Toni Rose vs. Winona Littleheart

Winona Littleheart gets destroyed at the hands of Toni Rose and that vicious neckbreaker. Rose has words for commentator Gordon Solie afterwards. Match circa 1979, aired on Georgia Championship Wrestling.

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 3:11
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Автор Foster Bibron (2 месяца)
Toni too powerful

Автор savage35744 (1 год)
Toni was one rough wrestler ask littleheart

Автор crushercathy69 (3 года)
Awesome beating of Winona by the ever tough Toni Rose....great neckbreaker
ending, rarely seen for sure!!

Автор wigsy99 (2 года)
Poor Winona did she take a beating, Toni Rose is tough shouldhave been

Автор 906757580 (2 года)
Toni Rose was one of the toughest and most aggressive women wrestlers ever
to step into the ring. Just a whirling dervish of energy

Автор atlantic1119 (1 год)
Toni never got a chance to take on Moolah, as she lost to Grable in her
next outing.

Автор Donna Lynn (3 года)
Love the way Toni wrestles. Such a great heel!

Автор herbertkearse (3 года)

Автор Flo Dom (2 года)
Tremendous Toni Rose!! one of the best ever !!!

Автор elc1960 (1 год)
This is one of Winona Littleheart's earlier matches (much thinner in her
later matches). I'd put Toni Rose and her late tag team partner Donna
Christanello in the WWE Hall of Fame and kick Sunny to the curb (no way
Sunny belongs in ANY Hall of Fame).

Автор Flo Dom (2 года)
Toni was pure sexy and a great wrestler

Автор Baltimoreman78 (2 года)
The Lock looked less thin than she did as Littleheart

Автор davewreslt (3 года)
Not sure she could of beaten moolah, moolah was meaner, fought dirtier and
her blows were harder

Автор atlantic1119 (1 год)
Merciless! Whoa!

Автор SimonMinisterofChaos (3 года)
Saw Toni wrestle many times - often against future partner Donna
Christanello. They had some of the best women matches outside of Japan. And
they were a superior tag team.

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