Top 5 Fluke Catches in NFL History

The top 5 fluke catches in NFL history:

5. Gary Barnidge
4. Martavis Bryant
3. Jermaine Kearse
2. Antonio Freeman
1. Franco Harris (Immaculate Reception)

This list is my opinion. Don't get triggered. Also by fluke, I don't mean lucky, I mean an unusual type catch. For example, Martavis Bryant's catch wasn't lucky, but it was still a fluke because it was unusual.

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Автор Highlight Heaven ( назад)
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Автор Eric Smith ( назад)
That catch by Bryant was clean

Автор Gannon Connolly ( назад)
If only you waited two weeks to release this, then you could include the Edelman catch during the superbowl.

Автор GamesGamer ( назад)
Hey what happened with Julian Edelman

Автор A And I ( назад)
3:19 I'm dead 💀😂😂😂😂😂

Автор pokefan battle ( назад)
Where is santonio Holmes?

Автор Jak Dominic ( назад)
Edelmen 100 out of 100

Автор Gregory Brooks ( назад)
Who else clicked here for the thumbnail

Автор Ryan Starczewski ( назад)
Add Edelman haha

Автор OodlesOfSpoodles ( назад)
that one in the super bowl was pretty crazy

Автор Jaelen Scott ( назад)
Bro these are actual catches they're not flukes

Автор BRIAN LEE ( назад)
Lemme guess... the Antonio Freeman catch is here.

Автор 2016882 ( назад)
4 was out of bonus he just got al lucky call

Автор ITS ME SK8GAWD ( назад)
#2 was just like Edelman catch in the Superbowl anyone else see that

Автор chicagocubs10601 ( назад)
I think someone doesn't understand how to use the word "fluke"

Автор Gabriel Dorsey ( назад)

Автор Danny Trujillo ( назад)
What's the song in the end

Автор jacoby Jones ( назад)
#4 was not a fluke the person who made the video just mad cause he doesn't have any alethism

Автор Alex Mendoza ( назад)
Odell is stupid

Автор CrossFit Savior ( назад)
Look at 2:39 top left corner. Girl in the red. Her face reaction 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор TheBrandimarie75 ( назад)

Автор Kepler 22b ( назад)

Автор T.Ø.P. Migraine ( назад)
"HE DID WHAT" are we sure that wasn't lance stewart

Автор Gianluca Iannantuono ( назад)
you should definitely add edleman's catch in the superbowl.

Автор Greg Martin ( назад)
This video already needed to be updated 1 week after it was posted.

Автор ProdigyMate ( назад)
What is the outro song?

Автор The Legacy squad ( назад)
nice video

Автор GOLDEN Sn1pa ( назад)
I think edelmans super bow 51 catch deserves to be in here

Автор Qwerty qwerty ( назад)
I think the list needs an update

Автор Zach Davis ( назад)
HH Do you remember me? By the way you've gained so many subscribers👍👍👍

Автор Calbenmike ( назад)
David Tyree's Super Bowl helmet catch should've been on this list.

Автор TwP_ DeAd_EyE ( назад)
#5- He had great awareness to real in the ball or save it.
#4- I have no comment. (Don't think it was a catch.)
#3- Just hoped Seattle would win.
#2- Nice catch.
#1- Okay catch

Автор Adrian Davila ( назад)
dude these are not flukes there just badass catches

Автор Hudson Podvin ( назад)
i am lonely

Автор chygabe ( назад)
you have a good day to get

Автор Dhruv Mamgain ( назад)
1:10 Bryant could have just regularly caught it

Автор pony plushies ( назад)
Thumbs down for the ad

Автор Sydicate PvP ( назад)
This is why they are pros

Автор Ernest Bywater ( назад)
I love number 2 - white 25 is in a position to hold the player with the ball on the ground, but he's so busy showing the world how great he is in breaking up the play that the guy gets up to make a touch down. I LOVE see a gloating showboat get his comeuppance.

Автор BHsoFunny ( назад)
You're missing that helmet catch in the superbowl

Автор Cool Creeper Gaming ( назад)
go kearse

Автор Pewtro mewMan ( назад)
Too early

Автор Bonkers Crayon60 ( назад)
Wait wait wait, Which team has made it 2 times in the top 5 fluke catches? Thats right! The steelers! #HereWeGo

Автор Vincent Batten ( назад)
We're tf is the oddel catch it was complete luck😂😂

Автор M3mes Factions And More ( назад)
0:53 That nigga tried to slap it XDDDDD

Автор Jerry Richards ( назад)
1:50 are my eyes tricking me or does he just happens to also have kobe Bryant's last name!

