AutoCAD 2012 Seven Day Tutorial - Day1 Lesson1

Follow the same pattern as I have for the smallest learning curve. This tutorial is a streamlined step-by-step guide for the beginners to become professional users of AutoCAD. I have used the book called "Up and Running with AutoCAD 2012" as the reference.

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Автор Petar Nachev (6 месяцев)
I learned more in this video than i ever did in my university

Автор MJ Gaudier (3 месяца)
Sir i would like to see what an actual project would look like from the
beginning. like what at an actual cad operator or draftsman see before they
input things on autocad so ill have an idea.
I'm self studying right now and and i would appreciate it if you would be
able share with me some materials.thank you 

Автор jakob aaes (5 месяцев)
you probably should introduce with the words "is you are used to be by a
computer, then skip this video". For computer beginners, it´s good, i guess

Автор Shaik waseem zeeshan (6 месяцев)
ahsan bhai thanks so much yaar, i already subscribed 

Автор Geo S. (6 месяцев)
I have wanted to learn Autocad for a long time and it looks like I am
finally going to get a solid training in it. Great start! I look forward to
the other videos.

Автор Fadulosman Ishag (6 месяцев)

Автор Peter Foley (1 месяц)
Thanks Ammar this was great and look forward to watching the rest of your

Автор Yan P (1 день)
hi, i can only find 3 videos of the " seven day's tutorial", are there any
thank you!

Автор hisham dakdouka (7 дней)
Thank you very good 

Автор Phillip Sambo (6 месяцев)
Hello. Mr. Ammar Ahsan can you tell me where to download autocad 2012?

Автор Jan King (1 год)

Автор John Beddow (2 года)
best training video i have watched so far, thanks very much, love the way
it takes you straight in, i feel much more confident with the software
after watching this, love the way you include shortcuts and different ways
of doing the same thing, you make it very easy to understand, thanks :-)

Автор Tyron Burton (1 год)
whats the website i ca download this program

Автор TAVOGATICA (1 год)
thanks my man, muchas gracias very very clear you the best

Автор Shamsher Dhaliwal (11 месяцев)
Thanks so much. I really needed this.

Автор tolga uysal (1 год)
guess he's got a flue :D

Автор parvez ilahi (1 год)
would be more better in urdu..Bat thanks very much

Автор ford fordveyron (10 месяцев)
runny nose

Автор Fred Funk (1 год)
You rock, Ammar.

Автор bisdak28 (11 месяцев)
Great, but where's days 2 - 7? Thanks a lot.

Автор M.N. Nadeem (1 год)
can i civil engineer use to this?

Автор aamir shahzad (1 год)
sir i want to make drawings of kitchen set.how long could i know take time
to know this.plz guide me

Автор Lian Yang (1 год)
Your Videos are very helpful, would you mind to tell me how to create a
nameplate? I know it is not so complicated, but I got problem with it,

Автор mgabay1 (2 года)
How do you pan if your middle mouse button does not work?

Автор hadley roux (1 год)
thanks for the vid. u explained every details clearly. :-)

Автор Basant Upadhyay (1 год)
thanks a lot your video very use full for me to understand the basic about

Автор Evans Mwilima (8 месяцев)
I cant seem to find the rest of the videos. only stoping at day 3. May I
get help on how to get the rest, Please !

Автор ADEEL HASSAN (1 год)
good job dear

Автор PhanTheMan (2 года)
i'd like to know too! thanks!

Автор MrTechnat (1 год)
Good work.... this tutorial is very informative

Автор karlscut (2 года)
Great vid. Where are the next 6 days of this lesson?

Автор Ivan Hough (1 год)
For those keen to learn keyboard shortcuts, try using lol-shortcuts at your
side on android market.

Автор sachin rawat (1 год)
thankuuuuu ..... :)

Автор alexanderjacobbk1 (1 год)
good work, very good video, i apreciate that it is short and goes to the

Автор Zahid Iqbal (1 год)
please give me the link if any one know full tutorial. or band setting.

Автор jjsizemore59 (1 год)
Thank you!

Автор JulietsMan (1 год)
versions R-11 thru 2002 of AutoCAD were created with the primeary focus on
layout and paln view drafting. In 2003 with version 3.0 AutoDesk began to
develop the 3 dimensional capabilities of the software.

Автор Javed Farooq (1 год)
Good job good luck to you

Автор hachicouno (2 года)
nice tutorial! I learned the basics of autocad! Good job!

Автор Conne Jonh (11 месяцев)
thank ser

Автор Blob Fish (1 год)
3:46 AM :D

Автор Revanth Eligeti (11 месяцев)
Thank U bro..😃

Автор Ahmed Al mahrouq (1 год)
Thank u very much ^_^

Автор parvez ilahi (1 год)
thank you very much......

Автор luis acosta (1 год)
nice video....but it sounds like you just woke up!

Автор enjoypolo (1 год)
Dude, your explanations are pretty good ! I was really intimidated by the
software but I'm gaining hope now. Thanks !

Автор uninanonynymity (1 год)
I would categorize AutoCAD is not geared towards one discipline it can be
more difficult and time consuming to create the drawings. Autodesk Inventor
is more specific in its focus. Inventor is designed to create Mechanical
drawings. because Inventor is specific in its goal, it has alot of
intuitive tools to help make drawings easier and faster to create
(mechanical drawings). however it is very difficult to create anything
other than Mechanical drawings with Inventor.

Автор R Jones (1 год)
Man I've been out of CAD for a couple of years and this helped alot man.

Автор KmokriV1 (1 год)
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LMAO

Автор Vj desparado (8 месяцев)
i studied autocad..i didt understand more things. but ur videos rockkkkkkkkk

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