2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug


Album:All Eyez On Me Book 2
Song"Shorty Wanna Be A Thug"
By:Tupac A. Shakur
Tha Song And Tha Pic

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Добавлено: 7 лет
Длительность: 3:32
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Автор My Makaveli 777 (2 месяца)
My List:
#1 Tupac
#2 50 Cent
#3 Eminem
#4 Notorius B.I.G.
#5 Snoop Dogg
#6 Eazy E
#7 Ice Cube
#8 Dr Dre
# Kendrick Lamar
# Nas or Nate Dogg or The Game

Автор Scott N (5 месяцев)
7/72014 is here, his reincarnation believed by conspiracy theorists
regarding the 7 day theory. I feel he is gone, but his spirit lives on and
his music still touches many, maybe he will be back to touch more lives,
but leave him alone, till he returns!!! I hope to flip to CNN at 11:30
tonight and see him chillin somewhere!

Автор Makaveli83 (5 дней)
high ass fuck 

Автор afterburner (11 часов)
I listen to alot of older hip hop and I may like a certain artist for a
little bit but then i'll get bored of them or stop listening to them for a
while. Tupac though, I can listen to the same song for the 1000th time and
still find it enjoyable.

Автор Afrika Bambaataa (1 месяц)
doesnt Kanye use this as a sample? I believe its called Drive Slow

Автор Malkuth Temple (2 дня)
2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug

Автор Nick Romanov (2 дня)
how does this video have 9.2 million views when there's only 3 million
people in the world???

Автор Richard Smith (16 дней)
The future looking dim trying to make a profit living in this sin 😔 miss u

Автор Keith Chimbunde (1 день)
Really 3 million folks in this world? Try 7 billion what world you dwell in

Автор Quran Smith (5 дней)
Rest in peaces PAC and rip rest in peaces lilttle homes I miss my homies

Автор TheSilentGee47 (8 дней)
Tupac Be getting me through when I don't know what to do & have no one to
look to or talk to on certain subjects for real. 

Автор YaboyRezHD (6 месяцев)
Skraps bump pac? Tf lol

Автор BadboySimba (18 дней)
Let me tell you a good one. I'm not anglophone and I still have to read
lytics to understand songs. But every time I'm half the reading I keep get
captured and drifted awayby the song and the singing. I'm trying to make a
profit out of living in this sin is the only thing that really hit me so
bad. 16!!that's a baaad motherfucker...

Автор ashton thompson (8 дней)
all major industry artist always copy tupacs lyrics! fact. he is no.1 no

Автор nooa (1 день)
Thumbs up if you watch this in 2015

Автор rjdraper205 (6 дней)
Tupac creates perfect imagery with his songs thats what makes him the best
to me 

Автор Rap REAL (2 месяца)
ovo je rep a ne ova sranja koja slusate danas 

Автор Richard Smith (16 дней)
I love this track !!! 😃😃

Автор johnie654 (1 месяц)
2pac couldn't be alive he couldn't be quite this long it's a shame but true

Автор Rigo Ortiz Jr (10 дней)
Still bumpin 2Pac on my stereo!

Автор philip petrucci (15 дней)
best rappers ever biggie and 2pac only legends never die

Автор 143vby (16 дней)
only 16 yea and convicted as a fella

Автор willy dogg (2 месяца)
Pac said hes the First Motherfucker who could Outrun a Bullet.. Sick Guy
No-one has done more for the culture than Tupac Peace Brother.

