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Автор bob ( назад)
Hate this interviewer

Автор Vito LoDuca ( назад)
Rumble has to win, cause him vs Jon will be a war

Автор Mav3rick ( назад)
Jon Jones is a fucking idiot

Автор Nobleman Q ( назад)
Guys check out Grandmaster Miguel Figueroa on Warrior Island. This man is the real deal..

Автор Kyle Nolan ( назад)
i cant wait for john Jones to smash these guys up

Автор Nheptune ( назад)
Double Cheeseburger scared of jon bones lmao!! 😂😂

Автор Real Natiiive ( назад)
"-if you are unfaithful to the belt, the belt will cheat on you and hop around." 😎

Автор TheRockIzBack ( назад)
man these big guys really don't know how to hype a fight...learn from the smaller dudes like mcgregor, diaz , cruz etc.

Автор Anton Sommerville ( назад)
dc you aint no champ to be giving championship fights and rumble shut the fuck up with the whole he is a great champ shit he never beat the champ its all fraud we don't forget fuck you dan the queer cormier

Автор Anton Sommerville ( назад)
they say dc got his brown belt not all that long ago but im guessing he got his brown belt in college during a curious night dc you bitch love your fake as fuck strap you goof bones is more relevant than both you guys and rumble it pains me to say it but since you jumped on the dc train you changed man you changed we boo dan the queer cormier cuz he aint true to anyone most of all himself fuck you dc we hate your guts

Автор The softest part of a woman's breast is? ( назад)
Sad one has to lose when they do fight, love them both

Автор Sulton CL ( назад)
"Jones isnt relevant anymore" yeah we'll see if can say that when youre eating a spin you fat fuck. Jones is returning soon

Автор Brian Miller ( назад)
Respect for both guys.
Both are worriers in the cage.

Автор alex perez ( назад)
lol these guys are awesome

Автор Jano Mbarga ( назад)
jon jones is back soon

Автор Dunnages dunnage ( назад)
both of these guys are fake

Автор DevilluTionisT gri ( назад)
what makes u relevant DC is u luck ur ass up with the top contender
Now ur not relevant u injured urself.I blame it on ur DoubleCheeseBurger

Автор Nobleman Q ( назад)
If Rumble Johnson can fight better on the ground he would be unstoppable!

Автор Kainen Noble ( назад)
Rite when jones comes back..........they both are fucked

Автор VYPED UP ( назад)
Daniel would be a good replacement for Dana he has more integrity and has good values ,I like him .

Автор Mike Ryan ( назад)
jon jones is still a thousand times the btr fighter then these low life shits lolz daniel still has no stand up game when u win a fight with a knock out standing up then talk lolz ur fights are boaring af

Автор Steve Carmen ( назад)
This guy is a fucking joke. he shouldn't be aloud to cover MMA.

Автор Anton Sommerville ( назад)
dc you treat that strap like its real and yours you fucking chump

Автор xnadally ( назад)
daniel is no longer relevant since he's just a big hurt fat

Автор Lazy Vuitton ( назад)
"Was that the hardest punch you ever took?"

Автор Trevor Harris ( назад)
"You want to say hi to my belt too?" -Kenny Kenflo Florian

Автор Mark Royds ( назад)
these two are fucking massive LHW

Автор true goonerxxx ( назад)
hope rumble wins!

Автор Totes McGoats ( назад)
I thought this douche interviewer got the boot!

Автор sixmam ( назад)
Love these interviews with these two.

Автор pikkkel ( назад)
haha daniel will forever be jealous of jon. the fans dont like me waaah ;'(

Автор Bobparanoiac ( назад)
Jon Jones would kick double cheese burger ass lol

Автор Fredy Olivo ( назад)
To Cormier he will always be relevant

Автор Glow Man ( назад)
Lol these guys are funny as hell Conor bless!

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