Just Say "Merry Christmas"

Should Americans wish each other "Happy holidays" or "Merry Christmas"? Should an office "Christmas party" be called a "holiday party" so that it's more inclusive? Dennis Prager answers these questions and more in this short video.
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The change from wishing fellow Americans "Merry Christmas" to wishing them "Happy Holidays" is a very significant development.

Proponents of "Happy Holidays" argue it's no big deal - proponents of "Merry Christmas" are making a mountain out of a molehill.

But the "Happy Holidays" advocates want it both ways. They dismiss opponents as hysterical; but at the same time, in addition to replacing “Merry Christmas” with "Happy Holidays,” they have relentlessly pushed to replace “Christmas vacation” with “winter vacation” and “Christmas party” with
"Holiday Party.”

So, then, which is it? Is all this elimination of the word “Christmas" important or not?

The answer is obvious. It's very important. That’s why so much effort is devoted to substituting other words for “Christmas.” And these efforts have been extraordinarily successful. In place of the universal “Merry Christmas” of my youth, in recent decades I have been wished "Happy Holidays" by every waiter and waitress in every restaurant I have dined; by everyone who welcomes me at any business; by my flight attendants and pilots; and by just about everyone else.

When I respond, "Thank you. Merry Christmas!" I often sense that I have actually created some tension. Many of those I wish "Merry Christmas" are probably relieved to hear someone who feels free to utter the “C” word, but all the sensitivity training they've had to undergo creates cognitive dissonance.

The opponents of "Merry Christmas" and other uses of the word "Christmas" know exactly what they’re doing. They’re disingenuous when they dismiss defenders of "Merry Christmas" as fabricating some “War on Christmas.”
Of course it's a war on Christmas, or, more precisely, a war on the religious nature of America. The left in America, like the left in Europe, wants to create a thoroughly secular society. Not a secular government – which is a desirable goal, and which, in any event, has always been the case in America – but a secular society.

Most people do not realize that the left believes in secularism as fervently as religious Jews and Christians believe in the Bible. That's why "Merry Christmas" bothers secular activists. It's a blatant reminder of just how religious America is – and always has been. So, here's a prediction: Activists on the left will eventually seek to remove Christmas as a national holiday.

Now, the left doesn't announce that its agenda is to thoroughly secularize American and European societies. Instead, they offer the inclusiveness argument: that "Merry Christmas" or "Christmas party" or "Christmas vacation" is not "inclusive."

For the complete script, visit https://www.prageru.com/courses/political-science/just-say-merry-christmas

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Автор sherrie Moon ( назад)
As an atheist I happy support Christmas.

Автор eN3RD ( назад)
So basically his argument is because some jews made alot of iconic
Christmas music and it's tradition means I'm a terrible person for wishing
you a happy holidays?

This is nothing more then a right buzzfeed, not to be taken more than a
grain of salt

Автор Nico D ( назад)
You have the right to say what you want to.

I don't think "the left" wants to remove Christmas because 90% of America
celebrates Christmas.

Public schools shouldn't celebrate "Christmas" alone because the US is not
a Christian country.

Basically if don't know someone well just say "Happy holidays", it's not
that big of a deal.

If you get offended by someone saying "Merry Christmas" then you have some
issues too.

Автор Jodean Blake ( назад)
he's right and all you atheists know it. Right is right.

Автор Crash Bandicoot ( назад)
No one can be this dumb by accident.

Автор Crash Bandicoot ( назад)
If you say "merry Christmas," I just start saying "hail Satan."

Автор Xavier Ford ( назад)
i found fox news the YouTube channel

Автор Priscilla Leahy ( назад)
I find it rediculous to be offended by either phrase. To me it doesn't
matter what another celebrates and if you don't feel like wishing people
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays than just don't say anything. I believe
it's best to not make a petty drama at all. Let people say Merry Christmas,
let people say Happy Holidays, and let people such as myself say Happy Yule
or Merry Yule. Oh and btw not every American does nor is obligated to
celebrate Christmas and I assure that they prefear getting by without the
drama during everyone's holiday's.

