POTB 6164 Lost Train

For several days I searched the old POTB line between Banks and Buxton, OR for this vintage EMD SD9. I finally got a tip that it was in Timber. I drove down the windy forest roads to the tiny community, and sure enough it was there, and had been sitting for many years unused. Since July 2012, this locomotive has long since been scrapped.

If anyone's wondering the location this engine was once at, the town is called Timber, OR. It's a tiny community out in the coast range and can be found on google or yahoo maps.

The smoke in the beginning was only someone using the fireplace in a nearby house, not the engine being started.

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Автор dirtyfred1 ( назад)
If it had of been me, I would have been tempted to try to go inside the

Автор bkriegel95 ( назад)
That poor thing

Автор Paul Mcnamara ( назад)
Surprised the horns r still on it

Автор A Crustacean ( назад)
This was a railroad that served hundreds of businesses before it was washed
out in 2007 and would have cost tens of millions to fix. The company did
not have that kind of money and SD9's aren't worth anything, so they just
left everything. POTB planned on fixing it in due time, but fisheries
regulations and the recession killed their efforts, and they filed for
bankruptcy. The real heartbreaker is when the railroad died, so did the
hundreds of businesses it served. You will find loads of abandoned
equipment, trucks, buildings, sawmills, etc.

Автор bugsaliven75 ( назад)
Potb 6164 is an ex BN sd9

Автор Fred Lohmann ( назад)

Автор freighttrainsahpassing ( назад)
Is any part of that line east of Banks still used ?

Автор Jason Clark ( назад)
bit of a waste ,

Автор Taylorover9001 - The Cando Railfan ( назад)
Do you have any closer images of the locomotive, or inside?

Автор Jack Ryan ( назад)
Personally, I would have this locomotive removed from there and shipped to
my property where, I can restore it to new condition. As in factory new. Of
course, this requires various legalities, but I feel quite confident that
such an adventure would be worth the price. So much of our railroad history
is disappearing. I do agree with one poster up in here who spoke about the
circle of life, but sometimes, not every time, but sometimes we need to
intervene and preserve a little of that history. This particular locomotive
looks to be in fine shape. Might even start up right away with new
batteries and some preventive maintenance checks.

Such a sad sight to see this poor little locomotive sitting there. It's
days numbered because, someone doesn't see the value in preserving it. BNSF
ought to sell it, if they now hold the rights to it. Of course, I do not
know that they do, but it seems clear that something ought to be done about
As for those cars, they too could be removed and a real train could be made
on my property. Oh well, we'll see. Thanks for creating this video and
sharing it.🚉

Автор ElevatorAl ( назад)
Shoulda went on board

Автор Andrew Horta ( назад)
ITS A BN GP something

Автор Teneishia Coleman ( назад)
You know what I'd do?

Steal it.... Because why not? It's abandoned :P

Автор stereopolice ( назад)
Found Train.

Автор kingo fassholes ( назад)
You didn't climb aboard? All of that hunting for 1:46 of Video? Wasted

Автор PingasTheFourth (1927 лет назад)
I would be the kinda guy to see if she still cranks!

Автор bettyboop65340 ( назад)
looks like smoke coming out of the exhaust at 35. appears to be an old
Burlington northern

Автор Chevy King ( назад)
This has since been scrapped?? LMAO I bet sure as shit it came back as
about 300 shit box Hondas. They should have scrapped that piece of shit
Ford sitting there instead. No offence if it's yours.

Автор Boxcarwillie S160 ( назад)
I'd like to find that and get someone like The Florida Railway Museum to
preserve it! You know, most Sds 9-15 where either scraped or left to rust
like that one, and it would be even rarer to find one in both to POTB
livery and in such fine condition!

Автор Greg Hughes ( назад)
get more video of inside it and other stuff

Автор Matthew Waldham ( назад)
my dad use to work for bn now he works for bnsf and bn deserves so much

Автор jack ( назад)
it was probably scrapped because of your video

Автор emmitt169 ( назад)
It's the Patrick Swayze Express

Автор Dark Hacking ( назад)
Make your own railroad 

Автор Dark Hacking ( назад)
Use them all you need is some flatbed trucks and some Crain's 

Автор Destinee Meyer ( назад)
I found some abandoned Sante Fe U boats buried on a abandoned rail roads

Автор Dj Powers ( назад)
What is the train model

Автор UP Trains 4014 ( назад)
This looks like a very fun modeling project.

