2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug


Album:All Eyez On Me Book 2
Song"Shorty Wanna Be A Thug"
By:Tupac A. Shakur
Tha Song And Tha Pic

Просмотров: 15318820
Длительность: 3:32
Комментарии: 7238

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Автор Liam Sanchez ( назад)
great song

Автор sharun lakhan ( назад)
3rd step is active or we are joking on it.narc shit..u tell me

Автор sharun lakhan ( назад)
i live wit a negative energy on me.whole body.they dont care.even lie about
my mental status.i go threw alot of hell games.hold pain..but its all
poosible with usa drug laws.i want to be normal but they wont let me.

Автор sharun lakhan ( назад)
how do real gangmembers act like that..anyone can.but when in tru.the
devils are within us..my bad godevils.vs who vs posotive.gaygangsters.both
have major knowlage.one has respect.maybe heavens boys will man up one
day...the third step.my thought.thers more

Автор Ambre Da Silva ( назад)

Автор Ivan Diaz ( назад)
Real shit bump to it 2pac legendary type off star

Автор jordan lang ( назад)
good song

Автор Joseph Long ( назад)
shorty gonna be a bug

Автор Jawaran Smith ( назад)
Just realized kanye sampled this...."drive slow"

Автор Semihcan yanıkoğlu ( назад)
Respect from TURKEY real niggaz never die

Автор MusicVideoGaming ( назад)
damn that is a good beat

Автор do7ee11 ( назад)
In arab countries pac is number 1 when we talk about real music 👑

Автор Felipe Bautista ( назад)
thug life

Автор CJ Fazz ( назад)
Am I the only one that's noticed that this sample has also been sampled by
Kanye and Eminem
Hear for your self
Eminem:No one iller that me
Kanye:Drive slow

Автор Cuong Vu ( назад)
hi hi bi bo

Автор Vyntah Caesar ( назад)
Classic song by The Legendary Tupac

Автор KLONEX GHEE ( назад)
id bust on orlanda anderson if I had the chance

Автор Ruben Sobhey ( назад)
Respect RiP Tupac

Автор Dave Gregory ( назад)
drag racing music

Автор Austin Morrow ( назад)
childish comments the o.g is speaking at the moment

Автор Mariam nonamé ( назад)
pac 4 life !!!

Автор Anthony DiBrino ( назад)
Pac's muisc and dream will forever live on💯 and Neva dye down

Автор Shannon “shannonthabarber” Morris ( назад)

Автор Shannon “shannonthabarber” Morris ( назад)
like the man said Don't listen to Tupac if you don't understand ya. ya
heard me.lol

Автор Shannon “shannonthabarber” Morris ( назад)

Автор Kline Everlas ( назад)
as, iz

Автор Kline Everlas ( назад)
thuggg mayz lives

Автор Iesha Fisher ( назад)
my daddy raised me on Pac

Автор Almir und Angie Dedic ( назад)
The Best EVER

Автор Aliya hurt ( назад)

Автор Dirk Diggler ( назад)
tupac raps a king. hope

Автор BIG MOE ( назад)
the rap game has been changed after u passed away


Автор peter cloutier ( назад)
now this is real rap

Автор 1212rusty ( назад)
drive slow homie

Автор Shawty 100 ( назад)
my nigga

Автор wolf rudel ( назад)
hear it on speed 1.25 i think standard is better thoe but that aint to bad.

Автор theawsomeking ( назад)
Who listening to this in 2016?

Автор Austin Geiger ( назад)
the song is better on full volume

Автор Will Kill ( назад)
like it for the shit thats mistaken for a jam right here ill kill em wit a
gram I'm uncle sam n i jam will kill filled the phil n made yeah out o a
hood rat wheres the gat know your head to this gangsta shit ill hit

Автор Austin Geiger ( назад)
the instrumental is awesome

Автор Austin Geiger ( назад)
he is the best rapper ever in the 90's sad he died early

Автор Vijay Varghese ( назад)
wildflower by hank crawford

Автор Jerry Fuqua ( назад)
Where did white people get a pass 4 the n word

Автор Jerry Fuqua ( назад)
wanna b niggas think a gun is the answer

Автор Hank ballard and chuck berry ( назад)

Автор Alex Sayegh ( назад)
IDK who started this newschool rap shit but niggaz need to take it back to
lyrics that make sense

Автор Noble Thomas ( назад)

Автор Individual Rights Chris ( назад)
This nigga died too late!