Автор Nobody Important ( назад)
I never thought about this before. I agree with you on this after listening
and thinking about your arguments

Автор si91 ( назад)
It is extremely annoying to hear conservatives, who rightly criticize
leftists for their whining about micro aggressions, complain about "Happy
Holidays" like it is a conservative microaggression. I am not a Christian
and never have been, but I've never had a problem with the phrase "Merry
Christmas." That said, getting offended at a term deliberately designed to
include everyone is ridiculous.

Автор skyboundpilot ( назад)
I always make fun of SJWs and how easy they pretend to get their feelings
hurt and pretend like they're being persecuted.....I make fun of how they
want people to bend over backwards for them and take into account their
feelings.......here is an example of the OTHER side doing the *exact* same

Автор skyboundpilot ( назад)
"Just say Merry Christmas"......How about you say whatever you want? This
is like saying, "The next time someone asks you who the one true god is,
just say Yahweh".

Автор skyboundpilot ( назад)
LOL....War on Christmas is the dumbest concept I've ever heard of. I asked
a Christian this past December, to give me an example of the war on
Christmas. She said, "commercials are not allowed to mention Christmas
anymore".....These are the types of ignorant statements us atheists have to
deal with constantly. Companies can run any kind of commercial they want.
It's THEIR decision whether or not they want to mention Christmas. There
are no "laws" that prevent it, they are PRIVATE COMPANIES decisions.

Автор Alyssa Raine ( назад)
people say happy holidays because they don't want to assume whatever
religion you are and because there are other holidays around christmas time
that people celebrate.

Автор Randy Douglas ( назад)
Thank you, Mr. Prager. Excellent commentary!

Автор TrygveBlackTiger Media ( назад)
Im a Heathen and even i use Christmas. Ofc my Religion still celebrates and
its called Yule

Автор Víctor Barraza ( назад)
It was, countries change, societies change. you are free to resist that
change, but it will happen regardless. perhaps US will become even more
religious, perhaps it will go full secular. I certainly hope so.

Автор JohnnyTwos ( назад)
How about I say what I want?

Автор Jack R. ( назад)
I wish you guys were an actual university I could receive a diploma from.
even though I live in Alabama, most the schools are being indoctrinated
with far left ideologies.

Автор Neel Youtube ( назад)
i want to collab with you

Автор Piecraft ( назад)
I'm an atheist, and honestly it's not that big a deal, at least to me. But
I can see where people are coming from. I think its more for the other
religions, not atheists. How would you feel is during December literally
everyone went around saying "happy hanukkah!" and schools had "hanukkah
break" and all of that.

Автор Igno ( назад)
Not to mention the fact that the holiday exists because of the birth of

Автор Croatian Sensation ( назад)
God bless you Mr Prager and Merry Christmas! :)

Автор Franco Ceriani ( назад)
Are the United States really having a war on words?
My god

Автор Hrólfur Leó ( назад)
Hahaha! "C word"...

Автор Marianna Verduin ( назад)
Who cares if you say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"? Say whatever
you want, my dudes.

Автор Kobold Hosamen ( назад)
If it's no big deal, then why bother changing it?

Автор stuffguy666 ( назад)
Christmas is not fo religion its for gifts alcohol and arguing you guy with
the tress ect your celebrating Yule..

Автор songqi huang ( назад)
political science has a serial of the best videos on YouTube!!! Such a
hatred reliever if you can open you heart and ears.

Автор Ben Maghsoodi ( назад)
Who says the left does not announce that they want to secularize the world.
This has always been an explicit goal of the left as far as I know.

Автор Jon LeVert ( назад)
christian propaganda

Автор Rúben Luso ( назад)
Christmas isn't a religious thing anymore, it's a cultural one, just look
at Europe, most of us are atheists and we still celebrate it...

