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Автор Bumbak Klaa ( назад)
gauri all the way.

Автор Bhalo Bhalo ( назад)
brother no hatred ..u know nothing about islam.shahrukh is nothing but
atheist...he just shows the religion in different way.he should never talk
about religion like the way he does...millions follow them..like
blinds.telling inshallah mashallah does not make them muslims...to know
about islam learn about the prophet not their followers.

Автор chhagol13 ( назад)
suzanne khan and shahrukh khan are either Hindus or atheist or something.
yes i DO find it offensive that they're going around in the media
pretending to be muslims and still masquerading with muslim-sounding names
to look cool

Автор chhagol13 ( назад)
"raped, getting beatings from there husbands, no career, no self-worth"

Автор chhagol13 ( назад)
this is so dystopian. and i really feel sorry for their children and the
psychological torture they are put through to make sense of the clashing
identities maintained by their psychopath parents. by the way, who in the
world thinks suzanne khan and shahrukh khan are muslims?

Автор giannacivala ( назад)
i as a muslim, ahmadi muslim, respect your views that 'religion was made by
human' and all , but then you need to respect mine, because thats only
moral, even if you have no religion, you must understand basic human
morality, and not confuse extremism with truth or hyped up fiction with
fact. Okay? :) And many people of religions believe god, or gods made
religion, not the other way round, n do NOT in fact wish to enforce their
views on others, believe it or not. So...you shud get out more. :)

Автор giannacivala ( назад)
Um tht isn't islam bro, you been way 2 brainwashed by the media n u, like
other idiots, take the islamic extremism, as representation of true islam.
u frget b4 islam came to india long ago when hindu women literally threw
themselves on fire when husbands died cause hindu women were treated so
badly after widowed, forced to wear white, no jewellery, no rights, not
allowed to marry again,no divorce, treated as criminals jst cause their
husbands died,n blamed. Read ur own history first b4 shit..

Автор vild ser888 ( назад)
gaurı such an arrogant and very scary

Автор dlsb13 ( назад)
I like both their answers about religion.......yes its unity and being
respectful. Love conquers all in the end.

Автор Sagar Kulkarni ( назад)
thats fine dude. its okay to not be a religious fanatic.it is important to
know what religion is but it is not mandatory to follow it just for the
heck of it. peace bro.

Автор naginaakhtar786 ( назад)
fucked up ppl, fucked up thinking and just daft!

Автор bazzingalore ( назад)
Gauri was a model before becoming SRK's wife; I think Suzanne is average,
and above average with makeup. Gauri is pretty without it and gorgeous with
it(that is when she's not going overboard and looking like a tranny). Aah,
to each their own.

Автор injhin ( назад)
well yeah Suzanne is fairer but that's NOT the reason why she looks
prettier.. Suzanne's features and smile are adorable... Gauri is pretty too
but if she wasn't SRK's wife she would've looked like a
pretty-gal-next-door sorts.. but Suzanne looks like a celebrity with or
w/out the Hrithik tag !!!

Автор bazzingalore ( назад)
She is fair, is that the only thing you are considering?

Автор Harold Sankar ( назад)
How do you know that? How do you know that these people do not know

Автор Harold Sankar ( назад)
I agree...

Автор Nancy Lee ( назад)
I think both GAURI and SUZANNE are beautiful! I don't think there should be
a debate. :)

Автор Manaal Siddiqui ( назад)
@aftabdubai thats not islam thats some sort of barbaric extremeism which
every religion shows, the crusades, holocaust, kashmir conflict. there is
extremeism in every religion but that doesnt mean it is part of that
religion. no where in islam is it stated that a naqab is forced on a woman
and rape is never allowed. And islam encourages women to get educated. You
should really research a religion before you pass a stupid judgement based
on stereotypical garbage. sorry no offense intended

Автор darkdragon313 ( назад)
@aftabdubai Sallam n u r right injhin has his stupid thinking lol! B4 he
found out about the Islam he just heard bad things about islam frm non
Muslim ppl an thinking Islam is nt the only one true religion. @Injhin b4 u
open ur mouth about Islam take a day off n spend tht whole day about
searching what Islam really is. Trust me brotha Allah will show you the
road. May Allah bless you.

Автор Aftab Khan ( назад)
asking about islam from these kind of stupids is just funny and who is
asking..........here is more funny....they have no idea what is islamic
teaching .. MR.. INJIN.. u have ur own stupid thinking we dont need to
chnge it.. live with it... fooooooolllllllllllllll

Автор injhin ( назад)
@aftabdubai ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY?.. you mean WOMEN-- wearing naqabs, staying
behind doors, raped, getting beatings from there husbands, no career, no
self-worth other than that of their husbands..... and MEN-- going out to
preach hatred towards other religions, talking bullshit about heaven n hell
which doesnt even exist, learning how to make bombs to destroy non-islamic
world, gawking at other women? Is this your idea of a male-dominated
Islamic dream world?

Автор injhin ( назад)
@AhmadFaisalAyaz i dont wanna create any controversy here... but what is
"religion"? Its made by humans for humans.. our problem is we have given
"religion" way more importance than it deserves.. so much so that some of
us give religious norms so much credibility... without thinking what makes
us happy without harming others sentiments... religion was never meant to
be our ruler... we created religion, it didnt create us!! NO ONE KNOWS
WHATS AFTER DEATH.. no matter what religious leaders say..!

Автор Tushita Sharma ( назад)
gauri looks sooooo UGLY...grosss!!

Автор Aftab Khan ( назад)
these are BITCHES.. spoiling ISLAMIC IDEALOGY.. SUZAN is bitch or more thn

Автор Mudassir Mubashar (730 лет назад)
@yaldabashar but gauri is richer :P

Автор shilpa82rushi90 ( назад)
@shilpa82rushi90 cause m a muslim SIMPLE

Автор shilpa82rushi90 ( назад)
I just cant believe sussane she dont know anything about her own religion

Автор Fetuani Atapuai ( назад)
I'm a big fan of both their husbands. Great actors!

Автор Yalda Bashar ( назад)
Suzanne is beautifull than Gauri

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