marriage line/timing/love indications/influence line in detail palmistry

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Автор Neha Chowdhary ( назад)
hey! i want to know that which hand for girls should be read?

Автор Shahinaz ElRamly ( назад)
You are a physician

Автор LoveOlivie ( назад)
so.. ill get married after 25. how pitiful I'm be an old wench 😐😐😐😢

Автор Kiran Shinde ( назад)
i saw a cross on jupiter and a splitted heart line, iam nit sure about the
intersection of a line coming from moon to fate line... :( pleae help

Автор Sonita Sinaga ( назад)
its left hand or right hand????

Автор Manohar. M ( назад)
I don't believe in ur palmistry

Автор Manohar. M ( назад)
I don't believe, I having only 2lines at mercury point . and my age is 30 ,
I having successful relationships with 8 girls. How it is possible

Автор Irwin Carson ( назад)
Great! Thank you so much!

Автор Larry Tropes ( назад)
Good lessons! Thank you!

Автор Patricia Carvalho ( назад)
Thanks for explaining,i found it well done.i have some basic books about
palmreading at home,i think people would understand it better if they get
some basic preinformation,like...what is the fate line or the heart line
and where are they located etc. i think if you know the basics a bit,then
this video is quite easy to follow and to understand.i have allmost all the
indications by the way and i'm looking forward to it!

Автор Angelica Salatan ( назад)

Автор venus psychic ( назад)

Автор Jennifer Perez ( назад)
Thank you for posting.

Автор Mukund Narvenkar ( назад)
seems nice....but frankly i dont have any of those lines on my palm...i
just got three line on my palm...life, head and heart line ...no cross, no
marriage line...

Автор TheBudgMiester ( назад)
Right loool

Автор Reema Maki ( назад)
Dear Mr. Can you pLz read my palm, how can i send my palm picture?

Автор Cris Angle ( назад)
left for females

Автор aparna agarwal ( назад)

Автор aparna agarwal ( назад)

Автор Rinki Nandy ( назад)
bakwas!!!!!!!!! wat m i doin here????????

Автор Jignya Patel ( назад)

Автор Aruna Panwar ( назад)
Hi Shwetank, There is a major decision I have to take in few weeks
regarding my marriage. If I send you pictures of my palm, will you be able
to tell me in details. I can pay your fees in andvance. Do let me know how
it will work?

Автор Marjan Khan ( назад)
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Автор monirul alam ( назад)
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Автор OmicronTheta2338 ( назад)
I am left-handed. Does that mean I should be looking at my left hand while
I follow along with the video?

Автор santu chatterjee ( назад)
Mine is absolutely different line. Can you please help me out on this?

Автор louange malonga ( назад)
I have a question what if my fate line cross my life line what does it mean

Автор Anurag Nahta ( назад)
you can send me pics of your palm at anuragnahta@gmail.com for a free

Автор Anurag Nahta ( назад)
you can send me ur palm pics at anuragnahta@gmail.com for a free reading

Автор Anurag Nahta ( назад)
you can mail it to anuragnahta@gmail.com for a free reading

Автор Holly Hashop ( назад)
Hi Shwetank thank you for this video. :) What if I have 2 influence lines
connecting to my fate line? One around age 25 and one around age 30. I am
25 and have not been married yet and am single/dating. The influence lines
do stop at the fate line.

Автор Nagmani Bhushan ( назад)
supper dude..:)

Автор Dlist 1 ( назад)
Hello Shwetank Can you change your marriage line and heart line to prevent
a divorce?

Автор Dlist 1 ( назад)
Hello shwetank If your hand has an fork on the marriage line on your
writing hand and on the passive hand has a solid line what does that mean?

Автор Nabil Rahman ( назад)
Hey Shwetank, I have a clear marriage line which indicated the time of
marriage above age 25. But there is a problem here. Below the clear line, I
have a few (about 5) light lines which are like stairs (like this : _-) and
one of the line is slightly touching the clear marriage line. What does it
mean? I'll be honored if get the reply from you. Thanks.

Автор ari land ( назад)
What if I do not have any marriage lines?