Автор Jack Wayne ( назад)
The difference is that the right does not seek retribution if you say
"Happy Holidays"; they just don't like it when their traditions are being
chipped off little by little. The United States were founded by those of
Christian values, thus why Christmas is very special compared to all the
other holidays. It's just sad to see it degrading. The left, however, does
seek retribution if you say something they don't like. Like those leftists
who claim that their pronouns are "they" and tried to sue/kick
out/arrest/etc. people who don’t conform to their worldview and are accused
of “hate speech”. They will try and legally ruin your life, as will so many
cases of it in the past year. And if they fail to do that, some may take
the illegal route.So please, just say "Merry Christmas". We’re not forcing
you, we’re not going to punish you if you don’t, we’re not going to call
you racist or bigoted or (insert term here)-phobic. We simply like it that
Christmas be shown the respect it deserves, as it brings smiles to children
when they open their presents on Christmas morning and their mommy and
daddy sitting by the fire, happy to bring happiness to their children.
Chorus singing can brighten anyone’s day, and reflect on how it’s a jolly
time to be alive.

Автор mike25box ( назад)
I wish the people who cared about this dumb shit would mind their own
business and let the adults actually run the world.

Автор Jordan ( назад)
Ironically, capitalism has done more to secularize Christmas than the left
ever will. Also I'm an atheist, love Christmas. <3

Автор -Double Negative- ( назад)
secularism cannot be believed in be cause it requires no belief.

Автор Veni ( назад)
"Wow you just want us to call you whatever gender you choose for the day oh
my god what a snowflake."
"Happy Holidays"

Автор Chris The First ( назад)
Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!

Автор Wikardo Kado ( назад)
Merry Christmas to everyone! See you in Dec 2017!

Автор CaptainStern ( назад)
Thank you Prager,i needed this,thanks for reminding that you right wingers
were the og sjws.

Автор Xtontrol ( назад)
Its because of jews that the left is acting like this.

Автор Dr Who ( назад)
Christmas is a single day; it's not a month or a season. Do you say "Happy
Halloween" throughout October? Or "Happy Valentine's Day" throughout
February? If you don't, then you needn't say anything other than hello and
goodbye throughout December until a day or two prior to Christmas anyhow.
And, if you're one of the people who doesn't celebrate Christmas, then you
probably don't want an empty greeting paraded around you for an entire
month. Plus, given that literally everything about Christmas as we know it
today is Pagan, Christians are the last ones who should be complaining
about this shit. It's not your holiday.

Автор Yamete Kudasai!!! ( назад)
Ia this a Jew biased channel?

Автор LINDSAY MEDINA ( назад)
yes!! so Glad the Spanish Subtitles that I did were accepted. :) my first
voluntary giving to Prager. I love you, Prager!

Автор ZachYT ( назад)
Claims evil leftists are oversensitive

creates 5 minute video whining about saying merry christmas

Автор The Phoenix ( назад)
I think as a Jew I prefer to hear Happy Holidays but by all means I am
never offended by Merry Christmas or any other sort of holiday greeting.
The intentionality is that you are wishing me a happy day so it seems silly
that someone would be offended by either greeting.

Автор Gabe Powers ( назад)
Who is behind this insanity! We must find them and call them out! They go
into black neighborhoods and lie like crazy to get the black residents,
telling them how whites are doing them wrong by the thousands.

Автор Drade ( назад)
I'm athiest, and I LOVE christmas! You don't have to make it about
religion, for me it's always been about the atmosphere, rather than the
religious nature of the holiday, just think about the gifts; and the pine
tree, and the lights! Oh god the lights! :) it's my favourite time of the

Автор Mariah Vander Kooi ( назад)
People's new favorite pastime is finding more ways to get their panties in
a wad.

Автор Brother Kellymatthew Barnes ( назад)
I like both MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS, I also dig: Season's Best,
Season's Greetings, Happy Chaunakah, Happy Kwanza, Happy CHRISTMAS, HAVE A
HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS, Enjoy the Celebration's, and Jesus is the Reason For
The Season, however I do not dig Merry X-mas, it's just too "Marvel
Comic-y" to me.

