Rolling I beam (large rolls)

rolling an I beam - jim mullins engineering - check website mullinsonsitemachining.com

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Автор Kamal Uddin ( назад)
this is my job

Автор Bobby Horn ( назад)
That's a big ASS roll bender like to use it bending my 18 inch 36 foot long
beams for my tongue on my tag trailer I'm getting ready to build.

Автор spec i djegst (1292 года назад)
They see me rolling,they hat'in

Автор Andrea T ( назад)
Wow! Never seen a roller THAT big!

Автор eugenio melo ( назад)
Muito bom os vídeos

Автор dispatcher7007 ( назад)
Why on earth did the designers of that machine make the lower two driven
rollers movable and fixed the upper single free roll??? Looking for a

Автор douro20 ( назад)
Setting one of these up is really an art on its own...how big is the motor?

Автор kamioneko ( назад)
i want one for my living room....

Автор mechanicalbu11 ( назад)
This machine looks like it has more down time than up, but i bet it's made
you some good money though.

Автор emutiny ( назад)
My grandfathers name was also Jim Mullins. Nice work.

Автор жир трест ( назад)
сколько всетаки нужного и полезного можно сделать из спиженого на
заводе,ура несунам

Автор fleszmuzik ( назад)
what is dis thingy for

Автор nemo227 ( назад)
It's a hobby he started when he was just an eleven year old kid. :-))

Автор AmericanThunder ( назад)
Hey everybody needs a hobby lol

Автор Prescott Balch ( назад)
Very nice!

Автор imtiyaz minne ( назад)
i love it

Автор tsewnahtan ( назад)
I don't know why, but I wat one

Автор Ulma Doctor ( назад)
damn, i always wondered how they bent beams...

Автор CapApollo ( назад)
bender's grand grand father.

Автор Sean Clinton ( назад)
Why is tom hanks working on bending I-beams?

Автор skoal chuwer (1240 лет назад)
they are temp cripples to keep the flanges from collapsing.

Автор egicoc ( назад)
Great video...but I got a doubt after see this, What type of beam is that??
The peace of steel that have between the flanges is a kind of rare..
Please, If you know please tell me. thanks ! =)

Автор MyJigarpatel ( назад)
I like your rolling machine. You can find energy efficient gear cam
follower mechanism that increase energy efficiency of rolling. You can find
it at m youtube channel

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