http://howtoknitasweater.com http://sweater101.com Sweater finishing begins the minute you pick up the needles to cast on. This is Part 2 of 5 of Cheryl Brunette's video class from 1992, "Finishing 101: Easy Finishing for Pullover Sweaters." It was shot as a companion to her 1991 book, SWEATER 101: HOW TO PLAN SWEATERS THAT FIT AND ORGANIZE YOUR KNITTING LIFE AT THE SAME TIME. Together, the book and this video class will help you make sweaters you are proud to wear and give.

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Автор antonia quintiero (4 месяца)
ho imparato una cosa nuova perfetto sehr gut

Автор hanaa esam (2 месяца)
شرح وافى شكرا لك

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
Hurray! Here is the answer. Google "BOND Buzz 53" and that will bring up
the newsletter that had this pattern in it. There's an excellent
explanation of the technique on the first couple of pages with lots of
pictures. They used to explain a technique first, then give a couple of
patterns with that technique, so in this case, the pattern got separated
from this explanation. I hope this helps you to do it because it's a very
pretty thing.

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
A crew neck I knit in the round. A collar, which has a split in the front
usually (but it can be at the side) is knit back and forth. 1) no such
thing as a dumb question. 2) I'm not sure I understand what you mean but
this is the answer to what I think I hear you saying.

Автор RiaMaria2010 (2 года)
Thank you, very useful videos. I knit a lot, quite complex stuff too if I
say so myself, but my making up is just rubbish! My resolution for this
year is to make it better!

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (1 год)
When you start to think of "finishing" as a process that begins when you
pick up the needles to start a project, then it becomes easier. It's not
this unpleasant chore that happens at the end of a project, but an integral
part of creating the project. Experience helps. And learning to think
differently helps. This year will be the year that your "making up" gets

Автор Fatma (2 года)
Jee thanks it helped alot now i finished knitting and all is left is to put
the bits together i watched your sweater finishing videos and it helped a

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
I need the directions for the "mock cable" you're trying to make as that
term can refer to several different kinds of sts. To "reform" a stitch is
to use the latch hook tool to change it from a purl facing you to a knit
facing you. Consult "Meet Your BOND," the section that shows you how to do
a ribbing by reforming every other stitch in a long column.

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (3 года)
@PokieKnows Cindy~Thank you so much for this kind comment. And you are SO

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
You are so welcome 67Charito and thank you for your kind remarks. I am in
the process of making DVD versions of the programs and I will post a note
on my channel when that is done. It's just a question of getting the time
to do the technical work.

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
Don't be discouraged. This is how all of us have learned. You'll get better
with each project, and good for you for figuring out where you made a

Автор WAB121212 (3 года)
Great info. Looking for other videos from you.

Автор PokieKnows (3 года)
Gosh.. I love your videos! I'm not a needle knitter (yet) but you make
learning the process so much easier than anywhere else I've seen! (c; I
watched this video to understand how to join seams nearly invisibly.. and
my oh my - you did not disappoint! Thank you SO much! ~ Cindy

Автор Mishaal Ahmad (3 года)
Wow, this is really helpful, Thank you!!

Автор Fatma (2 года)
PRoblem, i have discovered that one of my sleeves is too tight! What should
i do to fix it that takes less effort i dont want to rip it apart coz it
took me a long time to do it

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (3 года)
@LittleMiss3631 You are so welcome!

Автор cuteprettyme7 (2 года)
Thanks anyway :)

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (1 год)
There are so many things I don't know either, but it's fun to keep
learning. Of course you can knit the sleeves on a circular needle. I do
when I'm working Fair Isle, for example. Sometimes I like the seams to give
structure. Other times, it doesn't matter. I certainly like shoulder seams
and bound off backs of necks (except for mall children's sweaters) to give
support to hold up long sleeves.

Автор Fatma (2 года)
Just write bond america cable edge sweater in google it will be the first
link , i cant give it to you coz youtube are not allowing links in the
comments. P.s. i am cuteprettyme7

Автор JACQSIErae (2 года)
I'm an...experienced knitter, and really enjoy your video's !

Автор lavioleteira72 (2 года)
Do You teach from the begnning ,please ? how to make a sweater for toddlers
? Thank You

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
Is it the sleeve to this same sweater with the mock-cable edge? Where is
the sleeve tight? In the armhole? Cuff? All the way down? Let's see if we
can track this down.

Автор WAB121212 (3 года)
This was great. Very well explained and demonstrated. Thanks

Автор cuteprettyme7 (2 года)
Hi I am making a sweater on the usm bond and I am in big trouble I don't
know how to do mock cable on the edge for the jacket pls help me by doing a
tutorial and it is written that I need to reform some stitches what does
that mean I need help fast

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
Thank you JACQSIErae, for your comment. I really enjoyed making the videos
and putting them up on YouTube a generation later. It tickles me that they
still help people!

