i was in a challenge lobby and it said back out this is ur last warning then i got kicked and all my perks weapons titles and emblems where reset and the kills was -420 420
with the number 0

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wooooo i did not get deranked but they did take away camos and attachments
I Got Deranked in MW2! WTF!!!
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Quick video showing me going into a public game of Search and Destroy in MW2 and coming out deranked. I didn't go back to level one but I did lose...
Mw2 - DeRank Lobby - Watch Out!
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... Nothing to be said here...


Автор Not Me (2 года)
i know the 360 is full of kids, they are like cockroaches, and i hate it
even more when they insult other players...

Автор TheKniperlight (2 года)
Im deranked too it sucks but i get deranked every 2 weeks lol

Автор Illuminati (2 года)
or mabey you just suck

Автор Bin Laden (2 года)
you got booted offline for ages ;)

Автор Raven (2 года)
you're* for a 10 year old my grammar's better then yours.

Автор Cancel Names (2 года)
PS3 suckssss!!!!!

Автор xMonsTeRzGaMeRz (2 года)
i got derank 2 times i was so pist of i had everything on each sniper

Автор games23boy (2 года)
Sooner or later Xbox 360 will get hacked too. There's hacks on Xbox live
not just PSN. @NoStress90

Автор Tiago Kamon (2 года)
That hapend to me :(

Автор Tommy Games 97 (2 года)
Well ps3 are shit get an xbox

Автор sutaku1995 (2 года)
Add me psn for free : prestige, aimbot , mod menue and xp lobbys, unlock
all (bypass)

Автор Geometry XyoN (2 года)
Som att Xbox skulle vara bättre...

Автор NickHaugen007 (2 года)

Автор nos clan (2 года)
norsk? add meg NOS_optickzz

Автор JoKerReeapz (2 года)

Автор anthony26812 (2 года)
Ok you seriously think you are a better than me because you have better
grammar?? noob

Автор Bananaz Sebbe (2 года)
Därför kör man inte på PS3 :)

Автор coolcar100 (2 года)
MW2 was hacked first on Xbox. Unfortunately for PS3 players Activision only
care about the 360, they couldn't give 2 shits about the PS3 or PC. They
patched the 360 version, and gave the PS3 and PC a massive Fuck You. I'll
be buying Black Ops 2, and if MW3 or the first Black Ops gets hacked I'll
not be buying another COD game as all future COD games will just end up the

Автор alan stevens (2 года)
what a fagot

Автор Vortex Gaming (2 года)

Автор GoOnStunz (2 года)
Only on PS3

Автор Rebeca Sanchez (2 года)

Автор iDeansterrZ (2 года)
You was in a derank lobby ;)

Автор Sunder Forge (2 года)
@ nick041298 you fucking dumbass, do you think the Xbox doesn't have

Автор XxKITYMODZxX (2 года)
guys add me on psn XxKITY-MODZxX for any prestige on mw2 bypass

Автор Devious Frwzy$ (2 года)
Lol din noob bare,download patchblocker.

Автор Huskii (2 года)
same thing happen too me :'(

Автор TatooRockz (2 года)
HAHAHA sucks for you XD

Автор Raven (2 года)
got meh

Автор TheAnde300 (2 года)
I still host CL! add BlackDotSprite. I host v9.11 (PSN)

Автор Vitalik Borodulin (2 года)
PS3 are SHIT. Xbox 360 is Cool Microsoft.

Автор nils karlsson (2 года)
du är swe

Автор xMrDomino (2 года)

Автор Brandon Piunti (2 года)
fuck off

Автор MadJord (2 года)
you dont have xbox, you be lying!

Автор Luca Sugo (2 года)
pay = Better

Автор Jeomoni Figueroa (2 года)
No not hackers well I think this happens to me and I was like in challenge
lobby's every day somehow one time in a challenge lobby I just quoted so I
had the stinger with the 250 headshots then the next day level 1

Автор Rage3Rage (2 года)
Xbox is shit PS3 FTW

Автор dean bennett (2 года)
yo i did to but i cant go on my mw2 acc

Автор psychicbladeguy (2 года)
Face it. Your classes have some cool, but fucked up names

Автор Connor Phillips (3 года)
@TuRdFlOaTeR99 can he hack me?\

Автор anthony26812 (2 года)
You wont get it if your 10 yrs old

Автор Not Me (2 года)
it does...sadly but no one wants to admit it.

Автор Waffleehh (2 года)

Автор MegaSuomi2011 (2 года)
U have many kills... ? WTF dude?

Автор josephchapman2005 (2 года)
Psn joemoney2005 for infections

Автор Mctappits (2 года)
Call of duty at its finest.

Автор adfbsfgberrn (2 года)
the reason is cuz u a hacker

Автор xNoObiENoObiE (2 года)
lol prenumerera på min nya kanal dårå sumoperry

Автор Raven (2 года)
Every pussy needs hacks?....

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