Changing Colors & Drawing in Yarn Tails As You Go

Supplemental video to my how to crochet series. How to add a new color and my method on how to draw in the tails while forming the stitches.

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Автор Pilar Lacuesta Cargentey ( назад)
tutoriales. perdón

Автор Pilar Lacuesta Cargentey ( назад)
cuanto lamento no saber hablar inglés pues así no entiendo los tumorales.
Sólo hablo español y catalán

Автор Liliam Peña ( назад)
excelentes videos

Автор SHINE Inc. ( назад)
This is the best tail hiding I've ever seen. <3 Thank you

Автор Diane Reid-Lapointe ( назад)
Thank you very much, I never crochet granny squares unless I don't have to
change colours but I love your method and will give it a try looks easy and

Автор sfwench ( назад)
I love this! Do you have a similar way to manage the ending tail from the
previous round? Or is this method just cutting down the number of tails by
half (assuming a multicolor granny)? Half is good, just wondering.

Автор Janice Evalt ( назад)
Very helpful! It took me 4 years to crochet a huge afghan that looked good
until I washed it. Then all the squares started to unravel because I
didn't know how to properly tuck in tails. Now I know what to do. Thank

Автор D Wyatt (AudreyJean) ( назад)
this is probably the best how to tip I have ever found for crochet. Thank
you very much. I use this method for all of my work.

Автор Mary Coutts ( назад)
Thank you for the lovely clear video. I too think this gives a stronger
join than I achieve with a needle. I've found it just in time. I have just
started a 'Granny's a square' blanket (Ravelry) and was dreading having to
sew in all the ends!

Автор Mari Leyva ( назад)
I loved this video!!! I have never seen this done like this before way
better than using a needle and weaving it in . I dreaded having to weave in
tails, this method is so much easier THANK YOU

Автор Cathleen Reese ( назад)
Wow, I'm stunned!! This is going to make my crochet work soooooooooo much
better with your lesson here, tytyty. Thank you so much, you rock!!! Happy

Автор Vicky Waters ( назад)
Ingenious! It certainly weaves in the ends better than I would with a
needle, lol. I am using this on a double crochet project now (not a granny
square) and it working out great. I hope to incorporate the idea in all my
color changing. Thank you!

Автор Julee Montoya ( назад)
Hi Beth, love all your video's and have learned so much. Does this method
work well? I made a blanket and did the crochet over my tails and it began
to unravel, so does this method seem solid for a granny square blanket? I
would like to hear your experience so far? Thx

Автор SewardWriter ( назад)
This is utterly brilliant, and very well presented. Thank you so much! 

Автор anita van staveren ( назад)
Thank you bethinx1 you i can do granny,s now,yesssss.
Greetigs from Holland 

Автор Megara211 ( назад)
I have never seen anyone else do this before. I'm so glad to know I'm not
alone. I think this method hides the tail better than any other method,
some of the stitches are a tiny bit thicker but not that much. And the tail
never comes out completely. 

Автор Penelope K ( назад)
I've looked at a few videos on how to do this but think this is the best
method and will be using it in future.

Автор lisa enns ( назад)
Thank you!! I just tried this now and IT WORKS AMAZING! What a great Tip to
share with others :-)
I will be using this method to weave in my granny ends from now on! GREAT
TIP !!!

Автор lisa enns ( назад)
Your video realllly made me happy!
Smart trick!!!!! Thanks :-)

Автор Lynn Flatley ( назад)
Genius, thank you! 

Автор Diana Oliver ( назад)
I haven't viewed all of your videos but I hope you still check back here
for questions and comments. Could you please add videos for fixing
mistakes? I have finished my first blanket (I'm a newbie) and I have
slanted edges. I've searched and searched but came up empty-handed. Some
are way off. Help!

Автор Joanna Joseph ( назад)
Such a nifty way of truly securing the yarn without knots or needles--thank
you so much!

Автор MD De Montigny ( назад)
Thank you, your explanation in slow mo in the 1st video is amazing, the
watching the video all the way through first helped, thank you, now I will
try to make my first granny square. Continue the Great work.

Автор Barry Gilpin ( назад)
I've been trying to change colours for ages and it never looked right. This
video is the answer. Thank you so much.

Автор amy dean ( назад)
I have to thank you! I have gone thru so many videos and your was the first
group that went slow enough that I was able to keep up!

Автор Island Tina ( назад)
Thank you so much for this video!

Автор gigii1969 ( назад)
thank you so much...you"re a genius!..that was so helpful...what a
brilliant method..thanks again!

