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Автор Rosana Silva (21 день)
Wow! This board is very cool most do not know walk! :(

Автор Yassine Maftah (2 месяца)

Автор DEanimesDE (2 месяца)
How can you drive those close curves? I have problems go drive around close
curves but my ankles are already really soft. :(

Автор MasterGamers OtakusNerds (6 месяцев)
What's name this song ?

Автор Luca Schwartz (4 месяца)
Does it make a difference, thick on a longboard or have thin roles?
Sorry iam a German Boy my English is not the best

Автор Dieter Bohlen (15 дней)
where did you make these recordings?

Автор longboardcat98 (20 дней)
Hey Original I have a question... I currently have sidewinder trucks on my
longboard... Which trucks are better for turning? Sidewinders(double
kingpin) or Originals trucks?

Автор Jéssica Fernandes (6 дней)
No Brasil nao tem ruas lisas assim -.-

Автор peter pan (11 дней)

Автор Wagner Dora (1 месяц)
Bom vídeo cara parabéns só uma pergunta vcs fazer campeonato no final de
semana pq eu sei um pouco de skate sei fazer tipo: rasgar, sei decer lomba
muito bem e outras coisas tbm aguardo o seu contato 

Автор Tris Always (18 дней)
I love this video! One question... Where is recorded the video? That place
is very nice! Greetings from Spain! :3

keep it up !!! (My English is not very good)

Автор Myrte (2 месяца)
now i feel like a noob

Автор Luciana Raposo (1 месяц)
Confira este vídeo no YouTube:

Автор Jose R (2 месяца)
I won't to be just like u

Автор Nelia Vale Silva (11 дней)
Hello original i have a question in your website you say that longboards
send to Portugal, but you not send to Madeira a portuguese island near of
Portugal?my english isn't good

Автор Bob Heater (1 месяц)
I found a longboard by BLUNT for like $70 is it a rip off? Is BLUNT a good
brand? Thanks!

Автор Elijah Greene (3 месяца)
I want to thank u two years ago i wacthed this video and it inspired me to
get out n do it my first board was apx 37 carbon bear 852 trucks i no
longer have it rip thank u so much if i never had wacthed this i never
would have been as passionate and good as i am

Автор Pratik Soni (2 месяца)
The Swimming Song
Artist : Vetiver
Album: Thing Of The Past

This summer I went swimming
This summer I might have drowned
But I held my breath, I kicked my feet
Moved my arms around
I moved my arms around

This summer I swam in the ocean
And I swam in a swimming pool
Salt my wounds, chlorined my eyes
I'm a self-destructive fool
Self-destructive fool

This summer I did the back stroke
And you know that that's not all
I did the breast stroke, the butterfly
And the old Australian crawl
The old Australian crawl

This summer I swam in a public place
And a reservoir to boot
At the latter I was informal
At the former I wore my suit
I wore my swimming suit

Oh, this summer I did swan dives
And jack-knives for you all
And once when you weren't looking
I did a cannon-ball
I did a cannon-ball

This summer I went swimming
This summer I might have drowned
But I held my breath, I kicked my feet
And moved my arms around
I moved my arms around

Автор Viktor Toth (4 дня)
Best best video forever 😃

Автор Benny Jonathan (1 месяц)
Pintail are really awesome same as longboard...i really enjoyed watching
this video

Автор Justo Arellano (14 дней)

Автор Compl33tR4nd0mZ (15 дней)
What is the shortest pintail you sell and how much would it be? I like
cruising around my local village but prefer really short boards :-)

Автор TEGOS (1 месяц)
what`s the name of the song? :D

Автор Elia Alessio (1 месяц)
Awesome !!

Автор Clara Andrews (5 дней)
You guys are my biggest inspiration

Автор Dorothea Obi (1 месяц)
Are those boards also sold in Switzerland ?

Автор Dylan Barber (5 месяцев)
Im 5'4 [Im a short teenager xD] and like 120-130. Im really interested in a
Pintail and I was wondering what you guys thought would be the best for me!

Автор blackopx54 (4 месяца)
What wheels and trucks would be best for your pintail 40 if I wanted to go
cruising and carving?

Автор MeetsLP !!!! (1 день)
very cool
abo + like her

Автор Lesieli Toli (23 часа)
how can you make a move when its all ready taken

Автор Doug Tarnovean (5 месяцев)
How do you not get speed wobbles?

Автор Fish Zhan (2 дня)
longboard is fun to play

Автор nick gorman (2 месяца)
still my favorite video on youtube

Автор Darius XD (29 дней)
The song????hmmm......how is it called like???

Автор XiiiXXXiiiX (4 месяца)
Should I get pintail 40 or 37 im a guy my height is 5'6 and I weigh around
150 idk so confused about what's the difference 

Автор OYaseniaO (1 месяц)
I love this video and even though I've seen it several times in the past
few months, I always enjoy watching it again. Every time I come back I
watch it two or three times.

I like everything about it. From their young fun and relax demeanors to the
music. I really like the song, it's such a catchy song with such a cool
rhythm to it. It goes along with their way of skating. It was the perfect
song for this video.

His kids make it look like fun. I'm not their age any more but it makes me
feel like going to the store, buying a long board, and hunting down a nice
long hill to ride down on. Of course with my luck I lose all my teeth and
break a few body parts trying to do some tricks. Haha! 'cause they make it
look easy.

Автор Baader Studios (2 месяца)
Really cool video! All of you have amazing driving skills

Автор Kenny Drechsler (8 дней)
einfach nur geil

Автор Ronald Nagle (24 дня)
I can honestly say I am a huge original pintail fan. The spring loaded
trucks are a carving dream. I love every second of skating it. Cant get
enough of it. Thank you for making such a good and fun product.

Автор Longboardz (23 дня)
Hey nice Video bro :)
but take a look at our Youttube Channel;)
Ist very cool.

Автор ARMANDO GHETTOS (2 месяца)
the name of this song??????????????

Автор Almedin Zivoli (24 дня)
9in jb0kjj-Tour 999pppAadw m.E.
2am 2p.m.p.m.

Автор Xinsane87X (8 дней)
this is the first longboarding video i watched 4 years ago..after i buy my
first board a derringer28, and i met a lot of new people who ride longboard
in my city (roma), it been the beginning of a great passion and change in
my lifestyle, thanks for all original teem and a big up for the future

Автор psychoCrazyNinja (1 месяц)
Hell no not for me

Автор Fade (16 часов)
Is there a option to get different wheel colors?

Автор BoldgerNZ (3 месяца)
Hey guys I'm from New Zealand just had a couple of questions. Who are your
stockists here if any? Also do you have any suggestions for bigger guys
like 6'2" 280lb? Just cruising and carving.

Автор Gabe Holguin (1 месяц)
Female skaters... Hot

Автор Le' Moose (1 месяц)
AWSOME VIDEO i wish i could make vids like this there epic.
I love pintaillllllssssss.

Автор Ryan Rodman (1 месяц)
My videos are funny

Автор Luis Gehrmann (1 месяц)
Right cool :)

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