How to download psp games without a computer ( CFW needed )


these links are used on the psp

psp filer: psp.gdteam.net

Games: pspmedia.serverforumhosting.com (Thanks for the comment @General12912)

Update(8/17/2014):If any of these sites are not accessible look at the comments for help from other people. I don't own a PSP anymore so I will not be able to update the links, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Автор Jeff Bob Simon ( назад)
Thank you very much man you the best

Автор Super Stunts ( назад)
404 error you fucker ass hole

Автор paul viloria ( назад)
404 error

Автор Toni Jelasac ( назад)
It is always error 404

Автор Tony Rocha ( назад)
Psp filer is no longer there 

Автор Kwame Owusu-nipah ( назад)
@basharlatifi what website?

Автор Axel Dupon ( назад)

Автор Ricky Jackson ( назад)
You the man bro thanks

Автор lightingfast dyinglight ( назад)
you suck It didn't work and my psp dosnt work eny more

Автор Omair Shahid ( назад)
Nice video man

Автор Omair Shahid ( назад)
Which keyboard u r having and nice voice

Автор Harland Hill ( назад)
Use app ghetto instead and go to f2f games u need an account

Автор fiendishly ( назад)
thanks man

Автор arjun ahir ( назад)
the game link does not work
what are u doing??????

Автор Rafael HD ( назад)
Nice voice

Автор thoseef ali ( назад)
can u do a video on how to get gta or can u just send me a link on how to
get plzzzzzzzzz

Автор Sean Lustan ( назад)
I cant ppen the filer

Автор Gregorio Pimentel ( назад)
Does it work if I have a 6.60 version

Автор bashar latifi ( назад)
used another website to download games but still worked thx

Автор patrick nemes ( назад)
i already download it but the psp filer is not there..

Автор Jasuke Uzumaki ( назад)
Stupid Voice

Автор Laith El-labban ( назад)
Im from the future too hey everyone! (2014)

Автор ExemptuousAquatic ( назад)
Oh Shelby! You always know what to do.

Автор Luis Gomez ( назад)
Thank you squeeky voice person :)

Автор Warren Oree ( назад)
What the

Автор DeathsEye4444 ( назад)
fucking alvin, i HATE your voice...

Автор Mayarlyn Jimenez ( назад)
Im from the future (2014) and it works take long to download but its don

Автор Jeffrey Yambao (averagepcplayersh) ( назад)

Автор khalilwali82 ( назад)
Thank you so much this actually works thnx thnx thnx

Автор edwin ramirez ( назад)
yea man this site is down

Автор miko delacruz ( назад)
The site is down

Автор James Cameron ( назад)
Can u do a video for how to download Dragonballz remaking tag team

Автор Joshua Malik ( назад)
this site dosent exist!

Автор spyridon papazisis ( назад)
Mine said error unzip failed what do I do

Автор Mohd Naufal ( назад)
The voice is like related to the wallpaper...

Автор Darklight2706 ( назад)
Dat voice changer xD

Автор Hammody Saud ( назад)
The (pspdlc.net) is not working pleas help me

Автор Jake Ravin ( назад)
your voice is annoying

Автор Ortega32 ( назад)
For the guy that cant see any of your games try restarting it with fast

Автор Rause Glen Leopoldo ( назад)
Um i have a cfw but it says cannot unzip plzzzzzz reply

Автор cool grg ( назад)
Dude i cant see any of my games that i had in my memory card!!!


Автор Xaivier Booker ( назад)
now is psvdlc.net or com not sure

Автор Misaki Hasuno ( назад)
what's with the voice?

Автор épisodesdesouth parkenfrancais ( назад)
momfucker thanks fucking you shut your your fucking fucking face uncle
uncle fucker

Автор arjun ahir ( назад)
thanks that was help full lol

Автор Daniel Franco Belen ( назад)
i am useing the copmuter now why so i just download the game now we are
watching the video useing the computer so if I download it now whats the

Автор Daniel Franco Belen ( назад)
i really love the voice its cute

Автор Kurtrussell Deocampo ( назад)
Error ---

Автор Chris Curtis ( назад)
Dude u sound like JB

Автор Dragonball Z Boy ( назад)
It keeps saying it cant unzip the psp filer

Автор Norita Idris ( назад)
Thanks :)

Автор xjakekyrianx ( назад)
thanks! it worked

Автор puleng pillas ( назад)
does it work on 5.50 prometheus 4?

