Takee 1 Unboxing - World’s first 3D Holographic Smartphone

Unboxing & first look at the Takee 1 the World’s first 3D Holographic Smartphone that uses 3D display technology without the need for glasses. Awarded iF Design Award 2015 and CES Innovation Award 2015.

Full review coming soon…Subscribe to see it first http://goo.gl/Cx6HWH

Takee 1 website - http://www.takeeofficial.uk/

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Автор Magma Playz ( назад)

Автор Sizzling Cafe ( назад)
How to buy? in india

Автор Tanuj Rana ( назад)
why was there a sim ejector tool ??

there wasn't any sim card tray!!

Автор Alexader dufuk ( назад)
seems like a very cheap device

Автор Jay Tamkhane ( назад)
Best 3D phone

Автор Anton B ( назад)
soooooo, where is the hologram?

Автор arpan mukhia ( назад)
What for do we get the sim ejector tool? 😂😂

Автор Javier Gonzalez ( назад)
4:15 top right corner of the phon is that porn ????????😅😅😅😅😅😅

Автор asadullah sani ( назад)
it id edited by after effects

Автор sabari ( назад)
but what about holographics facility__yeah it's quite awsome but have less battery backup bla blaaa blaaaa

Автор Decepticons TM ( назад)
except 3D concept... it's a dump...

Автор saim sheikh ( назад)
it will not avaible in other countries /// china. japan only

Автор memphis_summit ( назад)
tjey have a projector phone now

Автор Devesh Aggarwal ( назад)
taki re taki o taki taki taki re

Автор Marc Yhael ( назад)
its not the first here in philippines my phone has the same kind of phone so that phone is not the first

Автор Sing Chen Chueq ( назад)
nooooo!!!!! That is not the first one... there are already many unknown brand have create this type of phone▔□▔)/▔□▔)/▔□▔)/
including what I know is Ding Ding Guide s1,HTC evo 3d,LG OPTIMUS 3D....and many moreeeee!!!!!

Автор Adult's Academy SUV Ro ( назад)
Worst review ever seen

Автор R KANDE ( назад)
where is holographic

Автор Goofy Terrell ( назад)

Автор SK Alam ( назад)
Dude r u mad . U don't the real meaning of Holograph

Автор Shivam's Mystery ( назад)
4K with VR is better than 3D

Автор GAMER MC ( назад)
I have a 3D phone and is not take1
And my phone make also 3D photos and video

Автор Vishal Chauhan ( назад)
BC! why they give a ejectng key for sim or Sd slot rather the sim slot is in the back by open the back cover. may be they are stupid or asshole

Автор dark skull ( назад)
why it has similar ejekterkey

Автор Edgars Rimeikis ( назад)
get Xiomi mi mix

Автор Harsha Gurram ( назад)
Does it really work

Автор yashwant tanwar ( назад)
LG optimum 3d(p920) is the first 3d phone... i know this because it was my first andorid phone

Автор Leonardo v ( назад)
LG did it long long time ago with LG Optimus 3d

Автор Aleksandar Stjepanovic ( назад)
The headphones look more expensive than the phone

Автор Aryan Sharma ( назад)
Not the best phone I've seen

Автор Prince Cyrus ( назад)
o what the shirt I thought that it was something like stark tech

Автор НКХ hi - tech ( назад)

Автор Tahiat kabir ( назад)
bad phone

Автор Randy Tinsman ( назад)
LG had a phone like this.

Автор TheCrazyStupidGamer ( назад)
the device design is beautiful

Автор TheCrazyStupidGamer ( назад)

Автор Michael Angelo Tomboc ( назад)
You do Good Unboxing

Автор Ahmgsk Mod ( назад)
What's the difference between this and Htc evo 3D and LG 3D phone ??
They were also 3D with out glasses

Автор VJ Ind ( назад)
Awesome stuff, Awesome Saf

Автор Shubham Kokatnur ( назад)
U can get better device in 150$. who wants to pay 450£ for that..

Автор Gaming Deception ( назад)
I had an LG Thrill with a 3D display and camera back in the day

Автор Josué dlTLl. ( назад)
3D display but no 3D capturing cameras? fail

Автор Onie D ( назад)
this is not a hologram phone but a 3d phone and if that is the case here then this is not the first 3d phone lg came up with a 3d phone with dual cameras more than 4 years ago

Автор ABDUL REHMAN Akhil ( назад)
What about LG 3d smart phone that was released years ago

Автор swapnil roy ( назад)
it's not holographic it's autosterecopy

Автор YO TECHNOLOGY ( назад)
Search micromax canvas 3d 😂 Its time to change the title and tags 😁😂

Автор Romaldo Almeida ( назад)

Автор S srikanth ( назад)
which phone should i buy in 15000 rs? please suggest my main use is music & games

Автор Outlaw Silva ( назад)
the price and the experience?really 3d?

