Clean, Part 1, How To, Olympic Weightlifting

The California Strength Team demonstrates the first of 3 parts in learning the clean for Olympic Weightlifting. Jon North and Rob Blackwell demonstrate while Glenn Pendlay narrates and David Spitz films.

The intro is Donny Shankle hitting a lifetime personal record of 210 kg in the clean and jerk.

The stretching exercise referred to in this video is at about 2:00 in a video on our website called, "Flexibility Exercises for the Upper Body in Olympic Weightlifting:

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Автор Chris ( назад)
This why you don't wear a lifting belt guys look at his "abs". Lol end
result at its finest. 😭😭😭

Автор smilsmff ( назад)
i cant do , my hands come way up too high, this is ok for people who have
long shoulder to elbow and short elbow to hand ,i have yet to see anyone
lifting that does not have the Genetics

Автор Gavin Bojjinsworth ( назад)
Why is his stomach so bloated?

Автор anders bengtsson ( назад)
aint squat jerking better for the knees than lunging 1 leg out when
pressing the bar up?it just seems like there is a insane amaount of bad
pressure on the leg that you jump out with when ur going under the bar..

Автор jesse m ( назад)
anyone know why I get shoulder pain when I catch unless I catch with two
fingers? kinda like the intro guy I gotta catch it like that or my
shoulders die out

Автор madsimon0 ( назад)
So if you start teaching from jump and catch then when you actually teach
the catch itself? As this is the most difficult bit for beginners. Doing
catch instead of reversed curl.

Автор Fugue State ( назад)
Any tips on getting into the first position? My wrist won't bend enough...

Автор Alex Espinoza ( назад)
Thanks for the video, very informative.

Автор brucedickinson12 ( назад)
what are donnies dosages

Автор Vincent Lomeli ( назад)
I got a scholarship to go play college football. I never really cleaned
before (because our hs coach didn't make us) but it is in my Summer workout
as you can tell I need to get my clean up plz help any tips help.

Автор Smörgåsen ( назад)

Автор xXKillaBGXx ( назад)
Great explanation.

Автор Brown Kreeper ( назад)
My max in body conditioning (weights)for bench is 85 is that good for
beginners ??? Im 13 btw

Автор Ussf Rhni (1759 лет назад)
Looks like none of them really pay attention to diet... whats with all the
protruding bellies?

Автор Nathan LeDee ( назад)
The coach looks like shoe nice

Автор Andrew Crites ( назад)
Both of the guys in this demo have bad anterior pelvic tilt. If they can't
fix something that simple then why should I trust anything in this video?

Автор Ibrahim Elsakka ( назад)
When he says shoulders back does he just mean to roll them back or to
actually pinch your shoulder blades?

Автор radrcer ( назад)
Great instruction. Obviously lowering a 45lb bar is easy, but what is the
best movement to lower full weight from chest to quads I feel like im both
damaging my lower back and bruising my quads when i drop the bar. A vid
would be great. Thanks

Автор XRV ( назад)
+DaBrute Get out of weight lifting and into basketball, lol jk. That's

Автор James Butler ( назад)
the guy on the right is scaring me with his pelvic angle

Автор Russell Forbes ( назад)
How many people get injured? I lift weights with a pacemaker. I come close
to injuring my self, but I wanna try this

Автор Gloriann Gaston ( назад)
This is friggin excellent. I'm totally new to olympic lifting, thought my
wrist and shoulder mobility were my problem, then one day *POOF* i figured
it out. the next day, could not get the bar on my shoulders, kept banging
and resting it on my clavicle. really frustrating but I just couldn't seem
to coordinate the movement correctly which in turn wore me out physically
and emotionally. This is really helpful. THANKS

Автор Michael Bish ( назад)
I have a very important question: Is that a polo with a stack of weights on
it? And if so where can I get it?

Автор michaeljacksonator ( назад)
look at that roid belly

Автор Paula Axam ( назад)
Thank you so much for your videos!! I love them!! Will be practising by
using your instructions!!

Yours in health and fitness
From Brisbane, Australia

Автор pvtrichardsonbr ( назад)
I suck at this fucking excersice soooo much. And ive been lifting for 5
years now progressed in EVERYTHING except this and pullups. Its fucking
ridiculous. Idk if its my joints or what?

Автор Marco Willians ( назад)
shit holy shit
I started doing this exercise called pendlay row.
i thought glenn pendlay was sb in 20th century

Автор Nikita Klochko ( назад)
I keep falling forward or backwards at the very bottom of a clean. What can
I do to fix this? thanks

Автор Weightlifting archive ( назад)
Great instruction, every begginer should learn from this video!

Автор kLPantera ( назад)
How do you avoid smacking your face with the bar?

Автор Daniel Taggert ( назад)
I have been learning how to do this from these videos the only thing i have
been having a problem with and is something you don't explain is the
technique used to jump and catch. I have looked up different progression
videos for doing it like high pulls and shrugs are these the same way you
teach +CaliforniaStrength ??

Автор Nyks ( назад)
Looks like a cleaned shaved Matthew Fraser 

Автор Spec0pleader ( назад)
what if cant bend wrists that far back and no chest to rest bar on?

