EZ Propagation 101- Wandering Jew Houseplant

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This isn't anything new but I wanted to make some plants for the greenhouse so here goes..
Today we are propagating the wandering jew zebrina, one of the prettiest houseplants around, trailing , burgundy and silver green leaves make this plant a treasure in any home.

When I say easy I mean this plant propagates pretty fast.. in soil you can also try rooting in water but I like the soil method best.. roots are well hid and thrive very fast.. #dianemummgardenvideos

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Автор Jarod ( назад)
im new at this sort of stuff with plants and i have a question that i cant
find the answer to on the internet. can you take multiple cuttings from the
same stem of the plant? so we took cuttings as a class project in
horticulture last year, and mine grew great. my original cutting has grown
to be about 2.5 to 3 feet long now with a few other stems coming off of
that one. a few weeks ago i took a cutting from one of those branches and
planted it in the same pot and that one is growing even better than the
original. where i took the cutting from has not grown back, so im assuming
thats normal. so i want my plant to be more bush-like as yours is in the
beginning of the video instead of a long vine-like plant with a few
branches coming from it. can i just go down the line of that original
cutting and take a bunch of cuttings from the main stem, or will they not
grow? thanks, and sorry if this has an obvious answer, i clearly dont know
what im doing haha.

Автор Kenner Lund ( назад)
Well made video. Thank you!

Автор RavionUltimate ( назад)
How much shekels do I need to water it with?

Автор nmbr1roze ( назад)
great, easy to follow video......thanks, diane!

Автор oxford pictionary ( назад)
Can you root in water without the root hormone?

Автор Pople BackyardFarm ( назад)
absolutely one of my favorite plants.

Автор nokose (nokose) ( назад)
they also root really well in just a container of water.

Автор Jenn Lefrancois ( назад)
do you have to start them in a plastic container covered or can you put
right in a 4 in pot?? getting some cuttings in the mail and have never had
wandering jews

Автор Selene Muñoz ( назад)
Hola alguen me podria traducir en español que es lo primero que le pone ala
planta como pasta gracias

Автор Tommynator666xxx ( назад)
What temp is you heating pad, and what lighting do you use? :)

Автор Black Hand Serbian Chetnik KEBAB REMOVER ( назад)
Have you tried gassing it?

Автор Галина Сухих ( назад)
Классный цветы!!

Автор Shushin Satori ( назад)
Thanks for the info!!! Very informative:)

Автор Nate Martin ( назад)
Very informative video! Liked the facebook page and got the site
bookmarked! Thanks so much!

Автор Shaded Moon ( назад)
I have one and by mistake killed it. It was so small to begin with. so i
put the container it was in under my work bench and it started growing
leaves like crazy. Now it is twice as big as when i started with it. They
are so beautiful and hardy. I am so glad i didn't kill it off.

Автор marina acosta ( назад)
en español ,gracias

Автор Donna Wildcat ( назад)
Oh, I got one of these too in the spring. and I had to repot it with some
better soil. A lot of pieces just broke away during that process and I just
tossed them in an empty container with fresh potting soil and they rooted
on their own and just too off. I'm going to be repotting and giving these
as gifts too. Love the video. 

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
I would make cuttings , repot the main plant with some better soil... the
cuttings take root in soil or water really well.. good luck!

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
I would make cuttings , repot the main plant with some better soil... the
cuttings take root in soil or water really well.. good luck!

Автор Gigi Ho ( назад)
I was given a wandering jew plant that is rather "leggy" and dry. Can you
tell me what I can do to rescue this poor thing?

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)

Автор Dantes Villas ( назад)
what brand rooting hormone did you use? i need some desperately. 

Автор krazenezzbaby ( назад)
Thank you. your video came in handy! Did you know that this plant is edible
to Tortoises? I was researching how to plant my own!! And you showed me!! U
live in Texas, we have theses all over the place, it is a wild plant, so I
just need to cut some for my self to regrow my own!! Thank you so much!!!!

Автор Nick B. ( назад)
I see. Regardless, I very much like your Jewish plants. Thank you. 

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
yes, this is propagation of a houseplant

Автор Nick B. ( назад)
I was searching for Nazi era anti-Jewish propaganda for research. Is this
the wrong video?

Автор brenda davies ( назад)
how do you get such thicck and bushy wandering jew plants your plant looks

Автор Atkinson's Greenhouse ( назад)
you don't need to put in water and wait for roots just place in the dirt!

Автор awful8484 ( назад)
Actually, all you need to do with these is put the cuttings in a glass of
water for a few days. instant root systems form, plant and enjoy.

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
yes I basically just pull them up carefully and replanted them , you can
also direct plant in a pot or root in water.. all will work.. 

Автор Ruthie Pople ( назад)
I love wandering Jew we grew these as kids.

Автор DubandDebs ( назад)
Throw the leaves in the compost pile?? Shoot, Deb would juice em!! LOL!!
You gotta watch her. If it sits long...ziiiiipppp. It's juice! Diane,
you're very knowledgeable at what you do, and seem to really enjoy doing
it! A great combination! Thanks for sharin.

