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Автор chicasho (4 года)

Автор Rickie Muth (4 года)
I love how you move and swish about!!! You are beautiful!!!

Автор Rickie Muth (6 лет)
How about sitting on my lap, to see what pops up!!!!

Автор Deedee512000 (7 лет)
I love the dress. Nice petticoats and the belt makes it perfect. would love
to see your legs and shoes too. Maybe next time. Lovely!!

Автор megustaladies (5 лет)
No panties? Naughty naughty ;). I love the dress, and of course, the
petties. You are so cute! I'd love to just curl up against your breasts and
have you hold me and make love with me. You should make more videos ;)

Автор azaze2003 (4 года)
thats a man

Автор Slash buster (2 года)
Bet it feels so refreshingly good to swish about without panties on

Автор Rickie Muth (6 лет)

Автор naybobdenod (5 лет)
u got 11 seconds and i really am lmao

Автор bassplayerthebest (3 года)
So elegant, pretty and feminine!!

Автор Rickie Muth (6 лет)
Would you be my girlfriend?

Автор petticoatmaus (7 лет)
Hi candy, yes of course - it's a pity that my digital camera couldn't catch
my feet. I was wearing my white hight heels from Italy. They are perfect
for dancing as they are only 3'' high.

Автор bazza462006 (7 лет)
Very pretty dress.You look so lovely,and the swirling of your pettis is

Автор Skatergirldaisy (6 лет)

Автор skirts365 (5 лет)
This stuff holds men back from being free in what they wear. You don't find
women in jock straps. It isn't skirts that make a man "female," the Greeks
wear petticoats so do the Bhutanese. None of them wear bras or present as a
female. Not many women in pants are impersonating men. You guys don't want
a sex change, why the bra and breast forms? This poisons the well for other
men who want to get skirts back that men did historically wear, because the
public lumps things together wrongly.

Автор barney269 (6 лет)
Beautiful and sexy but I want to stick my head up under those petticoats to
check the 'no panties'

Автор MilesDeo (6 лет)

Автор 665carolyn (5 лет)
Any other personal opinions you'd like to share with the group?

Автор annalouise blackburn (7 лет)
what a fabulous dress where did you get it from, you look a doll.
annalouise x

Автор Lassielu Köln (6 лет)
schöne BILDER - siehe auch romantic-worldpunktde

Автор petticoatmaus (7 лет)
Hi sweetheart, I bought the dress from a square dance second hand store in
Germany, but I was obviously new. It's wonderful easy to wear and a little
bit see through.

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