2017: What Will You Learn?

Watch the behind the scenes: http://bit.ly/2i7qvFS

A round up of 2016's "Learn Quick". What will you learn in 2017?

Previous videos revisited:

Unicycling: http://bit.ly/2ikHcKs
Juggling: http://bit.ly/2ip1aq5
Spinning a Basketball: http://bit.ly/2ioNSKm
Wheelie: http://bit.ly/2ip0pgM
Rubik's Cube: http://bit.ly/2ioT6FO
Tablecloth Trick: http://bit.ly/2hw938R
Backwards Brain Bike: http://bit.ly/2hyRyrI

Subscribe for more Learn Quick Videos: http://bit.ly/2bR4nIH

Shot on a Samsung Galaxy S7 in 4K with a Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C smartphone gimbal.

My name is Mike Boyd and I make videos documenting my process of learning stuff really fast. Subscribe for more upcoming videos and feel free to tell me what you'd like me to learn next in the comments or on Twitter (@mikeboydvideo).

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Автор Isaac Yamamoto ( назад)
Should've done a wheelie on the backwards bike, that would've been cool

Автор Edward Reyes ( назад)
Awesome! Cheers from Merica' :D

Автор Atilla Kayan ( назад)
Mike Boyd you came to my school today prendergast ladywell school it was
nice meeting you ur cat is very funny

Автор Ali 1 ( назад)
I ordered my speed cube but hpefull i will learn to do a wheelei

Автор soljamander ( назад)
You have the coolest channel I've ever come across, your the only reason I
can ride a unicycle.

Автор Zak Thomson ( назад)
should of kickflipped, that's what started it all

Автор Will Fitz ( назад)
My 12 year old cousin watched your video and tried to learn how to ride a
bike on one tire. He was practicing every day after school for days. On one
of his attempts he flipped his bike all the way over and cracked his skull.
He was in a coma for a week but now he's dead. R.I.P.😢 please be careful

Автор Nova Nocturne ( назад)
you should try teaching someone something this year xD

Автор Annie Tran ( назад)
Dashnie and Arianne hi have a happy new year

Автор Lightning Sport ( назад)
What's the song called

Автор Michael Garcia ( назад)
how are u so f**king talented!?!?!?

Автор Powdersnow ( назад)
Hey Mike, do you always learn things faster than usual people? Was it your
inspiration to create this channel? Thx. Keep it up :)

Автор Annie Tran ( назад)

Автор Hannah Leigh ( назад)

Автор Emmanuella Amadin ( назад)
Hi!! I'm Emma you were at our school Childeric right? I liked all your
channels and I subscribed don't worry you will get the diamond & Golden
Play button

Автор JayVeeIn ( назад)
I'm so envious. This is the channel I wanted to make for years, but never
did. Congrats on your success. Time for me to get off my ass

Автор Tuan Suong Tuan Suong ( назад)
omg I met you at school

Автор Doug Enders ( назад)
Hey Mike, we've shown several of your videos (including this video) to our
elementary students (Kindergarten to 5th grade) to support the message of a
"Growth Mindset" in our school. The kids are inspired by your resiliency
and willingness to learn through mistakes. YOU ARE A CELEBRITY in their
minds. Keep up the great work and know that you have 450 fans in
Wrightsville, Pennsylvania!

Автор Arianne Montemayor ( назад)

Автор Daffy Moore ( назад)
hey this is actually quite cool what you do. As a matter of fact i can play
the guitar and throw a boomerang but this i learned while i was in my
If however you can't think of a next new skill to learn how about learning
the freestyle nunchaku? I think you can become quite good at it in say....
no less than three perhaps 4 months. I see that you are really good at
learning skills, what about two handed nunchaku, little bit of

Автор goingnorthwest ( назад)
I wonder how riding the backwards brain bike would work with no hands. I
would assume the instinctual lean would still work.

Автор Mike Boyd ( назад)
Behind the scenes video now live: http://bit.ly/2i7qvFS

Автор William Harris ( назад)
Love your channel! Looking forward to your new projects in 2017!

Автор teixeira ( назад)
Espectacular e inspirador

Автор abc xyz ( назад)
wow man you are carzy skilled, hope to see more of your vids in 2017. maybe
someday i can gift and send you something that you then could learn like
with the reverse bike. much love and keep up the good work!

Автор Barnabás Kardos ( назад)
wheelie with backwards brain bike

Автор Harambe ( назад)
Bowl a 175

Автор Cameron_CS ( назад)
Try throwing a 180 in darts!

Автор Massimiliano Paladini ( назад)
You are a genius! Wonderful idea!
If you tink how many things that we could learn ... (more or less serious)
if we put a bunch of time, a lot of perseverance and self confidence on it.

Автор Bill Burr Library ( назад)
Congratz, you became cool dude in one year (If you weren't cool before

Автор Creepyface ( назад)
That was an awesome idea for a video

Автор sparrowsquad ( назад)
No joke our teacher told us about you and we watched ur videos

Автор Mr TONIC ( назад)
bet you can't bunny hop gaybo

Автор GenesisPlayz ( назад)
Trash editing my grandma can edit better and she doesn't even know what
editing is. Looooooooool

Автор pierre1.8 ( назад)
2017 ? I learnt how put a dislike

Автор Maintenance Staff ( назад)
This guy should have way more subs! brilliant! Great job bro

Автор S4lty ( назад)
Koreus says hi

Автор nVr ( назад)
Your dedication is an inspiration fellow Scotsman :)
Must have been so happy not to mess up the table cloth after spending all
that time doing the Rubik's cube :)

Автор Käsekuchen ( назад)
please try to learn how to freebord

Автор Oscar Sandoval ( назад)
Learn to wheelie a supermoto or some type of motorcycle

Автор Lily Lee Tracy ( назад)
I really appreciate the one take

Автор Jake C ( назад)
You should learn how to throw cards.