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@bbsmith45 , well if I have some later in May I may.. :)

Автор bb smth ( назад)
they are pretty plants , do you sell them ? 

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@MatthewLeelev it was one of the easiet plants to propagate I must say..:)

Автор Matt the Vegan ( назад)
That's really cool how u did that! Didn't know u could do such a thing! lol

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@chikkagrl can be done too.. 

Автор chikkagrl ( назад)
I've started these in straight water. Trimmed off leaves to get a nice
stem, then keep in a container with water, creates a great root system.

Автор chikkagrl ( назад)
Those should do nicely, such nice big cuttings!

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@tigereyes8961 you must live in a warm winter then.. they would die here..
so just a houseplant ..you can dig them out but you must get them all ..
cause they root pretty darn fast.. 

Автор tigereyes8961 ( назад)
I have these in a corner of my garden that my grandmother planted..The take
over everything. The more I pull them out the more they come in same with
creeping Charlie..I can't get rid of them. Any suggestions on how to get
rid of the garden ones? 

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@gardener3434 thank you, probably one of the easiest propagation's ever..

Автор gardener3434 ( назад)
That was a cool video... That is kinda like rooting tomato suckers. That
was nice. Good job.

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@workwithnature thank you this means a lot truly, thanks for coming by ..
and taking time to comment.. I will remember you..:)

Автор Work With Nature ( назад)
@dianemummvideos Love the videos keep them coming :)

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@workwithnature ..if they grow more long than wide I'll probably do another
trim right at transplant..

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@workwithnature yeah it probably would just like any trim it would then
dissect into new shoots but they are growing like mad this way too.. but a
good option

Автор Work With Nature ( назад)
I love propagating indoor plants. Aloe Vera is one of my favourite as it
has the roots already. Nice that you are doing experiments. Did you ever
find cutting the tops of makes for better rooting. You get more new leaf
growth. I found it makes a bit of a difference. What do you think :) Thanks
for the video. 

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@geocache6553 thank you.. also called Tradescantia

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@dalecalder2003 nope and I added that to the video, doesn't need it grows
like a weed.. LOl

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@rankindragon thanks Audra, I have mine in my east window probably water
maybe once a week so far doing well.. 

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@texgardener1 it is a 70's-80's plant but they say it is really making a
comeback.. thanks so much , come again.. 

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@GrdnovGreens I believe it.. they root all the way up the stem the way it
looks to me.. 

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@Incredibleisaac2 you are welcome Isaac, thanks for watching!

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@carrottop8311987 I have heard they like to take over.. thank goodness they
won't winter here..

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@twhiteartist kinda grows like a weed I mean it does I have heard in warmer
areas, but nice as just a houseplant here.. thanks for commenting..

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@Planting81 thank you.. I hope it helps.. I get lots out of feedback those
that take the time to watch, the support is great.. 

Автор rankindragon ( назад)
I had one of these as my first houseplant and didn't know yet how to water
properly and killed it..I wish I still had it...That one looked like it was
about to explode it was so full! I didn't even know that they get buds. I'm
gonna look for another one this year. Those babies are so beautiful. You
did a great job! I never get tired of watching your videos. Thanks so much!

Автор texgardener1 ( назад)
I love this plant and I have been wanting to grow it. It reminds me of my
Grandmother who always grew it in her house. I haven' t done a lot of
propagating and in fact have been a little intimidated by it. Thanks for
going through all the steps and then showing the results. Blessings! 

Автор Dale Calder ( назад)
There doesn't seem to have been any advantage to using the rooting compound
at least not with this plant. 

Автор GrdnovGreens ( назад)
I had one large plant on my deck that got a beat up during a hail storm. I
tossed the broken pieces down on the ground in a flower bed while cleaning
up the messes left from the storm. About a week later I was cleaning out
the flower bed and the pieces were all rooted, bare stems, leaves and full
branches it didn't matter...they were taking off, lol. Love how easy they
are to propagate :)

Автор carrottop8311987 ( назад)
i have them things by my front porch they take over everything they look
nice so i dont mind much 

Автор Dynamic Gardening ( назад)
Wandering jew is one of my top 5 favorites. I just recently got cuttings
and rooted them in soil and this a a great resource. They are really cool
looking plants with instantaneous/ quick results :)

Автор Planting81 ( назад)
Diane this is why you are one of my favorites. Even though gardening is how
you make your bread and butter...you have no problem sharing great info and
seeds. All this free of charge not expecting a thing in return you are
awesome : )

Автор TheOntarioGardener ( назад)
@dianemummvideos Ahh I see. So they are "normally" a bit lengthy? 

Автор Diane Mumm Garden Videos ( назад)
@TheOntarioGardener well I bought the plant this way.. wondered what they
did to it..LOL .. I was wondering if I would even be able to get any
cuttings from it but I did..

Автор TheOntarioGardener ( назад)
Yours sure looks nice and compact. Back in 2007, where I went to Hort.
school, they had one in the greenhouse but it was very leggy. Maybe it was
just never cut back?

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