Hard Girl To Love - Live 2000 at EMP Grand Opening Seattle

A Rail classic from their EMI 4-song EP (appearing on their ADIO Special Edition Release), Hard Girl To Love features the comeback of RAIL at their very best. Rick Knotts fans will enjoy his awesome lead on this.

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Автор ghosthooker3000 ( назад)
sounds like Killer Klowns. Same music.

Автор Bridgebain ( назад)
Bass tone rippin'

Автор Paloozaz ( назад)
Wow, thats sad to hear about the gig in Bellingham, people leaving in
disgust. Alot of people may not be aware of the inspiration that Andy,
Terry, Kelly and Rick they provided local musicians and the overall scene
in the Seattle area. I used to go to every Rail concert I could back in day
and they were great to watch... doing cover songs like In Trance by
Scorpions, Diamonds and Rust, and many more. Thanks to Rail for all the
great memories as a teen and to the person that posted this.

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