Pintail Longboards Built by Original Skateboards

The crew from the Original longboard shop heads out to finish summer of right while showing off the four new Pintail 37, Pintail 40, Pintail 43 and Pintail 46 longboards. The Pintails are dropped low and designed for all around performance at an easily affordable price ($169 - $199 complete). http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards/pintail-40-longboard

Board Art by surf artist Jay Alders.
Check out the just released Pintail 43: http://www.originalskateboards.com/longboards

Also check out more art by Jay Alders: http://www.jayalders.com

The Pintail 43 ($189 USD) is available online. The Pintail 37 ($169), Pintail 40 ($179) and monster Pintail 46 ($199) longboards are set for release over the coming weeks.

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Автор Johnson Phan (xXscorch365Xx) ( назад)
The video that started it all ❤️👌🏻

Автор Jacob Walla ( назад)
I have the krown wood sunset complete longboard skateboard and i want to
replace the wheels what type of wheels do you recommend millimeter wise

Автор Michael Bouffe ( назад)
Guys, who is this song by?

Автор Susana Sanchez ( назад)
This out of all pintail videos i have watched is my absolute favorite .

Автор ruben wahengbam (THE GET UP) ( назад)
Nice video guys. Please check out our video if you guys have time.

Автор Banana Alliance ( назад)
I'm 6ft 150lbs and I'll be using a board to get to school and just cruise
about. What length do you think would be good? I don't want it to be too
cumbersome to carry, but long enough to have the full Longboard experience.
thanks :P

Автор Adrenaline Channel ( назад)
Awesome video.
By the way, lucky bird at 1:46 :)

Автор DogaDoga TV ( назад)
Very nice video! I like the music as well :)

Автор Kodachrome40 ( назад)
Great video! Where was it shot?

Автор dRUP ( назад)
To have one of these boards would make my dream come true!!

Автор Nabihah Tasnim ( назад)
am interested in longboard!! but i dont know what to get and where to

Автор Jhonathan Alvarez ( назад)
Stupid virus can't get me now I'm on a touchscreen device

Автор Joelias Silva ( назад)

Автор StarGazerLuminosus ( назад)
How are they not roadkill?

Автор Tommey Tommey ( назад)
Sweet video, editing was top notch! Music fit great, made it fun to watch,
well done!

Автор Hunter Kolka ( назад)
Same grey and blue tank top as me from rue 21

Автор tim gep ( назад)
This is a 2015 hoverboard

Автор jas ivxx ( назад)
I was wondering what kind of board I should get. im 5'2 and 110

Автор Noah Esparza ( назад)
omg this is the best!!!!

Автор DaaiNaist Sk8 ( назад)
0:30 as it is called that trick ?

Автор ConnorBroomfield ( назад)
22 years old. Just quit a career I've spent 4 years training for. Broke,
unemployed, moved back to my parents. Watched this video and decided that
after years of wanting to start riding I'd give it a shot. Stole my sisters
cruiser and haven't broken any bones yet. My balance is laughably bad on 4
wheels. Like 5 years ago i used a ripstik or whatever and could cruise
around on that badboy all day, but if its easy it's no fun I guess. Once
I've got the hang of cruising I think I'll get a pintail 40 with s10
trucks(because awesome). Unemployment is fun.

Автор Corentin Cavallo ( назад)
what is the song ? please

Автор Vitor Souza ( назад)
Were are the place that this guys is riding on video ?

Автор Nathan Nichols- Brown ( назад)
I just got a new longboard a Sector nine sidewinder with I think it's
called dual barrings?, I want to get another board for going down hills
like in this video. Would a pintail be a good board for that. I'm 6'4"

Автор Zachary Gros ( назад)
nice slide

Автор joluca utsch (1408 лет назад)
qual é o nome da música ?

Автор Michael Gombos ( назад)
That flex is incredible :o

Автор Mitchell Rufiange ( назад)
what sing is this

Автор Bingo ( назад)
I don't under stand why the play a swimming song while longboarding anyways
good song and good vid!

Автор Nightcore Promotions™ ( назад)

Автор Lee-um Dunigan ( назад)
what length boards?

Автор Liz V ( назад)
Can one do tricks with a longboard too?

Автор Sven Lion (754 года назад)

Автор Livija Maksimaviciute ( назад)
1:46 :-D

Автор Brandon Thorp ( назад)
Who sings the song in the video?

