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Автор Adderall vs (21 день)
Is there a story on this? I'm just curious as to what makes someone want to
just leave an engine and some cars in the middle of no where and not come

Автор mojostevo (8 месяцев)
It's a real shame to see a classic high nose get scrapped.

Автор FbFr.Gif (2 месяца)
Real shame to see great traisn abandoned,

Автор dav3fk (7 месяцев)
sad - they deserve better.

That's our collective heritage being cut up for scrap.

I just realized that I should probably get over cars, and into trains - if
I could get a small loco, I'd NEVER run out of things to fix. Seems like
the logical gearhead progression.

Автор TexasRockTiger (4 месяца)
Thiss unit should have ended up in some museum.

Автор Proud (4 месяца)
Why was there smoke coming out of the chimney? Did someone live in there ?

Автор BRIAN NEIN (2 месяца)
so said:(

Автор Frogman Smith (4 месяца)
looks like it was on blocks.

Автор kleetus92 (4 месяца)
More of America dead...

Автор Rhiannon La Passioneria (7 месяцев)
Where is it??? Let's get it running and play with it~!!!

Автор szlakowiec (8 месяцев)
Niesamowity klimat. Sub.

Автор Ben Schneider (26 дней)
That looks Crazy! I love exploring abandoned buildings!

Автор Rob W (7 месяцев)
i love to scrap out all those trains

Автор Josh Erdman (7 месяцев)
I say bnsf got get this fuckin awesome train and repair it. and use it cuz
these good trains have feelings and ware ever it is tell me and ill rescue
it and call dispatch and tell them you have a train to use on your railroad
you son of a bitch

Автор derp brickz (4 месяца)
Man dav3fk is right, they should be in yard being fixed up and hauling
cargo till they cannot even move! And these locomotives are quite
expensive. That locomotive will rust in peace. A moment of silence
please.... thank you.

Автор Robert Munshower (8 месяцев)
#6164 spent a lot of time in Denver during the 80's. It would pull its guts
out if it put down enough sand.

Автор Josh Erdman (7 месяцев)
I collect model trains for a reason I honor there history like Burlington
northern, santa fe, union Pacific, Norfolk southern those are the ones I
honor like the steam engine's amen to trains that dont get used

Автор Adam Swindell (1 год)
What's the status of these pieces? Please respond.

Автор Toecutter (11 месяцев)
it would be great a close rewiev

Автор Brett Clark (9 месяцев)
I love trains I would try to find a way of getting that locomotive, and
train car home, and clean them up for show pease.

Автор bettyboop65340 (5 месяцев)
ever try starting it

Автор C broton (1 год)
Where is this,and you should have seen if it would start up

Автор Formula Shell (1 год)
Could be used as a museum piece

Автор runningbear1982 (9 месяцев)
Awesome, that's what trains looked like when I was a kid.

Автор John Higgins (10 месяцев)
Why did you not go closer and try get inside?

Автор billnseattle (1 год)
I stopped by there, and it was gone! I wished I could have seen it before
it got scrapped. 

Автор Jaw Tooth (1 год)
That looks just like the dead SD9 in March 2014 issue of Trains except that
one is POTB #6116 at Tillamook, Ore.

Автор KKTrain Springer (1 год)
It would be nice if they used that locomotive as a playground for local
kids nearby.

Автор joey hollis (2 года)
why not the owners go back and get the nice train instead of letting it sit

Автор Matt Olmsted (2 года)
being scrapped as i type this just got an email from S&S about parts for
sale :( sad to see it go

Автор Tpark1143 (3 года)
I find it very sad seeing the only way to truely bring these great machines
back is by using HO scale models :( Would much rather see the real ones
running again.

Автор dirtshower250 (2 года)
why is there smoke coming from it?

Автор DieselElevators (2 года)
GVT (Genesee Valley Transportation) has a railroad in north-western New
York called the Falls Road Railroad (former NYC branchline) that they run
two locomotives on. They run a train almost each day. (it's a shortline)
They have an Alco RS-32 and an Alco RS-11 High hood. I love Alcos. As for
this SD9, it's a shame that it's gone. High hoods are awesome.

Автор ROHAN7182 (1 год)
lets start...do something ...this summer

Автор DieselElevators (2 года)
How in the world did an SD9 High Hood get left out in the middle of the
railroad and end up rusting out?

Автор dccro (1 год)
Good title for a movie.

Автор Andrew Mckee (1 год)
So how can a train just be left there

Автор VanWADebbie (2 года)
There is 3 switch locomotives rusting at the former I.P. plant in
Chelatchie Prairie, WA. One is an LP&N , grande Rhonde and Longvire Fibre.
Another locomotives is an 80 Tonner?

Автор Trainfanz (3 года)
Dont Cry! It looks restorable!

Автор Whatzizname (2 года)
i believe they have been moved now, but i remember they were somewhere near

Автор 17br549 (3 года)
An individual should buy this old railroad, the locomotive, and the
cars....restore them, and have a private tourist road.

Автор VanWADebbie (2 года)

Автор Boss302fan (3 года)
If they did....they wouldn't care.

Автор lotsoftrains123 (3 года)
LOL start it..start it

Автор Zardoz5280 (3 года)
good camera work

Автор Boss302fan (2 года)
The "all it would've really needed" you discussed might come out to be tens
of thousands of dollars. At some point it is just not worth putting the
money into these old units.

Автор MultiRedneck66 (3 года)
You should have hopped in the engine to see if it would start

Автор ted tyson (3 года)
yes.....Is the engine still there....why doesn't somebody get that thing
outta there

Автор chanctonbury63 (1 год)
How do you get away with just leaving 100s of tonnes of scrap metal out
rotting in the countryside?? Dont you have clean up laws?

Автор SomeFrigginChannel (2 года)
Read the video description.

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