marriage line/timing/love indications/influence line in detail palmistry

A detailed reading can be given over skype. Basic Fee 500 indian rs.
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Автор mama mohaa ( назад)
my sister have many mareige

Автор Vivek Shaw ( назад)
I have all the above lines mentioned in this video.. Hahaha lets see what
happens and I am single

Автор Kamal kumar singh kamal ( назад)
kamal kumar singh

Автор Kamal kumar singh kamal ( назад)
kamal kumar singh

Автор Dread D ( назад)
Right right right..

Автор Raunak Singh ( назад)
hi sir I have 3 marriage line but I didn't have long relationship

Автор LA Nazaakat ( назад)

Автор Ayu The best ( назад)
If the fork line is reversed then

Автор wafa janat ( назад)
hi i have cross splitting heart line and near the last finger of right hand
y line as marriage line and have some gap then other line ...whats a mean??

Автор Poulomi Mondal ( назад)
I have 3 lines.. all are same . °_°

Автор deepak bansal ( назад)
sir apke video hindi mai download honge ya nahi pleas sir hindi mai b kar
do pleas

Автор Rija ( назад)
i honestly dont have any of these lines.....

Автор Nidhi Yadav ( назад)
Hi Shwetank
Thank you for these wonderful vdos... it's really helpful for me to learn
i have a question I checked all the signs of Love marriage present in palm
additionally i can see their is a STAR on my Jupiter mount also the square
is present.
can you please tell me what is the significance of STAR at Jupiter.

Автор Beauty Queen ( назад)
This just in; I'll die alone

Автор Zain Razvi ZR ( назад)

Автор Heidi K. ( назад)
DON'T get involved in fortune telling, witchcraft, occultism and the likes,
GOD hates and forbids it!! We are to trust in HIM alone! No sorcerer or
false prophet will get into heaven.

Автор hirni maher ( назад)
kiya ap mera hath dikh sakty hain?

Автор Sahil Patil ( назад)
What if der is a separation between heartline

Автор Sahil Patil ( назад)
What if der is a separation between heartline

Автор Zee Ox ( назад)
can the lines on the palm come out later in life? or u are just born with
the lines?

Автор palmistry astrologer ( назад)
To read your PALM and get a report please visit this link (100%
satisfaction guarantee)

Автор Maheen Angel ( назад)
put here hindi(urdu) videos

Автор Amen Hush ( назад)
how many times u say.."Right" hehehe

Автор Monika Saine ( назад)
do i hv to look in my right hand for marriage and relationship... ?? i hv
heard girls should look in their left hand a bit confused plz suggest

Автор the journey ( назад)
I am left handed. do I read my left?

Автор Michael Dziadkiewicz ( назад)

Автор boing bryan ( назад)
tq very much shwetank....frm malaysia

Автор Jessica Koirala ( назад)
for girls ...which hand left or right I need to see ....
I m confused ...help me plz

Автор Ketan Verma ( назад)
it's very helpful to me

Автор Radha Krishno ( назад)
why he said...right...right...right?

Автор Mr.Han Zhāng ( назад)
yarabira zalayav kai?

Автор Mística Chris ( назад)
Love this! Awesome!

Автор carpe diem ( назад)
Very nice share.!!

Автор Satheesh Kumar ( назад)
which hand to look for boys ur drawing is right hand

Автор Mishti Dokan ( назад)
Someone said the middle indicates 35... so what is correct?

Автор Maitry Varia ( назад)
according to vedic astrology a girl's left hand is to be seen and boys'
right hand

Автор Maitry Varia ( назад)
according to vedic astrology a girl's left hand is to be seen and boys'
right hand

Автор Carol Lassalle ( назад)
how about if I have more then one cross on Jupiter. And curiously enough I
see two tiny numbers and the letter K on my right left hand, I see two
number 4's. can you help?

Автор Mani Vamsi66 ( назад)
what if we have 2 small lines near little fingure

Автор ohm9917 ( назад)
what if there is no sun lime??

Автор Dennis Yee ( назад)
it might be a cultural thing, but when you repeatedly say "RIGHT", it
breaks up a person's train of thought. right?

Автор Sanjayrao Shedge ( назад)
thnk you sir ,it was informative !

Автор msinvincible2000 ( назад)
I have no influence line. What does that mean?

Автор Meeran shah ( назад)

Автор Mohammed Farooq ( назад)

Автор Neha Chowdhary ( назад)
hey! i want to know that which hand for girls should be read?

Автор LoveOlivie ( назад)
so.. ill get married after 25. how pitiful I'm be an old wench 😐😐😐😢

Автор Kiran Shinde ( назад)
i saw a cross on jupiter and a splitted heart line, iam nit sure about the
intersection of a line coming from moon to fate line... :( pleae help

Автор Sonita Sinaga ( назад)
its left hand or right hand????

Автор Manohar. M ( назад)
I don't believe in ur palmistry

Автор Manohar. M ( назад)
I don't believe, I having only 2lines at mercury point . and my age is 30 ,
I having successful relationships with 8 girls. How it is possible

Автор Irwin Carson ( назад)
Great! Thank you so much!

Автор Larry Tropes ( назад)
Good lessons! Thank you!

Автор Patricia Carvalho ( назад)
Thanks for explaining,i found it well done.i have some basic books about
palmreading at home,i think people would understand it better if they get
some basic preinformation,like...what is the fate line or the heart line
and where are they located etc. i think if you know the basics a bit,then
this video is quite easy to follow and to understand.i have allmost all the
indications by the way and i'm looking forward to it!

