Taxidermy step-by-step

Learn Taxidermy step-by-step in the video.

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Автор Alex Bob ( назад)
so cool and absolutely a wonderful job!!

Автор SavageHmr ( назад)
Do you use borax on the skin

Автор Enrique Correa ( назад)
Nice work.I really enjoyed the vid thanks you for posting.

Автор Peppi Pea ( назад)
I just hope that for all who are interested in taxidermy to please do not
kill an animal just for sport and to be able to hang it on your wall as a
trophy. We are to kill animals inorder to eat their meat for food
ONLY!...and bury and/or throw away the remaining portion of it.

Автор Happyist ( назад)
my cat had dragged in a great spotted woodpecker this day and i would like
to make it my first mount.. however it must have laid there for a while
because it was rather stiff and its not in the greatest condition... but
how can i "soften it up"?

Автор David Larney ( назад)
Interested to know more about the head. You leave the skull in, but pack it
out with clay. But how do you get to gooy bits (duck brains) out? And how
do you pluck out the eyes?

Автор spring trap™ ( назад)
how you make the body

Автор Mike Gonzales ( назад)
I live in modesto, I'm good at rabbit pelts but have never done a bird
well. I would like to get a greenhead or Canadian before season closes.
Would it be possible ,if I brought one on a weekend, for me to watch the
process in person.?

Автор Connor McGee ( назад)
It looks so easy but i know its not good video

Автор FullerProductions#282 ( назад)
"If you only learn one thing about Carpentry, it's that wood working, is
carpentry" it's a craft that takes Steady hands, wood, metal, nail guns,
hammers, chisel, a saw and most importantly on my first hunt I learned how
to use a shotgun properly!" 

Автор Veronica Blane ( назад)
I am interested in doing this but I will only use animals that have
naturally died

Автор joseph Seay (Wacky Dragon) ( назад)
i can survive that i thought it would come out in hundreds of pieces

Автор 77krazie ( назад)
What about the tanning process?

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
brilliant. This has helped a lot.

Автор Pepper Conchobhar ( назад)
You make it look so easy, brother. :)

Автор linachieng ( назад)
the country song throughout 

Автор garred schyma ( назад)

Автор Imogen Burnett ( назад)
It's slightly annoying that the video is sped up.

Автор doyoulikepotatoes ( назад)
did the initial steps of the process smell?

Автор Zach Thwaite ( назад)
animal testing should be banned. you should be the replacement

Автор Isaac Stern ( назад)
you should be banned

Автор heyitslynnn ( назад)

Автор Darkus Malarkus ( назад)
LOL you just put it in the washing machine? 

Автор ALEX ACHD ( назад)

Автор John Daley ( назад)
hunting should be banned

Автор Joshua Cowan ( назад)
you should taxidermy a pigeon or a dove

Автор PaPa s ( назад)
2:18 what is the thing in your right hand called please?

Автор Joshua Dyck ( назад)
Wow, well dont movie. It didnt feel dirty or anything. Very calm and
levelheaded. I thank you.

Автор Ruben Mancilla ( назад)
Price ???

Автор Deborah Oropallo ( назад)

Автор Eddie Stuckey ( назад)
Oh thank god, I've always wanted to lear how to keep my old memories with
me. Do you know anywhere that does humans?

Автор juancatapang88 ( назад)
will the stitches be visible

Автор MangoDog ( назад)
noooo how can you say that, its so wonderful :D 

Автор Shawn Silver ( назад)
"Animals aren't stuffed, they're mounted" Nope, Chuck Testa Disagrees

Автор Joey6327 ( назад)
That music is SO annoying.

Автор fusugar ( назад)
did you leave the flesh and bone in the wings?

Автор joshster89 ( назад)
how do the feathers/neck not fall off? 

Автор Zuzana Knoblochová ( назад)
Wanna ask you...Is some special filling in the barrel in step five? My
daddy is realy interesting in it :) Thanks :) 

Автор miller18pk ( назад)
Bannedpoet: As an artist how do you say that about another artist?
Certainly you wouldn't want others draw disgusting conclusions about you.
Need to be more tolerant.

Автор Ammon McCain ( назад)
im starting to learn taxidermy and im really nervous now, it looks like a
lot of steps and a lot of time just for a duck

Автор MrMethadrine ( назад)
charming "job"...

Автор Joe Landry ( назад)
damn taxidermy looks like hard work

Автор maminecka ( назад)
perverz :D

Автор Treefrog1Tiburon5 ( назад)
this is why taxidermy is amazing! 4:11 the bird looks like ass. at 7:50 it
is a true master pice. amazing!!!

Автор FoxFind ( назад)
Nice bird. What was in the tumbler? I know you said corn something, but it
sounded like corn cob, and the only thing I could think of was the cob from
an ear of corn and obviously what was in the tumbler was powder.

