How to replace a ballcock washer

Graeme Hawkins of Hawkins Plumbing Ltd shows you how to replace a brass ballcock washer, usually found in supply tanks


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Автор cumberland1234 ( назад)
Thanks, great explaination

Автор 7john7able ( назад)
very good explanation. I'll probably make a mess of it but there ya go

Автор nastyears59 ( назад)
Very helpful, thanks 

Автор Steven Peters ( назад)
Thanks Graeme. Big improvement with new washer, although the old one looked
fine - but was a lot harder and less supple than the one I put in.
However I still have a very slight leak into the bowl. I couldnt get the
seat unscrewed as apparently older ones are brass, and tend to weld
together. Assuming its not the seat (although it may be) , could it be
something else? 

Автор modd1uk ( назад)
Very handy video, just done mine today..however it still leaks :(. Think it
may be something inside the assembly, going to take it off and have a look,
failing that i will just buy a new ballcock valve assembly and fit that.

Автор Gerard Canavan ( назад)
Thanks a lot.Simply a great demo.. regards Gerry Canavan Dublin .

Автор Ben Hall-Evans ( назад)
Thankyou nice straight forward guide just what I was looking for.

Автор Chevy Levy ( назад)
need to zoom camera in. couldnt see

Автор invernesseck ( назад)
Thanks guys, all the way from Bonnie Scotland!- it's ages since I've done
one so the visual referesher was really useful-on my target list for this
weekend Cheers Eck

Автор ArmadaTron210 ( назад)
Very clear advice... hope I can manage to sort my overflow dripping
problem, when I get the courage up to go up into that loft..><. Thank you
for your generosity in sharing your knowledge

Автор Last Cassette ( назад)
great video many thanks Mr Hawkins you answered all my questions on this in
one go. thanks also for showing the seat in the joint. i reckon that may
also be a problem for me so can now fix it. cheers much appreciated PJ

Автор viennasix9 ( назад)
i cant get the nuts undone tho 8-( now there's a phrase........my cistern
is about 100 yrs old and all original bar the float it seems buy shares in
wd40! Ive used gallons of it

Автор hawkinsplumbing ( назад)
@viennasix9 Glad to be of service.

Автор hawkinsplumbing ( назад)
@stewyofdunners Great to hear that it all went well.

Автор viennasix9 ( назад)
you sir are a total star and have saved my sanity

Автор Stewart Stevens ( назад)
I found the end cap difficult to remove. Ended up taking the whole valve
off the pipe and putting it in a vice with a spray of wd40. Got it all
going again but had to use some rubbery tape I had lying around as I had no
plumbers tape. Should have rinsed it out well in a bucket first as I got
some rusty stuff in my tank when I put the cold water back on.

Автор Stewart Stevens ( назад)
Thanks from Dunedin, NZ! I'm going to give it a go! :-)

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