Top 5 Fluke Catches in NFL History

The top 5 fluke catches in NFL history:

5. Gary Barnidge
4. Martavis Bryant
3. Jermaine Kearse
2. Antonio Freeman
1. Franco Harris (Immaculate Reception)

This list is my opinion. Don't get triggered. Also by fluke, I don't mean lucky, I mean an unusual type catch. For example, Martavis Bryant's catch wasn't lucky, but it was still a fluke because it was unusual.

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Автор Highlight Heaven ( назад)
Follow my boy HTTR TJ here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvjsNNAi0d8gWY9vg-qntGw

he makes cool videos on YT and instagram too!

Автор NoodleGamezYT ( назад)
2:39 Butler Got Revendge 😂😂😂

Автор Hector Reynoso II ( назад)
cheating ass Steelers

Автор Fard Muhammad ( назад)
if you are a receiver you know all are catches

Автор Camren Ramirez ( назад)

Автор Trey Reacts ( назад)
how was number 5 a touchdown tho he wasnt even in

Автор Fernando Hernandez ( назад)
the immaculate reception WAS NOT A CATCH!

Автор Bre Stewart ( назад)
Highlight Heaven Thanks for putting in The Immaculate Reception :-)

Автор Josh ( назад)
2:34 and then they passed it...

Автор Brad Powell ( назад)
wonder where Edelman's juggling catch would be on this list

Автор Epicpro Gamer ( назад)
I'm really good I can moss

Автор Epicpro Gamer ( назад)
Dang those nice catches I'm a beast wide receiver heaven

Автор john player ( назад)
#4 not a catch

Автор Crixus ( назад)
Learn the definition of fluke you dumb fucking nigger

Автор Luke Plesniak ( назад)
Martavis Bryant caught that, that isn't a fluke

Автор Xavier Magana ( назад)
2:15 We all know what happened after that..

Автор Andrew Salas ( назад)
As raider fan, number 1 is just crazy

Автор Owen Gilbert ( назад)
That sick

Автор elijah to cool Nelson ( назад)
too much sause

Автор Eric Martinez ( назад)
Number 1 was ALL luck, if that's number 1 the jags hail mary catch should be at 2 lol Jermaine Kearse's catch was luck and skill

Автор NothingButNiall ( назад)
outro music?

Автор Kayden Hutchings ( назад)
sweat catches

Автор ihatetumblr ( назад)
no catch is a fluke

Автор Ryan panahi ( назад)
Dez caught it

Автор Ádám Bíbok ( назад)
is it a maizing o i m hungary sorry a hibáért

Автор Jack Black ( назад)
Please do a top 10 fluke catches... ( updated)

Автор andobj13 ( назад)
how bout tyree

Автор h0wsyourdady ( назад)
oh here it is lol

Автор Jalin Davis ( назад)
top 10 combacks by running backs 2016-17 lamar miller vs the Colts if it wasn't for him Houston wouldn't have won that game

Автор Joshua williams ( назад)
where's Julian edelmans catch from Superbowl 51!?!?!!?!?!!

Автор Flat Jack ( назад)
1:33 think i saw that game

Автор Billy Bob ( назад)
2:00 That is NOT a catch.

Автор James Hendrickson ( назад)
that cool catch

Автор Good Weed ( назад)

Автор Sebastian Aponte ( назад)
Too bad you nissed Edelman's catch by days

Автор Kayden Hutchings ( назад)
sweat hits

Автор Flop N Drop ( назад)
Still should of ran the ball

Автор FANTOM x JAGGER ( назад)
Now you'll have to add in Edelmans Catch!

Автор Jordan Seinen ( назад)

Автор Idung Udoh ( назад)

Автор Shawn Bruce ( назад)

Автор ItsYeBoiDanzi ( назад)
These catches were so good it made me subscribe

Автор Dale Dimmadome, Heir to the Dimmsdale Dimmadome ( назад)
Texans v Jags hail Mary

Автор Ivan Henwood ( назад)
2:21 when u think u won the super bowl...

Автор Kevin McNamara ( назад)
Franco is still #1, but you have to consider adding Julian Edelman's SB catch. and David Tyree's catch should be here.

Автор dante ciampanelli ( назад)
Dez caught it and deflate gate is not real

Автор Ramon Arturo ( назад)
my friend has bad luck

Автор nuknuknuk111 ( назад)
3:09 HE DID WHAT??!??

Автор Turner Jensen ( назад)
Now you gotta add the Julian edelman catch

Автор Mr Ace ( назад)
Number 4 is concentration

Автор Morgan Wesley Hart ( назад)
I will continue to argue Martavis Bryant's catch as being better than OBJ's. The concentration, awareness, and athletic ability combined is remarkable.

