LSD girl

Vintage clip of cute girl on LSD

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Автор GodfatherxD ( назад)
Somebody has pictures of her feet?

Автор Reluctant Couch ( назад)
She's very pretty

Автор Sidneyirvinggrosberg ( назад)
Girls these days need more LSD and fewer double cheeseburgers.

Автор SuperKaylaDee ( назад)
God acid was probably so good back then too

Автор Peter Ora ( назад)

Автор Travis McDaniel ( назад)
She's tripping pretty good now.

Автор Zjarany Joe ( назад)
Cute and hot voice damn

Автор Junky ( назад)

Автор ·3Codeine&Sprite3· ? ( назад)
so hot

Автор easdcoastlover ( назад)
shes about to fuck the ball xD

Автор Quavo the GOAT ( назад)
I'm in love with that creature. Looks so gorgeous.

Автор Dave Smith ( назад)
Wow what a fox!

Автор 이지희 ( назад)
What's this

Автор Trinax11 ( назад)
It's rly hard to understand what she says, could anyone write me subtitles
pls? :)

Автор warhero21 ( назад)
she's cute

Автор DMT Infinity ( назад)
She would defiantly be an awesome person to trip with.

Автор Joker Poker ( назад)
Я бы её трахнул.

Автор DerDoenerInMir ( назад)
She looks like she smells real nice

Автор tommy butt ( назад)
eww slut

Автор JustynaJuse ( назад)
maybe she just found one of the dragon balls

Автор 007cadaver ( назад)
Deve ser uma oranja, devo dizer.

Автор signoguns ( назад)
Soft voice and pretty face. Very attractive girl.

Автор SuperCartman222 ( назад)
shes beautiful

Автор K i n g K i n g ( назад)

Автор Rattlehead ( назад)
Anyone knows where she is?

Автор FocusReborn ( назад)
I like this girl.

Автор Wheatley GLADOS ( назад)
Imagine building a time machine to go back to the 60's but simultaneously
transport some modern technology in the process, like 1080p camera...that
would be COOL!

Автор Wheatley GLADOS ( назад)
Is she colorblind physically given that she mentioned being "in a
monochromatic world", or is this just metaphorical talks by a person who
embraces a hippie culture? What documentary did this clip come off from?

Автор neonblue music ( назад)
i want it

Автор neonblue music ( назад)

Автор lacdelsur ( назад)
Wow... The most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Автор LS Dig ( назад)
"I can do everything..."

No entendi un carajo ( ͡° ͜ > ͡° )

Автор FuckedUp Mind (1368 лет назад)
Why there are no girls like that in reality ?the are only snob girls .

Автор FDOPE 412 ( назад)
this was on adult swims off the air

Автор blitz krieg ( назад)
Adorable. I always try to convince girls to come trip with me, i have
terrible luck though and it makes me sad. Its like one more soul who will
never experience this wonderful thing.

Автор max mustermann ( назад)
She is so beautiful and cute

Автор David Godfrey ( назад)

Автор Mr. Freakert ( назад)
+Nibora C Dont say you are against drugs, when u dont mind weed, dont be so
shortsighted and dont fucking Judge if you are fake..

Автор jes james ( назад)
Think if she had a banana....

Автор grifter84 ( назад)
She must be in her 70's now. Wonder if she knows this clip is out there.

Автор Hamel1n ( назад)
i love her u.u

Автор Citizenfitz (2000 лет назад)
It's all fun and games until they start thinking your weener really is a

Автор unabridged barker ( назад)

Автор Zach Eagan ( назад)
What's this from?

Автор SouPetri ( назад)
Share if you like it :)

Автор Владимир Лященко ( назад)
Я влюбился:/

Автор Jaycee ( назад)
That voice, that face <3

Автор Zizi Mugen ( назад)
She's very beautiful! Face, voice, state of consciousness... I'd like to
meet her. n.n

Автор isnotnothing ( назад)
...Mom? :)

Автор daniel s ( назад)
Why is she so cute?

Автор Comedian ( назад)
lsd is deadly

Автор Joe Stanley ( назад)
Shit whats the music after ?

Автор urgulp ( назад)
Trippin bawls.

Автор The jupiter ( назад)
A couple of dutch coffee shops still have wall photos of this girl standing
with other hippies in a garden. She lived for a time in Amsterdam in the
seventies apparantly and then moved to Spain was the rumour. I hope she
lived a long and happy life or is still living a happy life. Vrede.. . . .
. Peace.

Автор sixfeetontop ( назад)

Автор dusty616l ( назад)
so sexy

Автор Josh Popescu ( назад)
Shes sessy :)

Автор handymandan100 ( назад)
Something about this girl... and this Orange... that's just so a-ppealing

Автор PhatElvis7 ( назад)
I am the Lizard King....I can do anything.