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
Ok . . . now let's not panic. It's only yarn and it can be ripped out and
redone. That's not as awful as you might think. I've probably ripped out
more than you have knit. Is the tight sleeve the same size as the OK
sleeve? Does it have the same number of stitches? It might just be that you
counted wrong, in which case you might need to rip out and make it again.
That's faster and easier than trying to fix it by adding another panel. Is
it already attached to the sweater?

Автор michaelgiacobbe2012 (2 года)
that was exactly my question THANK YOU so much for such a fast reply. Being
self taught, I have created some great items thanks to your videos. Have a
great day! Michael

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
After that comment I thought of something else. I was able to contact the
designer last night. She is going to look at the pattern this weekend and
see if she can help us understand it. I'll let you know what I learn.

Автор Nuray Demircan (2 года)
Dear Cheryl, Is there any place where I can find motif? Thank you and best

Автор michaelgiacobbe2012 (2 года)
Hi Cheryl I love your videos! They have helped me immensely. My dumb
question is after picking up around the neck , do I knit in the round for
the collar or turn and go back then sew the seam? I had to rip back too
many times. Thanks!!

Автор PurdyBear1 (3 года)
Great video! Iv knitted some jumpers (badly) before and Im trying to get
better skills. These videos are going to help me sooooooooooo much. PS: Iv
started by doing a dog jumper so I can finish it quicker and see my
mistakes without having to unpick an entire ladies jumper. PPS: Id love to
see a video how to increase/decrease within a pattern - I always get it

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (3 года)
Thanks Cynthia!

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
Soon we will be making a small sweater from the beginning.

Автор lavioleteira72 (2 года)
FANTASTICO ! Fantastic! Thanks

Автор Fatma (2 года)
I started knitting it already, the weather is pretty cold snd chilly here ,
i cant wait for the sweater to be done, again i dont know what to do
without you thank you so much

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (3 года)
@PurdyBear1 Thank you! And thank you for asking for more information. I am
going to start making videos again (this one is from 1992) and want to know
what people are having difficulty with. Good luck!

Автор Fatma (2 года)
No its not attached to the sweater coz i took it off, the problem is that
the nuber of stiches is wrong, i miss counted it big time, now i will start
ripping it and start again :(

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (1 год)
Nuray . . . I'm not sure what you mean by "motif." Perhaps the pattern? I
don't have any patterns available, only the book that helps you translate
all patterns into your circumstance.

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (3 года)
@WAB121212 Thank you . . . and you're most welcome.

Автор Fatma (2 года)
It has the mock cable yes, but sadly it is tight all over,please help i'm

Автор BeatlesFanSonia (1 год)
Can we make the sleeves on a circular needle or magic loop? That way, we
wouldn't have to seam them. I just found your videos and I love them. I
have been knitting for around 40 years! I didn't know that I didn't know so
many things about knitting. LOL Thank you so much for posting these.

Автор lavioleteira72 (2 года)
Wha a wonderful notice ! Thanks Cheryl Hugs,

Автор Michelle Ryu (1 год)
I'm knitting a sweater for my father for Christmas! I'm only 18 and I don't
have much experience; I do admit I messed up a lot... Once I got to finish
knitting the 4 parts of the sweater, I didn't know what to do, but I came
across your tutorials and they were so helpful! I just wanted to say thank
you, I learned a lot from you an hopefully I'll be as good as you some day!

Автор Beth Leatherman (2 года)
Thank you so much, Cheryl, for sharing so much with us! I'd be so lost
without your videos! I'm HK-ing a kimono-type adult sweater (then I will
have the schematic to make it on the Bond!). The instructions do not say
how deep the armhole should be. It is simply six rectangles (back, two
fronts, two sleeves, shawl collar). Do you have a recommendation for the
pick-up-and knit ratio for the sleeves? -Beth from FB & Yahoo! USM groups

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
I'm sure you CAN do it ixora100!

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
I celebrate your getting on with it and you are most welcome. You could
figure it out without me, but it would probably take longer.

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
So I've spent the last 15 minutes looking at this. I think there are some
problems with the instructions. For one thing you work it over the end 11
needles (9 sts) and not 5. Also the chart does not look like the picture. I
have not been associated with BOND America for nearly 20 years and I don't
provide pattern support for them. It would take me some time to figure this
out, if I even could. I suggest you contact BOND America for help. And I'd
be curious to know what they say. Good luck.

Автор Knitting with Cheryl Brunette (2 года)
Hi Beth. Of course I recognize your name and you are so welcome. It depends
on the pattern stitch, of course, and there is a formula in Sweater 101 on
how to figure this out exactly, but if you're working in stockinette it's
usually safe to pick up 3 sts, then skip the 4th. If it's garter st then
you pick up a st for every "ridge" which is actually 1 st per 2 rows.
Looking at Episode 4, Grafting at right angles, might help you understand
it. I can't give a link here. YT forbids it.

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