Автор Adderall vs (10 лет назад)
Is there a story on this? I'm just curious as to what makes someone want to
just leave an engine and some cars in the middle of no where and not come

Автор Ben Schneider ( назад)
That looks Crazy! I love exploring abandoned buildings!

Автор BRIAN NEIN ( назад)
so said:(

Автор Dover ( назад)
Real shame to see great traisn abandoned,

Автор Proud ( назад)
Why was there smoke coming out of the chimney? Did someone live in there ?

Автор Frogman Smith ( назад)
looks like it was on blocks.

Автор FedEx MD-11 Fan (derp brickz) ( назад)
Man dav3fk is right, they should be in yard being fixed up and hauling
cargo till they cannot even move! And these locomotives are quite
expensive. That locomotive will rust in peace. A moment of silence
please.... thank you.

Автор TexasRockTiger ( назад)
Thiss unit should have ended up in some museum.

Автор kleetus92 ( назад)
More of America dead...

Автор bettyboop65340 ( назад)
ever try starting it

Автор Josh Erdman ( назад)
I collect model trains for a reason I honor there history like Burlington
northern, santa fe, union Pacific, Norfolk southern those are the ones I
honor like the steam engine's amen to trains that dont get used

Автор Josh Erdman ( назад)
I say bnsf got get this fuckin awesome train and repair it. and use it cuz
these good trains have feelings and ware ever it is tell me and ill rescue
it and call dispatch and tell them you have a train to use on your railroad
you son of a bitch

Автор dav3fk ( назад)
sad - they deserve better.

That's our collective heritage being cut up for scrap.

I just realized that I should probably get over cars, and into trains - if
I could get a small loco, I'd NEVER run out of things to fix. Seems like
the logical gearhead progression.

Автор Rob W (1548 лет назад)
i love to scrap out all those trains

Автор Rhiannon La Passioneria ( назад)
Where is it??? Let's get it running and play with it~!!!

Автор mojostevo ( назад)
It's a real shame to see a classic high nose get scrapped.

Автор Robert ( назад)
#6164 spent a lot of time in Denver during the 80's. It would pull its guts
out if it put down enough sand.

Автор szlakowiec ( назад)
Niesamowity klimat. Sub.

Автор runningbear1982 ( назад)
Awesome, that's what trains looked like when I was a kid.

Автор Brett Clark ( назад)
I love trains I would try to find a way of getting that locomotive, and
train car home, and clean them up for show pease.

Автор John Higgins ( назад)
Why did you not go closer and try get inside?

Автор Toecutter™ ( назад)
it would be great a close rewiev

Автор C broton ( назад)
Where is this,and you should have seen if it would start up

Автор Adam Swindell ( назад)
What's the status of these pieces? Please respond.

Автор Formula Shell ( назад)
Could be used as a museum piece

Автор Jaw Tooth ( назад)
That looks just like the dead SD9 in March 2014 issue of Trains except that
one is POTB #6116 at Tillamook, Ore.

Автор KKTrain Springer ( назад)
It would be nice if they used that locomotive as a playground for local
kids nearby.

Автор billnseattle ( назад)
I stopped by there, and it was gone! I wished I could have seen it before
it got scrapped. 

Автор VK Autokuur ( назад)
So there was the place i lost my train. Can u send it to me by air mail?

Автор tony eichensehr ( назад)
go in the engines

Автор Daniel S ( назад)
Will you stop this shit already, you fucking troll.

Автор Daniel S ( назад)
That's so sad how she just sat there....

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Автор paco291 ( назад)
I bet that diesel would start w/ a little ether.

Автор Francisco Antonio ( назад)
Poor litle iron thing...

Автор chanctonbury63 ( назад)
How do you get away with just leaving 100s of tonnes of scrap metal out
rotting in the countryside?? Dont you have clean up laws?