Автор Blaqk Audio ( назад)
Haha. That hand movement thing she does in the beginning.

Tracers :p

Автор TheNewWellsFargo ( назад)
It is amazing that for most of human history there was only black and
white. Color was invented in the 1940's and by the 1960's more and more
stuff had color. Now...look around... nothing but colors. 

Автор ein seri ( назад)
love her!

Автор groovy july ( назад)
The ending lmao

Автор TheSuhreeuhlTube ( назад)
looks like this was cut from something? documentary or something? anyone
know what it is?

Автор PinkFloydrulez (883 года назад)
dat face

Автор g0hn ( назад)
i just fall in love with her :D

Автор oridamjul ( назад)
Damaris Landers

Автор Frank Casablancas Valensi ( назад)
She is sexy

Автор Audra The Rapper ( назад)
where is this clip from?

Автор KrustynailsVideo ( назад)
Of coarse she lives in a monochromatic world, everything is black and white
I can clearly see that

Автор Paul Bowak ( назад)
Hahahaha the hand waving at the start!! Traces!!! 

Автор anon ymous ( назад)
shes pretty.

Автор electrojones ( назад)
The takeaway is this: girls are way hotter when they're using acid.

Автор AtomicFlores ( назад)
She's beautiful.. Wonder who she is.

Автор Michael Casey ( назад)
I can smell the colors

Автор HolyReality ( назад)
i bet shes dead

Автор Mihail Alexander ( назад)

Автор Vic Vaiana ( назад)

Автор RV Wonderspunk ( назад)
LSD is wonderful.

Автор SympaticSmoker ( назад)
perfect, something in it

Автор agent47crows ( назад)
She's lovely, starting from her accent and ending with her lulzy trip.

Автор Scissorfuk Bax ( назад)
Was she serious or was she just referring to the black and white color of
the film and acting like that was reality? I'm pretty high 

Автор Zieg ( назад)
At the right moment and right setting, LSD, Cannabis, Mushrooms, DMT...etc
can push your mind just far enough to make the veil between our dimension
and the next relatively thin. Thin enough to see through to the other
side. There aren't enough words to describe what you see in that
dimension. You just have to see it for yourself...if you are brave
enough. Don't get mind raped, those fucker in the next dimension love

Автор Max Gross ( назад)
"Color as shape". Ah!

Автор allanfmarsden ( назад)
I'm 90% sure her final words are "it [i.e. colour] can do everything"
rather than "I can do everything". It makes much more sense that way.

Автор caarefaace ( назад)
"Everything is color" It's fucking black and white!

Автор Haborym ( назад)
God, i would hug her...

Автор Sidneyirvinggrosberg ( назад)
Methinks that ladies today should take more LSD and less double

Автор Terence Graves ( назад)
I see a lot of people interpreting this as if it's a metaphor for how the
world is monochromatic, and that we must all choose the color to color it
in or something that... But the way I see it is this: What if she's
attempting (while high, obviously, so attempting something while high
usually results in a fail) to explain color, and how she can finally see
color, but she's a colorblind woman? Maybe that's why she says that she
lives in a monochromatic world. Since she's never seen color in her life,
finally seeing takes her breath away, so much so that she can't even
describe what she's seeing?

Tl;dr she's colorblind, finally can see color when high.

Автор David Beckett ( назад)

Автор SeekTheTruth10006 ( назад)
This will blow your mind go to TruthContest*com and read ~~The Present~~

Автор Alan Trainor ( назад)
I always found this video entertaining, not only because she's whacked on
LSD and super cute but because the "monochromatic world" line is (well not
true) is oddly close to the truth. Color is really just a material
interacting with light and how our eyes perceive it

Автор QDIGS04 ( назад)
she sounds like she's out of words. super awesomecute

Автор oridamjul ( назад)
This is uncannily like Damaris Landers

Автор dankybacon ( назад)
can anyone tell me the song at the end?!

Автор Asbjørn Olling ( назад)
10/10, would hug.

Автор deadpan237 ( назад)
wow, she's adorable. 

Автор Roland Waites ( назад)
Soon to be homeless on a street corner near you and not nearly as lovely as
she once was.

The brain exists in a balance of it's own psychotropic chemicals.

It is a common delusion we all share that we live this life and once you
introduce a destabilizing chemical into the mix and change your delusion
into a private one, you become useless and an outcast.

Should you be unfortunate enough to reset your brain chemistry permanently
to that new delusion, you will permanently be useless except as a test
subject to get your brain chemistry reset to the common delusion.

Are we high enough yet?

Автор XRayCam ( назад)
She is definitely "do-able"....No??

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