How to download psp games without a computer ( CFW needed )


these links are used on the psp

psp filer: psp.gdteam.net

Games: pspmedia.serverforumhosting.com (Thanks for the comment @General12912)

Update(8/17/2014):If any of these sites are not accessible look at the comments for help from other people. I don't own a PSP anymore so I will not be able to update the links, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Автор The trendy Games ( назад)
I suggest u 2 download pspinstaller

Автор Tunir Bhowmick ( назад)
what is cfw

Автор Aries Delosreyes ( назад)
they say we will allways try to have homebrew applications updated to the latest version/release

Автор Tyez White ( назад)
do not work

no its at the top

Автор Abdul Aziz ( назад)
good but site didn't show any apps help pls!!!

Автор Shad Jarrett ( назад)
so since its old... how do i download games on to my PSP?????????????????

Автор Crusty ( назад)
the site does not show any app or game, can someone help a nigga out here?

Автор davidcruz ( назад)

Автор Mr_Cow ( назад)
Lol this video is old and it doesnt work anymore! You dumbasses

Автор Bryan Rebollo ( назад)
That shit didn't even work for me that's bull shit and u need cfw wtf

Автор YeBoiScott - TCG ( назад)

Автор cheenue yang ( назад)
does it work on any kind of psp?

Автор Benz Acebedo ( назад)
I'm always late watching this PSP games now the site is down not working

Автор Ujjwal Kc ( назад)
when I connect to the the internet it tells exchanging key information and don't connects

Автор Helbrian Von Duran ( назад)
Why is it error?

Автор ANGELSGOT BORED ( назад)
wtf man ur voice

Автор Wolf Nixon ( назад)
this used to work for me now it doesnt what happened? :(

Автор Jeff Bob Simon ( назад)
Thank you very much man you the best

Автор Super Stunts ( назад)
404 error you fucker ass hole

Автор paul viloria ( назад)
404 error

Автор Toni Jelasac ( назад)
It is always error 404

Автор Tony Rocha ( назад)
Psp filer is no longer there

Автор Axel Dupon ( назад)

Автор Ricky Jackson ( назад)
You the man bro thanks

Автор MOYO Gaming ( назад)
you suck It didn't work and my psp dosnt work eny more

Автор ANDROID GUY ( назад)
Nice video man

Автор ANDROID GUY ( назад)
Which keyboard u r having and nice voice

Автор Harland Hill ( назад)
Use app ghetto instead and go to f2f games u need an account

Автор fiendishly ( назад)
thanks man

Автор Arjun Ahir ( назад)
the game link does not work 
what are u doing??????

Автор thoseef ali ( назад)
can u do a video on how to get gta or can u just send me a link on how to get plzzzzzzzzz

Автор Sean Lustan ( назад)
I cant ppen the filer

Автор Gregorio Pimentel ( назад)
Does it work if I have a 6.60 version

Автор patrick nemes ( назад)
i already download it but the psp filer is not there..

Автор Jasuke Uzumaki ( назад)
Stupid Voice

Автор Laith El-labban ( назад)
Im from the future too hey everyone! (2014)

Автор ExemptuousAquatic ( назад)
Oh Shelby! You always know what to do.

Автор Luis Gomez ( назад)
Thank you squeeky voice person :)

Автор Warren Oree ( назад)
What the

Автор DeathsEye4444 ( назад)
fucking alvin, i HATE your voice...

Автор Jeffrey Yambao ( назад)

Автор khalilwali82 ( назад)
Thank you so much this actually works thnx thnx thnx

Автор edwin ramirez ( назад)
yea man this site is down

Автор Miko Gaming ( назад)
The site is down

Автор James Cameron ( назад)
Can u do a video for how to download Dragonballz remaking tag team

Автор Joshua Malik ( назад)
this site dosent exist!

Автор spyridon papazisis ( назад)
Mine said error unzip failed what do I do

Автор Mohd Naufal ( назад)
The voice is like related to the wallpaper...

