GTA SA First Person View Mod (BEST YET 2012)

Requires CLEO 4.
Drag newOpcodes.cleo and first_person.cs into the CLEO folder and the .dll into the root folder. (Where the gta_sa.exe is) Remember to also eplace the gta_sa.exe
BRAND NEW LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?30za0kyffxai4ql

To activate the mod, all you need to do is keep changing camera views, then you'll enter FPS mode.
To exit FPS mode, change views again.

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Автор Enes Ozturk (4 дня)
I would prefer typing FPS, but i didnt like the other one because it gave
me infinite ammo for all guns etc and my game is no cheated so yeah I like
this one Thanks again man!

Автор Novaaahh (5 месяцев)
Music name? :)

Автор The Unhappy Orchestra (1 месяц)
It doesn't work in SAMP. It crashes every time I go into first person mode.

Автор faiz asyraf (1 месяц)
what song is that... i heard like eminem

Автор Thang TN (2 месяца)
is work in multiplayer ?

Автор GameBase TR (4 месяца)
car glitch fuuuuuuu

Автор KittenRollinWeed (2 месяца)
renix name?

Автор Dashas T. (4 месяца)
Thank you dude!!

Автор Bruno Nardy (2 месяца)
I change the camera, and nothing special happens...

Автор Bruno Nardy (2 месяца)

Автор Ronny Cobain (1 месяц)
thanks, man. Tried this mod everywhere but only now found. And by the way
... your video was very cool. I'll help you get the video views. Thanks a

Автор Clumsy-Ninja-Boy (4 месяца)
You shall upload it to GtaInside. Or GtaGarage :D Or BOTH!! :DDD
And Thanks anyway, hope it works. :)


Didn't work...
I can't get into First Person..
Then i reinstall, then it always crashes, WHYYY???! I USE CLEO 4! :'(

Автор mcaivars (1 год)
These are GTA IV animations.

Автор TheHavok9621 (9 месяцев)
back up your files mate...

Автор DeathsEye4444 (1 год)
epic eminem i need a doctor remix :P

Автор TheNathanNS (1 год)
They are my own mods which I made myself.

Автор PancakeMassacre2 (1 год)
Everytime i try to start the game with thi mod on it crashes. i did
everything you told me to and it fucks up

Автор 64Slimz (10 месяцев)
it still work thanks!!!!! ^_^

Автор TheNathanNS (9 месяцев)
Yep, Seth. The most annoying Prefect.

Автор DNAX10 (1 год)
How come when using this mod, I often find myself stuck and unable to move
until I switch the camera again?

Автор Timotej Hanaček (1 год)
Where is the root folder

Автор ZlutyPanter (10 месяцев)
Well. I'm just curious. I'm planning to play all GTA games but I prefer
first person camera. It would be nice if I could complete the whole game as
FPS. For example I really liked first person camera in Driv3r.

Автор dazeeliz (1 год)
Dafuq! is that pinky from Bully?

Автор SevenfoldpwnsAvenged (1 год)
Thanks for the mod,best thing Ive ever used in San Andreas

Автор Rafaelll (6 месяцев)
it keeps crashing wtf

Автор ZiaZxPerSuaTioN (1 год)
this mod is AMAZING!!! :D

Автор iTzQuadify (1 год)
On my Mod there is a better fps mod

Автор BDX777 (1 год)
What happened to your cleavage avatar? Also I fixed it, problem with steam
install and user files.

Автор TheNathanNS (1 год)
UIF. United Islands Freeroam. Race, stunt, roleplay or DM, do whatever you
like. Also it's one of the most popular SA:MP servers. play uifserver net

Автор TheNathanNS (11 месяцев)
I've just sent you a PM with the dll file you need.

Автор Voltoz911420 (5 месяцев)

Автор AleksSDF (11 месяцев)
thank you mate ^^

Автор TheNathanNS (5 месяцев)
This mod is very buggy, I recommend not to use too many CLEO scripts when
using this mod.

Автор Tarik Nassif (1 год)
realy good but only workd for my with ur .exe

Автор ryan odell (9 месяцев)
were those police officers skinned as prefect from canis canem edit?

Автор TheNathanNS (1 год)
The first person one isn't mine so you can upload it.

Автор TheNathanNS (1 год)
As I've said a shit ton of times, I made the Bully skins but I never made
the CLEO mod. For fuck sake. Repeat: I DID NOT MAKE THE FIRST PERSON MOD

Автор paolo dugaduga (7 месяцев)
song dr. dre i need a doctor

Автор Vincent Vue (8 месяцев)
So like ... What if you know a guy a who pirated the game? then what?

Автор Ilham AjmyII (10 месяцев)
Where you download the skin ?

Автор J.I.G (1 год)
how can i use this mod with my xbox controller,it doesnt me look anywhere,i
can move but the screen stays looking in the same direction

Автор Nasif Istiak (1 год)
Google > gta sa FPS mod > This video > looked at this comment > saw UIF >
saw your name > I know that guy.. > ZOMGG UIF FOREVER

Автор AtomicSonic64 (1 год)
The mod works fine and all but considering i use a Gamepad to play this the
right analog stick the one i use to control the camrea and look around with
etc stops responding when i go into first person any help would be

Автор Bestgameplayer10 (1 год)
It won't work. It keeps crashing.

Автор Patrik Lokaj (1 год)
hey guys, my gta san andreas with this cleo script don't works. Why?. it is
installed normally. please, help me!

Автор Ahmed AboAsknder (7 месяцев)
Music Name Please :)

Автор riilhiiro (10 месяцев)
gta_sa.exe has stopped working oh the irony...

Автор TheBlackGolemGR4OFSP (11 месяцев)
what is your name in uif?

Автор Professional Procrastinator (8 месяцев)
Link is down again.

Автор FinestLogic (1 год)
Awesome! Works great with vehicle mods and gun mods!

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