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Автор M M webb (4 месяца)
Kevin and Whitney's Love Story is beautiful and remains so how else can
Kevin remain in love with her for over 20 years. Kevin is truly a lovely

Автор amber west (8 месяцев)
make up film

Автор Emma Potter (1 год)
I love U Kevin, and U too Nippy always! x

Автор Saundra Fish (11 месяцев)
You can tell they(?) deliberately messed up this video...

Автор therightstuff14 (3 года)
@isaiahsaurus I think there was more going on with Kevin and Whitney than
we will ever know unless he goes on national tv to tell us more,think about
this what would make a man say publicly "that she was my one true love" in
front of his wife to me this says alot about kevin and whitney they were
involved and kept it quite for years bits and pieces are only starting to
come out now. If he ever gets interviewed by Oprah that's when the truth
will come out he won't be able to resist.

Автор flatbush911 (2 года)
I think Kevin had a crush on her, however I dont think Whitney would of
gave him a chance even if she was single. At the time Whitney was really
hurt with the black community saying she wasnt black enough, the black
community even called her WHI-TEY Houston and thats part of the reason she
was drawn to Bobby to prove her blackness. Knowing this if she would of
dated Kevin Costner the name calling will get worse, and I guess at the
time that will be too much for her to handle

Автор Pretty Brown (3 года)
@isaiahsaurus I 100% agree with you. I wish they had too. *deep sigh*

Автор flatbush911 (2 года)
And where did you get your info from?

Автор therightstuff14 (3 года)
@isaiahsaurus They will be same the ppl complaining and saying we don't
enough blacks in commericals we don't have enough black models we don't
have this or that,but when something beautiful comes along and has talent
and is black and the white community embraces them suddenly their not black
enough really!!!! who is being the racist here,if anything i partly blame
those ppl at the soul train awards for driving her to the devil BB.I just
think every1 is human and should be treated

Автор Joanie Chachi (3 года)
2:29 - 2:34 He said it was the hardest gig watching this and His wife (at
the time) could probably tell that he really had it for whitney!! I feel
bad for his wife but i really think kev and whitney should of got

Автор portuenglish1 (3 года)
@carolynpattie When Kevin mentioned Diana Ross in Sweden it was as if Kevin
was saying: I fell in love with Diana Ross when I was younger but when I
became a man I fell in love with Whitney Houston...

Автор lighteyes214 (3 года)
@TheNcbn0000 You're trying to see something that isn't there. Leeza Gibbons
doesn't have bitterness or agitation in her voice. She's doing her job &
Kevin's simply answering the questions. I don't get why you are trying to
see something that isn't there.

Автор 20alphabet (3 года)
@kellyannabama I really doubt that. It's hard to believe Cissy could be so

Автор Klimilda Aziz (3 года)
@paulah1234 I agreed

Автор Joanie Chachi (3 года)
@therightstuff14 You know , you may think Im crazy but these behind the
scene vids prompt me to pay more closely to his behavior @ the funeral, If
you watch the ending of the funeral on NaiiWH upload @ the top mid left
corner 2:19 2:20 he's holding his head & @ 2:36-2:39 & again @ 2: 43 he's
wiping his eyes then when hes walking down the isle @ 3:24- 3:50, he's
looks so detatched from his wife. You probably think I'm nuts now but I
know he had it bad 4 Whitney

Автор TheNcbn0000 (3 года)
@lighteyes214 Did you get offended, my bad, it was just my mere opinion
that did nat call for the long boring lecture and response you left on my
channel, Ok i gotta getta here ughh!

Автор therightstuff14 (3 года)
@isaiahsaurus i would say that from the day kevin saw whitney and got to
work with her that it was the beginning of the end of his marriage all the
videos with him and whitney prove it,he totally fall for her as for his
present wife i feel there maybe trouble ahead if he did make that statement
that whitney was (his one true) only time will tell.

Автор 76chicgirl (3 года)
You think that was the reason they took the intense love scene. You think
they really liked each other off the set.

Автор 76chicgirl (2 года)
I did not mean it like her own family What i meant to say was the black
community. I am not saying all black people had to like her music, but
there was no need for them to boo her. It was just direspecful especially
it was black award show. I am black but that does not mean I have to like
all the black singers just because they are my race. I just want to clarify
my wording that's all.

Автор therightstuff14 (3 года)
@isaiahsaurus Yes i saw that video but did you see the one where he say i
will always love you whitney! This most be torture for him never able to
get her off his mind can't imagine what that is like,personnally i can't
watch the funeral again it just brings tears to my eyes and ur not crazy by
the way.

Автор pashaun Pride (3 года)
When he said he "kissed her once for America and once for himself" . He
actually kissed her three times !

Автор 76chicgirl (2 года)
If they dated during the movie so what. They actually would have made a
nice couple.

Автор 76chicgirl (2 года)
I know what you mean, but we live in a cruel world. I live in New York City
I am a black woman. I dated different race as well, but when i walk with a
white guy you should see the look people sometimes gives me. If looks can
kill iam sure i would have been dead lol. It annoys me when people act like

Автор StarWoors (2 года)
On the flip-side MOST PEOPLE enjoyed the movie. Of course you're going to
have those who just can't get over the race thing but most people (black
and white) who saw this movie enjoyed it and thought Kevin and Whitney
looked great together.

Автор StarWoors (2 года)
Yes I am because I appologized to you. You are owed an appology, and I have
given it. A Jedi move. So be SURE! you check your INBOX for the full
version of this wonderful act of moral responsibility! Peace TO You Always!

