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Fast and Furious 8 Trailer 4K ULTRA HD Fast 8 | Check out the new Official Trailer For "The Fate of the Furious"! See the film, starring Vin Diesel,wayne Johnson, Jason Statham coming in April 14, 2017!
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Now that Dom and Letty are on their honeymoon and Brian and Mia have retired from the game—and the rest of the crew has been exonerated—the globetrotting team has found a semblance of a normal life. But when a mysterious woman (Oscar® winner Charlize Theron) seduces Dom into the world of crime he can’t seem to escape and a betrayal of those closest to him, they will face trials that will test them as never before.

FAST AND FURIOUS 8 The Fate of the Furious Movie
A Movie directed by F. Gary Gray
Cast : Vin Diesel,Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson,Nathalie Emmanuel
Release Date : April 14, 2017
Genres : Action,Thriller,Crime

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The Fate of the Furious Official Trailer © 2017 Universal Pictures

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Автор OMNIDROID2995 Computer - HiFi - Fun ( назад)
The Fast and the Furious = Fast & Furious
2 Fast 2 Furious = Fast & Furious 2
The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift = Fast & Furious 3
Fast & Furious new model, original parts = Mission Impossible with Cars
Fast & Furious Five = Mission Impossible with Cars 2
Fast & Furious 6 = Mission Impossible with Cars 3
Fast & Furious 7 = Mission Impossible with Cars 4
Fast & Furious 8 = Mission Impossible with Cars reloaded

only the first 3 Movies are the true The Fast and the Furious

Автор Nadya Safa ( назад)
where is paul scene #REST IN PEACE

Автор thrasherx2k1 ( назад)
Sad when these movies stopped being about cars...

Автор Derek Boseley ( назад)
love fast and furious more wimpy girls that can't lift 140lbs and guys driving on fixed scenes. nice clip though

Автор Stark Lord ( назад)
guys i think they have mistake in the name
it the same film
and the same story
and the same car

Автор Renan3636 Sousa ( назад)
Brazil LOVEi tey tey

Автор StayFit ( назад)
whats the song in the trailer, anybody knows

Автор Dylan ( назад)
Song name please

Автор Ganang Wibawanto ( назад)
it is just me, i see furiosa growing hair lol.

Автор Isaiah ( назад)
Should've left it alone after 7 it's just not the same without Paul. 💔

Автор Raphael Lima ( назад)
Music 2:17 ???

Автор Victor Obregón ( назад)
Se me puso la piel china :v

Автор Anijatsu Gentlemen ( назад)
Hardly 4k.

Автор Ythan Bariuan ( назад)
Fucking girl with vin diesel is son of a dick

Автор TheTonytone77 ( назад)
dom and optimus prime turning evil this year lol

Автор FODA-SE #FODA-SE ( назад)

Автор telelaci2 ( назад)
I must see this, I love Missandei.

Автор Xχ __ηαωαƒ__இαl-ѕнαммαяι__ χXQ8 ( назад)
هههه مافيه ولا عربي!؟

Автор Ace Gamer ( назад)
Sara Lance off that waverider now change this

Автор John Dough ( назад)
Sweet upscaling from less than 1080p, dude. Doing a real service, here.

Автор Bohumil Lee ( назад)
Akta X wtf :DD

Автор Dmitri T. ( назад)
Fast & Furious ended with Paul's death. The rest is just another action movie. #RIP

Автор Solen Tadesse ( назад)
This is cool if anyone knows the song in the background say something because it's fire.

Автор Mustange500 ( назад)
2017 is going to be AWESOME!!! SO MANY MOVIES TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Flash6099 ( назад)
If y'all watch at 2:40 Shaw is holding a baby. I think the reason Dom is doing all this is because Cipher probably kidnapped Mia, Jack, and his little sibling so he has to either take orders from her so they can be ok or something. (And I thought of this before I even caught him with a baby) but yeah either that or mind controlled lmao I have nothing else.

Автор Flash6099 ( назад)
1:40 notice how Dom also flipped over

Автор Carmen Acevedo ( назад)
definitely blackmailed

Автор MISTER MAZDA ( назад)
Is Paul walker in the movie

Автор MVP-Gaming Hd ( назад)
I think they revealed a little too much in this trailer way too much.... but I think is going to sell lots of people to see it this Trail alone is going to make everybody want to go see it they put a new twist to this.. and that's going to draw people in at least they didn't continue to go through the same route.. it's going to be interesting but since there's going to be two more movies after this is don't see dom as the antagonist from here on... I do see him as the secondary antagonist or anti hero in this one until the end of the movie.. also I like how to turn Jason stamen from major antagonist of the last movie into a kind of anti-hero for this one I know there was a reason to keep him alive

Автор Miss Zwag ( назад)
Damn Dom why dija do that?!!??

Автор Rube Pena ( назад)
Hmm the first one I don't care to see

Автор Godmax ( назад)
Let me put it this way: Diesel vs. the others really is a surprise (even though he sure has his motives...). Looking wild as always :)

Автор Brute ( назад)
Holy Shit!!

Автор Thrll ZcK ( назад)
I was waiting for a transformer to show up 😂

Автор sniper2606 ( назад)
Go back to the car roots, this is a BS action movie

Автор wadde faq ( назад)
10 bucks they will reveal brian (paul walker brother with cgi mapped face) on final trailer! are you kidding me fast furious without brian?

Автор G B ( назад)
nice one just watched the movie for free

Автор Martijn Andriesse ( назад)
barry what did you do ? fuck the timeline again ? :p

Автор Poppy624537 ( назад)
Wait, where is Helen Mirren? She is the main reason I clicked on this trailer!!!

Автор THE RANDOM NATION ( назад)
Great...first Optimus and now him ...

Автор Enzo Bailoni ( назад)
Don it's making me remember of Al Sah Him in Arrow season 3

Автор Tio Flash ( назад)
Deadpool + car + hollywood = DeadPaul :v

Автор Ashley LaVancher ( назад)
The Fate of The Furious
Because that doesn't sound like things will end badly will end badly at all.
Can anyone else feel that void while watching this?

Автор 480pGamingCentral ( назад)
Bent name

Автор GalaxyDuck ( назад)
If you have Jason Stathmos on your team. you will always win

Автор Renzo Gòmez ( назад)
Goddammit Barry look what you did this time

Автор matheus brks ( назад)
#fast family

Автор EvenFilms ( назад)
Doesn't feel right without Paul... Rest in peace

Автор Fear Core ( назад)
The reason i think dom would turn is that Mia gets taken

Автор Jose Rios ( назад)
The trailer is already better than any movie I have ever watched the prison scene excited me

Автор Dat Piggy Wiggy ( назад)
71st!!!!!! In your face!!!

Автор King Dami ( назад)
Can't wait for this movie #FastFamily

Автор Hakeem Mclaughlin ( назад)
There goes Barry Allen fucking up the timeline again....

Автор Dat Piggy Wiggy ( назад)
Fast and furious


Fate of the furious

Fall of the fast

Fan of the feather

Fickle pickle of the fantastical fish

Автор giovanni walker ( назад)
Why did he turn on them :(

Автор Kevin Mars ( назад)

Автор Cesar Moz ( назад)
best flash fan

Автор Fernando Belmares ( назад)
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