Pintail Longboards Built by Original Skateboards

The crew from the Original longboard shop heads out to finish summer of right while showing off the four new Pintail 37, Pintail 40, Pintail 43 and Pintail 46 longboards. The Pintails are dropped low and designed for all around performance at an easily affordable price ($169 - $199 complete). http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards/pintail-40-longboard

Board Art by surf artist Jay Alders.
Check out the just released Pintail 43: http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards

Also check out more art by Jay Alders: http://www.jayalders.com

The Pintail 43 ($189 USD) is available online. The Pintail 37 ($169), Pintail 40 ($179) and monster Pintail 46 ($199) longboards are set for release over the coming weeks.

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Автор UnrealStyrofoam (1 год)
Longboarding takes a whole lot of fucking skill, friend

Автор The Stig (1 год)
Sounds good to me, I'm pumped! Will 83a wheels do me good? For cruising and

Автор fingernagelo2 (11 месяцев)
Name of the song please!

Автор Laura Lestrange (1 год)
you guys are AMAZING this is so cool

Автор Heredinhuuu Game (1 год)
Muito bom!!! Por favor me passem o Link dessa musica por favor!!!

Автор Sonia Luz (1 год)
0:28 the truth very good

Автор Ben Dover (1 год)
I really want this longboard, been asking parents for ages haha, they arent
willing to dosh out that much, annoying cause I love longboarding, I have
been doing it for only a month and it has basically consumed me for that
month, pity that it isn't a cheap sport, I currently have a mindless hunter
longboard which I had passed onto me haha on its last limbs though, so
hopefully my parents cave and buy me it :D

Автор Longboards by Original Skateboards (1 год)
Stoked to hear it El-Az. What kind of riding do you want to do? Maybe we
can help find a deck, I know someone who has a whole warehouse filled with
em haha

Автор Alicia Martinez Visus (1 год)
Oí ke os mucho the long boards a friend has one ístmico very fun ride on

Автор ERICRUZ05 (1 год)
The swimming song - Loudon Wainwright III

Автор destiny cannon (1 год)
i need help Im new at long boarding and I realy just cruse but I realy want
to do tricks and stuff I have wanted one of theise my hole life and I just
got one the work finaly paid off :)

Автор William Salazar (1 год)
I fell in love with longboarding through this video a few days ago, I keep
watching this and other video's to pass time as I wait for my board which
is coming in this wednesday.

Автор Gabriele Trinco (1 год)
What's the song called?!?!!

Автор Max Watson (1 год)
Subscribe to slb longboarding its a great channel

Автор Jason Pereira (1 год)
Is there a Portuguese distributor?

Автор simona ivanova (1 год)
My little brother managed to make the best pole dancer there is in my town
fall for him as he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I found
myself excited for him but I want such a gorgeous woman to fall in love
with me. I am really green with envy. Does that make me a terrible human

Автор Hendryck De los santos (1 год)
The swimming song

Автор Chronic Child (1 год)
Vetiver swimming song

Автор Longboards by Original Skateboards (1 год)
Hey PVP, For street carving I would lean toward the Pintail 37 with the
Original S8 trucks (WAY low, awesome carver for smaller riders). The
Derringer is really awesome too but I think that the extra low ride height
of the Pintail (due to the drop slot on the bottom of the deck specific to
Original trucks) gives it an edge for me over the Derringer (to choose only
one). As for downhill speed and stability I'd rather see you look to
something DH like an Arbiter KT, Maven 35 or Freeride 38.

Автор Hancooockz (1 год)

Автор Longboards by Original Skateboards (1 год)
Hey Pizza, You don't need to hate on Landyachtz, Sector 9, Arbor, or us for
making Pintails. They obviously don't work for you, but they work great for
a lot of people. Broad generalizations about the viability of the Pintail
shape as a whole, or our company, are really not a great way to prove how
much you "know" about riding. If you have the hills to rock a DH shape all
day every day, we have a board for that. It isn't this board. Personal
preference for brands or shapes are not facts.

Автор james baker (1 год)
what trucks are you guys using?

Автор Longboards by Original Skateboards (1 год)
Yo Smo, Sounds like a Pintail 40 to me man. I am 170 and love my girls for
carving and cruising. The thing a lot of people miss about Original
pintails is how much lower they are when they are rocking S8 or S10 trucks
(which are low to start, and lower due to the drop slot in our pintails).
That low ride height makes slide initiation super easy, so even though the
loose slidey setup Original trucks give you is not ideal for advanced
sliding, it IS ideal for learning. See what you think!