Автор paperfol ( назад)
+California Strength ive been strength training weigh 130 and deadlift 345
squat 365 bench is bad :/ but im looking into turning my strength into
power and i was told to do cleans but i have really small shoulder how
would i rest the bar?

Автор nyjoeniichii (1319 лет назад)
i learn so much from watching and observing these techniques-- thank you so
much for making these videos possible :)

Автор cleannyc ( назад)
Wish I could clean like that!

Автор Stefanie Kuhlman ( назад)
I walked into my box thinking I was going to destroy the clean. Watched the
vids over and over, but not this one unfortunately. I literally have mental
confidence blocks with Olympic techniques. Would like to blame it on the
horrible experience I had in HS doing a clean that ended me with a slipped
disc: but that was eons ago. Anywhew.....I was not allowing myself to get
underneath. My legs are my strongest so you think I would have no probls.
TOTAL mental BS. Today is my last day at this box before moving up 'Nort'
and cleans are on the menu! I am going to smash them: well Conquer the
Clean! (my fave is STS: smash the snatch: all of my little one liners)
Boyfriend owns the box in the tundra: wish I was better at this stuff
before showing my mad skillz to all! So I THANK YOU FOR THE BREAKDOWN: I am
realizing my coaches are not that good at 'coaching'. 

Автор cave321 ( назад)
My phone has the same ring tone.

Автор Zoheb ( назад)
why is this coach fat

Автор petelebu ( назад)
man for the life of me i cant take the weight up to my shoulders, i can
press it up once up, but on a power rack only, cleaning it for me is twice
as hard as pressing it

Автор Ryan N ( назад)
Much respect to people who know how to do this stuff elegantly. I've
deadlifted 335 lbs for 5 with ~2 reps in the tank, but I can just barely
clean 115 lbs once.

Автор Transfunctioneer ( назад)
Is the chain of motion of the power clean similar to a push press? in that
the legs explode first and provide a bulk of the power, and your traps
simply finish it off?

Автор Wile E. Coyote ( назад)
I was out of commission for 6 years due to health problems that are now
cleared. I am now skinny and weak. Should I start with growing some
shoulders and learning front squats before learning olympic lifting form?
I was going to practice with empty bar for a while, but now Im not sure
whats the best approach to get started...?

Автор lebensraum ( назад)
Guy on the left has a mean anterior pelvic tilt going on, wonder how that
effects his lifts. 

Автор Shawn T ( назад)
Thanks for your thorough explanation

Автор Jack Cameron ( назад)
Exaggerated anterior pelvic tilt on both athletes?

Автор David J ( назад)
no jerk, just clean

Автор Intex ( назад)
Holy fuck what a exaggerated lumbar curve on those guys! That can't be

Автор Thomas Holm Jørgensen ( назад)
Is it important to catch the bar on your shoulders simultaneously with your
feet landing on the ground, like on the Snatch?

Автор Jacob Saunders ( назад)
Further athlete is horribly over-extended and really needs to stretch his
hip flexors and learn to hinge

Автор Rosanov Dio ( назад)
When I try to snatch or clean I hit my dick and balls... can somebody tell
me what I"m doing wrong ? 

Автор Kev T ( назад)
Simple & effective cues on technique. Worked on it today, really helped!

Автор Steven Anderson ( назад)
@ CaliforniaStrength my biggest mistake is that I have a tendency to lean
my upper body back while trying to rack the bar. Do you have any
suggestions for this issue? 

Автор Sean Gallagher ( назад)
Is squatting like that/ bending the knees part of the clean or does it just
aid in the clean movement?

Автор Tomas O'Dea ( назад)
Very bad technique. It's like they have never done it before

Автор TimSöderqvist ( назад)
Why do (almost) everybody jump the bar up to their shoulders? It doesn't
help at all. When you are pulling the bar across your thighs you should
tilt your back backwards to keep the bar in the center. If not, you have to
"swing the bar around your body". Like when the bar is far away from your
upper body. This is not effective at all. 

Автор zero two hero ( назад)
sweet technique tips thx

Автор jam clow ( назад)
does this work on tough stains in the bathroom?

Автор guigui1992 ( назад)
My for arms are too long so my hands end up behind my head... I don't know
how I can achieve that first position /:

Автор iiDefied ( назад)
You won't have to use chalk if your shirt is on. 

Автор TheSigler88 ( назад)
lmao jon north's random bar hump at 2:02 haha

Автор Viktoria Noel ( назад)
You will know that horrible stage when your step-brother (who’s been a
loser for all of eternity) gets an amazing woman to fall in love with him
in, like 2 weeks? God, that just happened. I believe I should think well
done, having said that I would rather it to be me. He said he used the
Cupid Love System (Search in Google for it). I wanna hide out in a cave as
we speak...

Автор Pax41 Music Time Machine ( назад)
You will see that the guy at the start of the video uses your technique.
The movement is fast but the hips are driving and there is a jump and
shrug. The guys at the end are not doing that. The instructors notes that
it is the first step they teach. He is just breaking it down step by step.

