2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug


Album:All Eyez On Me Book 2
Song"Shorty Wanna Be A Thug"
By:Tupac A. Shakur
Tha Song And Tha Pic

Просмотров: 11104760
Длительность: 3:32
Комментарии: 6200

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Автор Adrian Mcgath ( назад)
Lol kanye west pac never meet kanye west lmao he would of never kicked it
with that sellout anyway xd lol

Автор rucki456 ( назад)
2015 still banging!! shorty wanne be a thug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Dennis Hanikow ( назад)
The Legend ❤️🙏🏽

Автор houlala nimp ( назад)
r.i.p 2pac .. <3

Автор Jay Basiliso ( назад)
Who has felt like shorty but 3 year younger

Автор Cobrakai 218 ( назад)

Автор EDIAMINful ( назад)
Did we REALLY went from this type of joints to Rich Gangs 'Lifestyle' and
Chief Keef??! Shits fuckd up

Автор Oksana Holland ( назад)

Автор Temirov95 ( назад)
Top one of Rapper is darude sandstorm

Автор Immortal Power ( назад)
Good monkey = dead monkey !

Автор Immortal Power ( назад)
If the monkey don't sucks donkey dick - check her pulse. Probably she died.
© Alexander the Great

Автор Niggaz Wit Attitudes ( назад)
Best Rapper!!!BRAZIL

Автор Thi Nguyen ( назад)

Автор Andrew Wake ( назад)
Crazy the rap today well so called rap shit don't even compare to 2pac
biggie bonethugs and all the older rap I can't even listen to the shit it
sucks so bad. Sorry to all the ppl who like the new stuff but to me it's

Автор Tignate Kowajo ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Tignate Kowajo ( назад)

Автор Tignate Kowajo ( назад)

Автор Henry Gateau ( назад)

Автор Max Pravia ( назад)
Who would dislike this classic masterpiece ??? .. Must be those hating ass
Fatboy Piggie Smalls fans.

Автор Gary Kirchner ( назад)

Автор pumpkintubs ( назад)
I think all dogs want to be pugs they seem to get more respect than other
dogs and pugs get blinged up and there rides are bmw and Porsche and mercs
for other dogs lifes a bitch xxx

Автор chuck warren ( назад)
Tupac is the best rap artist there ever notice how I said "ARTIST"

Автор Reggie N (1112 года назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор murco96 ( назад)
is it weird that Pac's songs give me more happines than any other song ?

Автор amadou tidiane bah ( назад)

Автор yimmy riascos alomia ( назад)

Автор Kemo Manka ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Shameka Davis ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Ohiosumua anthony ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Ohiosumua anthony ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Antwan Willis ( назад)
A us don't lose touch on the real keep it for real live and let it die nevermind I won't cry all I could do was try on Monday maybe I could get my on to the fullest he didn't like when shield wipers how to get looked at well royalties I share because I care enough for you to do that

rap god

Автор Clinton Purvis ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Salvador Yzaguirre ( назад)
Tue PAC I. Love all ur music you'll never be forgtton...

Автор Ozoya Afegbai ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Azmat Shah ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Eric Wright ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Ralton Marais ( назад)
Still the best

Автор Basshir bass ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Brianne Kulas ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор THOMAS HALL ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор David Johnson ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Adeck Madaki Meshak ( назад)
Hip hop is BIG

Автор Adeck Madaki Meshak ( назад)
Hip hop is BIG

Автор Lynn Nickleson ( назад)
Dear mama

Автор Lyndell Fisher ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор Free collective ( назад)
Tupac you went to young..life is not fair!!

Автор Reis Maloku ( назад)
The Legendary Tupac Shakur

Автор RAP OR DIE ( назад)
908 People are fvcking new school victims. ! #kingpac

Автор JhoelAlvarez Official ( назад)
Tupac Rifa !!
Respect from México.

Автор Amr Kassem ( назад)
2pac 4 life

Автор Granić Sjenjak ( назад)
palac gore za old school !

Автор sorin adrian ( назад)
It s "Shortly gonna be a thug".Anyway THUG LIFE

Автор Mathana rooban ( назад)
Thug life forever 

Автор seth ireland ( назад)
@B tac that's a lie everyone hates Justin Bieber and he still sucks

Автор Thraxx Thraxx ( назад)
trick daddy version is good too

Автор Evolved Venom ( назад)
Happy birthday tupac 

Автор Owen Callahan ( назад)
My favorite 2 Pac song Happy birthday you will forever be missed

Автор Rene' alias Eggen ( назад)
Hammer lied

Автор NextGenKenji ( назад)
Shorty you can't see me!

