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Автор Кубуревац БН (3 месяца)
CZ (EZ) 99 is not clone of SIG, created in 1989, its constructor Bozidar
Blagojevic claims that the gun has been made on the model of two pistols
Sig P226 and Walther P-88, said he collected the best of both and merged
them into a CZ99 and throwing something of their own, so that the obtained
remarkable gun honestly I would have compared it with the AK47 is a bit
rough at the ends, indestructible and extremely reliable

Автор Zo Mi (1 месяц)
your first opening statement should tell you all about ez, that is service
pistol, not collectors edition. if cost $300 as it is, imagine how it will
look finished product in $600-$1000 range.

Автор ROD BOY (3 месяца)

Автор James Lee (6 месяцев)
who gives a shit that it doesn't look as good as a Sig! It's a 300 dollar
gun, man. What were you expecting it to look like? As long as every time I
squeeze the trigger it goes pew, then who cares.

Автор ilija gromovnik (2 месяца)
zastava serbia is better in combat

Автор Warhund Serbia (6 дней)
If you want to look good take the SIG, if you want to actually shoot well
take the Zastava.

Zastava is 2 times cheaper and the gun is made to last long to be extra
reliable and to perform well. Duty gun.

SIG is just fancy but will never score beter than the EZ9.. Looks dont
matter xD

Автор 469Shooter (4 месяца)
You meant to say the SIG appeals more to the "gun snobs" as opposed to
people who just want a reliable pistol. SIG is a great pistol brand, but
most people can't or don't want to spend that kind of money for a firearm
that may have to be given up to the police pursuant to a shooting
investigation. There is really no comparison between these two
pistols. The Zastava should properly be compared to other $400 pistols.
Likewise, the SIG should be compared to pistols in its price class. It's
like comparing an AMG Benz to a Chevy Impala.

Автор celpabedn (10 месяцев)
Tooling marks are there because it is made with a machine, while the sig is
pressed steel!
Toy like? Well they will see this Sig, and the toys will look like this

Автор djordje dimitrov (4 месяца)
Maby the sig looks better, but zastava is mutch better in shooting, witch
is why it's made for :)

Автор Crnyy (3 месяца)
LOL, all Zastava guns have night sights, if your gun don't have it its
painted over with common paint, meaning gun has been repaired or repainted

Автор shonesmeker (8 месяцев)
Zastava make some of the best weapons in the World.This video is piece of

Автор Ammo Man (10 месяцев)
Please don't compare a $1,000.00 gun to a $300.00 gun and knock the $300.00
gun because it's not as finely finished as the $1,000.00 gun.
Zastava makes great guns made of all steel that function great for a great

Автор Joisey Kids (1 год)
Don't like this vid at all by this guy. All he does is knock a firearm that
is only a somewhat copy of the sig. The cz999 is only said to look like the
sig, not said to claim the fame of a sig. So why knock it. Anyone who
doesn't mind doing some finishing work on the cz999 will be very pleased
with this firearm. And I own the sig 226 model. Very fine gun but way
overpriced. This guy is crediting th sig for nice finishing work when a
firearm should be that way out of the box. Not a pro in my book for what
should be done anyway. The cz999 is an economy firearm and is very reliable
for what it is. 

Автор Joisey Kids (1 год)
Not a fan of this guys vid. The Zastava cz999 is said to only " look " like
the Sig p226, not an exact replica. So Why knock a very decent firearm just
because Its not an overpriced gun like the Sig p226 and almost all the Sig
firearms. The ez9 and cz999 are actually damn good pistols for the price. I
know you said in your vid that there are some good points about the ez9,
but it Also seems like you are saying that Its inferior to the Sig just
cause Its not a Sig. 

Автор Joey P (1 год)
Just got a CZ999 .40 Zastava ported barrel... What a great great pistol.
Can eat any food with no problems. Shoots great and aims really well. Could
care less if it has machine marks or the finish isn't as pretty. When I
pull the trigger it goes bang... For $350 you can't beat it !!!

Автор John Dough (1 год)
I got the CZ999 compact in .40 to kind of even out capacity and knock-down
power. I like 9mm but when I made the purchase there was somewhat regularly
.40 ammo on the store shelf and I hadn't seen 9mm in months. (High-five
0bama) and I went cz999 instead of EZ40 because I simply would never use
the rail.
Also to make the choice easier a friend of mine has a sig 226 and another
friend has a zastava ez9. The zastava regularly shoots circles around the
sig. Even when they change shooters. It doesn't make sense and I love sig
sauer weapons... But zastava is world renowned for their awesome barrels.
That's gotta be it.
And hey even you've seen evidence. 3 minutes 15 seconds on your video.
It truly is puzzling. But every sig pistol I've ever shot seems to hit just
a little low left when they're new. I hear its part of the break-in so
don't panic and adjust your sights yet. 500rds and the problems gone. If
not, adjust your sights because the gun will never shift after that point.
Both are excellent guns. Just... You can get the zastava that's Dead-On
accurate right out of the box and a shit-ton of ammo for the price of a sig
that needs to be broken in.
Again I LOVE SIGS. But the zastava is an impassable deal.
And zastava also makes some of the finest AKs ever built. "Yugos" 

Автор mirce cicoski (1 год)
that is not a clone of the sig 220,it is a copy of walther p-88 

Автор Joisey Kids (1 год)

Автор Gruya Gruja (1 год)
Ez9 slide is lose if it get's dirty in combat it wont jammed and he can eat
allmost all ammunition of that caliber.