Автор Dan Therien ( назад)
how much were those long bords

Автор Chase Hackett ( назад)
I have to say this video started it all for me. But I wish these were the
videos you still made. Now they aren't as fun. It's just boring. You guys
looked like you were have so much fun in these and didn't care about
anything except having a good damn time. I don't know... nothing stays the
same. Great video guys :).

Автор Seleem Wagdy (1903 года назад)
This is why i love pintails :)

Автор Dero Flores ( назад)
Only good part of the longboard is those otangs!

Автор Andrew Burman ( назад)
u guys would be awesome to longboard with

Автор Santiago Bravo ( назад)
Nostalgia ♡

Автор ThinkpadUser08 (933 года назад)
this video is probably one of my favorite long boarding videos out there

Автор LongBoard Brasil ( назад)

Автор chauncey tovan ( назад)
What the song named

Автор Lucie SPK ( назад)

Автор Jan Bayer ( назад)
Hey, super video! Ich habe eine Frage: Ich suche ein geeignetes Longboard
(Cruising) und wollte Euch fragen, ob jemand Erfahrungen hat und eventuell
ein paar Longboards empfehlen kann? Vielen Dank

Автор Natalina Milani ( назад)
Se vi fossero in Italia quest strade sarebbe bellissimo, sono strette tra
Monti e purtroppo NON si possono usare per le macchine che vi sono,
Attenzione Ragazzi saluti

Автор Schmidty030 ( назад)
i love longboarding, just wish i had friends that loved it too.

Автор Domas Motiejünas ( назад)

Автор John Coulter ( назад)
not really looking into sliding, but i need a downhill carving longboard.
what would you recommend?

Автор Matt Lopez ( назад)
I just want a nice long board to cruise what would be the best

Автор Ege Emre Ugur ( назад)

Автор Ege Emre Ugur ( назад)

Автор Timmeification (783 года назад)
Those hills seem perfect =)

Автор Nadia Kovalkova ( назад)

Dudes The Melon needs to get out on the Road, with his Skate Board, but
there's been much Rain & Work in Ohio this Time of the year.
I'm getting Old & I need to Roll with the Wind & Sun on my Melon, to Stay
Young 4EVER(;) YAY!!!
*This is Summer Fun 2 Me~lon, hehe(:)*

Автор Ben Anderson ( назад)
where did you shoot the video? I would love to hit up those hills.

Автор Mitch bonsall ( назад)
It's not summer it's long boarding time!!!

Автор Charlie arce ( назад)
I'm looking to buy a long board but I'm not sure which would be perfect for
me. I'm 5'2 and weight 130

Автор Ever Longboard ( назад)
watched this vid so many times now, and it still makes me wanna jump up,
grab my board and go out there!

Автор Yesugen Juju ( назад)

Автор 5gwwwwwyh4 ( назад)
This video is EYE CANDY.

Автор Luke Cezimbra ( назад)
Hey guys,I am just wondering if it's bad if your board has a deep concave
shape but your foot is bigger than the board width,meaning my foot sticks
out when I place it on my board when I rode thx

Автор caleb bertelle ( назад)
This is a YouTube add now seriously? 

Автор Brooke Merryman ( назад)
Where is this?

Автор Janayn Melis ( назад)
This video is awesome and inspiring. My husband and I just started
longboarding 3 weeks ago and we are looking forward to getting boards from

Автор 5gwwwwwyh4 ( назад)
(this video) is why I got a pintail! 3 years and still a great board!!!

Автор RedBuddy! ( назад)
I loooove pintails! :)

Автор WaLLbAnGZ 6MA2M ( назад)
i really don't know why i hated this song.. nice video btw..

Автор justlongboarding ( назад)
you guys are so amazing!!

Автор justlongboarding ( назад)
Nice video!

check out our channel: justlongboarding

Автор Marc Diaz ( назад)
I'm a beginning rider too, I want to cruise/ slide -"" that fun stuff! 5'7
at 155

Do you think a 40" pintail will be fine for that?

Автор Aidan Pech ( назад)
i am 5'6" and 125 lbs. and I want a board for carving and crusing but I am
not really sure what board I should get. any recommendations? also I can
demo the original boards if u send the, to me on my channel

Автор Elaine Maria ( назад)
No meu também 

Автор Pepsi Gaming ( назад)
The song name is The Swimming song: Loudon Wainwright
Your welcome!

