetta. Sorry I was wrong earlier.

Автор sara ayusherly ( назад)
The original singer is David Guetta. But I'm recommending you to listen to
Boyce Avenue covering this song too. :)

Автор Anna R. ( назад)
who sing this song? could you please tell me!

Автор TofuTeo ( назад)
4:40 Something's wrong with Tom's chair lights?

Автор Prateek Sharan Lall ( назад)
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Автор michi lin ( назад)
anyone would turn with her voice like that.

Автор michi lin ( назад)
she's so so beautiful.. She's a goddess

Автор rox ette ( назад)
lady diana

Автор jayczpe ( назад)
Love her voice sooooooooo much, just amazing!!!

Автор HabouzCovers ( назад)
simply stunning! . i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P.
dont think its funny, make sure you tell the address and email properly to
send the giftbox. its worth a try here >>> bit.ly/15wMtQF?=gfhzjs

Автор rodel biando ( назад)
She can sing like Dolores and Sinead O'connor beautiful

Автор lolibrigade ( назад)
Does anyone else think she looks like Princess Diana???

Автор Cordelia .Dashwood ( назад)
I love how jessie sang to tell Will.I.Am to shut it

Автор wardah munir ( назад)
She doesn't look like marcus

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