2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug


Album:All Eyez On Me Book 2
Song"Shorty Wanna Be A Thug"
By:Tupac A. Shakur
Tha Song And Tha Pic

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Добавлено: 8 лет
Длительность: 3:32
Комментарии: 7182

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Автор Noir R (26 дней)
I tell you why pac is better then any of yah mainstream rappers for the
last time.

1: He died for his people , cuz he care about us
2: He was fightin for a better generation
3: Knew real pain and struggle
4: A warrior with love
5: He's the rose out of the concrete

And i could go on for hours but i think if you smart enough you understand
my points.

Автор afterburner (1 месяц)
I listen to alot of older hip hop and I may like a certain artist for a
little bit but then i'll get bored of them or stop listening to them for a
while. Tupac though, I can listen to the same song for the 1000th time and
still find it enjoyable.

Автор Rap REAL (4 месяца)
ovo je rep a ne ova sranja koja slusate danas 

Автор Afrika Bambaataa (2 месяца)
doesnt Kanye use this as a sample? I believe its called Drive Slow

Автор Matthew Cook (10 дней)
I punched a whale in the dick listening to this song!! 

Автор My Makaveli 777 (3 месяца)
My List:
#1 Tupac
#2 50 Cent
#3 Eminem
#4 Notorius B.I.G.
#5 Snoop Dogg
#6 Eazy E
#7 Ice Cube
#8 Dr Dre
# Kendrick Lamar
# Nas or Nate Dogg or The Game

Автор emiliosrb oo (8 дней)
i'm a nigga 99% and 1% a dickhead :D

Автор Levi Paulsen (5 месяцев)
This beat is so fucking good... what happened to rap

Автор Richard Smith (1 месяц)
The future looking dim trying to make a profit living in this sin 😔 miss u

Автор johnie654 (3 месяца)
2pac couldn't be alive he couldn't be quite this long it's a shame but true

Автор James Newsome (4 дня)
2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug: http://youtu.be/mhdOHwdjhKs

Автор Nick Baar (24 дня)
When I was young I listened to 2pac
I had fun smoking bud
Thinking like a soldier
I respected my momma
Got fucked up
Worked and got an education
One day I got asked
How much thug do you got
I said not enough
But I was always G down with the bud
I could roll up a spliff in two seconds
In the hood you don't disrespect it
There's prostitutes
People using drugs
Babies starving
A line at the food stamp office
If you asked me
What do I think
Would change it
Maybe if everybody had somewhere to live
Who wasn't too crazy
According to income but not no section 8 living
You have Habitat for Humanity
I think they need more money
Because I'm from Tucson AZ
It's one of the poorest places in the USA
That's the reality
Just because I smoke weed
Doesn't mean I'm the same person breaking down society

Автор Scott N (6 месяцев)
7/72014 is here, his reincarnation believed by conspiracy theorists
regarding the 7 day theory. I feel he is gone, but his spirit lives on and
his music still touches many, maybe he will be back to touch more lives,
but leave him alone, till he returns!!! I hope to flip to CNN at 11:30
tonight and see him chillin somewhere!

Автор BoBbIe VaSqUez (5 дней)
2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug: http://youtu.be/mhdOHwdjhKs

Автор Doge The Bounty Hunter (14 дней)
All Eyez On Me is the best rap album IMO.

Автор Gaz C (4 дня)
2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug: http://youtu.be/mhdOHwdjhKs

Автор Necip Demir (12 дней)
Me here and 17 years old... Tupac died 2 years of my born. I am listening
to him. Also I listen to BIG, EM, NAS, DRE, DOGG. Oldschool hiphop is
great. (G-rap, g-funk, ...)