Автор Savage Puma ( назад)
How is fez Bryant's playoff catch not a catch this is bullshit

Автор Bub Millskills ( назад)
Do the new julian Edelman catch

Автор SeattleCurry30 ( назад)
Highlight Heaven you are dumb these are not fluke catches they just had great concentration. You are just saying that because you cant catch anything

Автор Jlink922 ( назад)
I framed-by-framed the 1st catch, should've been no good.

Автор Evarex656 ( назад)
love them or hate them. the pittsburgh steelers will go down as one of the greatest teams in the history of the NFL

Автор Bob Scanlon ( назад)
Like if you love the steelers

Автор Tony Antonakas ( назад)
Need to update this and add Edelman's catch from last night that helped saved the SB for New England

Автор gaming worm ( назад)
your wellcome

Автор gaming worm ( назад)
i love you'r vids :0

Автор Joe Pinapple ( назад)
Got a new one for the list tonight

Автор Ryan Epic ( назад)
Lots of Pittsburgh I like it

Автор bukowski20 ( назад)
Catch #2 was not a catch.

Автор AceBase ( назад)
My potato died😢😢😢
1like=1 potato
3 subscribers= 3 potato😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Автор ale beltran ( назад)
faltó la de Julian edelman 😉

Автор AMUR1CA ( назад)
Time to add the Falcons foot Edelman superbowl 51 catch

Автор Bryan Neideffer ( назад)
I don't get it how can 163 not like this? Bowling tennis fans?

Автор Prost Dudes ( назад)
I have 2 admit that was the best browns play I've ever seen.

Автор YouTube Account ( назад)
Pete Carroll - that's I nice catch ya made there... sure would be a shame if someone... FUCKED IT ALL UP!

Автор SanzScript ( назад)
nice video

Автор Kris Joseph ( назад)
Never seen #2 before, glad you showed it to me

Автор Jason Borysewicz ( назад)

Автор Fat Boyz ( назад)
#1 was crazy

Автор Teylen Koy ( назад)
I love the video so cool and your videos I'm you biggest fan

Автор Dylon Gordo ( назад)
what song is that at the end

Автор Dan Darlak ( назад)
Plot twist: They didn't catch the ball, the ball caught them

Автор Colton Jackson ( назад)
Where is Odell 3 finger catch

Автор RUBELIO ( назад)

Автор alim karmali ( назад)
What's the outro song please?

Автор Lets Get High With Rondo! ( назад)
anyone else find it hilarious when the commentators go ape shit

Автор Matthew Bruno ( назад)
Martavyus bryant did not make a fluke catch he squeezed it against leg to keep possession that was all skill and no luck

Автор Recalledzeus89 ( назад)
#4 #2 and #1 are the best catches

Автор ramps4squirrels ( назад)
No Tyree catch lol

Автор The Eight Five Nine ( назад)
Love the thumbnail. We got ripped in that playoff game against the Steelers. He only got control of it once both feet were in the air. Don't get me wrong it was a nice and phenomenal control and talent. So much stuff happened in that game it was disgusting to even watch but exciting at the same time.

Автор shirley baker ( назад)
ha #3 thogh

Автор Eric ( назад)
Anyone else get the live.me ad😍😍

Автор ThE DIDDL3R ( назад)
the last one is the best! the immaculate reception

Автор Steven Fox ( назад)
how is number 2 a fluke?

Автор 2JShorty4 ( назад)
Your my favorite person who uploads football keep up the good work

Автор Morgan Locke ( назад)
what bout David Tyree? the helmet catch

Автор Spamus ( назад)
Helmet Catch?

Автор Nathan Gilkey ( назад)
cowboys win the 2017 super bowl

Автор gentlebeast95 ( назад)
Where's Kenny Britt vs Detroit???

Автор Seth Balskey ( назад)
3 times it was in the Afc North

Автор logan elliott ( назад)
I'm not even a steelers fan and the Franco Harris catch gives me goosebumps

Автор Oliver Meyer ( назад)
So good

Автор Oliver Meyer ( назад)
I can do that

Автор Hidan ( назад)
#4 is the most acrobatic play I've ever seen

Автор REKT BehelDozer ( назад)
The Imaculate reception

Автор G money Vlogs ( назад)
You forgot obj catch

Автор Cj Gabner ( назад)
at 3:19 that reaction is priceless. he was hype

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