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Автор Stasoline (28 дней)
Wow, sounds great!

Автор Monem Cool (4 месяца)
thanks Bro your videos did give me an idea for making a cover reggae for my
self you are the best ;)

Автор Osakue Courage (1 месяц)
pls how can i download the intro track kiss n tell ?

Автор Reza Ashari (1 месяц)
What is the intro song ?

Автор Osakue Courage (1 месяц)
pls how can i download the intro track kiss n tell ?

Автор Nick Faze (6 месяцев)
Where can I find the soundkit you used bro

Автор olan prince (2 месяца)

Автор good channel (2 месяца)

Автор Miki mike (2 месяца)

Автор Bayzi HD (4 месяца)
Mais frangin sinon tu parle pas ?! Parce que ces neit si tu etait francais

Автор Jistin Barnett (8 месяцев)
where can i get good free raggae samples, all i can find is loops and using
loops is lame, your not really creating a song if you are using loops

Автор BurnerStudio (4 месяца)
add some brass on this man, on the chorus you know :D

Автор ADZKUMA WINS (4 месяца)
Pretty sick 

Автор DJ Jwrexx (8 месяцев)
Where can I get the Badoo Kit?

Автор jadon ford (6 месяцев)

Автор atonio waqavou (6 месяцев)
Nice one bro.....I rili need to learn this Reggaton tutorials...Your'e very
fast in this video,makes me confuse mehn...can u make another video,but try
to slow things done,i rili need to learn from your beats...i have been on
youtube for tutorials...This the best ever tutorial i came across.....Nice

Автор jadon ford (6 месяцев)

Автор Devon David (8 месяцев)

Автор Slowly Beatsz (9 месяцев)

Автор James Muller (9 месяцев)
Nice video!! People in need of the ultimate premium training within the net
must get a peek at beatgenerals, they have got help for the styles of all
of your current most liked artists and additionally producers.. 

Автор Beatmaking Lion (1 год)
Thanks a lot bro I was always getting difficulty in making a Reggae beat

Автор Jaxies Samuel (1 год)
c c c...hehe

Автор Leandro Exequiel Almirón Müller (10 месяцев)
Sounds like Bob Marley's No Woman No Cry right brother?

Автор damian hip-hop (1 год)
bro q bn tu ripmo me gusto mucho podrias recomendarme algun plujings para
tener esas librerias grasias man

Автор Rim Selekta (1 год)
sorry bro i have no idea

Автор Judah Ben Israel (1 год)
Have u uploaded free drum kit!!??

Автор Rim Selekta (1 год)
yes check out my third tutorial

Автор DeX Mathis (1 год)
Cool!!! Rim, your're so talented in doing reggae mix!! Hahaha Vanuatuuuu!!!
Hahaha keep it up tai!

Автор President Avgn (11 месяцев)
where i can get intro music

Автор JollyG4mepl4Y (1 год)
Where have u download this RIM Reggae in the pattern? Jah Bless dude and
keep up tha good work!

Автор Rim Selekta (1 год)
for this one i only used hypersonic 2 vst bro

Автор Rim Selekta (1 год)
sorry bro english please hehe

Автор richie diansoni (1 год)
plz link for the flp and pack

Автор SuperKyle89 (11 месяцев)
could you send me that Flp file i'd like to make something over it. thanks

Автор RANDALL GARCIA (11 месяцев)

Автор Manos BlowMotion (1 год)
man very good job but i wanna ask you something where can i find these

Автор Rim Selekta (1 год)
thanx man.. the samples are from all over but most of the reggae samples i
made on my own but i'll be uploading a free drum kit with my next tutorial.
bless! :)

Автор Wash73 (1 год)
Nice bro =D (Hotsyde)

Автор Rim Selekta (1 год)
i'll be uploading free sampls with my next tutorial

Автор hugh L (1 год)
Can you send me think link where you purchase those reggae sounds ?

Автор Leo Duarte (11 месяцев)
hey man do you know anything about the badoo vibez blog? I think they
closed it...

Автор SpiritialMusic (1 год)
Hi, i got a problem with hypersonic.. It says that the plugin have'nt saved
or whatever... its really annoying. Any tips on how to solve this?

Автор SuperKyle89 (11 месяцев)
you help out a lot great vid by the way bro

Автор mata-rangi atan atan (1 год)
hello bro. i'm from easter island and I deejay m@ta you know to deejay
zinox? i'm fans number 1 of deejay zinox and you also look: "MI DREAM IS BE
BEST DEEJAY OF WORLD and i need yours help pleasessssssss

Автор Marshall Mathers (1 год)
where can I download reggae packs ?

Автор pedro manuel matos acuña (10 месяцев)
Hola hermano excelente trabajo, me gustaría poder tener un tutorial un poco
más sencillo ya que soy principiante. Pero quiero aprender a hacer un
reggae y se que usted me puede ayudar, también me gustaría tener la
librería mil gracias. Con cariño un amigo de Colombia

Автор bulalu nono (10 месяцев)
thank u man i loved it

Автор fred col (1 год)
Ça tue man. Es tu sur Facebook je kif le roots et g besoin de toi man.
Continue. Bah bLeSS

Автор Teki Gade (1 год)
thank you so much!!

Автор lloyd bailey (1 год)
nice talent is it possible we can link up and do an intrumental together??
link me if ur interested

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