Автор Angelica Salatan ( назад)

Автор shubhani tripathi ( назад)
hey do u read palms as well

Автор iFailatFeedz ( назад)
What if I told you this is all gypsy bullshit and retarded pagan acts

Автор shwetank johri ( назад)
A detailed reading can be given. Forward your palmprints at

Автор Nakshatra Jewel ( назад)
I have toooooo many lines all over my hand.... I couldn't follow anything u
say... am I in a mess?

Автор Satheesh Sreedharan ( назад)
Too much usage of RIGHT interrupt the importance of message which you wish
to delivered to public. Try to minimize or completely stop using word RIGHT
into your future communications, which will obviously help us to listen the
talks with more interest. Also my request before publishing any such online
slides in future, please listen at least once from your end, so that you
could realize how your deliver the message to public. Thank you.

Автор Thana Lakshmi ( назад)
Hi, I have 2 crosses under the jupiter finger and there is a split below
it. What does this mean?

Автор Anupam Shirodkar ( назад)
I have two equally strong marriage lines .what that does mean 

Автор Mobeen Khan ( назад)
Dear shwetank, do you do private palm readings??

Автор Aman Arora ( назад)
Hi. Under my mercury line as u told if there is one smal line joining big
line after some distance. it means love marriage.

My ques is i have a marriage line and after some distance a small line
joins it.
There is disconnect between my gf nd me .Will she return back?

Автор Crystal Fitzgerald ( назад)
I have a question for you on my Palm it hits all the major line the heart
head fate and life line I have if u have ever heard of it the twin soul
sign or infinite sign can u tell me what it means?

Автор vernessa Durbal-Pineda ( назад)
Have you ever seen a child's hand with more lines than even an older adult
my sons hands have so many lines I cannot even understand them . How can
you read a hand like that?

Автор Abhishek Pathak ( назад)
Hi Shwetank!!

I have got that big clear cross on mount of jupiter and also my heart line
has a trident mark coming out out of it, but i don't have influence lines.
So, what can this mean?? Will I have a love marriage or not?? Is there a

Автор p ( назад)
Hi Shwetank i have too many lines on my hand when i looked at ur video i
could not understand much, could you please have a look at my palm

Автор Naresh V ( назад)
Hi swethank ,

I dont have most of the lines which u explain always mainly the line below
the middle finger can u see my palm once! If u r ok wit it 

Автор Prithwiraj Mukherjee ( назад)
Hi,I'm interested in showing my palm to you, through skype or fb, plz let
me know ur suitability and your remuneration.

Автор Abhishek Bhatnagar ( назад)
can i send my snapshot of my hand to you and send you friend request on fb 

Автор PinkSoldier2009 ( назад)
I found the lines that cross and the heart line that splits into two but it
was on my left hand... Does it make a difference? 

Автор n reddy ( назад)
i have 2 influence lines, one that reaches my fate line at the angle of
dexterity, and another thats a little higher up that crosses. is that bad??

Автор shobha agarwal ( назад)
How about if on the mount of jupiter there is one line instead of a cross.

Автор Adam Johnson ( назад)
do people actually believe this?
i just use it to relax

Автор Palerider1337 ( назад)
I have no marriage line. Foreveralone.jpg

Автор charu saxena ( назад)
If there is no influence line?

Автор Jennifer Perez ( назад)
Thank you for posting.

Автор Mukund Narvenkar ( назад)
seems nice....but frankly i dont have any of those lines on my palm...i
just got three line on my palm...life, head and heart line ...no cross, no
marriage line...

Автор TheBudgMiester ( назад)
Right loool

Автор Reema Maki ( назад)
Dear Mr. Can you pLz read my palm, how can i send my palm picture?

Автор Cris Angle ( назад)
left for females 

Автор aparna agarwal ( назад)

Автор aparna agarwal ( назад)

Автор Rinki Nandy ( назад)
bakwas!!!!!!!!! wat m i doin here????????

Автор Jignya Patel ( назад)

Автор Aruna Panwar ( назад)
Hi Shwetank, There is a major decision I have to take in few weeks
regarding my marriage. If I send you pictures of my palm, will you be able
to tell me in details. I can pay your fees in andvance. Do let me know how
it will work?

Автор Marjan Khan ( назад)
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Автор monirul alam ( назад)
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Автор santu ( назад)
Mine is absolutely different line. Can you please help me out on this?

Автор LouRoyVlogs ( назад)
I have a question what if my fate line cross my life line what does it mean

Автор Anurag Nahta ( назад)
you can send me pics of your palm at anuragnahta@gmail.com for a free

Автор Anurag Nahta ( назад)
you can send me ur palm pics at anuragnahta@gmail.com for a free reading

Автор Anurag Nahta ( назад)
you can mail it to anuragnahta@gmail.com for a free reading

Автор Holly Hashop ( назад)
Hi Shwetank thank you for this video. :) What if I have 2 influence lines
connecting to my fate line? One around age 25 and one around age 30. I am
25 and have not been married yet and am single/dating. The influence lines
do stop at the fate line. 

Автор Nagmani Bhushan ( назад)
supper dude..:)

Автор Dlist 1 ( назад)
Hello Shwetank Can you change your marriage line and heart line to prevent
a divorce? 

Автор Dlist 1 ( назад)
Hello shwetank If your hand has an fork on the marriage line on your
writing hand and on the passive hand has a solid line what does that mean?

Автор Nabil Rahman ( назад)
Hey Shwetank, I have a clear marriage line which indicated the time of
marriage above age 25. But there is a problem here. Below the clear line, I
have a few (about 5) light lines which are like stairs (like this : _-) and
one of the line is slightly touching the clear marriage line. What does it
mean? I'll be honored if get the reply from you. Thanks.

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