Автор Lashonda Harp (1 месяц)
to me he was a messenger he told his-story and he told me a secret that i
see as of today and as a messenger or a spiritual person this is what the
man? is looking for so he can steal the very soul out of your body and
hell? it as his own never free!he was not a gangster just a lost KING that
was blinded by the man and the people around him but threw his his-tory he
told i learned a great secret from this man called shakur and i say ase` to
you my brother#never forget

Автор Aleks Lua (2 месяца)

Автор alizasppn100 (2 месяца)
Cause Pac was fuckin broke, his mom wasn't just a Panther tho she was deep
in that and also got caught up. I swear an agent came out that was 2pac's
Mom's boyfriend at that time an said he was sent to literally keep her
cracked out and out the picture, not to mention the family member's that
were shot dead around him growing up. 2pac was rural America's worst
nightmare, a black activist that was an entertainer to the youth and not
any entertainer a rapper, and they also threw him in like 8 movies in 4
years? He was everywhere, they fuckin hated it! We'll NEVER see another
person like pac again, he lived a crazy fast life tho I'll say that looking
back back now it's sad as hell

Автор dfhhtrber sdfhewrh (1 месяц)
say you wanna be then its going be was a night so middlecalss nigga so
bigga no another way to catch tell you is a cold war play in cold rooms
text to my pager so wev got trigger nigga try from the heart hate us so pay
out you see the niggas all alone no heart no feel and they want to see so
monies better be a thug shorty s gonna be a thug mad motherfuckers

Автор Hiphop Chanel (23 дня)
#1 - 2pac
#2 - 2pac
#3 - 2pac
#4 - 2pac
#5 - 2pac ... 2pac .... 2pac .... 2pac .... 2pac
...................#1082492784927492874927 - 2pac !!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор smuk oner (23 дня)
almost 20 years since he passed...im still bumping his music like its new.

Автор Quinn Luscinski (5 дней)
drive slow homie

Автор Alessandro Stella (1 месяц)
All the song that tupac made will never explain what he had in the mind.
Try to imagine what was, is and will be that Man

Автор terrozer Lengend (16 дней)
its a mans world play the rules.

Автор Quran Smith (5 дней)
Thug life all day every day west side

Автор loumane geffrard (1 месяц)
I seen a video of 2 pac whooping somebody ass. And went to prison and got
killed by a drive by shooting what do you call that Michael Breeden

Автор ZzZuZz (4 дня)
RIP Johnny J

Автор craig byrne (9 дней)
RIP Rap Music

Автор Daniel Kidd (1 месяц)
"I'm trying to make a profit out of living in the sin" -The Realist

Автор mario jr (23 дня)
2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug: http://youtu.be/mhdOHwdjhKs

Автор B Mercy (1 месяц)
who likes to listen to rap first thang in the mornimg sometimes? Me, lol. I
blame my big brothers, lol. Westside

Автор Micheal Breeden (4 месяца)
Funny how mthr fckrs keep talking about how "real" pac was and swing from
his nuts like his ball sweat was holy water. You all are full of sht if say
if another rapper went to a school of arts and studied acting and ballet ,
was a dancer/hype man for a lame ass rap group, wrote poetry and
contridicted himself in every song( keep ya head up/ wonder why they call
ya bitch) to name one. He and his own friends said many times pac was not
born but produced, and was never a thug until in front of a camera. Any
other rapper do that crap you all would hate for days. He is a legend at
story telling. But not for what u fanboys want him to be. A real fckr knows
im telling the truth, do research sheep!

Автор Elijah Crabtree (1 месяц)
his music reminds me of my family he's the best rapper by far 

Автор Levi Paulsen (4 месяца)
This beat is so fucking good... what happened to rap

what does he wanna be?

Автор YessE R (1 месяц)
2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug: http://youtu.be/mhdOHwdjhKs

Автор Rashad Powell (2 месяца)
i know niggas like the one pac's talking about in this song. niggas that
grew up in the suburbs trying to be in the streets when they could just go
to college. knowing street life isn't for them

Автор Kyle Hatcher (7 дней)

Автор mark hayton (1 месяц)
no other rappers can come close to pac best to ever do it

Автор Yusef Bodraid (4 дня)
West side

Автор OBARRVAGOS (2 месяца)

Автор Ron Shady (7 месяцев)
I might be 19 but the 90s was the golden age of rap

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