Автор iTECH SMART ( назад)
Sure lg Optimus 3D back in 2011

Автор abd al rahman mahmoud ( назад)
its not holographic display dude, its 3D without glasses, holographic display means that it will show something on air

Автор XxKazxX xoxo ( назад)
So this is low end phone to midrange... agh I'm done here... next

Автор Sebastian Michaels ( назад)
its 4d time

Автор Snap Chat ( назад)
Nice video

Автор iasterme ( назад)
Nice review !

Автор sam minhas ( назад)
sir price this phone plz

Автор -EM- ( назад)
Why there was a sim ejection tool in the box?

Автор Milan Mandaric ( назад)
this happens when everybody can talk about stuff without having a plan what he's talking about preparing the magic word

Автор Mattia Piantoni ( назад)
HTC Evo 3d???? come on..

Автор Zoltán Erdődi ( назад)
not the first... many years ago there is a LG cellphone with 3D holographyc display...

Автор Dhiyagu D ( назад)
check out Micromax canvas 3D.. that too had same holographic display I guess..

Автор Tamal Sarkar ( назад)
this is nt the first bro...our local indian company micromax did that a long time ago...and that tech is now dead...so RIP 💐

Автор Tech for you ( назад)
sim ejector pin WTU

Автор Zeeshan Nasir ( назад)

What is the sim ejector tool for..?? Lol

Автор Padmanabhan P ( назад)
Lg Optimus 3D is the first 3D smartphone in the world

Автор Ali Haider cute ( назад)
saf r u muslim

Автор Aashish Regmi ( назад)
looks like the design is similar to Oneplus one

Автор Moize Ahmed ( назад)
full review can explain more

Автор Eduardo Rodriguez ( назад)
the HTC evo 3D was the frist 3D phone with 3D camera

Автор Eduardo Rodriguez ( назад)
the HTC evo 3D was the frist 3D phone with 3D camera

Автор Dark Blood ( назад)
Any new updates about Xiaomi notes?

Автор CleverBot 503 ( назад)
cuanto vale el cell?
lo venden en el salvador?

Автор Siddharth Dutta ( назад)
Chinese phone. 1 saal ki guarantee bas khatam. saala kutta.

Автор Kailas J Kumar ( назад)
Not the first one of this kind ... :)

Автор Ishu Chaturvedi ( назад)
jelly bean wtf man

Автор Ravi Ahuja ( назад)
not available in India 😯

Автор صدى الوطن ( назад)

Автор sanjana kumarasinghe ( назад)

Автор Prem Kumar ( назад)
what a joke.....

Автор UnderVibe Records ( назад)
2nd 3d Phone in the world after HTC Evo 3D from 2011 ! I almost got it then but Nokia N8 just take my eyes and got it, was better than HTC and my eyes on 3D mode after 2 minutes hurts. Change the title, 2nd 3D Phone ! Haha ! Cheers !

Автор Andika Febriyanto ( назад)
belinya dimana ya.??

Автор jacaughron55 ( назад)
yeah deff not the first 3d

Автор Destructive DJ ( назад)
Great review but do you have to be looking at the screen to see the holograms or is it like the unrealistic commercial where they show it from the side and you can still see it. That part didn't make sense to me.

Автор András Sásdi ( назад)
hmm HTC evo 3D

Автор MARVEL Rabbit ( назад)
Weird mix of accents.

Автор Muhammed Ramos ( назад)
Wait this shit is available and no one nos

Автор shubham ambekar ( назад)
anybuddy show yarr. Holographic review

Автор Magical Hacker ( назад)
But in your video there was nothing like 3D

Автор Magical Hacker ( назад)
Can we really see everything in 3D

Автор Aj Sth ( назад)
i really like this review
wish i can get one 🙏🙏

Автор Jonathan Z. ( назад)
amazon fire phone was before this.

Автор Timothy leonard lorenzo ( назад)
Where did buy that phone

Автор PlatinumEagleStudio's ( назад)
This is basically a more advanced version of the 3DS in a phone ;-)

Автор arthur lee thomas ( назад)
Do it work with boost mobile

Автор Samson Simhon ( назад)
2:04 - 2:10 YEEESSSS......

Автор 3die3ra ( назад)

Автор Jack Mara ( назад)
What about optimus 3d?

Автор Member Berry ( назад)
lg and htc already made 3d phones.. you were living under a rock or something

Автор Salah Mohamed ( назад)

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