Автор Lovina Shah ( назад)
hello sir i dont have any influence line.what does it mean.please help

Автор Shazo P ( назад)
Can you please send me your email address so I can email you pictures of my
hand..thank you, your video was very helpful.

Автор xFuzzyLove ( назад)
What is the difference between the left and right hand?

Автор soulbytes ( назад)
what is the diff between left and right hand ? thanks

Автор Leonor Albino ( назад)
right! :)

Автор aapkikhushi ( назад)
Right? Right. RIGHT!

Автор Basavantappa arkasali ( назад)
Human being fortune is not in the lines of the hand but it is in the mind
i.e way of thinking. What you think that you become. Better not to worry
about the lines good or bad.

Автор Prithwiraj Mukherjee ( назад)
Hi, Can I meet you to show my palm

Автор Ravee Bellary ( назад)
family ring has a claer island lower first lineof thumb.pls convey the
reading,rgds ravee

Автор Ravee Bellary ( назад)
hi shwetank, mercury lines break and touch near heartline and turn or the
line frm saturn touches this line near heart line forming a view of clear
inverted mountain shape.and the same joins on the heart line bends down to
touch a line emrged frm influence line below life line making a clear view
of shiva- ling forming on the life line from fate line point to othe side
of the below life line.any significance do u read? rgds ravee

Автор Ravee Bellary ( назад)
i hv clear independent cross in centre of jupiter mount and two tail lines
very much below mercury region join to a single at marriage line which is
reddish pink but developed till side tip of the region not till mercury
mount . and support line or influene line starting on the lower mount
parallally till end joining head line .pls convey the prediction.

Автор The100KitKat ( назад)
well so far im forever alone...

Автор RashNnegligent Me ( назад)
I have the cross n my heart line splits into 3.. bt no odr indicatns of
love marrg/ happy marry :(

Автор mark palmer ( назад)

Автор GOPI CHAND Jashnani ( назад)

Автор Nicole Wolny ( назад)
Hi, I have a letter right under my deepest attachment line...do you think
the letter is significant in relation to the one I will marry or have a
deep relationship with?

Автор Hasin Arefin Khan ( назад)
whats wrong with the accent ?

Автор Shaibaz Shaikh ( назад)
What does square means on heart line below saturn mount

Автор MasoomA88 ( назад)
Hi, I have two really long marriage lines on both palms. They are extremely
long that i can see them at the back side of my palm. Does it mean two

Автор Alejandra Cova ( назад)
Can you read my palm please?

Автор Harnish Patel ( назад)
hey.. sorry for a simple and naive question.. is it that boys have to look
into their right hand and girls into their left???

Автор Rounak Tainwala ( назад)
Hi Shwetank!!! Big fan of your tutorial videos. Have left you a fan mail as
well on your email ID. Please Please Please do read it & Respond to it as
well Thanks, Rounak Tainwala

Автор Deepa Chopra ( назад)
What if I dont have a fate or influence line?

Автор Lisa C ( назад)
nice details..thank you for your sharing.. :)

Автор ansary0 ( назад)
Johri Bhai I want more information about lottery please

Автор srusli ( назад)
so marriage lines CAN come out???

Автор SuperKlizzard ( назад)
O.o it is

Автор Meera J ( назад)

Автор Meera J ( назад)
yolo hola ppl

Автор Kat Anders ( назад)
Very Interesting !

Автор BluefireAid N ( назад)
come out as in what appear in ur palm?

Автор BluefireAid N ( назад)
By the way peaking of which the palm reading, in ur diagram it showing
persona s right hand so does than that both gender its right hand which is
read? Or girls and boys have different hand to read? Like girls you read
right hand and boys left had?

Автор Rong See ( назад)
Why do my marriage lines extends all the way to the back of my palm?
However, when I look directly at the palm, I can't see the marriage lines
at all.

Автор SuperKlizzard ( назад)
I just like listening to your voice. It's so relaxing

Автор Garry Knight ( назад)
well, when the heart line 'splits', it is actually anchoring itself

Автор Garry Knight ( назад)
sorry, but a big X on jupiter is a warning of going into biz.