Автор mario jr (2 месяца)
2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug: http://youtu.be/mhdOHwdjhKs

Автор miguel nava (8 дней)
Kids these days say young thug is better than 2pac SMH. Thug life 

Автор diego delgado (25 дней)
Rip yummy and pac

Автор mashtomhacknee (15 дней)
2pac your words are strong. 4ever in are hearts we listened and NOW WE

Автор Marko TheBeast (15 дней)
I'm here, 14 years old listening to Tupac... Can't understand how someone
listens to new shit...

Автор Makaveli83 (1 месяц)
high ass fuck 

Автор pharaoh (7 дней)
2PAC & EAZY-E EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор BadboySimba (1 месяц)
Let me tell you a good one. I'm not anglophone and I still have to read
lytics to understand songs. But every time I'm half the reading I keep get
captured and drifted awayby the song and the singing. I'm trying to make a
profit out of living in this sin is the only thing that really hit me so
bad. 16!!that's a baaad motherfucker...

Автор Cackie Chen (11 дней)
Omg this is public. I didn't know lol

Автор Malkuth Temple (1 месяц)
2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug

Автор Giorgos Thomaidis (16 дней)
#1 Nas
#2 2pac
#3 DMX
#4 Ice Cube
#5 Biggie 

Автор YaboyRezHD (8 месяцев)
Skraps bump pac? Tf lol

Автор Bernard Sweeney (10 дней)
#2pac #D.R.E #B.I.G #snoop dogg The best

Автор Hussain Sharif (1 месяц)
My List
#1 Tupac
#2 Notorious B.I.G
#3 Big Pun
#4 Eminem
#5 Nas
#6 Rakim

Автор Curt Allen (23 дня)
Never loose you resistance

Автор TheSilentGee47 (1 месяц)
Tupac Be getting me through when I don't know what to do & have no one to
look to or talk to on certain subjects for real. 

Автор Yadda Yadda (18 дней)
R.I.P, Lil Yummy- Shorty Wanna Be A Thug

Автор G box96 (1 месяц)
Fuck and your mother fuckin moma we goin to kill all you mothers west side

Автор Neal Rigger (29 дней)
i swear he wrote this song about me and i didnt even know Pac! lol

Автор George G (1 месяц)
You cant even judge.

#1 Pac/Biggie RIP

Rest is whatever

Автор emile goddaer (3 дня)
Best rapper ever 

Автор ashton thompson (1 месяц)
all major industry artist always copy tupacs lyrics! fact. he is no.1 no

Автор Trevorkian420 (1 месяц)
this is 2015 damn near you think you could bump the quality up a little?

Автор Nick Romanov (1 месяц)
how does this video have 9.2 million views when there's only 3 million
people in the world???

Автор Keith Chimbunde (1 месяц)
Really 3 million folks in this world? Try 7 billion what world you dwell in

Автор \m/ 666 Pathological_Metalhead 666 \m/ (2 месяца)
My list:
1. Abominable Putridy
2. Abnormity
3. Visceral Disgorge
4. Pathology
5. Waking The Cadaver
6. Suicide Silence
7. Gore Sanctum
8. Ezophagothomia
9. Carnal Disfigurement
10. Pathological Abomination
11. Incision
12. Rings Of Saturn
13. Job For A Cowboy
14. Cannible Corpse
15. Pig Head
16. Insect Warfare
17. Napalm Death
18. Disfiguring The Goddess
19. Begging For Incest
20. Pathological Sadism

Автор Richard Smith (1 месяц)
I love this track !!! 😃😃

Автор rjdraper205 (1 месяц)
Tupac creates perfect imagery with his songs thats what makes him the best
to me 

Автор 143vby (1 месяц)
only 16 yea and convicted as a fella

Автор Cheyenne carpitcher (1 месяц)
Best song ever!!
Brings back memories

Автор philip petrucci (1 месяц)
best rappers ever biggie and 2pac only legends never die

Автор nooa (1 месяц)
Thumbs up if you watch this in 2015

Автор Rigo Ortiz Jr (1 месяц)
Still bumpin 2Pac on my stereo!

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