Автор Bradley Niesluchowski ( назад)
I would love to see you learn how to draw. Maybe a goal of a realistic
figure drawing or face.

Автор Christoffer Lantz ( назад)
So basically the last skillset was just "hold still" lol

Автор Luba Salát ( назад)
this video makes me happy :) Thanks :) I need try it :D

Автор Brenner Ward ( назад)
If you add all those hours it's pretty much a day so image what you could
learn in a year🤔

Автор khuang96 ( назад)
What are the times shown with each task? How long it took to learn it?

Автор ThinkStrong ( назад)
This channel is going to be huge! I saw this video today on reddit and have
already managed to watch every single video on this channel :)

Автор PSYCHOBOYS ( назад)

Автор Jack Lang ( назад)
Hey mike I see that you can juggle lemons with your hands. Have you ever
considered trying to juggle a soccer ball with your feet? That would be
super cool!

Автор Eppa ( назад)
Really inspiring channel. I might learn some of them myself (already do
unicycling). For next how about Pogo-Stick, front-backflip into the water,
Slack-line, walking on your hands. just some ideas :D

Автор Michael Jimenez ( назад)
i am really enjoying this channel and can't wait to learn more in 2017.

Автор Damian Fore ( назад)
learn to write with your off hand

Автор jordan bryant ( назад)
learn to backflip

Автор Harry Collier ( назад)
How to wheelie

Автор october one ( назад)
Good idea💡

Автор The Champion ( назад)

Автор Max Forsman ( назад)
Handstands maybe

Автор QuarteriaTest ( назад)
After learning unicycling: What about highunicycling?
Walk on a big ball?
Riding? Maybe showjumping?
Darts? Till the first 180.

Автор WindLightHub ( назад)
2017: What Will You Learn?
How to dissapoint my new girlfriend in bed.

Автор Eric Doroshenko ( назад)
you should learn how to play saxaphone. i picked it up recently and in 2
weeks i could play careless whisper by ear.

Автор Ryne Richards ( назад)
learn to backflip

Автор malaihiboi ( назад)
Try a Snakeboard/ Streetboard....

Автор Kevin Leiva ( назад)
Learn how to make pottery!

Автор kill all niggers ( назад)

Автор Max Juarez ( назад)
i learned to fap standing up and sitting on an imaginary table (yes, not

Автор Charles Pearce ( назад)
please try and learn a backflip!!!! like if you agree

Автор Olve Sævik ( назад)
Learn the Saxophone next! Challenging instrument I've heard

Автор playing all game ( назад)
plzzzzzz can u try to learn how to juglle on your unicycle

Автор Cassie Mathison ( назад)
umm what?

Автор UnsetTheMindset ( назад)
Now I feel like me learning to edit my youtube videos as opposed to me just
posting 5 minute low quality videos from my phone doesn't even count for
much... I guess I'll learn to edit my videos while peeling an orange with
one hand! That should do it

Happy 2017 folks!
Lets enjoy it on purpose! =) =)

Автор Ivan Vasilko ( назад)
you better learn how to program

Автор Lunar Waves ( назад)
Damn, I'm slacking.

Автор Ali_gamer14 Production ( назад)
Do how to do skateboarding tricks

Автор Tom Sheehan ( назад)
Great vid. I feel so lazy right now!

Автор Jimmy Kinkade ( назад)
1. Crack a bull whip
2. Throw a frisbee
3. Play a fife
4. Medium format photography
5. Roller blade
6. Father Children

Автор formatzone ( назад)
That's the way, aha, aha!

Автор Bean ba ( назад)
Such an awesome video!

Автор Jacob Bigelow ( назад)
@Mike Boyd

Автор Jacob Bigelow ( назад)
Ok thank you so much! ^_^

Автор winky phillips ( назад)
Good Productive Life Vid! Happy New Year!

Автор Ricelly Henrique ( назад)
Certainly I'll learn how to speak Italian and also improve my English!! :)

Автор Jay Slick ( назад)

Автор Swapnil Jain ( назад)
That backward brain is a bitch, must say you learned it really fast.

Happened to me once accidentally bending my cycle's axle 180 degree & I had
to carry my broken bike home on my shoulders.

Автор Dean Machine ( назад)
I'd like to see that bike go around a corner.

Автор valiantgatotkaca ( назад)
Now learn how to do slalom with a swing bike! :D

Автор Gabriel Alvarez ( назад)
Compliments Mike, you're really cool!

Автор ROB B AUDIO ( назад)
I will learn how to touch to heart and minds of people with my music.

Автор The Once-Ler ( назад)
I need to learn how to build a gaming pc so I can join the master race.

Автор MR. B W ( назад)
Try learning archery next, preferable a flatbow or a longbow. Should be a
good challenge, if you say you learned it you should hit a 7 or higher :) I
started learning to play keyboard and using your learning method its going
fast! Keep up the good work!

Автор mario rossi ( назад)
learn how to use balisong

Автор Eric Randle ( назад)

Автор Kelton Argraves ( назад)
LEARN HOW TO DO A BACKFLIP. If you can do it I can. You inspire me to get
out there and just do it. Today I landed my first kickflip with the price
of a bruised ankle haha

Автор Paul Davis ( назад)
learn to tailwhip a bmx

Автор Austin Williams ( назад)
You should learn how to make fire by rubbing two sticks together. It's the
most "basic" human skill, but I think it's actually pretty hard.

Автор Lucas Hong ( назад)
Hey Mike! Can you learn how to handstand??

Автор Wyatt bloom ( назад)
Learn how to snowboard

Автор Meghan Emery ( назад)
He changed a lot.. in his face

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