Автор The90SecondMom ( назад)
Yes! thank you, this is exactly what I've been looking for. Brilliant!!

Автор luckykelso ( назад)
Awesome, I have been doing granny squares in one color to avoid tails, this
will make it neater,easier,quicker. Thank you. I was including tail in
stitching with regular pattern stitches, but I do not think it is as secure
as your method. 

Автор TheCrochetCase ( назад)
That is fantastic Beth! Thank you!

Автор christine fortier ( назад)
Very informative video, thank you for sharing this it will certainly save
the dreaded sewing in the tails at the end. You are a wonderful teacher
with your easy to follow and understand videos. This is by far the best
method of weaving in the tails I have ever seen.

Автор gaberowan2011 ( назад)
Love this really great help and time saver! Thank you you are a great

Автор rose fragale ( назад)
Great idea

Автор CURIOUSSERA ( назад)
This is the best method I've seen so far ! Thank you !!!!!!!!

Автор Knittyneeds ( назад)
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013. Learnt something new again. I am a total beginner to
crochet. Love every video. Thanks for sharing and caring. xxx

Автор Sarah D ( назад)
Thank you for these videos. I have just finished my first Granny square and
am looking forward to trying some new granny square techniques!

Автор Karen Snyder (1050 лет назад)
I love this method.....THANK U BETH.....never too old to learn something

Автор Shayla Lee ( назад)
That's not the method for changing colors that I was taught, but this looks
so much better. Too bad I found this over halfway through making this
granny blanket. ._. next time! 

Автор Jamie Theobald (1931 год назад)
I wanted to thank you for your video's! I am fairly new to crochet and have
no one to show me how to do many patterns. I can't read a pattern to save
my life but to watch your how to video's I am able to do more then just
straight lined blankets now!!!

Автор LittleMissJennifer84 ( назад)
Thank you Beth I've been looking for the perfect way to carry the old
colour and secure it too lol thanks!

Автор Fire-Eyes Roth ( назад)
thanks...you rock....this will be a big help in future projects and makes
so much sense I am ki8cking myself for not thinking of it......

Автор patrice hoff ( назад)
Thank You Beth! I love the way your mind works :) Even though you posted
this video in '09 it's like you're reading my mind & giving instruction
just for me, in All of your videos. hahaha!~ Have a great day!

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
@kwackymacky you weave it in as you go like I show here, or you use a large
eyed tapestry needle and hide it in the stitches. 

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
@kwackymacky determine which side you want to be the front of the square.
Be sure to hold the yarn to the back each time the color changes. I usually
make the right side of the center the right side of the square. 

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
@kwackymacky you can. the carried yarn will show on the back. 

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
@stockinettestitch you can start anywhere. 

Автор stockinettestitch ( назад)
Did it matter where you began in the blue square? (Could you have started
on any side or in the corners?) Thanks.

Автор boddokito ( назад)

Автор BrontyMaddox ( назад)
Thank you so much for your video's I never learned to yarn because my mom
passed away before she could teach me but this gives me a great start! 

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
@catlynn1964 You do the same as when you add in a new yarn. See the video
entitled: Changing colors & adding new yarn. The DC tutorial begins at
2:57. I will place it on this video as a video response.

Автор YourAnonymityMadeYouHeartless ( назад)
any other 21 year old straight males watching this?

Автор Smishy McSmisherton ( назад)
i absolutely love your videos so far. i have been tying knots in my yarn
and it always shows out like a flashing sign. Thanks so much.

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
@lolytte90 You can do the same technique for rows. 

Автор Nicole Brown ( назад)
whats the method for doing this in rows?

Автор Nicole Brown ( назад)
does this work on a straight pattern such as a scarf?

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
@MrPicStuff Absolutely you can! You can make a bunch of small squares & sew
them together! It's very kitschy! You can do a Google search for free
patterns Granny square sweater, granny square hat, etc.

Автор Margaret Zagorski ( назад)
I totally understand . . . and that's as it should be . . . if you have
patterns that reflect this "diagonal" thinggy, perhaps you can see how I am
so confused by the written instructions . . . or perhaps maybe I am just a
'ditz'; anyway, thank you again

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
I have an old book here with a lot of granny square patterns with half-&
half diagonal blocks. I may get to this soon. I don't know why I did not
think of these when I did the whole granny series. I wish I had more time
to film & edit more videos, but "real life" gets in the way!