Автор Deacon Verter ( назад)
What a pile of guile! It's Prager who is being divisive. Most people
couldn't give a shite what form of holiday greeting you use. Prager's "us
or them" attitude is the problem. So I checked it out. Christmas became an
official holiday in 1870. Before that, a large chunk of Christianity didn't
celebrate Christmas...or anything festive or merry. But the term "happy
holidays" has been in wide use since the 1900s so...what? Shame on the
people who opt for the 117 year-old tradition instead of the 147 year-old
one? Oh no! Starbucks' cups aren't Christian enough!

Автор steve tafe ( назад)
i love this channel, keep up the good work.

Автор Kiljaz Ink ( назад)
Is this still a thing? I thought "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas"
were more or less interchangeable. God, I can't believe people are still
arguing over this crap.

Автор Lea Marquez ( назад)
merry christmas !

Автор Batoul ( назад)
there are other people in this world other than Christians! Is it so hard
to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? They have the same amount
of letters so don't tell me that it is so much work. People in America
aren't all Christians. OMG have people became so lazy, or is it that they
are too self-centered to just say happy holidays and include everyone. If
you have 2 choices, to include or to exclude, would you not include
everyone. omg

Автор Big Smoke ( назад)
hey PregerU, Happy Holidays

Автор noctos kanan ( назад)
best response to merry Christmas is simply

"Oh im not religious."

Автор noctos kanan ( назад)
or it could be the idea that there are 14 religious holidays in December.
not just one

Автор Keagan Mann ( назад)
I'm usually open to this channel's ideas but the idea that there's tension
in social occasions when you wish someone merry christmas is probably just
unique to Dennis and his perception. Among all my left, young, university
friends, i have never heard anyone explicitly or implicitly criticize
someone's use of "merry christmas" instead of "happy holidays". Maybe there
exists a group of people who do, but they're a small insignificant
minority. People are still comfortable saying Merry Christmas and have no
plans to eliminate a large holiday. I would say this advice to say merry
christmas is not necessary

Автор m boblitt ( назад)
Seriously? With everything going on in this country, you choose to whine
about this?

Автор Nola Beveridge ( назад)
I live in Australia and a couple of weeks ago I was watching US news which
included their ads in between the news. I was surprised that all the ads
were saying Happy Holidays - not a Merry Christmas in sight. I then started
to take more notice of our Australian ads which fortunately are all still
saying Merry Christmas. I hope we dont follow the US in that respect.

Автор Sciencebirdinci ( назад)
Being offended by "happy holidays" I'd just about the dumbest t
hing ever lol...

Автор Bilal Ali ( назад)
These conservatives get triggered over stuff like this these days?
Give me a break

Автор Jack Wayne ( назад)
if you can't see past the fact that someone is wishing you good will THEN

Автор Tiny Tox ( назад)
I think that in most cases calling it hurtful would be an exaggeration,
however, I do respect the points expressed here, and think it has swayed my
opinion. This did provide enough justification to get away with saying
"Merry Christmas" in the workplace, at least prior to instruction against
doing so!

Автор Jamal N ( назад)
Absolutely true, great video!

Автор Islamic Life ( назад)
Why is he forcing us to say Merry Christmas? We have rights too.

Автор MrBod69 ( назад)
Dude, Everyone is not a Christian! Also, when you look at the Christmas
songs that Jewish writers wrote, the emphasis is on Santa, Reindeers, and a
Snowman....not the birth of Christ.

Автор Generic Asian ( назад)
if you are indonesian you will be surprised because these comments are
saying "who cares?" but in indonesia, its a HUGE deal. lol. im still proud

Автор Eli J. ( назад)
One of the reasons I say 'happy holidays' that are not covered in this
-We have a habit of saying 'merry Christmas' on the days leading up to
Christmas. I believe a better way to signal the spirit of the holiday
season is simply to say 'happy holidays', as it removes the awkwardness of
wishing someone one specific holiday when it is not even that day; along
this line, 'happy holidays' also covers New Year's.

