Pintail Longboards Built by Original Skateboards

The crew from the Original longboard shop heads out to finish summer of right while showing off the four new Pintail 37, Pintail 40, Pintail 43 and Pintail 46 longboards. The Pintails are dropped low and designed for all around performance at an easily affordable price ($169 - $199 complete). http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards/pintail-40-longboard

Board Art by surf artist Jay Alders.
Check out the just released Pintail 43: http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards

Also check out more art by Jay Alders: http://www.jayalders.com

The Pintail 43 ($189 USD) is available online. The Pintail 37 ($169), Pintail 40 ($179) and monster Pintail 46 ($199) longboards are set for release over the coming weeks.

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Автор Timothy Comer ( назад)
This video always makes me smile

Автор Obi1 Foley ( назад)
what's the song called

Автор Dollie Yvon ( назад)
ɷɷɷɷ Heeeeyyy Friendsssss I Have F0unddddd Workingg Online Hacck visitttt :
- https://twitter.com/JammieJacksits/status/745676378608140290

Автор Dollie Escuriex ( назад)
ɷɷ Heeyy Friendsssss I Have F0undddd W0rikingg Online Hacck visittttt : -

Автор Karim B ( назад)
What makes Longboards good for the road? Wheels?
As i can see nickelboards and longboards have the same wheels.
Please Let Me Know Your Opinion.

Автор Sonypad ( назад)
is a €40 longboard worth it??

Автор Michael Rincones ( назад)
que chevere

Автор Dylan Lostaunau ( назад)
Aww man I wish I had friends that longboard like me. bummer

Автор Antrika ( назад)
I have a decent cruiser, but what wheels would you recommend for a

Автор jon D ( назад)

Автор Glaive Beam ( назад)
Vetiver? What?

Автор Mara Martinas ( назад)

Автор ReDRaYDiE 7 ( назад)
What is the song ?

Автор sel tiphan ( назад)
what Song is this?

Автор Emilia G ( назад)
This video is amazing loved it also you inspired me and my friends to start
youtube channel and do more downhill racing. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Автор Ionel. ( назад)
In 2010 ? WHAT THE CAMERA :))))

Автор seomatic lp ( назад)
Anybody who knows where the video was shot?

Автор Anthony Rojas ( назад)
wow those downhills look like heaven! wish we had those out here in nyc.
very satisfying video to watch =)

watching this again... after 6 years.

Автор Stephan Caputa ( назад)
SO many longboarding videos of the west coast and overseas. It's awesome to
see a video in the woods. Makes me feel like I'm there! Where was this
video shot?

Автор MagicalConch89 ( назад)
I rode a longboard for the first time ever today. I think I'm in love. I
hope I can be like you guys someday.

Автор jon Flanagan ( назад)
Good vid, but I'd never go that fast on original trucks, way to much of a
chance of speedwabbles

Автор Sadie-Ann Diaz ( назад)
I bombed one hill without a helmet and no shoes in a tank top and
shorts.... Got stiches and strawberries all over me.... Learned from my
mistakes and now I wear a helmet with jeans and a t-shirt and now I can
bomb any kind hill🤘🏽

Автор 14worldfilm ( назад)
That's some fancy footwork!

Автор Adrian Rodriguez Jr ( назад)
hi I'm 5'4 260lbs and I have my own Long board and looking for a new one
any suggestions

Автор facundo buela ( назад)
eso es electrico

Автор heberengles001 ( назад)
name the song plz

Автор king twatball ( назад)
Longboarding: Skateboarding for pussies who wear helmets

Автор Ana clara Braga da rocha ( назад)
eu ando e amo

Автор Ana clara Braga da rocha ( назад)

Автор tx898 ( назад)
I love this song!!!!

Автор Jacob Vargas ( назад)
Love the song

Автор Wolf Gaming ( назад)
What are the best wheels for the pintail 37 just for cruising and going

Автор ᄅᄆ:ᄆᄆ ( назад)
Can anyone tell me which is better or recommend 43 or 46 pintail

Автор Thomas Tamsweg ( назад)
what is the song it listen so good

Автор Melanie Stockert ( назад)
Anybody have a recommended pair of gloves for the turns on pavement?

Автор L. ( назад)
How long is the longboard?

Автор UFCRISTOBAL Joseelektromanos ( назад)
Where is this? donde es esto?

Автор David Roycroft ( назад)
Excellent video skated when I was younger , would love a long board for
quiet country roads here 

Автор Джонни Флетчер ( назад)
Извини , но ты живешь в России .

Автор Juhani Suomela ( назад)
Best video😄

Автор Satish Naik ( назад)
its good

Автор Uncle murdoc niccals ( назад)
Got my original pintail 40 today and it has so other trucks then my old
board has but they are so good! Thanks for making these boards :)

Автор Joe Hodgson ( назад)
This video is the essence of summer skate sessions...

Автор Peter Griffin ( назад)
Pintail or drop in? I like to hill bomb, carve and cruse ;) please help

Автор Mads Max ( назад)
Make it look easy. sick video.