Автор Balkrishna Dulal ( назад)
Hello everyone. Excellent movie. My pal was once an overweight guy. He
revitalized himself from 279lbs of fat to 208 lbs of natural muscle mass. I
used to be dumbfounded. I just registered personally as I wanna strengthen.
He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)...

Автор David Ortiz Rivera ( назад)
cleaning pffff.. thats for women.

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
Yeah, I was getting at that sarcastically ;)

Автор fret frea ( назад)
Strongmen are a bunch of fat faggots dragging around barrels and stones
thinking they are functional.

Автор Mind of Mitchell ( назад)
Do I have to do it shirtless?

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
They just whip the bar up, they have no chest or biceps either, strongman
is where its at. 

Автор Eternal Learner ( назад)
yup... i dont know why... the bar hust get like in front of me... ill keep
practicing :P 

Автор chrisf11 ( назад)
Are you getting your elbows high enough on your rack position?

Автор dra9onfir3 ( назад)
Yeah, they seem to set with a huge lordotic curve and anterior lye tilted
pelvis. Why?

Автор Marco Bux ( назад)
how come they've got those hyperextended bellies?

Автор Eternal Learner ( назад)
I always seem to go to much foward when i catch the bar...HELP

Автор Larris “mtrmth” Liew ( назад)
if everyone was as scared of fucking up their joints by lifting heavy like
you are, they might as well take wlifting out of the olympics bcos "lifting
that heavy distroys your joints" come on, dont be a pansy.

Автор deathpresent101 ( назад)
I know right this is floor abuse. They should be gently jumping of the
ground. what florists 

Автор deathpresent101 ( назад)
Who cares if your life goal is to clean and jerk 500 pounds. Why not we got
one life live it even if it fucks your joints in the process. If your gonna
moan at every little detail then your not living your playing it safe and
for what to ultimately die. Also the trainer is probably a fatass because
he doesn't compete and probably doesn't give a fuck and eats what he wants.
If there a long time trainer there usually fat and or are out of shape. 

Автор rickappaen ( назад)
Thank you very very much for this vid!!

Автор Rfacta ( назад)
It's really not that hard to understand. Don't make it more difficult than
it needs to be. Great instruction on the video!

Автор Mark Wallace ( назад)
Really? That's what you picked up from this?

Автор nagma parveen ( назад)
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Автор TeeWee RS ( назад)
I have not tried this way (going to the gym soon) but I can't figure out
how that bar is supposed to fly up to your shoulders when you actually put
some weight on it, you're just holding it with your hands and jump, why/how
is that gonna get up on your shoulders (yes, I do understand you should go
down and grab it), but I was taught to like hump-jump-shrug so right now
I'm like humping the bar and shrug at the same time that I jump so the bar
actually goes up. Someone please help/explain.

Автор TeeWee RS ( назад)
This is not how I have been taught, but the way I was taught hasn't
increased my strength in a while so I'm looking at youtube to try and find
out if I'm doing wrong and I stumbled over this.

Автор InterdustrialCat ( назад)

Автор skyhr ( назад)
Actually these olympic lifts required about 3 times more strength than the
normal weight-lifting versions

Автор Jeremiah Oak ( назад)
Can he slam the floor any harder?! 

Автор Francis Atienza ( назад)
but did he power clean 

Автор coolshit321 ( назад)
Momentum helps you move weight, but you're still moving the same weight.

Автор rezina tamrakar ( назад)
Hey guys. Good film. My good friend used to be an overweight man. He went
from 293lbs of fat to 210 lbs of purely natural muscle. We thought it was
outstanding! I just signed up personally as I'm looking to get bigger
muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)...

Автор buddesatva ( назад)
The instructor does an excellent job of describing and directing the
demonstration of this subtle and complex movement. He clearly understands
what he is talking about and grasps the intricacies as well as the goal of
what he is teaching. This man is a very good teacher and the technique
(which I think he is completely unaware of) is nicely executed. 

Автор TrenchTownNoble ( назад)
I mean this guy knows what he's talking about, but why is he a fuckin fat
ass. If I didnt know anything about working out i would'nt have made it
past 30 seconds of this vid. Also, they got to know that lifting that heavy
distroys your joints. Probably why the instructor is such a lard ass, might
have fucked up his knees doing all that shit. Food for thought. 

Автор Matt D ( назад)
this doesn't look easy, but it's way more technical than it seems.

Автор Goonky ( назад)
Olympic lifts are supposed to be fast and explosive so the muscles are not
under tension for long. This lets you use more weight. Try doing a clean
slowly with actual weight.

Автор iMaDeMoN2012 ( назад)
I'm not agreeing with Monkey but Newton's Laws of Motion are the reason we
have weight classes. The body's momentum is distributed to the weight
making the force required to powerlift the weight less for heavier athletes
than lighter ones. This true since difference in explosive speed for
athletes of different size is relatively insignificant compared to mass
difference where Momentum equals mass*velocity.

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Автор Elias Sorensen ( назад)
Do you guys ever do the jerk dip exercise? Is it truly necessary? I don't
think I've seen any footage from you regarding that execise. Just
considering whether to use it in my program or not. 

Автор toyynewspaper ( назад)
these guys are insane!

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