Locke's Theme from Final Fantasy 6-Orchestrated

This is an orchestrated remix of Locke's Theme from Final Fantasy 6 that I made. Commission done for yugiohfan555.

Deviantartist: http://nether83.deviantart.com/art/Locke-Cole-48182960

Просмотров: 74217
Длительность: 4:35
Комментарии: 92

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Автор Lorenzo Antenucci ( назад)
I've played to ff6 but I remember for FF Record Keeper.

Автор Muhan C.A. ( назад)
He is a treasure hunter, don't forget that.

Автор Drakkona123 ( назад)
Uematsu didn't leave! He just composed the entire soundtrack of Final
Fantasy XIV!

Автор Megamando ( назад)
Or maybe he said "It's a little large, but he didn't charge"! And by that I
mean yes

Автор CyanPrime ( назад)
Didn't Locke say that before saving Celes? :>

Автор Kujakuseki01 ( назад)
AAARUGUURUGH YES! One of my favorite goddamn songs. When this theme plays
when he's saving Celes, it is PHENOMENAL!

Автор Megamando ( назад)
"It's a little tight, but the price was right"!

Автор Brooklyn1 ( назад)
ive always like his theme

Автор Viper Romani ( назад)
Some people bash that cause either they never used it before or they have
used it and don't understand it so they give up. I've used it once before
long ago ain't a bad program.

Автор MikeRoePhonicsMusic ( назад)
youtube-mp3 (add a " . " then "org") YouTube to mp3 Converter

Автор Adam Silver ( назад)
This is the song playing in my head at all times... 

Автор Nionivek ( назад)
Womanizing king with his own flying castle and talking moogle who can
plunge you into Hades with a nice little jig.

Автор Locke Cole ( назад)
What's uninteresting about a treasure hunter whose seen the world? Sounds
like a much better character than a womanizing king, or a talking moogle.

Автор Nionivek ( назад)
Locke is interesting in that he is often entirely forgotten about in the
game inspite actually getting quite a bit of face time. Something about him
must be completely forgettable. It is probably because he is the least
interesting of all the characters.

Автор RafiaLunedi ( назад)
Nice theme when I played the game (like six years ago -_-) I didn't notice
this was Lock's theme, till my sister told me :P

Автор MasterAsra (465 лет назад)
I think his song was Figaro.

Автор LegendMachine ( назад)
Arfenhouse ruined this song for me.

Автор XNewDefectX ( назад)
watch?v=U92ySHOBJxM Hmmmmm

Автор Belmont ( назад)
>the horrible games sprouted from RPG Maker >sprouted from RPG Maker >from
I've seen many scripters who've made incredible engines and GUIs. I am
simply pointing out the logic in that making 2d low bit sprites the one
defining trait for excellence in videogames, or in this case, RPGs. The
platform itself is too open to even put down. That's like complaining about
Minecraft being too boring when people don't have any creative ideas to do
with it.

Автор Belmont ( назад)
If it it's not a sprite, it's not right.... (looks at allllllllll the
horrible games sprouted from RPG maker) You get my point. It's all about
production quality. And ever since Mister Uematsu left, the feel for these
games were never quite the same. and a new generation became less in touch
with their purist emotions expressed in his compositions.

Автор Althalus2010 ( назад)

Автор Althalus2010 ( назад)
Ah... an elitist gamer. I have nothing wrong with you liking old classics,
I do, but why do you people insist that no games past the
SNES/Genesis/MegaDrive/Famicom era are capable of being good? Gaming didn't
start out with sprites, it started out with pixels i.e. Pong ant the Atari
2600. Then it evolved to sprites, then to models and environments. I do not
like elitists.

Автор AvailableNameForMe ( назад)
is it only me, or does "set of balls" sound pretty wrong here...

Автор dgrandlp ( назад)
Ya know I always pronounced his name as "LOKI" and I don't regret it a
single bit!

Автор 14 ball ( назад)
In game description: "A man armed with only a knife and a set of balls, he
will fight to the death for his comrades. Just don't call him a thief"

Автор TheOnlyJimboJones ( назад)
is it possible to make a midi on finale, then paste it into fl studio and
edit the instruments?

Автор TheOnlyJimboJones ( назад)
how do you make music with this quality? finale sounds like crap at

Автор kuponut26 ( назад)
I always thought Locke was so sexy! X3

Автор bambataa4ever ( назад)
el Ladron !!!

Автор garrywarne1 ( назад)
Locke gave me life, liberty and property, and my copy of FFVI is my
property! Thank you Locke, for allowing me to play the role of Locke.

Автор David S. ( назад)
Locke was THE man...game sprite....thing. -.-

Автор nisenazo ( назад)
This is beautiful! Never in my imagination did I think I would hear this

Автор setzer3333 ( назад)
"Treasure Hunter and trail-worn traveler, searching the world over for
relics of the past..."

Автор Lauren the Flute ( назад)
I want this to be my phone ringtone. It's a great song, and your
arrangement is awesome. True to the original, but with a little extra punch
to it. :)

Автор Sir Renoko ( назад)
He.... looks so grumpy!

Автор Cid Alderlaine ( назад)
Locke, for only Treasure Hunters Pillage his Enermies of their precious

Автор Jean-Philippe Duclos ( назад)
Kefka hate him because he jump off Figaro Castle on a chocobo so he create
3 accounts for dislike

Автор SamLazer ( назад)
Dude you're a G E N I U S!

