Pintail Longboards Built by Original Skateboards

The crew from the Original longboard shop heads out to finish summer of right while showing off the four new Pintail 37, Pintail 40, Pintail 43 and Pintail 46 longboards. The Pintails are dropped low and designed for all around performance at an easily affordable price ($169 - $199 complete). http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards/pintail-40-longboard

Board Art by surf artist Jay Alders.
Check out the just released Pintail 43: http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards

Also check out more art by Jay Alders: http://www.jayalders.com

The Pintail 43 ($189 USD) is available online. The Pintail 37 ($169), Pintail 40 ($179) and monster Pintail 46 ($199) longboards are set for release over the coming weeks.

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Автор Longboard Stuff& Co. ( назад)
Hey! On my Channel I make longboard: Tutorials, Edits and lot more. It will
Be nice, If you subscribe me. 😀

Автор Cristian 250 ( назад)
looks easy sometime efortlessyl , but in reality it deffinitiely aint that
easy, let me tell you from exprerince onf ripping and shredding on my

Автор Paulo Zaccarias ( назад)
This is my life!

Автор 이승엽 ( назад)

Автор David Cardona ( назад)
hola hestoy haciendo una longboard

Автор Dae ( назад)
damn shitty music

Автор Nugget Biscuit ( назад)
People should try to learn how to slide on a long board it brings so much
more riding options and it opens up a lot of fun possibilities. You only
buy pintails for cruising and you can't slide on them so you can't do as
much compared to other boards.

Автор lais caroline ( назад)

Автор ByteScetch ( назад)
1:17 butt crack lol

Автор Jeanaux Dee ( назад)
← Look

Автор dylan kurrle (TitanFall Gaming) ( назад)
I broke my ankle on a longboard nothing i can do about it, massive pain
when i ride but i love riding so i deal it with.
My doctors yell at me i have osteoporosis and i skate. c:
Longboards might break my bones, but i will never stop.
I'm 19.

Автор Garrett Jacobson ( назад)
This video got me and a large majority of my friends to start doing the
thing I love more than anything almost every day for about 5 years. Thank
you Original :)

Автор Gray oO ( назад)
Вам бы наши дороги ;)

Автор Poland Rap ( назад)
W 1.16 widać jej dupe

Автор Farrah Abraham ( назад)

Автор Ki Demais ( назад)
What's the name of the music

Автор Nartu Fody ( назад)
Can't wait to learn to longboard!

Автор Arel Gomes ( назад)
song ?

Автор Fiona Hart ( назад)

Автор tomas ( назад)
I haven't seen this video in 6 years.
this is what got me into Longboards.
<3 original

Автор Nelson Fluckz ( назад)
crazy amazing. love it.

Автор LA L ( назад)
does any longboard can be used to do this?. I dont know much about them

Автор mario matteo Venturelli ( назад)

Автор NIGHT2PWN ( назад)
this is nice unless you live in florida, flat as fyck

Автор LennyFont ( назад)
mute the video and play some joey badass in the background for a better

Автор The commentator ( назад)
Hi! I have been cruising with penny boards for a long while, and i I wanted
to know whic longboard would be the best for me, I'd sue that mainly to go
downhill and moving around in my local downtown

Автор Diego Wouter ( назад)
Super cool

Автор Gitonga Mwaniki ( назад)
Why do we fall master bruce?

Автор Trinity LeFlore ( назад)
I ordered a 3.95 ft. all black with clear wheels longboard a few days ago
and it came to my doorstep this morning. I've been riding it all day and I
love it!! can't wait to find some fun rodes to crash. any suggestions or
tips about longboarding?

Автор Thiago Henrique ( назад)
simplesmente me Emociono vendo este vídeo, como esse Esporte é bonito

Автор ZLO GoPro ( назад)

Автор Duda Silva Silva ( назад)

Автор Duda Silva Silva ( назад)
It's super amazing

Автор Levi Overweg ( назад)

Автор NikolaTsankarski ( назад)
This is amazing! I've also created a video about longboarding on my
channel. Check it out and tell me what do you think. Peace

Автор NikolaTsankarski ( назад)
Amazing video! I've also created one about longboarding on my channel. If
you would like to see it I'd love to hear some feedback :)

Автор Cullen ( назад)
What's the song ?!!

Автор Kunt Destroyer ( назад)
This video for years has been therapeutic for me. The song is amazing and
the song of the wheels ripping down hill, there's just something so perfect
about the two that's therapeutic.

Автор KurtishLV ( назад)
Hi, guys, I've never skated in my life, so I'm new to this thing, but I
want to buy a longboard or maybe a skateboard ONLY for riding around my
city, just to get from one place to another, the only trick I want to do is
an olly just to get up on the sidwalk, and there are no hills nearby, and
I'm not interested in a pennyboard. I'm around 1.85 and 75kg/ 6.1 and
165lbs. What size board should I get?

Автор 李春 ( назад)

Автор Champloofrek ( назад)
I really wanna get into long boarding but don't know what board to buy! I
don't really live in the city I live in the suburbs and we have really flat
land here so what do y'all think would be a good board? Pintails look more
aesthetic to my eye than drop throughs do but people tell me drop through
are better for flatlands, help is appreciated thanks.

Автор Marcos Vinicius Mohd ( назад)
don McLean?

Автор Pan Gekon ( назад)
Favourite vidoe on THIS channel.

Автор Eric Johnson ( назад)
so a pintail longboard can go down hills pretty good and catch some speed?