Автор Destinee Meyer ( назад)
Poor girl needs some love

Автор Jordan Nida ( назад)
Wish it was saved that loco still looks operational

Автор Raju Efem ( назад)

Автор Raju Efem ( назад)
what do you want then to do just hijack it?

Автор voidxor ( назад)
Thousands of gallons of free diesel fuel to the first person with a siphon!

Автор Andrew Mckee ( назад)
Wonder if they can still be started

Автор lukebccb ( назад)
Abandoned locos is actually pretty common. In our neck of the woods an old
SP GP9 got into the hands of a shorthauler that eventually went out of
business. The GP9 got left on a spur far from the main and the city ended
up tearing up the connection to the main and so that GP just sat there and
rusted away. Some heritage folks wanted to haul her away but couldn't
secure the funds so eventually when the building the GP was next to was
torn down, the developer hauled the GP away for scrap.

Автор mindrive trance ( назад)
about 1000 pounds of copper and 50 tones of steal and 500 pounds of other
metals....value over 50,000 scrapped out.. i wish i could have found it...

Автор Aaron Abdullah ( назад)
there has got to be a story....train chasers.....more catchy i am in

Автор Ben Fryback ( назад)
Someday, I want to backpack the whole abandoned POTB alignment.

Автор Andrew Mckee ( назад)
So how can a train just be left there

Автор ROHAN7182 ( назад)
lets start...do something ...this summer

Автор dccro ( назад)
Good title for a movie.

Автор dccro ( назад)
You know what would be spooky if the light came on and the engine started
up and began to move with noone on board.

Автор David Ferrebee ( назад)
I knew I left it somewhere

Автор Ronnie Lobello ( назад)
Start it up!

Автор DieselElevators ( назад)
How in the world did an SD9 High Hood get left out in the middle of the
railroad and end up rusting out?

Автор DieselElevators ( назад)
GVT (Genesee Valley Transportation) has a railroad in north-western New
York called the Falls Road Railroad (former NYC branchline) that they run
two locomotives on. They run a train almost each day. (it's a shortline)
They have an Alco RS-32 and an Alco RS-11 High hood. I love Alcos. As for
this SD9, it's a shame that it's gone. High hoods are awesome.

Автор Whatzizname ( назад)
i believe they have been moved now, but i remember they were somewhere near

Автор BNSFandSP ( назад)
43s, you serious?!!

Автор GPVlog ( назад)
shame it was scrapped

Автор Nicholas Brukner ( назад)
That's why High hood locomotives are my favorite, and they always will be.

Автор Whatzizname ( назад)
i know of a few locos that aren't used down here in Aus, i believe that
there is a couple of NSW class 43s about 20 mins from where i am

Автор Kabuki Kitsune ( назад)
I know the smoke is from the fireplace, but you have to admit it's almost
poetic in a way. As though a ghost of the locomotive is saying I still have
some life left.

Автор Keith Bunner ( назад)
This Is Former BN SD9 #6164 and should be restored to Operate with BN SD9
#6234 as a team. Just don't see these High Hoods Anymore.

Автор lexpo181 ( назад)
Why this engine was abandoned in the forest?

Автор Joseph Watts ( назад)
you think that's sad Wonkawillie77. it could be worse that could have been
a steam engine.

Автор SomeFrigginChannel ( назад)
Read the video description.

Автор Jon Pendarvis ( назад)
If it is abandoned why did I see smoke coming out of the smoke stack or
what ever it is.

Автор aduascaba ( назад)
Donate these train to the philippines!

Автор VanWADebbie ( назад)
There is 3 switch locomotives rusting at the former I.P. plant in
Chelatchie Prairie, WA. One is an LP&N , grande Rhonde and Longvire Fibre.
Another locomotives is an 80 Tonner?

Автор Bully ( назад)
why not the owners go back and get the nice train instead of letting it sit

Автор Tailterrier27 ( назад)
Lake Superior Museum of Transportation, where are you?

Автор John Smith ( назад)
That was amazing...

Автор Cockroach ( назад)
I think so! These make nice hot fires to warm the cold nights!

Автор Cockroach ( назад)
Should have sneaked up on it, when it wasn't listening, dumped gasoline all
over it, set it alight, sat back had some beers & roasted marshmallows
while it burns!

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