Автор Drple Crple ( назад)
Thanks alot :)))))

Автор Mustakim Manaf ( назад)
Thanks thats jelp me :)

Автор Silverhawk4903 ( назад)
YA NEED CUSTOM FIRMWARE FOR THIS TO WORK...i think you can download it on
that website

Автор Naruto Jr ( назад)
long time ago idk if it works

Автор Naruto Jr ( назад)

Автор Naruto Jr ( назад)
it goy changed to psvdlc foor the vita but still works for psp

Автор Shiv Sandhu ( назад)
gamesrap.com is the best website to Download games

Автор john dupale ( назад)
Awwww you got anoying voice but at least ur vid is cool it help me out

Автор Salah Ali ( назад)
For anyone who have a problem and want to know how to get custom firmware,
throw me any email at devilmeycry@hotmail.com, please thumbs up to help the
others too!

Автор Broud Games ( назад)
is there any danger in this

Автор sheryl manalili ( назад)
what is the new pspdlc.net

Автор Ivan Abreu ( назад)
How do u get custom firmware

Автор Nightcore Universe ( назад)
we only need custom firmware

Автор Nightcore Universe ( назад)
customfirm ware

Автор Ivan Abreu ( назад)
What's a cfw????!

Автор Mohamad Farhat ( назад)
Does it work

Автор KojoFifaHD ( назад)

Автор nukinrooster ( назад)
nice one mate, only one of very few that bloody work :D

Автор RealistTel ( назад)
mate how do I download cfw?

Автор Eric Vara ( назад)
Theme? :)

Автор legosk8ing ( назад)
any psp that has internet and cfw

Автор basmah ALR ( назад)
mines says game could not be started (800201) :( help

Автор Gordon Freeman ( назад)

Автор Michael Mania ( назад)
Thanks men

Автор Michael Reyna ( назад)
What kind of psp does this work for

Автор The_Killerz-21 ( назад)
Hello Help me Why???

Автор OhhBankz ( назад)
I have 6.60 PRO-B9 is that what you need?

Автор mizo kawaii ( назад)
i have 6.35 PRO-A3 is it the same

Автор The_Killerz-21 ( назад)
The Site pspdlc.net its not Open. Why???

Автор TipMaster 10 ( назад)
other system

Автор TipMaster 10 ( назад)
please can do much easier pleaseeeeeeeeee

Автор Rocky Beach ( назад)
Slow down DAYUM

Автор Nick Smith ( назад)
Dude what the fuck is up with your voice

Автор nor amir ( назад)
Pspdlc cnt open.. Why...

Автор Steven Brockhoff ( назад)
i got to the site but now i cant find any games to dl

Автор Steven Brockhoff ( назад)
i cant go to the website javascript wont let me

Автор Denise Mccants ( назад)
thanks dude ur voice sounds wierd but thank u

Автор SaintsTillTheEnd ( назад)
Thanks man

Автор HoUsT0n23 ( назад)
If the firmware is under 6.60 do i have to update or does the hack do it
for you?

Автор muhib rahman ( назад)
Thank you so much best video ever.Ive watched this video before but that
time i didnt have cfw but i just got it today.this is not FAKE!i have
version 6.60 on my psp 2000.if you dont have cfw cos you have 6.60 go to
this video type this on youtube and itll show you how:Hack ANY PSP to CFW
6.60 PRO-B10 (Safe and Easy)(1000, 2000, 3000, i dont have usb cable if u
dont try putting your memory card in a ms/mspd slot in some computers that
have it.Btw i did it in school

Автор AndroidVideos ( назад)
Its says: This game cannot be started The data is corrupted.

Автор James Horton ( назад)
Thanks little man I subscribed and liked and I want grand theft auto
liberty city stories for psp with the cheat device and vice city stories
for psp with the cheat device to

Автор Ethan Woodlee ( назад)

Автор KYUUBI UZUMAKI ( назад)
u have to have cfw

Автор dashaun gilbert ( назад)
Thanks bro

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