GTA SA First Person View Mod (LIKE GTA V!!)

Requires CLEO 4.
Drag newOpcodes.cleo and first_person.cs into the CLEO folder and the .dll into the root folder. (Where the gta_sa.exe is) Remember to also eplace the gta_sa.exe
BRAND NEW LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?30za0kyffxai4ql

To activate the mod, all you need to do is keep changing camera views, then you'll enter FPS mode.
To exit FPS mode, change views again.

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Длительность: 4:0
Комментарии: 462

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Автор BringIt On ( назад)

Автор Anthoney Travers (Tony) ( назад)
Is there a version that supports controller? seems that i'm forced to use
the mouse to look around

Автор H-J Ellis ( назад)
next gen for gta v was in 2012

Автор Mr.Ninja ( назад)

Автор Mark Weskerson ( назад)

Автор Satvik Satish ( назад)
Why do we have to replace gta_sa.exe? What's wrong with the original file?

Автор Maher Abaza ( назад)
can you tell me how to make peds die like in your video (like a ragdoll)!?
.i have one but it keeps bugging and i see them in the ground

Автор Carl Johnson ( назад)
Can I get this to work for my controller??

Автор Bury CZ ( назад)
Nice work, thanks

Автор Lightning Power Gaming ( назад)
Thx bro,i finally found it like I've been searching for it everywhere lol

Автор Dave ( назад)
It works and it is amazing!

Автор Jesse Evers ( назад)
but I don't have a root folder? then how do i do it? (i have a downloaded
gta sa)

Автор cvetan cvetanov ( назад)
say the name of this music!!!

Автор cvetan cvetanov ( назад)
the music?

Автор Tutorial Cookie ( назад)
song name ? 

Автор PC Game Caster CH. (Araya E.) ( назад)
How can you know in 2012? GTA V has FPS now. How can you know?

Автор Jami “Hentai senpai” L ( назад)
maan im here again ready to dovnload this mod i all ways search for ur
video :D so think about that :D

Автор Manolo García ( назад)

Автор Lextoons - ( назад)
Uhh, what DLL file and what exe? I've got an opcode_003E.cs instead.

Автор AnotherMaggot ( назад)
Yeah now added for GTA V For The FPS Mode.

Автор jovan ivanovic ( назад)

Автор Outher. ( назад)
Thx man 

Автор TheSprunkGuyLv ( назад)
This one works, if you launch SP first.. Worked for me, atleast

Автор RobbenFan ( назад)
better then gta v ps3 fps cam

Автор pianicata4 (747 лет назад)
i want to report a bug,i hope the dev can read,the mod works well but if i
play some mission that has red ring,the red rings are invisible :/.hope you
can fix this mate ^^,ty again for the mod

Автор pianicata4 ( назад)
awesome mod bro,thanks xD

Автор Cockn' Cola ( назад)
if I select load game and my loaded game it is closing help!

Автор zhentrix calipso ( назад)
first person sight is a shit and very unrealistic.

Автор BlackWolfHunter ( назад)
Thanks sooo much man!You are the Best! :D

Автор Zachary Stauffer ( назад)
Hey I can't load my save with this mod do you have one? I just want all the
islands or is there a tool I can use?

Автор MaxZeAmazing ( назад)
Omg dude i love you #nohomo .this has taken me all day until i found you.

Автор ONow ( назад)
>> >> - FPS - [First Person Shooter] Mod ; requirements ; [latest] Visual
Studio [PC] ; *register DLL file the mod brings into your computer* ;
insert drop the *msvcr100d / DLL* file to register at listed computer
location in order to have the engine read specific mod file at in-game ;
location to drop file ; C:\Windows\System32 ; Enjoy ; ! ! !

Автор Ben Dickie (pokefan2552) ( назад)
Peso pls with the steam version, get the gta downgrader software and cleo 4
will work

Автор Igor Miszczykowski ( назад)

Автор Enes Ozturk ( назад)
I would prefer typing FPS, but i didnt like the other one because it gave
me infinite ammo for all guns etc and my game is no cheated so yeah I like
this one Thanks again man!

Автор faiz asyraf ( назад)
what song is that... i heard like eminem

Автор The Unhappy Orchestra ( назад)
It doesn't work in SAMP. It crashes every time I go into first person mode.

Автор KittenRollinWeed ( назад)
renix name?

Автор Thang TN ( назад)
is work in multiplayer ?

Автор Bruno Nardy ( назад)
I change the camera, and nothing special happens...

Автор Bruno Nardy ( назад)

Автор CatlyNat ( назад)
You shall upload it to GtaInside. Or GtaGarage :D Or BOTH!! :DDD
And Thanks anyway, hope it works. :)


Didn't work...
I can't get into First Person..
Then i reinstall, then it always crashes, WHYYY???! I USE CLEO 4! :'(

Автор GameBase TR ( назад)
car glitch fuuuuuuu

Автор Dashas T. ( назад)
Thank you dude!!