Автор Margaret Zagorski ( назад)
thanks . . . but all efforts to see a video are letting me down . . . have
found some other written instructions but this old brain just cannot grasp
it . . . perhaps my Santa blankie will have to wait until Christmas '11 or
'12 . . . oh well, thanks anyway . . . I do appreciate your efforts . . .
love your videos

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
Okay. I Googled it. It looks as if you make several squares of different
colors and then there are squares that are half one color and half the
other. I have several books that use half-squares. I'll have to search them
out and figure it out. Another source for help would be Ravelry.com. If you
have seen the video I uploaded Wednesday, there is a link in the
description. I've got a long list of videos to make and it may be a long
time before getting to do one to answer your question. 

Автор Margaret Zagorski ( назад)
Book Title: Christmas in Crochet, 58 Projects for Christmas Pattern:
Roly-Poly Santa blanket on Page 50 Edited by: Connie Ellison Publishers:
House of White Burches The split colours are used on what is to appear as
'rounded' areas of Santa's body and I guess this really only makes sense
when you can see what it looks like . . . thanks

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
@shatzi03 What is the title & author & publisher of the book?

Автор Margaret Zagorski ( назад)
only info I can offer are the instructions in the pattern which is
contained in a book . . . I would guess that this would be too long to
write here, but maybe not . . . please let me know . . . also, if there is
some other way I can send this to you please let me know . . . 

Автор Margaret Zagorski ( назад)
only info I can offer are the instructions in the pattern and I would guess
that this would be too long to write here, but maybe not . . . please let
me know . . . also, if there is some other way I can send this to you
please let me know . . . 

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
@shatzi03 I cannot find the pattern. Can you tell me where it is published?

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
@shatzi03 I'm not sure what you mean by changing colors on the diagonal.
I'll have to look up the pattern and see. 

Автор Margaret Zagorski ( назад)
Can you offer any visual assistance on how to change colors ON THE DIAGONAL
for granny squares . . . I'm making a Santa afghan and no matter how I try
to follow instructions, I get stumped on the second round . . . if I could
see it in motion, I know I would be ok . . . any advice you can offer would
be greatly appreciated . . . thanks

Автор Julianne Meisen ( назад)
I so appreciate you showing how to work the tail in. As other commenters, I
was knotting and working in the tail, I don't like the knot, so I've tried
all kinds of stuff. Being a self-taught crocheter via Youtube, I really
appreciate this! 

Автор bitemyram ( назад)
Brilliant !!! I can't wait to try it. Thank you...

Автор Toni Mcgee ( назад)
Great video,thanks

Автор Debbie Murray ( назад)
Beth~ This is AWESOME, you did a very, very good job of explaining this,
and I'm definitely going to try it. Thanks so much!

Автор SuperNicoole ( назад)
Merci pour cette vidéo. I used this technique since I view it. It is very
util. Thanks. 

Автор grammissy ( назад)
You have made this a whole lot easier for me, now my gifts will look much
better than they did before.

Автор SiriusScientist ( назад)
@Bethintx1 Thanks!!

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
The stitch you describe is the extended single crochet. yes...it is
unusual. Usually you use a double crochet in a granny square. But if it
works, why not?! To double crochet- yarn over, insert hook, draw up a
loop...you should have 3 loops on hook, yarn over, draw through 2 loops,
yarn over draw through 2 loops.

Автор SiriusScientist ( назад)
Thank you for this video! I've been stuck after learning the granny square
a few days ago. This was a big help! I was taught after the yarn over and
pull through to only go through one, then one then two then two to finish
the double crochet, is this an unusual way to granny stitch?

Автор Samantha Carattini ( назад)
Thank you so much for teaching me how to crochet, my mom passed away before
teaching me how to do this. She enjoyed crocheting so much. Again Thank you
and may God bless you with the ability to teach many other women as you did
with me.

Автор boddokito ( назад)
This is soooo GREAT! again THANK YOU! =)

Автор hoboko65 ( назад)
This is SO WONDERFUL! I have been doing a clumsy version of this idea ever
since a granny square afghan I made for my Goddaughter began to unravel
here and there after a few washings. I love using different colors for each
round but have been nervous; now I can change away and breathe easy knowing
the tails will stay put! This is magic--Thank You for posting this!

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
I know what you mean. I used to do that too. Thanks for the lovely

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
You are welcome!

Автор Bethintx1 ( назад)
I have friends who are left handed and it took them longer to master this
right-handed. But think of it this way, you are using both hands! Instead
of inserting the hook, you are placing the piece over the hook. Move the
yarn instead of the hook. It might help.

Автор LYDISANC21 ( назад)
I love the colors together! Love it. Still learning, but its hard because I
am left handed. :-(

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