Автор LockeThomasStaley ( назад)
Locke is my favorite character from the entire Final Fantasy series... he
is so lively!

Автор MrChenrezi ( назад)
"Yeah, I got a Brigand's Glove, which lets me use Mug. It's very useful
for... treasure hunting."

Автор Dan Silvia ( назад)
@Potatoslice I troll sometimes. You mad bro?

Автор 1Adarasan ( назад)
You're not cookin' with a whole potato are you?

Автор mikaleon (1002 года назад)

Автор Sammy ( назад)

Автор Mavis ( назад)
@Potatoslice guess you'd have to start with yourself then

Автор Vyse195 ( назад)
I love Lockes theme Locke is also my favorite charter in Final Fantasy 6
and Final Fantasy 6 is my second favorite final fantasy right behind Final
Fantasy 4

Автор Potatoslice ( назад)
if i was hitler i would just kill every1 who used the word "troll" and the
phrase "you mad bro"

Автор Nashmau ( назад)
@danyetman Called it. You're such an insecure manchild that you can't even
address an argument.

Автор Nashmau ( назад)
@danyetman Why do you kids call troll at everything that makes you mad?
TheRonin5 made a statement of fact, and you got mad. How does that make him
a troll? You're probably going to accuse me of being a troll as well so
that you can dismiss my point without coming up with a logical response.

Автор Dj_Ezhel ( назад)
@Luxai agreed

Автор Luxai ( назад)
@DjEzhel88 Don't feed them bro.

Автор Dj_Ezhel ( назад)
@TheRonin5 i dont know wat you two are bitching about but you two lil
bitches (pun intended) best enjoy the music and thats that.... internet
fighting only gets you one thing, and that thing is not getting laid ;)

Автор Luxai ( назад)
Shut up down there, kids. Enjoy one of the best adventure themes ever,

Автор whatever678 ( назад)
@thepsynergist oh ok i will

Автор whatever678 ( назад)
@thepsynergist upgrade your sample library! change the velocities and don't
quantize everything! that's why he said it sounds straight from the game.

Автор JVandyy ( назад)
straight from the game?? if u think the snes can support this type of
audio, ur out of ur mind. lol

Автор JB Sanchez ( назад)
nice tune but a let down.... I was looking for a full orchestra...... :(

Автор Mastermind122288 ( назад)
@ConenTyrson1 You do realize Final Fantasy 7 through 9 are 32 bit, right?

Автор Mastermind122288 ( назад)
@ConenTyrson1 You do realize the 3d models in Final Fantasy 7 through 9 are
considered sprites, right?

Автор João Le Peixe -q ( назад)
Locke is da man

Автор Christopher Ray ( назад)
Is it just me, or does Locke look like Corey Feldman in that picture?

Автор Patchouli Knowledge (791 год назад)
vote: locke for disidia =3 i love locke is my favorite character and the
best line: i am NOT a thief...i am a treasure hunter LOL!!!!

Автор sonniski3z (Sonia Anastasia) ( назад)
Two Master's Scrolls, a Genji Glove and a set of Atma Weapons. 79,992
damage each turn. ^^ 

Автор selami32 ( назад)
he's not a thief, he's a treasure hunter.

Автор Bravest Epoch ( назад)
sooo upliving ^^

Автор King Lemmiwinks ( назад)
@81kamill u mad cuz u cnt drah as gud

Автор Rinpoo ( назад)
I love Locke. He is the only Final Fantasy character in history with the
title "Adventurer." That is why he is allowed to equip heavy armors and
godly weapons! The developers made it this way out of fear that if he was
given the title "thief" their lungs would be ripped out.

Автор Silver Garmore ( назад)
@SaitoKojima oh yeah. One of my favorite characters in -anything-. Great
hero, for sure.

Автор SaitoKojima ( назад)
@PunkTheBrad Wimpy? Pfft, Locke's as badass as they come! XD

Автор Josh Gallant ( назад)
@redteasoda Zidane was more like the queer Locke. Chronologically speaking.

Автор chaff5 ( назад)
@alpha5romeo You're thinking of when they defended Terra. Mog's them is
more upbeat and almost Techno. 

Автор Laurelindo ( назад)
Imagine hearing this from a bankrobber or something. "Put your hands up!"
"What?! You thief!" "I'm a TREASURE HUNTER! *shoots in the air*" XD

Автор Dracula9AntiChapel ( назад)
@alpha5romeo no, in the beginning, it's for Locke, because he's the one who
goes and saves Terra

Автор El Bandito ( назад)
Locke makes thieves be proud of their profession. =D Err, I meant TREASURE

Автор Whitemage Serenia ( назад)
I think he means the other moogles aside from Mog. Because "Locke's Theme"
is playing when you meant them at the start of the game when he goes to
save Terra. But yes Mog himself's theme is different, but for the other
moogles I guess Locke's theme could count as there theme too I suppose

Автор Retrofiuter ( назад)
aaah, you mean Gogo, Umaro and Quina, right? :D

Автор nos111790 ( назад)
Locke is by far my favorite Final Fantasy character in my favorite Final
Fantasy game.

Автор Petros Ioannou (PetrosOfSparta) ( назад)
This was incredible dude. I love Locke's theme, That was something I really
enjoyed about FFVI was that despite the huge number of characters, everyone
had something to put forward in terms of story. Kinda like FFIX in that

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