Автор Novaaahh ( назад)
Music name? :)

Автор TheNathanNS ( назад)
This mod is very buggy, I recommend not to use too many CLEO scripts when
using this mod.

Автор Voltoz911420 ( назад)

Автор Rafaelll ( назад)
it keeps crashing wtf

Автор RandomGameKanaal ( назад)

Автор Pink Sheep ( назад)
Not working

Автор KillerPro06 ( назад)
good but really glitching :/

Автор Philipp ( назад)
@TheNathanNS What's the female skin mod at 0:39?

Автор Christian Haddad ( назад)
00:34 earthwake!!!

Автор FrostOne Siel ( назад)
badass xD

Автор paolo dugaduga ( назад)
song dr. dre i need a doctor

Автор Ahmed AboAsknder ( назад)
Music Name Please :)

Автор Ahmed AboAsknder ( назад)
Thank You :) Working 100 %

Автор agnosticninjaho ( назад)
nothing to say.

Автор Marcos42563 ( назад)
thats what she said

Автор agnosticninjaho ( назад)
thanks X-)

Автор agnosticninjaho ( назад)
thats what your mom said

Автор Berke Altay ( назад)

Автор agnosticninjaho ( назад)
does it works with SA:MP?

Автор ProvisionGaming Gaming & More! ( назад)
Thx man Works perfectly

Автор john morgan ( назад)
it works thnx

Автор john morgan ( назад)
im downloading now

Автор Roy al ( назад)
Name of song?

Автор MasterTac36 ( назад)
Crouch and press A or D

Автор Ornstein the DragonSlayer ( назад)
weasel mob of da dead :)

Автор gisvoldas ( назад)

Автор ILikeGravityFalls ( назад)

Автор (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)BecauseICan( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ( назад)
You need CLEO according to my understanding ._.

Автор Jakobsen ( назад)
When i now open GTA SA nothing happends.. Yes i replaced it.

Автор TheNathanNS ( назад)
Same installation, but wherever your pirated folder is.

Автор V. Vwj ( назад)
So like ... What if you know a guy a who pirated the game? then what?

Автор TheNathanNS ( назад)
No it isn't, I can still access it.

Автор Nanda ( назад)
Link is down again.

Автор kacsyd ROBLOX ( назад)
This isn't working, it crashes my SA-MP right when I press v two times.

Автор Charlie McSeeven ( назад)
stupid remix original is the best

Автор BobiVAGOS ( назад)
It's not working, i did everything. But still not working. I keep changing
the camera but not working

Автор ZΔCH ( назад)
Really awesome on SA:MP RP servers. MTG REPRESENT!

Автор Eric Cartman ( назад)
Nathan! Long time no see, eh?

Автор TheNathanNS ( назад)
Yep, Seth. The most annoying Prefect.

Автор ryan odell ( назад)
were those police officers skinned as prefect from canis canem edit?

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Nice, just like the GTA IV one, this is awesome

Автор fastlifetattoo ( назад)
The bully girl lol from bully scholarship

Автор Fakeitman64 ( назад)
Any help? I try loading a save game and it has a black screen! I have no
other mods installed. Only time mod works and game works is if i start a
new game. Please help

Автор TheHavok9621 ( назад)
back up your files mate...

Автор riilhiiro ( назад)
gta_sa.exe has stopped working oh the irony...

Автор LucastexasTV ( назад)
Does it work on the SAMP multiplayer? I've been looking for an fps mod
which runs on multiplayer, but all of the ones I downloaded, crashed my

Автор TylerRobinson ( назад)
what gun mods do you use

Автор CyberChick ( назад)
it still work thanks!!!!! ^_^

Автор ZlutyPanter ( назад)
Thanks for info. I don't know other CLEO mods, so I cannot say if I would
combine them. I will test it.

Автор TheNathanNS ( назад)
I have played loads of missions with this mod but if your planning on using
only this mod and no other CLEO mods, I really don't see any potential
bugs. If any mission related bugs do occur (I.E Freezing) temporarily
remove CLEO.asi from the root folder, complete the mission and re-add
CLEO.asi. As for every GTA in first person... not possible. As far as I
know, only SA and GTA IV have a released FPS mod.

Автор ZlutyPanter ( назад)
Well. I'm just curious. I'm planning to play all GTA games but I prefer
first person camera. It would be nice if I could complete the whole game as
FPS. For example I really liked first person camera in Driv3r.

Автор TheNathanNS ( назад)
Should be able to. Then again I know some CLEO mods will freeze the game at
random points, mainly after getting a haircut in "Ryder" It all depends on
how/what other mods your using when doing the story.

Автор ZlutyPanter ( назад)
Is it possible to complete the whole game with this mod?

Автор Ilham AjmyII ( назад)
Where you download the skin ?

Автор The Saiplux ( назад)

Автор The Saiplux ( назад)
what is your name in uif?

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