Автор Gilson Oliveira ( назад)
Queremos nossa internet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Justine Ivan ( назад)

Автор The Best ( назад)
When you live in the city so there's no hills what so ever and long
boarding is the only thing you do with your life

Автор Astral Goblin ( назад)
Can Skaters/longboarders help a noob out please?

I'm looking to get a longboard or 'cruiser' for commuting to work. I live
in a city so it's all roads. Only thing is I'm not sure if these are
practical for commuting and if they are, which is better? A cruiser or an
actual long board? I skated as a kid and it was my favourite hobby. Im not
looking to do tricks, just a good board to travel around my city that is
faster than walking and a lot more fun.

Can someone help?

Автор Pierre Caron ( назад)
I want a longboard for ride in the city can you help me please?

Автор VH GAMEPLAYS ( назад)
music ?

Автор FreeWayHUN ( назад)

Автор JD juli ( назад)
the song?

Автор JD juli ( назад)
que cancion es?

Автор foreex Gamer ( назад)
as that song is called ?

Автор c pang ( назад)

Автор c pang ( назад)

Автор Vagner Lima ( назад)
Hoje finalmente comprei minha longboard *-* que videozinho incrivel, vou
começar a praticar bastante

Автор Rolling on a Rock ( назад)
I got a pintail when I was 13, and I can happily say this was the BEST
choice. It's such an amazing cruiser. I am saving up for an Apex, but this
board was perfect to learn on. (I'm 18 now, and it's riding like it was
built just a few days ago)

Автор Deivid Gomes ( назад)
qual e o estilo dessa garota ?

Автор ElectroV ( назад)
This was a insperation for me when i was 9, im 13 now and it still is.
Bombing hills with my buddy and rididng :)

Автор Blake Barocsi ( назад)
the sector 9 long board that I recommended name is free ride look it up I
have one

Автор Asher skateboards ( назад)
It is hard to skate with a longboard or its easy tell me please because i
want to buy

Автор Rubén amaya ( назад)
la verdad las patínetas logvort son lo mejor qué las eskates llo tengo mi
apex 40 y la neta es la mejor para mí

Автор lngboarddfrench lng ( назад)
magnifique vidéo! !!venez visiter mon compte insta pour des vidéo et photo
de longboard insta = lngboarddfrench

Автор MrVenooXX ( назад)

Автор Carlos Rodriguez ( назад)
what is the name of the song??? can someone tell me please!!!

Автор Truskawa TV ( назад)
what's dat music ?

Автор Nathan George ( назад)
is there a way to buy just the deck for the 46in?

Автор iRudi ( назад)
I'm about to buy a longboard but my friends don't want go skateboarding...

Автор 솔이솔이 ( назад)

Автор Sanem Y. ( назад)
I want to buy a long board but I dont know which one. Can someone recommend
me? Im 13 and 1.60

pleasee ??!

Автор Kawaii Dog ( назад)
Omg I'm still only 13 and can't wait to save up for the pintail 43''! It
looks like so much fun!!

Автор gui player ( назад)
quero um

Автор TicToc Taco ( назад)
What is this song. It's awesome

Автор KasKas ( назад)
Dear Original.

Please stop making longboards look gay.

a Longboarder.

Автор Jahews ( назад)
Are Longboards or penny's better for cruising? I'm a beginner and wear a
size 8 shoe if that helps. Any information you can give me helps.

Автор Timothy Comer ( назад)
This video always makes me smile

Автор Obi1 Foley ( назад)
what's the song called

Автор Ka rim ( назад)
What makes Longboards good for the road? Wheels?
As i can see nickelboards and longboards have the same wheels.
Please Let Me Know Your Opinion.

Автор Sonypad ( назад)
is a €40 longboard worth it??

Автор Michael Rincones ( назад)
que chevere

Автор Dylan Lostaunau ( назад)
Aww man I wish I had friends that longboard like me. bummer

Автор Jordan N. ( назад)
I have a decent cruiser, but what wheels would you recommend for a

Автор jon D ( назад)

Автор Glaive Beam ( назад)
Vetiver? What?

Автор Mara Martinas ( назад)

Автор ReDRaYDiE 7 ( назад)
What is the song ?

Автор sel tiphan ( назад)
what Song is this?

Автор Emilia G ( назад)
This video is amazing loved it also you inspired me and my friends to start
youtube channel and do more downhill racing. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Автор Ionel. ( назад)
In 2010 ? WHAT THE CAMERA :))))

Автор seomatic lp ( назад)
Anybody who knows where the video was shot?

Автор Anthony Rojas ( назад)
wow those downhills look like heaven! wish we had those out here in nyc.
very satisfying video to watch =)

watching this again... after 6 years.

Автор Stephan Caputa ( назад)
SO many longboarding videos of the west coast and overseas. It's awesome to
see a video in the woods. Makes me feel like I'm there! Where was this
video shot?

Автор MagicalConch89 ( назад)
I rode a longboard for the first time ever today. I think I'm in love. I
hope I can be like you guys someday.

Автор jon Flanagan ( назад)
Good vid, but I'd never go that fast on original trucks, way to much of a
chance of speedwabbles

Автор Sadie-Ann Diaz ( назад)
I bombed one hill without a helmet and no shoes in a tank top and
shorts.... Got stiches and strawberries all over me.... Learned from my
mistakes and now I wear a helmet with jeans and a t-shirt and now I can
bomb any kind hill🤘🏽

Автор 14worldfilm ( назад)
That's some fancy footwork!

Автор Adrian Rodriguez Jr ( назад)
hi I'm 5'4 260lbs and I have my own Long board and looking for a new one
any suggestions

Автор facundo buela ( назад)
eso es electrico

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