Автор Preston Schroeder ( назад)
Boiii you need to fix your intro

Автор Mick and Mac Flip ( назад)
Lol about to get triggered by the list until I saw NFL. There are so many good ones in college lol.

Автор 0909landon ( назад)
That was awesome

Автор fruity loops ( назад)
I saw your comment on a we are number one video xDDDDD

Автор Eric Smith ( назад)
That catch by Bryant was clean

Автор Gannon Connolly ( назад)
If only you waited two weeks to release this, then you could include the Edelman catch during the superbowl.

Автор GamesGamer ( назад)
Hey what happened with Julian Edelman

Автор A And I ( назад)
3:19 I'm dead 💀😂😂😂😂😂

Автор pokefan battle ( назад)
Where is santonio Holmes?

Автор Jak Dominic ( назад)
Edelmen 100 out of 100

Автор Gregory Brooks ( назад)
Who else clicked here for the thumbnail

Автор Ryan Starczewski ( назад)
Add Edelman haha

Автор OodlesOfSpoodles ( назад)
that one in the super bowl was pretty crazy

Автор Jaelen Scott ( назад)
Bro these are actual catches they're not flukes

Автор BRIAN LEE ( назад)
Lemme guess... the Antonio Freeman catch is here.

Автор 2016882 ( назад)
4 was out of bonus he just got al lucky call

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
#2 was just like Edelman catch in the Superbowl anyone else see that

Автор chicagocubs10601 ( назад)
I think someone doesn't understand how to use the word "fluke"

Автор Danny Trujillo ( назад)
What's the song in the end

Автор jacoby Jones ( назад)
#4 was not a fluke the person who made the video just mad cause he doesn't have any alethism

Автор Alex Mendoza ( назад)
Odell is stupid

Автор CrossFit Savior ( назад)
Look at 2:39 top left corner. Girl in the red. Her face reaction 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор TheBrandimarie75 ( назад)

Автор Kepler 22b ( назад)

Автор T.Ø.P. Migraine ( назад)
"HE DID WHAT" are we sure that wasn't lance stewart

Автор Gianluca Iannantuono ( назад)
you should definitely add edleman's catch in the superbowl.

Автор Greg Martin ( назад)
This video already needed to be updated 1 week after it was posted.

Автор ProdigyMate ( назад)
What is the outro song?

Автор The Legacy squad ( назад)
nice video

Автор GOLDEN Sn1pa ( назад)
I think edelmans super bow 51 catch deserves to be in here

Автор Qwerty qwerty ( назад)
I think the list needs an update

Автор Zach Davis ( назад)
HH Do you remember me? By the way you've gained so many subscribers👍👍👍

Автор Calbenmike ( назад)
David Tyree's Super Bowl helmet catch should've been on this list.

Автор TwP_ DeAd_EyE ( назад)
#5- He had great awareness to real in the ball or save it.
#4- I have no comment. (Don't think it was a catch.)
#3- Just hoped Seattle would win.
#2- Nice catch.
#1- Okay catch

Автор Adrian Davila ( назад)
dude these are not flukes there just badass catches

Автор Hudson Podvin ( назад)
i am lonely

Автор chygabe ( назад)
you have a good day to get

Автор Dhruv Mamgain ( назад)
1:10 Bryant could have just regularly caught it

Автор pony plushies ( назад)
Thumbs down for the ad

Автор Sydicate PvP ( назад)
This is why they are pros

Автор Ernest Bywater ( назад)
I love number 2 - white 25 is in a position to hold the player with the ball on the ground, but he's so busy showing the world how great he is in breaking up the play that the guy gets up to make a touch down. I LOVE see a gloating showboat get his comeuppance.

Автор BHsoFunny ( назад)
You're missing that helmet catch in the superbowl

Автор EnderFrost - Minecraft and More ( назад)
go kearse

Автор Pewtro mewMan ( назад)
Too early

Автор Bonkers Crayon60 ( назад)
Wait wait wait, Which team has made it 2 times in the top 5 fluke catches? Thats right! The steelers! #HereWeGo

Автор Vincent Batten ( назад)
We're tf is the oddel catch it was complete luck😂😂

Автор M3mes Factions And More ( назад)
0:53 That nigga tried to slap it XDDDDD

Автор Jerry Richards ( назад)
1:50 are my eyes tricking me or does he just happens to also have kobe Bryant's last name!

Автор Savage Puma ( назад)
How is fez Bryant's playoff catch not a catch this is bullshit

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