Автор Hammody Saud ( назад)
The (pspdlc.net) is not working pleas help me

Автор Jake Ravin ( назад)
your voice is annoying

Автор Ortega32 ( назад)
For the guy that cant see any of your games try restarting it with fast recovery

Автор Rause Glen Leopoldo ( назад)
Um i have a cfw but it says cannot unzip plzzzzzz reply

Автор cool grg ( назад)
Dude i cant see any of my games that i had in my memory card!!!

Автор HIDDEN_SABER ( назад)

Автор Buckeyeguy 1942 Animations ( назад)
now is psvdlc.net or com not sure

Автор Fυєитєѕ ( назад)
what's with the voice?

Автор épisodesdesouth parkenfrancais ( назад)
momfucker thanks fucking you shut your your fucking fucking face uncle uncle fucker

Автор Arjun Ahir ( назад)
thanks that was help full lol

Автор Daniel Franco Belen ( назад)
i am useing the copmuter now why so i just download the game now we are watching the video useing the computer so if I download it now whats the matter

Автор Daniel Franco Belen ( назад)
i really love the voice its cute

Автор Kurtrussell Deocampo ( назад)
Error ---

Автор Chris Curtis ( назад)
Dude u sound like JB

Автор Tamiya Hopkins ( назад)
It keeps saying it cant unzip the psp filer

Автор Ally Loves Minecraft/Roblox ( назад)
Thanks :)

Автор Aura ( назад)
thanks! it worked

Автор puleng pillas ( назад)
does it work on 5.50 prometheus 4?

Автор Drple Crple ( назад)
Thanks alot :)))))

Автор Mustakim Manaf ( назад)
Thanks thats jelp me :)

Автор Silverhawk4903 ( назад)
YA NEED CUSTOM FIRMWARE FOR THIS TO WORK...i think you can download it on that website

Автор Nerv Dorv ( назад)
long time ago idk if it works

Автор Nerv Dorv ( назад)

Автор Nerv Dorv ( назад)
it goy changed to psvdlc foor the vita but still works for psp

Автор Shiv Sandhu ( назад)
gamesrap.com is the best website to Download games

Автор john dupale ( назад)
Awwww you got anoying voice but at least ur vid is cool it help me out thanks

Автор PerfectSalah ( назад)
For anyone who have a problem and want to know how to get custom firmware, throw me any email at devilmeycry@hotmail.com, please thumbs up to help the others too!

Автор Broud Games ( назад)
is there any danger in this

Автор sheryl manalili ( назад)
what is the new pspdlc.net

Автор Ivan Abreu ( назад)
How do u get custom firmware

Автор Nightcore Universe ( назад)
we only need custom firmware

Автор Nightcore Universe ( назад)
customfirm ware

Автор Ivan Abreu ( назад)
What's a cfw????!

Автор Mohamad Farhat ( назад)
Does it work

Автор DamnKyros ( назад)

Автор Eric Vara ( назад)
Theme? :)

Автор legosk8ing ( назад)
any psp that has internet and cfw

Автор Gordon Freeman ( назад)

Автор Michael Mania ( назад)
Thanks men

Автор Michael Reyna ( назад)
What kind of psp does this work for

Автор OhhBankz ( назад)
I have 6.60 PRO-B9 is that what you need?

Автор mizo kawaii ( назад)
i have 6.35 PRO-A3 is it the same

Автор TipMaster 10 ( назад)
other system

Автор TipMaster 10 ( назад)
please can do much easier pleaseeeeeeeeee

Автор Rocky Beach ( назад)
Slow down DAYUM

Автор Yung Keychain ( назад)
Dude what the fuck is up with your voice

Автор nor amir ( назад)
Pspdlc cnt open.. Why...

Автор Steven Brockhoff ( назад)
i got to the site but now i cant find any games to dl

Автор Steven Brockhoff ( назад)
i cant go to the website javascript wont let me

Автор Denise Mccants ( назад)
thanks dude ur voice sounds wierd but thank u

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