Trango Tower

Iranian Bigwall expedition by The Nameless Team
The Trango, Himalayas, Nameless Tower summit on 14th July 2012, 6239m.

The Nameless Team, achieved this summit by the countless efforts, practices and the spiritual help of those who wished to accompany us in this expedition.
We missed a lot the presence of Ismaeil Motehayer Passand (may rest in peace) in this summit, he was the one who tried a lot for organizing this team in the previous years, and put a lot of his useful effort on this project.
The Iranian team, reached the zenith, exactly on the date and time which he was passed away on the previous year, at 15:00, of 14th July 2012.
This team had paid all the expenses of the trip and the practices by its own and had brought the priceless trophy for the Iranian mountaineering.
As the many famous faces of this field have said, the Iranian teams could achieve this summit after 30 years, but Iranian young climbers have proven that with effort, group work and highly motivated spirit can achieve their desired goals as always.

Participants of the Nameless team are as follow;
1. Hassan Gerami: Leader
2. Hossein Boland Akhtar: Technical Manager
3. Saed Najafi:Member
4. Abbas Mohammadi: Member
5. Saeed Mahmoudi: Member
6. Mehdi Farhadi: Member
7. Hamid Shafaghi: Member
8. Ali Karimi: Member
9. Hamid Amiri: Member
10. Mojtaba Saghafi: Member
11. Pejhman Zafari: Member
12. Farshad Meyjuji: Member
13. Shahram Abbasnejhad: IT
14. Hamid Bazrafkan: Dr

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Автор Steven Noel (1 месяц)
I don't speak Persian, but this was beautiful regardless.

Автор Mary H (1 год)
Salem bashid o Sar Afraz .. Impressive .. Breath taking ,,

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