Автор No sugar coating lies (2 года)
I want to see the bodyguards delete scenes between Whitney and Kevin so
damn bad lol I know them scenes was hot and steamy him and her intimate
Bobby Brown make me sick Smh he probably told Whitney take down delete
scenes of the movie but this MF cheats on her in 91 and got his same baby
mama pregnant the second time and he fussing about movie Bobby Brown ain't
shit ugh

Автор Pretty Brown (3 года)
@isaiahsaurus You are definitely NOT crazy. Everything you stated I noticed
and Im glad I'm not the only one who saw it. I'm very observant of peoples
behavior. Many interviews he has done in the past, he almost always
mentioned loving her. People don't realize that love is a strong word, so
that gesture itself suggests there was something more there. Its obvious
his feelings went beyond friendship...

Автор Jason Sutton (3 года)
they should put on an unrated extended version on blu-ray.

Автор 76chicgirl (2 года)
I can understand her reluctant being with a white guy. They were already
criticizing her singing telling her she sounded too white. Instead of her
own people embracing her they were doging her

Автор StarWoors (2 года)
THANK YOU! I feel so much better now and I hope you do too! PEACE ALWAYS!

Автор queenvic83 (2 года)
Yeah , I think the Deleted Scenes Pretty Much Sums up How they feel..hahaha
Esp. Kevin..lol! :-)

Автор doreendro (3 года)
Am colour blind too Kevin.

Автор poussins100 (3 года)
if whitney and kevin would have been together, whitney's life would have
been different, and they would be the perfect couple rip my angel whitney

Автор Joanie Chachi (3 года)
@therightstuff14 I know it, I know all too well, Im black& I experience
this quite frequently God forbid if you speak in a articulate manner, date
outside your race (thought that has gotten much better here in the USA) I
periodically get strange looks when in public with my husband (white) so I
can relate to Whtiney in that regard, Im so sorry she didnt feel strong
enough to be herself PS.. Where can I find that statement from BB saying
she hates Kevin?

Автор portuenglish1 (3 года)
@carolynpattie Yes, he has never said anything that could hurt Whitney...
never said anything bad to her.. I don't get why people are saying that she
hated him... I have a theory: If Kevin ever said that Whitney was not good
in intimate scenes it wasn't because she was a bad actress, but because he
wanted to kiss her more and more... and never stop... like: "This scene was
not good, let's do it again and again"...

Автор Joanie Chachi (3 года)
@therightstuff14 I agree!! He's made so many statements already, its like
he cant control it, he shows it as well behind the scenes with the
irresistible smiles and the uncontrollable need to touch and hug her every
chance he gets I would LOVE if Oprah interviewed him your right It would
just POUR out of him! PS Did you see the vid where he says I kissed her
once for America and i kissed her once for myself.. that was many years
later....He cant get her off his mind!

Автор therightstuff14 (3 года)
@macy7 Its got BB ppl written all over it mixed in with those who cannot
stand the idea of kevin and whitney,funny how its just on his page like
they are trying to send a message but more fool them he not stuptd man what
goes round comes round.

Автор 20alphabet (3 года)
@kellyannabama You made that up.

Автор Martina Murray (3 года)
I wonder why they didn,t object to the marriage considering that Bobby had
3 unsuccessful relationships or 2 or 3 kids with different women,these
things are a sign of a commitment phobe immoral and dysfuctional character
of Bobby Brown and men who do that type of thing.

Автор may maggie (3 года)
The reason the passionate scenes were pulled is because they were too real.
Oh Kevin and Whitney...why didn't you see it through, you could have worked
it out in the end.

Автор therightstuff14 (3 года)
@isaiahsaurus because the article is from one website and on kevin's info
page no one believes for 1 second that this is true unless ur brain dead
its obvious to me that he BB couldn't take the fact that kevin loved
whitney and that she probably felt the same way about him most be killing
BB to know this all i can say to this is Good

Автор Joanie Chachi (3 года)
@therightstuff14 Yes! I saw that 1 as well, and I know how you feel about
the funeral it cuts like a knife in my heart because in my opinion I feel
she would still be with us if she married kevin

Автор Celluloidkid (3 года)
Great interview...Good Times and Fun times!! Miss U Whitney!..!

Автор DefinitiveConor (3 года)
its weird cause i was only watching the bodyguard and all these interviews
about a month or so ago, before whitneys death

Автор 20alphabet (3 года)
The black community resented Whitney for a number of reasons. One was her
enormous appeal to white Americans and another was her squeaky clean image
that didn't fit their desired type. That's why she was booed at the Soul
Train Awards. This may have been a reason she was susceptible to hooking up
with a Bobby Brown, to her destruction. The saying is true, you can't make
a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Despite her efforts Bobby Brown would
never make a decent husband or father. Not a family man.

Автор BlackTantraGoddess (3 года)
@20alphabet LOL...oh shit!

Автор Joanie Chachi (3 года)
@kadricakt Thank you Yes, its such a strong word especially in conjunction
with his body language Its bound to surface and feel bad for his wife when
it does, but I so wished they would have married

Автор therightstuff14 (3 года)
@isaiahsaurus Its 2012 you would think ppl be used to this by now,what it
comes down to is fear and ppl fear what they don't know,read the comment at
the top of page about kevin being interviewed by Swedish tv in 2011 very
interesting don't you think?

Автор farwest44 (3 года)
TRhey both had only positive things to say about each other to the end, see
Whitney's interviews on the Sparkle set and Kevin's at the PSE Expo in

Автор BlackTantraGoddess (3 года)
@paulah1234 Right on!

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