Автор Bhoomika Rajput ( назад)
2.There were 7 lines in between the mercury and heart line 2 yrs ago but
now 4 are left(1 fork line n another dark line is shifting up), 2 lines
below the middle line n 1 line above it. n one line between the middle line
n heart line is like this- \/\(not exactly, this middle / is cutting the
upper \ and then another third part of line is joining the middle one in
this shape) in which the upper part of line \ is so deep but other two
joined parts are thin n not so deep..what does it indicate?

Автор Bhoomika Rajput ( назад)
hello sir, its a very helpful video. thanks a lot..my question is little
long. so i'm sending it in parts. 1. I have so many crosses and cuts on my
palm, even on fingers and thumb. if i talk about the love, affection or
marriage thing, i have many crosses on jupiter and also the heart is
splitting into thrice, have many influence lines which have n number of
horizontal cuts.

Автор Pratik Kadam ( назад)
hi shwetank sir, 1st of all...the great video....thanks for it My question
is i have 3 relationship line near the small finger but haven't come across
any of them till now.and it is below 25year mark then why it is like that ?
.....2) i have many crosses on my moon line ...wht is that and wht are the
effects of that , good or bad ? .. waiting for ur reply.. Pratik

Автор natasha hayes ( назад)
wow...ive got somthing beautifull in my path....if he is correct..i hope
and pray. much love and light to you for putting this up....xx

Автор safae khaldi ( назад)
how old are you now ?

Автор deewan singh ( назад)
Right hand for men and left for women

Автор mr stud ( назад)
which hand should one look at ?

Автор sierra111991 ( назад)
i have two marriage lines what does that mean...

Автор Sherry Persia ( назад)
is the prediction of life by palmistry really true or these all are
probabilities?or they may change in future..like marriage n relation lines?

Автор shwetank johri (1063 года назад)
its possible ...check on the influence lines...parallel to life line...if
two lines starting from two different places join as one influence
line...parallel to life line ...then the possibility arises..

Автор Deepak Gotame ( назад)
i have many small line below my little finger and non of them are so dark
neithher i have any influence line......so what does it mean??

Автор bhuvansimpy007 ( назад)
i have a proper cross on left hand & my heart line is splitted in to many
lol and ends up bwt Saturn & Jupiter figure in both hands and no line from
moon joining life line

Автор GrecoRomanWhispers ( назад)
I don't have any line between the heart line and the mercury finger, but
I'm in a long-term, loving relationship.

Автор subhash redekar ( назад)
sir i have 1 que. i have 2 marriage lines 1 is dipper and another one is
short n lighter, bur the one who is large and dipper that line is declined
towared the heart line ... sir pls suggest me wht does it mean?

Автор eliza Zam ( назад)
Good day to you.. can you read my palm? can i send the image of my palm
with you? i am very curious about palmistry..

Автор shwetank johri ( назад)
If you get into a relationship...and the relationship becomes very
important for you...marriage lines might come out..

Автор bananagrams ( назад)
I don't have any marriage lines. What are the odds they will appear later?

Автор shwetank johri ( назад)
one strong relationship...

Автор Kumar k ( назад)
That line shows somebody influence on you after ur marriage for sure, now
it will be up to u how would u take that ?

Автор TheHoneymonstersmile ( назад)
do u mean i will have affair with someone else while i will be married....i
hope it is not like that......................i have never cheated in my
life ...may that not be true

Автор Kumar k ( назад)
It means that u have marriage and children both.

Автор Kumar k ( назад)
Marriage line ending in fork shows separation after marriage it is not
necessary that it lead to divorce but it causes separation. We also require
to look at heart line.

Автор Kumar k ( назад)
If person use his left hand then go for left palm else right.

Автор Kumar k ( назад)
It means that u would have extra marital affair after ur marriage, and
timing would be distance from deep line.

Автор TheHoneymonstersmile ( назад)
sir i have a question the marrige lines i have three of them the middle one
is deep and long and other two are shorter, what does it mean

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