Автор Susan Mulvey ( назад)
I always say Merry Christmas! When someone says Happy Holiday, I , like
you, say Merry Christmas back to them! Then people say, "Oh, Merry
Christmas!", like they are relieved to be able to say it. Some just say,
thank you! The retail stores tell their employees to say Happy Holidays, so
when I say Merry Christmas, they feel THEN, they can say it back to me.
Your correct in saying it's important to keep Merry Christmas in our
greetings at this time of year! Thank you for speaking up about this.

Автор wko73 ( назад)
Man, this is a dumb video....

Автор RBMN Fan5049 ( назад)
December 24 and 25 will always be Christmas Eve and day, I don't give a
damn what happens those two days will ALWAYS BE CHRISTMAS.

Автор Adolf Lothbrok ( назад)
what about me i find Christmas as a disgusting theft of the true Holiday of
Winter Solstice, Yule

Автор Tanu Index ( назад)
Merry Christmas, especially to muslims, atheists, jainists or other
heathens :))

Автор Mona Ahmed ( назад)
ok seriously....."the religious nature of America"? This guy does realize
that America is made up of people who aren't just Christian.

Автор Ian Sanchez ( назад)
I'm glad I live in the south where people aren't afraid to say merry
christmas, even though I'm a bit of a satanist myself I appreciate people
not being afraid to be themselves and I'll say merry christmas right back

Автор RAWR & Pupatin ( назад)
Well,he is right. Christmas should stay as a tradition but he us
overreacting. I am in the left and i love christmas. We do not want to
remove it and the inclusion argument is kinda shitty. But it is not
misanthropic man wtf. Do not futhrer divide the public like this.

You are not helping.

Автор MrHaloman95 ( назад)
I thought that when people would say happy holidays because they meant it
for people who were also celebrating for other holidays such Hanukkah or

Автор Ben James ( назад)
They will abolish Christmas, but they will still want their new iPhone!

Автор Telimoxo ( назад)
Just say 'Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"

There's more holiday's than Christmas around this time, plus New Years

Автор Mac Allan ( назад)
What about happy new years ? You know, the thing all Americans ACTUALLY

Автор bainsey89 ( назад)
Prager makes one key error, calling Merry Christmas "universal.".
Christianity is extremely popular, but not universal. Christmas is not
celebrated in all corners of the Earth.

That said, I am a Christian who says "Merry Christmas.". Nothing will stop
me from saying that, nor will I scoff at whatever someone else says. That
wouldn't be very Christian of me, would it?

Автор 2B free1000 ( назад)
I can't believe the ignorance of most americans today. Especially the
youth. They are totally indoctrinated and brainwashed by the education
system and the propaganda on Fox and CNN. We have had it too easy for too
long and we are all soft. We have short memories and have completely
forgotten what was sacrificed so we could live free. Americans today have
no idea how bad things could really get. The progressive liberals are
slowly taking away our freedom and rights without you even noticing. If you
want to see where we are headed with the progressives at the helm and what
their true intentions are, take a look at the EU and Europe. Search,
Germany Merkel Immigration for starters. They want to completely change
everything you know and love. It will slowly creep up on you and then one
day you will wake up and be like WTF is happening.

Автор Sterling Wyatt ( назад)
I don't mind if people say happy holidays to me. But I don't appreciate
people trying to eliminate "Merry Christmas" from the language. I
absolutely agree that there is a big push to thoroughly secularize our
society, and I think it is a bad thing.

Автор Branden Merritt ( назад)
I'm an atheist who loves Christmas and celebrates it in a completely
secular way, and I say happy holidays to people I don't know, because it's
much more broad and inclusive, because I have the sense to realize that not
everyone celebrates the same holidays that I do.

Автор Anthony Avon ( назад)
Majority, in power, and still you whine about this. Have you no shame?

Автор Steve Newton ( назад)
This just goes to show why you shouldn't take conservatives seriously...