Автор Tango Gaming ( назад)

Автор LongboardingHD RLP ( назад)
Wenn ihr sowas cool findet könnt ihr auch gerne mal bei mir vorbeischauen

Автор yan villahermosa ( назад)
It's 2016 and this is still my favorite longboard video

Автор HellaBaeHellaGay ( назад)
i watched this with bloodline from crown the empire and it was so cool

Автор TacticalSheep ( назад)
i have a pintail longboard and wanna learn to slide and stuff but it has
big cruising wheels should i buy wheels with rounded edges or try and learn
it on these

Автор MUNDO ESTRANHO ( назад)
vendo meu longboard

Автор Louis Thorn ( назад)
Anyone live in Spain and wanna go longboarding with me and my mate?/Alguien
que viva en España que quiera venir a hacer long con mi amigo y yo?

Автор Jason Nande ( назад)
now I realy wana get one

Автор Suthina L ( назад)
Yasyasyas I want to skate on that road so bad!

Автор Jenilson sousa ( назад)
muito louco legal de mais

Автор Grantflip ( назад)
looks so fun, i cannot understand how people slide tho, so hard

Автор Raz ( назад)
Back in 2016, remember watching this when it first came out <3 Good times.

Автор Henry Bui ( назад)
make your longboards cheaper!!!

Автор chin DOPENESS ( назад)

Автор Adam Aiman ( назад)
whats the name of this song?

Автор AIRSOFTER 123 ( назад)
I suck at it lol

Автор Steve Tindall ( назад)
Awesome. Thats. all i got.

Автор Ela Rowe ( назад)
min 1:07 does that trick have a name?

Автор Patrick Tarabayn ( назад)
whats name it's music please?

Автор Julian Castro ( назад)
ATTENTION!Everyone who's reading this, do you think i should start a
YouTube channel on longboarding? If you think yes thumbs up this comment
and if I get 100 thumbs up on this comment I'll start a YouTube channel

Автор Andrei CL ( назад)
Where is this location ?

Автор Julian Castro ( назад)
Subscribe to originalskateboards if you haven't yet

Автор Lesiel TV ( назад)

Автор Fedito DB ( назад)
aguanteee el long!! <3 <3

Автор #willian. ( назад)

Автор God is our skate ( назад)
commen and see

Автор God is our skate ( назад)
vien voire

Автор yelloyota82 ( назад)
my poor Arbor Blunt is getting a little long in the tooth, may be time for
something fresh

Автор AWildKashuAppears ( назад)
Excuse me, what's the setup of the board @ 0:45 ?

Автор Samual Iam ( назад)
I love this song and I love this vid. Reminds me of my times being a
kid.... Wait... did that rhyme......?

Автор Nicholet Facey ( назад)
longboard =lots of fun

Автор Planetside 2 Fan :D ( назад)
i love longboarding ❤❤

Автор Daquita420 ( назад)

Автор najolesor ( назад)
Whats the title of the song?

Автор 카피체tv ( назад)
What's this song?

Автор Hihi Halloo ( назад)
guys, at 2:59 there is the name of the song! stop asking

Автор Scott Nelson ( назад)
you guys were the first peaple who brought me into longboarding thank you

Автор Robira Masahiro ( назад)
whats the song?

Автор Kalem kutusuTV ( назад)
hey guys
is short longboards faster or long longboard (ı hope u understand me :d) ?
please answer me

Автор Eva Miller ( назад)
Anyone know this song?

Автор Luka Jinjolava ( назад)
What's the name of the song?

Автор Mohamad Rabanal ( назад)
what is the name of the song

Автор William Doyle ( назад)
Anyone know what song is this?

Автор Lendarios Plays ( назад)
simplesmente fuck

Автор ANDY ( назад)
what is this background music?

Автор nick boelhouwer ( назад)
i want 1 im going to get one in like 1 or 2 months xD and then i go
practise luckely i have an friend to help with that xD

Автор Robert Taylor ( назад)
This is the video that convinced me to get an Original Pintail. It's the
best board I have ever ridden, and I long to ride it again after this
treacherous thing called Winter in Michigan. Love you, Original!

Автор Mangum and Jones Productions ( назад)
If you all like funny things watch my channel .

Автор andre santos ( назад)
This is the longboard's spirit. Have fun is what matters .

Автор Ihsan Kibar ( назад)
So guys I just wanna ask, I'm 22 years old of age now. And I would really
like to learn how to ride on a longboard, is it too late?
Consider that I have never tried longboarding nor skateboarding... :/

Автор As Tobii ( назад)
Este video me trae recuerdos de cuando era un niño, lo amo es viejisimo

Автор Giovana Baliz ( назад)
Quais tipos de long foram usados no video?

Автор YUKU ( назад)
skateboard and longboard is diffirent right?? i can traval on longboard
futher instead of kicking like the skateboard.. newbie here.. pls reply

Автор Ekaterina Pavskaia ( назад)
What's the song? Please urdlenty!

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