Автор Jasp ( назад)
lustboy sent me

Автор theone thebest ( назад)
lustboy sent me here

Автор Hi Im Lam ( назад)
k good job lustboy

Автор Fusi Sefo Kolonga ( назад)
Let the man live or die.. He put on for us COLORED people. So stfu unless
your name is Pac or MLK.. N no I'm not a brother by skin color. I just been
in there where color is color and if there's a problem, bk your car N
continue with the program!! #SanQuentinBaby #LivedThatLife

Автор PsyschoLP ( назад)
Man this song always remebers me on my first love that i had back at that
time :) Rip Pac 

Автор arianasaldana644 ( назад)
Love 2pac, always my favorite rapper... RIP

Автор Anouar Elel ( назад)
876 people dont know 2 pac? 

Автор Stacy Dodson ( назад)
R.I.P. Risley...my MR. Risley...XOXOXO

Автор Big Ballin ( назад)
Ok, i want everybody to calm down because i have some good news.
I spoke with Tupac briefly a few hours ago and he confirmed that he will be
back in 2023 to work with Dr.Dre on an unfinished project "Detox" and he
will also be releasing his first solo album in more then 3 decades with
diss tracks toward less fortunate "Rappers".

Автор robo varga ( назад)
When I white boyz mwanna be thugz cause this man changet em.........damn

Автор Psy ( назад)
sample : Wildflower by Hank Crawford (1973)

Автор NutsineeNaJaNaJa Scan ( назад)
What's the meaning of this song?

Автор Drue Dowdell ( назад)
2pac is a legend.

Автор HenchxPenguin ( назад)
THIS is why J. Cole's "Dreams" sounded familiar..

Автор poptarts bitch no skittles ( назад)

Автор thepunisher666 ( назад)
daz right its our time its my time its my time to rise

Автор EpicBulletStudios ( назад)
How's there 10m views but there's only 2 potatoes on earth.... Something
fishy going on...

Автор Rida MORANNE ( назад)

Автор Question Everything ( назад)
The truth of life does not change anything in life except people's minds.
Things stay the same. The truth just removes the unnecessary suffering,
conflict and confusion from life. ~~► I suggest you to *read "The Present"
at TruthContest◘Com*, it is the best source of truth I know about.

Автор Gustavo LG ( назад)
essa é a mais loka mano so fã de mais do 2pac ,na moral tinha o don.

Автор Eric Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор BeLinda Trotter ( назад)

Автор Emily Rigby ( назад)
and he didnt just get shot five times,tupac in his life had been shot at
atleat 15 times and thats before he had millions and survived, hollywood
and fame killed pac ...and i just dont get when peole say hes still alive
because he said cuba and shit he meant he will be alive forever because you
are listening to him right now,same people who believe hes alive same
people believe in lizards on the moon lol

Автор Emily Rigby ( назад)
too many argument and tryna prove points on tupac pages listen to the tune
and fuck off dont ruin this magic with your dumb arguments....... Rap Is

Автор Brandon Brown ( назад)
said he gonna be

Автор eugene gregory ( назад)
2pac-Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug: http://youtu.be/mhdOHwdjhKs

Автор Jovan D ( назад)
I tell you it's a cold world, stay in school
You tell me its a man's world, play the rules
And fade fools, 'n break rules until we major
Blaze up, getting with hoes through my pager ZASTO SI UMRO 2 PAKU

Автор rodriguez11554 ( назад)
Im 15 and Gangster Rap is what I listen to! This new 'rap' is weak compared
to 2pac the GOAT

Автор MarvinG ProD ( назад)
Watch my Channel. Instrumentale rap. 

Автор Ferrara Daniele ( назад)
RIP Shakur

Автор The Benevolent will​ be Trivialized ( назад)
RIP Shakur

Автор Lasha Maisuradze ( назад)
RIP Shakur

Автор I'm cool ( назад)
Well we shot him for talking sh

Автор atakan ital ( назад)

Автор T Shubert ( назад)
Kanye sampled this record on drive slow

Автор james winter (1661 год назад)
There's no song Kanye West did that made me feel emotional not even jesus

Автор ebonics4everyone ( назад)
If you die before 30, and you're a big pop star like Tupac, Biggie, Sid
Vicious or Kurt Cobain, you'll be more popular than in life. Elvis Presley
and John Lennon are the only stars who died in their 40s, who are still
popular now. But most people who die in their 30s or 40s are considered old
farts. Nobody likes them. 

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