Автор Asif Akram Glasgow ( назад)
Can someone please help me out.. Looking for a tupac song its really fast
and he says "westside in this motherfucker right here" "i screamed westside
when i came" "make money take money" thanks

Автор Chris Conklin ( назад)
If you could only understand how close this is too my heart.

Автор Nedelea adelin Dumitru ( назад)

Автор Melissa Ricklin ( назад)
it's a blessing to understand his lyrics

Автор JESSE Mcmorris ( назад)
badly rapper alive always

Автор goodlife925 ( назад)
G.O.A.T. Never forgotten..love u forever Pac🙏🏽. God bless the dead🙏🏽❤️

Автор Neil Tomlinson ( назад)
One of the best tracks ever !

Автор Emad A ( назад)

Автор Gavin Rigor ( назад)
Who still bumpin this in 2017???

Автор Eduardo SzéLL ( назад)

Автор Christopher Miller ( назад)
KanYe definitely sample this bass line!!!

Автор Tbg 4L ( назад)
rip yummy

Автор My Name ( назад)
This song gives me a strange feeling asif pac's spiryt is here

Автор Renald Celestin ( назад)
90s music aint dead it will live 4ever

Автор Renald Celestin ( назад)
90s music aint dead it will live 4ever

Автор Kriss Kamil ( назад)
T-R-U OLD SKOOL REAL Gangsta-Genius RAP !

Автор Jaime Rendon ( назад)
80s and 90s rap was so tight now it's all ghetto and shit

Автор Jaime Rendon ( назад)
80s and 90s rap was so tight now it's all ghetto and shit

Автор Pop Eye ( назад)
19 to 24 Secs

Автор Freddy Kruger ( назад)
yea fuck kenye wat ever dat bitch name.

Автор DubStepHamster ( назад)
All the people that say today's music is rap.
You are retarded

Автор CalledRouge 5671 ( назад)
This song tight.

Автор Pathos Thedon ( назад)
He A True Voice forever known even In tha year 2036 ;)

Автор A-Jay King ( назад)
shorty wanna be a thug!!!!

Автор Michael Griffitt ( назад)
your never forgotten..................

Автор ali yalcin ( назад)
14 million views but 10% people understand his lines

dont lisint to 2pac if you don't undestand his lines

Автор Craig Sauve ( назад)
still blasting this in 3016

Автор Dylan Allen ( назад)
R.I.P 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор jer burke ( назад)
Honestly where has Hip ~Hop gone??.......Pac be like WTF?

Автор Filipe Costa ( назад)
2Pac foi Foda

Автор Veetak ( назад)
I'm crying, I'm 16 and I wish I could go back in the 90s when rap was rap.
When 2pac was alive. This song makes me so sad

Автор Donna Paul Warren ( назад)
miss the real

Автор Donna Paul Warren ( назад)
lil shawty is me, Hey.

Автор Cole World ( назад)

Автор JadoofSavannah -sabertalk ( назад)
i enjoy your muzic bros

Автор The11Andy11 ( назад)
Niggaaaz got Automatics

Автор The11Andy11 ( назад)
Shit rap is dead.... The 90s was sooo great

Автор Jacks Place ( назад)
Hope God is treating you good

Автор MrBvirk ( назад)
Was raised up, commencing to money makin tactics It's getting drastic,
niggas got automatics My fingers on the trigga, Tell the lord To make way
for another straight Thug Nigga

Автор JUMPMAN JORDY ( назад)
Why would you dislike this?

Автор Massimo Di Giampaolo ( назад)
00:03 he is playing the kazoo very well

Автор DikkeKoelie ( назад)
2pac wanna be a thug,2pac wanna be a thug,2pac wanna be a thug,but got shot
after beating a thug lololol karma is a bitch

Автор Crystal Lopez ( назад)

Автор Felipe F.R. ( назад)

Автор Real Nuchu ( назад)
dam this song got me thru alot fake shit going on around me b4 I did my

Автор soid drone slayer ( назад)
These young shortys out here still wanna be a thug in 2016 aint shit
change. RIP2pac.

Автор Fırat Kılıç ( назад)
*Miss You Legend Pac*

Автор Straightface ( назад)
is this the theme in gta san andreas

Автор Mr.CoolGuy Mr.CoolGuy ( назад)

Автор Stephen garcia ( назад)
Damn. Youth is fleeting.

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