Автор isabela bela (1 год)
Muito bom. Todos os videos do oroginal,sao bem legais. Parabens!!

Автор jairo ramirez lozano (1 год)
hey how soon a shipment to new york..?? :)

Автор Longboards by Original Skateboards (1 год)
Hey blaise, sounds like you're a good candidate for an Arbiter 36 to me.
It's plenty of board for a bigger guy (just take a look at Alex Colorito
who is your size and kills it on that board). Another option that might
work for a bigger guy looking to learn to slide would be the drop freeride
44. Easy slide initiation and better for beginners though the arbiter has
some more upside for advanced riders. Let us know what you end up going

Автор Longboards by Original Skateboards (1 год)
Hey Thud, coming from street skates I would really recommend checking out
the Arbiter KT. It's a pretty excellent transition board since the kicktail
angle is meant to replicate the ollie capacity of a street deck (albeit
with longboard trucks). I think going with some Caliber 50s (trucks) and a
set of Volante Checkers would be an excellent setup for you. I know Sean
(our team manager) rocks that setup and loves it coming from a street
background. Let us know what you decide!

Автор jhay cabunagan (1 год)
astig nitopogi parang hindi ako makaales dito sa computer

Автор kasper lundkvist (1 год)
This video got me into longboarding :)

Автор DuvalKing69o4 (1 год)
I ride regular skateboards that takes skill and are actualy made for
tricks, and trust me I am far from sucking, if you just want to ride around
you mine as well buy a scooter

Автор Sore loser who spends huge amounts of his time posting comments on YouTube. (1 год)
Hi Original, I can't decide between a Freeride 41 and a Pintail 40 as my
first longboard and I need your help! I'll be mainly cruising and learning
how to slide on it. I'm 5'8 and 180 lbs. I live on flat lands but I
occasionally go to my Grandmas house where it is hilly. - Neil

Автор Longboards by Original Skateboards (1 год)
We are one hour from New York, delivery is next day to NYC. Most orders
ship the same day so if you order today it would likely be there Monday.

Автор LCCodreanu (1 год)
I was about to ask the same bro, we're almost the same size and weight and
i was afraid that a big guy like me couldn't ride a longboard without
fearing to kiss the floor

Автор Longboards by Original Skateboards (1 год)
That and the fact that this comment exists at all, both make you a terrible
human imo Gtfo spammers.

Автор Mysteriosmustache (11 месяцев)
The Swimming song by vetiver

Автор Franchezca Dionisio (1 год)

Автор Pros Juliene Gayo (1 год)
odds of being asian heheey Thank you so much!

Автор Longboards by Original Skateboards (1 год)
Hell yeah Styro. I remember working for like two months to buy my first
surfboard, and similarly for my first longboard. The day a new deck arrives
after all that hard work can only be described as sweet sat. tis. faction.
Have fun out there man!

Автор UnrealStyrofoam (1 год)
Longboarding takes a whole lot of fucking skill, friend

Автор Longboards by Original Skateboards (1 год)
Hey Justine, Pintails are mainly cruising and carving focused. While the
Pintail you see here from Original are *more* carving focused than the deck
you are on, I would still say that its a good idea to look at a serious
downhill board if your goal is sliding and speed. Most people (particularly
those who really like to carve) have at least a couple of boards since
downhill boards perform well going fast but not so much going slow and
carving decks are good going slow but not going fast.

Автор may grace sol (1 год)
you guys are awesome

Автор GNAR KILL (1 год)

Автор Gabriel Eduardo Ibarra Castro (1 год)

Автор People Smile (1 год)
Come, Look, Suscribe!

Автор ERICRUZ05 (1 год)
The swimming song - Loudon Wainwright III

Автор Alex love (1 год)
Hey just quickly wondering how quick is it to ship to toronto?

Автор tinker hill (1 год)
Song tell me now

Автор Dendi Ariota (1 год)
S original i have a question is a pintail fine for downhill or its just
designed for cruising and carving i have a sector 9 sea shepherd

Автор leongroll (1 год)

Автор Nick Sharpe (1 год)
you should get a dropthrough for tricks

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