Автор visualpun650 ( назад)
I am a bible believing Christian. i dont mind be wished happy holidays by a
barista if that is her training. i dont care that schools are calling
christmas vacation, winter break.
maybe there are liberals or aetheists wishing christmas be removed as a
holiday but serisously those that think that extremely are in the minority
of those groups. Videos like these arent going to make me hate liberals or
go to war on aetheists. why? it is just impossible to erase christmas out
of american culture...mainly because it has become ingrained also into
secular culture.
-- in liberal SF one popular radio station play christmas music from
thanksgiving to xmas day.
-- new comedy by liberal hollywood was called "Office Christmas Party" not
"Holiday Office Party"
-- majority of people in this country love christmas even if they have
never stepped into a church
-- if these nuts are successful in changing dec 25th to some generic
"winter gifting day" how the heck are they going to deal with all the
thousands of Christmas songs out there, Santa and his elf army, the
christmas tree, mistletoe, and egg nog lobby? ; )
-- christmas is not just ingrained in american religious and secular
culture, it is big money too.

So i just dont think any group unless can destroy Christmas as it is in
this country. Thus I think it is wrong to rile people up about this when it
is a NON issue. i think you and others are just using this non issue to
make more christians and hallmark movie fans hate your enemy, the left and
divide the country more.

Автор Amanda Coello ( назад)
happy holidays

Автор JustinTimeCuber ( назад)
Happy holidays everyone!

Автор JustinTimeCuber ( назад)
0:08 No it's not.
0:33 In public schools, I don't think we should be intentionally exclusive
of people who don't celebrate Christmas. It's not that big of a deal, but
there's no reason to be triggered by someone saying "Holiday vacation" or
"Winter vacation" both of which are accurate. There's also no reason to be
triggered by someone telling you "Merry Christmas" when you don't celebrate
Christmas. There's no war on Christmas, this is a distraction from real
issues that actually matter.
0:36 You can call it a Christmas party but if it's supposed to be for
everyone just be an inclusive person and call it a holiday party. Is it
really that big of a deal?
0:45 Not. Point is, no one should care!
0:48 "Very important"? What greeting someone uses? F*ck off.
1:05 You've been wished happy holidays? I feel soooo bad for you. You're
triggered, go find a safe space where no one will try to be nice to you.
1:25 Tension? Doubt it. I've never noticed any tension when I or someone
near me said merry Christmas.
2:00 "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." We have ourselves a fake
constitutionalist right-wing hypocrite.
2:07 A secular society? Where religion isn't shoved down my throat? Yes
f*cking please! Society should respect differing opinions and shouldn't
pretend everyone is Christian. We're *not* a Christian nation. If we were a
Christian nation, then I guess we would be a white nation, a female nation,
a straight nation, etc. There are different people here.
2:25 Guilty as charged. Secularism = good in 100% of circumstances. Not
saying atheism, am I? No, secularism. Different thing.
2:29 Doesn't bother me. Polls show that way more people are triggered by
happy holidays than by merry Christmas. You're basically equating all
lefties with SJWs while being a SIJW (Social Injustice Warrior)
2:40 NO NO NO NO NO. Christmas can be a national holiday. I don't give a
shit. Quit strawmanning me.
3:15 The people being excluded are around 8% of Americans. They shouldn't
be triggered but it's hard to be more triggered than you and Bill O'Reilly
and other right-wingers who think there's a legitimate movement against a
holiday that 92% celebrate and to which most of the others are indifferent.

Автор Yakov Spitz ( назад)
As an Orthodox Jew, let me wish all my fellow Americans: Merry Christmas!

Автор Nathaniel Zavala ( назад)
Just say Happy Holidays.

Автор Nathaniel Zavala ( назад)
Lol christians are retarded.

Автор Immortal Axolotl ( назад)
Just because christmas used to be about Jesus doesn't mean it is anymore.
It is about spreading love and happiness. I am in no way christian and I
think christmas is fine, and I celebrate it to the point of it not being
about christianity.

Автор Zeus ( назад)
Merry Christmas, ho ho ho

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