Автор maddy heinen ( назад)
Hey original I bought a pintail 40 from you guys and I've had it now for
over a year with 70mm wheels. I keep my board extremely loose and mostly
carve around and cruise and I really love the feel of that but I bought
75mm wheels recently for a little smoother ride but I'm having a little
trouble with wheel bite.. Is it possible to not have wheel bite without
having to buy another set of wheels? 

Автор Andrew Burman ( назад)
hey original people ill be showing hills by my house and itll be on my
chanell soon so come check it out it would be awsome if you did

Автор Marcus Huertas ( назад)
What do you recommend for someone who is absolutely new to all things
board. I literally am learning how to even just ride a longboard. Picked it
over a skateboard just because I want it solely for cruising and just
getting good exercise and take it class to class and enjoy the outdoors.
Would a pintail suffice or what am I looking at? Thanks a lot.

Автор Kathleen Kelly (1801 год назад)
hey original, this is the video that got me into longboarding and I've been
at it for a fee months now.. I'm comfortable on my board but I mostly just
cruise around. I've gone down some very small hills but I'm kind of scared
to do any bigger stuff!! the thing is I'm getting bored with what I'm doing
now, just riding around flat ground basically, so do you have any tips for
how I can step up what I'm doing without like full on going down a huge

Автор Kylie Ferry ( назад)
These looks like great boards.

Автор Andrew Burman ( назад)
I have a question for anyone to answer... my friend informed me that
sliding can only be done with specific wheels but the people in this video
seemed to have no problem whatsoever. So can someone clarify this for me.
Thank you!

Автор Adriana Pacheco ( назад)

Автор McLenn ( назад)
whats the song Name?

Автор Viktor Paraschenko ( назад)

Автор Sable Rodarte ( назад)
who is the guy at 1:27 in blue?

Автор rafael barg ( назад)
I am a fan of you I die in brazil and I would very much like to see you
give me a longueboard a skate ia is very happy I sent a video thanking you
more in Portuguese by that I am not speaking in English I would like to
skate longueboard by that I do not have money to purchase ten of already
thank you and good roles for you and have increasingly success :)

Автор NuttyCheerios ( назад)
Hey, I just wanted to know what trucks are those around 0:32 Thanks! :)

Автор // 1975MattyLove // ( назад)
Hi, I recently got a 44 inch longboard with a slightly curved tail and was
wondering if i could still do tricks on it (ollies etc) Im new to
longboarding and was wondering if it was still possible. Thanks! :-)

Автор Annelies Visser ( назад)
i have a problem i loved to go down the hills with a longboard but in my
country there arent any hills i live in the netherlands pls help

Автор GuardedCrayfish (1593 года назад)
how can you turn so well and not get speedwobble???

Автор GuardedCrayfish (1701 год назад)

Автор Liana Kira (Lili) ( назад)
looking for a nice freestyle deck? Suggestions?

Автор sikinfected loc ( назад)
Hey original I'm 270 pounds and 6'4 could the drop free ride 41 support my
weight need to know son I can order one soon tia

Автор SATZONE WORKS ( назад)

Автор Prazert Promvong ( назад)

Автор Legalot ( назад)

Автор Erik born ( назад)
Wenn ihr denn berg runter fährt wie viel km/h erreicht ihr ?

Автор Szymon Kumela ( назад)
Hey im 6ft tall and 176 lbs. I m looking for the best posible setup for
carving and crusing. I m wondering if im not to big/heavy for a pintail 40.
Maybe I should go for 43 version? Also i want to ask if you ship to Poland?
Thank You.

Автор Jack Stamper ( назад)
When I skate I'm free.

Автор Hoghs ( назад)
I'm 6'8. rode skateboards all the time growing up but could never get any
better than an ollie. I love to snowboard to. Its the carving feeling that
i crave although being able to do tricks and jumps would be nice. I ride a
pin-tail west 49 brand longboard although on mine the end has two horns at
the end if that makes it something else? I feel i'm to tall to get down
real low for the power slides but am looking for a new board shape to
accommodate my height to maybe start learning how to slide stop or slide
control. It doesn't take much to get me out of my speed comfort so i carve
a lot. Any board suggestions and just a quick why? I can research on my own
but some guidance for the taller person if you have any. For my height i
feel like im very comfortable on the boards but that's for simple speeds
and carving. Maybe with the right board i can increase speed and find way
to power slide.

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