Автор Kemando ( назад)
@gratefuldeadQPO Cutting things...?

Автор Kemando ( назад)
I couldnt do this job, lol I'm not a fan of cutting dead things

Автор Slave Of The System ( назад)
@navyBrandon08 I never hunted any animals in my life. I have also never had
any interactions with a taxidermist. Do you have mental disorders sir?

Автор Brandon Howard ( назад)
great video

Автор Brandon Howard ( назад)
@Viktir666 well i guess if you would stop hunting coons maybe you could
learn and stop pay others to do this for you!

Автор Brandon Howard ( назад)
@Viktir666 well i guess if you would stop hunting coons maybe you could
learn and stop pay others to do this for you!

Автор komjonggirl666 ( назад)
I really want to start doing this as a hobby.

Автор DragunzGirl ( назад)
what did you inject into the feet?? 

Автор Slave Of The System ( назад)
@coonhunting1000 I guess it depends on your intellectual capacity. A small
child could do it if trained well.

Автор John Gentilesco ( назад)
Great video, that helped me alot, I really appreciate you making this great
video! One other thing, did anyone else here "Jailbreak" by AC-DC at around

Автор jarod holland ( назад)
how old do i have to be to learn taxidermy

Автор Field N Water ( назад)
Nice mount. Good job.

Автор Leroyj45 ( назад)
dude u took the julian smith sound at the beginning! NObody will steal from

Автор thunderdog512 ( назад)
truely the most beautiful art form there is.

Автор Fisherguy28 ( назад)
@C21H23ClFNO2 When you take out the neck and body, you are able to reveal
the skull by turning the head inside out and pushing it away from the skin.
Then i would suggest using a wire to pull out the brain through the hole
where the spine used to attach to the skull. Or atleast that's how i do it.
Hope this helped :)

Автор kevenaar ( назад)
@somuchluv89 you tan the bird with a brush you dip it in the tanning and
brush it on to the skin 2 or 3 times.

Автор kevenaar ( назад)
step six is blowdryibg the feathers, or fill a box with wood dust so that
it can dry the feathers.... but you could also pay more atention to the
video so you would have to ask :D Greets from holland

Автор Miss Minka ( назад)
@Lythaniel001 you can' t possibly be serious...

Автор Miss Minka ( назад)
these steps are minus the tanning process, right?

Автор poopoopants ( назад)
very cool 

Автор kevenaar ( назад)
@mifronus yes he putts sawdust in de tumbler ! you can do that to rinse the
skin ore neutralize it !

Автор kevenaar ( назад)
yes they can do all that butt i dont think you have enough skin for all
your wishes :D meaby you should shoot some more deer andd meaby you should
start saving up some money :D greets from holland excuus for the english :D

Автор teedee52 ( назад)
what is this music?

Автор Biljana D ( назад)
Can you tell me ,what do you inject into the feet? Tnx

Автор superjam18 ( назад)
why do you inject fluid in the feet?

Автор JackOscarRS ( назад)
hmmm, ive always wanted a mounted squirell but i can never seem to find one
no matter how many garage sails i attend... maybe ill make one myself....

Автор JackOscarRS ( назад)
aaaahhhh. hope i made it.

Автор leandro dallegrave ( назад)
excelent video ,very instructive,congratulations

Автор Cameron M ( назад)

Автор generaltodd2 ( назад)
DAMN! Norman Bates in Psycho III made it look soo easy i mean all he did
was take all the meat, organs out and just left bone and such in and
fillied it with a powder.......then he sewed it back together..

Автор cshank26 ( назад)
i do taxidermy myself and this is my personal option but i think using the
original head of the duck is old school. i use artificial heads on all my
waterfowl and upland birds. the finish bird is better!

Автор BlackBuck ( назад)
Great Video...a true art! Black Buck

Автор ididntdoit1945 ( назад)
hey i am a huge duck hunter and i was wondering if i could mount my own
ducks cause this stuff is very cool so id itd be awsome if you could run me
by the tools ill need? please if so thank you.

Автор wolfforce58205 ( назад)
This video is very interesting. I wish that this was more in-depth than an
overview, but either way very nice. Duck looked great, too.

Автор LARRYBEE1827 ( назад)

Автор faith6651 ( назад)
Enjoyed this thanks - also that you added a short section of your duck
hunting. Just put a small one on myself, which is when I noticed yours.
Interesting your comment on not stuffing, learn something new everyday! :-)
Things are more difficult here in Europe and UK - taxidermy and shooting a
more sensitive issue! :-( I hardly ever shoot these days - you guys are
lucky in the freedom you still enjoy and acceptance. You feel like dropping
me a line do?

Автор trey new ( назад)
what was the tumbler and corncob for? drying?

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