Автор johnnytezca (1 год)
NGO wondering if the shooter maybe just enjoys shooting 9mm a lot more than
.45ACP? That doesn't take away anything from the Zastava or the shooter.
The Zastava group is a testament to both. But if the SIG shots were
consistently jerking (which I think would be hard to say to someone face to
face. "Wow Ted, you're jerking a lot.") according to the NRA target clock,
that sounds like an information problem between machine and master (or

Автор filoIII (11 месяцев)
Different ammo may affect your POI.

Автор Vill Pill (1 год)
Clasic firearms ez9 is $299

Автор filoIII (11 месяцев)
The finish came off mine, too.

Is your mag release hard to depress? Mine's quite stiff and gritty. Any
idea for a fix? Thx

Автор jwr3404 (1 год)
Do the sig sights and ez sights look like there swapable? 

Автор zserbian1 (1 год)
correct me if I'm wrong but hasent the zastava ez9 been around longer then
the sig 220

Автор Joseph Gonzales (1 год)
Great vid. I got a ported ez9. Do you know where I could find replacement
barrels? Or could I use a Sig or wolf barrel?

Автор Milomir Radic (3 года)
I forgot to say that EZ9 as well as the CZ99 has proven extreme precision
for this type of weapon. This fact was very suprising for me, because i was
expecting very rough result on range when i fired this weapon for the first

Автор Tealk Jaffa (1 год)
slide is litlle bit loose on ez9 because its intend to get abused ( so
after many rounds you dont need to clean it, its police gun) also zastava
makes best barrels , all zastava handguns and longuns are really acurate
and well made also zastava is 350 $ and sig 700$ (imagine quality from
zastava if they are making 500$ it wopuld be perfect) also you have lux and
exlusive models from zastava ez, cz99, m70 ....

Автор KrytteR420 (2 года)
Put a Hogue slip on grip on mine EZ9. Ive had mine for bout 4 years
now...havnt had a single issue with mine....Id choose a EZ over and SIG
anyday! function over looks evertime

Автор KrytteR420 (2 года)
Its a slip on Pakmayr grip from cheaper than dirt...I emailed you on it

Автор dilan dog (2 года)
look new model of ez99 or crvena zastava cz99,this model is better then
many sig's.name is cz999 scorpion or in u.s.a ez999

Автор Dejan Petrovic (2 года)
It's just we make weapons for war and not to take pictures of it.

Автор XIUXIU1313 (3 года)
@zombiekillerjordan I do not know. Not that I have heard.

Автор Tealk Jaffa (1 год)
also, there was contest in germany where gun experts ( military, police)
tested sig and ez9 they did tons of tests and ez9 was better in every test.
they said that ez 9 is maybe one of most durable pistols ever made....

Автор John Dough (1 год)
I have heard across the board that the Cz999 (including the ez9) has an
accuracy issue in that nobody can believe how ridiculously spot-on accurate
this $350 gun is. I have the compact 40 cal zastava and it shoots all holes
touching groups all day. My buddy got a sig 229 in 40 and it is accurate.
But out of the box needed the sights adjusted (maybe you have same issue)
and my zastava still shoots tighter groups. Couldn't be happier with the

Автор TeamRmageddonNetwork (3 года)
nice vid bro..that estava is off the hook

Автор XIUXIU1313 (3 года)
Thanks for the tips man!

Автор Milomir Radic (2 года)
By that, i meant finish of the gun is being pilled off by time and
unadecvate usage.

Автор speedykobac (1 год)
upss. This is indicator pin for bullit in the chambre.

Автор Milomir Radic (3 года)
CZ99 was gun made for serbian police and military. I have a relative who
has CZ99 as service gun, he's a policeman in Serbia. Finish is totaly
ruined, and it doesn't look nice at all, but it works like a clock. That's
the reason why they left so big slide play. My relative is a bit lasy and
he doesn't even clean his gun always after shooting from it. Even dough it
looks rough, that gun will never betray you!

Автор XIUXIU1313 (2 года)
That link goes to monster (dot) com. Do you mean budsgunshop (dot) com? The
cheapest P220 they have is 750

Автор mrwhite4 (3 года)
Nice vid man, I wonder how the sig compares to your PT1911. But it looks
like what I thought is true that the EZ9 is a great entry gun and also
makes a great truck gun or camping gun for a guy who has sigs and doesn't
want to bang them up. Also I wonder if the loser frame to slide fit how
that would translate into reliability as the gun gets dirty and grimy

Автор XIUXIU1313 (2 года)

Автор SIG-504 (1 год)
It is true, it is an adjustment to shoot different calibers, especially
back to back. However, it doesn't change the way the sight picture is with
a Sig. Whether it be a 9mm, 40, or 45, the sight picture is always the
same. My 226 in .40 uses the same sight picture as my brother's 226 in 9mm.
Accuracy is all about maintaining the sight picture all the way until the
trigger breaks, regardless of caliber.

Автор ConditionLefty (3 года)
will the sig springs work in the zastava?

Автор Stendec (2 года)
CZ99 I have had it 4 years in the war .Rain mud not cleaning it still never
let me down

Автор zombiekillerjordan (3 года)
Does the EZ9 take sig226 mags??

Автор hujan4ik (2 года)
Good review. Only Russia can not not buy R226 not EZ9. ((((((((

Автор Misa Malecki (2 года)
testing done when you put guns in the mud, and who will be working ;-)

Автор XIUXIU1313 (3 года)
@ConditionLefty I am not sure! I would give it a try if I had a sig in 9mm

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